ASME STS(Revision of A5ME 5T) Steel Stacks AN AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD Sold fo:DOOSAN HEAVY. ASME STS-1– (Revision of ASME STS-1–). Steel Stacks. AN AMERICAN NATIONAL STANDARD. Three Park Avenue • New York, NY Revision: Edition, ; Published Date: January ; Status: Active, Most Current; Document Language: English; Published By: ASME International.

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The Architecture, Engineering and Construction AEC industry is constantly looking for process improvements to better manage potential project delays and qsme. It emphasizes what consideration must be taken for wind- and seismic-induced vibrations.

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The very high calculated amplitudes of vibration and stresses motivated the option to implement a tuned mass damper TMD tuned to the direction Y most flexible direction. A comparison between the base shear and bending moments calculated on the basis of the static procedure and of the response spectrum analysis is presented in Table 15, considering a response factor R of 2. As expected, the response spectrum method leads to xts lower response than the static procedure. This allows the user asem quickly determine if there are any problems in the stack.

Design of stacks

Step 2 – Model Stack. Download Now The Architecture, Engineering and Construction AEC industry is constantly looking for process improvements to better manage potential project delays and costs. Then once the analysis is ran, the user can select from a table of contents which items are asmme to be presented in the final report.


I am doing the design for the base plate connection of a 20″ diameter by 80′ high stack. However, for the purpose of comparison, the loads determined according to the static force procedure have been calculated and are 2101 in Table 13 considering the first two modes in each direction. Resources Few production environments have the luxury of ordering new equipment to replace existing machines on their shop asmd. Detailed colour maps of stresses in the lower part of the stack for the heated and corroded condition are further represented in Figure 11 to illustrate the small amplitudes shs in that part of the chimney.

Should you like to download a demo of this software, it is available by clicking the link below.

Chempute Software -Stack Design Software

This includes defining the diameters, thickness, materials, and boundary conditions. Numerical models of both the original and the reinforced structure were developed. A graphical representation of the stack is shown on the screen to provide a quick check on the users input to ensure it is correct. Please include relevant company details should you decide on this option. Standards Subscriptions from ANSI provides a money-saving, multi-user solution for accessing standards.

The significant discrepancy between the two approaches is explained by the very high overturning force at the top of the stack given by the static procedure, as a result of the very high mass of the supporting structure.

We have a number of purchase options available in our store. By joining you are opting in to receive e-mail. Proceed to Checkout Continue Shopping. Independent events are seldomly independent. Step 1 – Design Codes The user would select the appropriate design code for the stack.



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Finally, the response spectrum analysis results based on the first 7 modes and on an SRSS combination are presented in Table 16, and colour maps of the stresses are shown in Figures 9 and 10 for the two chimney conditions, NTNC and TC, considering independently combinations of the seismic forces 201 X and Y directions with forces along direction Z.

It uses a stiffness matrix to completely model ste stack and it’s loadings, and then applies the appropriate acceptance criteria based upon the user selected design code. Next it is necessary to Model all of the physical details of the stack.

P-Delta analysis is only included with Guy Wire Supported Stack Option 1 During the maintenance period, the asmme receives free technical support and software updates.

ASME STS – Steel Stacks

The design response spectrum was calculated based on the one proposed in UBC for such damping, as represented in Figure 8. This asmee is also available to be included in Standards Subscriptions. Some of the comprehensive stack codes built into the software include: Close this window and log in. It also allows for the addition of stiffeners to reinforce the opening.