Humans In Universe · Synergy · Synergetics · Universe · System · Conceptuality · Structure · Tensegrity. Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking [R. Buckminster Fuller, Arthur L. Loeb, E. J. Applewhite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . Synergetics 2: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking [Richard Buckminster Fuller, E. J. Applewhite] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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Bell had effected about one of the periodical rediscoveries of the oc-tet configuration Bucky stumbled onto in kindergarten, and moreover has used it in a practical structure.

The physicist’s first definition of physical is that it is an experience that is extracorporeally, remotely, instrumentally apprehensible.

Synergetics: Explorations in the Geometry of Thinking by R. Buckminster Fuller

These same polyhedra, developed through sphere packing and related by tetrahedral mensuration, he then spun around their various poles to form great circle networks and corresponding triangular tiles on the surface of a sphere. In the event of a disturbance such as a hurricane, these meshes would guckminster. Since Newton, scientific laws have been expressed in the form of differential equations, which have exact solutions, and with the so-called real numbers, which can be expressed as infinitely long decimal expansions.

Allen argues that this tetrahedron synergdtics Male and Female is both historically and philosophically tantalizing if not valid. The triangles have at least two identical edge lengths of unit length which are the radii of a circle circumscribing the polyhedron, and one outer edge in common with the formed polyhedral. Give us this eternity our daily integrity and fore-give us our dis-integrations as we fore-give those who dis-integrate around us.

This is not a picture of a pie with narrower and narrower slices, all converging at the center.

The R. Buckminster Fuller FAQ: Synergetics

This is a an page condensation of Buckminster Fuller’s year investigations into geometry, mathematics, physics, and metaphysics. The essay Reading Synergetics: The metaphysical is antientropic, methodically marshalling energy.

The question is whether this has any practical application for ordinary life, beyond being merely an interesting topic of discussion. Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. The question is whether these models have any experiential validity. As far as a generalization goes: Lael] The following quote comes from Hugh Kenner’s book Byckminster As defined, the Greeks’ sphere’s synerfetics was an absolute continuum, subdividing all the Universe outside it from all the Universe inside it; wherefore, the Universe outside could be dispensed with and the interior eternally conserved.


Most economically interconnected, they will subdivide the surface of the sphere into an omnitriangulated spherical web matrix. If the top triangle fulelr the composite octahedron which is the triangle hand-held from the start, which had never been rotated, but only lowered with each of its three vertexes approaching exactly perpendicularly toward the table is now rotated 60 degrees and lowered further, the whole structural system will transform swiftly into a tetrahedron with it original 24 edges now quadrupled together in the six-edge pattern of the tetrahedron, with four tetrahedra now congruent with one another.

I know Bucky took a lot of flak from those whose eyes glazed over after the same sentence went longer than two minutes or twenty -or-so lines, but somehow whenever I tried to find any grammatical or syntactical error snone showed up, and while I never actually did so, I had the feeling that one could even diagram his sentences. The space-filling complementary tetrahedra and octahedra characterizing this matrix had prefrequency volumes 1 and 4 respectively see above.

The vector equilibrium itself is only a referential pattern of conceptual relationships at which nature never pauses. All computer-based and calculator-based representations of PI are truncated to the number of digits internal storage permits. However, it seems worth investigating, because if some pattern could be detected, then fulker would gain not only an engineering tool, but a tool for understanding, which is one of the wonderful things about many of Fuller’s inventions.

First, Carbon is a tetrahedronal atom. Even those gazillion digit Cray monsters terminate and besides, are not used in practice in any calculations. Fuller may be too fond of run-on sentences and the overuse of “inter-,” “omni-,” and other hyphenated constructions, but on the positive side, his prose is instantly recognizable.

Thus the thinkable system takeout buckmknster Universe has a ‘left-out’ outside irrelevancy tetrahedron and a ‘left-in’ inside irrelevancy tetrahedron. This page was last edited on 1 Mayat There’s sheer insightful brilliance and there’s sheer madness all over this book. There can never be less than four primitive dimensions. Prime is generalized, a metaphysical conceptualization experience, not a special case Sorry if this verbal description is not easy to visualize.


I have done quite a bit of solid geometry Fuller was inspirational for meand I have never had occasion to use pi.

Synergetics (Fuller)

There’s that dome architect from Iceland who’s into it, and that book on particle physics which tries to model quantum mechanics using polyhedra Fuller pushed in this direction of course. Generally, the precision we need is determined by the size of our bolt-holes and the elasticity of the materials we’re working with. So it becomes clear that just by fighting the viral component of disease, we may be missing some vital components of disease.

My kids love this activity. There’s sheer insightful brilliance and there’s sheer madness all over “Time has branded them and fettered they are lodged in the room of the infinite possibilities they have ousted. Because of the fundamental nonsimultaneity of universal structuring, a single, simultaneous, static model of Universe is inherently both nonexistent and conceptually impossible as well as unnecessary. This article may be too technical for most readers to understand. The proof that the 2nd root of 2 is irrational has nothing to do with primes, more with an reductio ad absurdum showing it’s neither true nor false that the root of 2 is even or odd I think we know what such narrative, or operational mathematics might look like.

But the equation for the helium atom, with its additional proton–is intractable. And he is flipping in and out of everything linking one thing to another and seldom in a linear sequence so you’re not going to get much in a single read.

Buckminster Fuller coined the term and attempted to define its scope in his two-volume work Synergetics. Mathematicians have calculated pi beyond a billion decimal places. The Sun is a giant squeeze ball. And, yes, what about the phenomenal utility of such numbers as e, sqrt 2 etc?