provide extensive information about AMEDDC&S Pam (). AMEDDC&S Pamphlet No TRAINING The Expert Field Medical Badge ( EFMB) Test THIS PUBLICATION IS FOR REVIEW PURPOSES. AMEDDC&S Pam EFMB Planning Active Army Unit Army Reserve and Deployed Material in (Not Deployed) National Guard Army Unit Appendix E.

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Complete blocks 2, 5, 6, 8, 10, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17 as appropriate. Location of observer use grid coordinates or place name. The site is large enough for a helicopter to amexdc&s and take off. Changes are NOT authorized without an exception to policy approval. Secure it on the uninjured side at breast pocket level. Froth or bubbles around the injury. Clean the skin over the selected ameedc&s with 70 percent alcohol, using a firm circular motion from the center outward.

Complete, as a minimum, blocks 1, 3, 4, 7, 9, and 11 for each casualty. Evaluators will appear before the board to support their position. Make a band at least 2 inches wide. Most helicopters cannot go straight up or down when fully loaded; therefore, a larger landing site and better approach and departure routes are required. Recent Articles Where do I place my oak leaf clusters on the suspension ribbon of my full sized medal?

Tie a full knot over the stick.


The barrel will fall into place. Splint the arm loosely on a padded splint, if necessary, to reduce movement. Document the provider’s orders by date and time. Lift out the extractor and spring, taking care so that the spring does not separate from the extractor.

Pull the charging handle all the ajeddc&s back. Inform the evaluator of any malfunction of the rifle during the function check.

Join the upper and lower receiver. Aid bag packing list. The tasks are tested in a simulated battlefield scenario with the required equipment IAW paragraphs and Candidates must have been trained in the prevention pan heat-related injuries IAW the U. Write in the time and date of the casualty’s arrival.


Triage Casualties On a Conventional Battlefield. Initiate an IV infusion without causing further injury to the casualty. Observed the ejection port. Completed all performance measures within 3 hours. No other references are required. Retur ned the map and score sheet. Insert action spring and buffer. Prepared the infusion site. Release the trigger with a slow, smooth motion until the trigger is fully forward the hammer should not aemddc&s.

Navigated from the start point, through the intermediate points, in order, to the end point. This pam standardizes EFMB requirements and testing procedures. Candidate lifts Buddy’s hood straight up off his or her shoulders by grasping the straps.

However, if in-flight emergency medical care ameeddc&s be required, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, load the casualty onto either of the top pans to facilitate access. Put on the chemical protective gloves rubber gloves and liners. Grasp the tab and pull the head harness over your head.

  2N6277 PDF

Retract the slide and release it. Replace pwm on head. A click indicates a 350-01 lock. Only persons whose duties require access to test materials have keys and combinations to storage facilities.

Loose debris can cause damage amexdc&s the blades or engines. Do not cause further injury to the casualty. Decontaminate your skin using the M SDK. Candidates must navigate the course IAW the task standards. It provides an incentive for greater effort pak AMEDD personnel and a badge of excellence that is recognized worldwide by the total Army.

While continuing to hold the hub, press lightly on the skin over the needle or catheter tip with the fingers of the other hand. Upon arrival, the TCO identifies himself or herself to the test board chairperson. A test board member must take the test prior to its administration to the candidates. MW – Multiple wounds. Candidates may not use their own GTA cards. Common task training, station, and round-robin style testing will not be used at any time.

Provide ongoing supportive care if time and condition permits; keep separate from other triage categorized casualties.