DIY balcony repair step by step: from A to Z

Very often balconies and loggias are turned into a warehouse of unnecessary things. Meanwhile, throwing out unnecessary trash and carrying out repairs, you can get additional meters of usable area. Here you can arrange a winter garden, create a comfortable recreation area or a place for sports. The construction market offers many modern materials in order to make the balcony unique, warm and cozy.

Pork belly in the oven - 10 delicious baking recipes

Oven-baked pork belly, juicy and deliciously delicious, can become the pride of a hospitable hostess. Delicate, soft and amazingly tasty meat always goes with a bang. Serve chilled for a light dinner with wine. If you want to make the festive table richer - bake it with a whole piece and serve it as a main hot dish. Roll or cook in onion skins , get a better sandwich snack than store sausage or ham. Novice cooks should know that brisket meat belongs to the first category. This is a piece of pork taken from the chest. It is characterized by an abundance of fatty layers in meat. Which makes the dishes very juicy. On sale, it is found in a piece without a bone or on ribs.

Cold smoked smoking with your own hands: Drawings and options

A person is a creature, accustomed not only to comfort, but also to delicious food. Some of your favorite delicacies who have invented still cave people, smoked meat: meat, fish, fat and sausages. However, natural products are now impossible in the store. This process is long, and to achieve the perfect taste requires compliance with technology and a certain type of wood. Manufacturers such troubles are not beneficial, so only surrogates treated with liquid smoke can be found on the shelves. They look and smell wonderful, but they will not bring anything but harm. Therefore, many are interested in smoking smokehouse with their own hands: drawings and ways to achieve the desired taste and fragrance.


Masturbation has always been accompanied by many taboos, the number of which has been steadily decreasing only in the last decade. Currently, this hobby is no longer considered something reprehensible, because leading sexologists have recognized the benefits of masturbation - it increases female and male sexuality, allows you to know your own body, and strengthens the muscles of love. And now a completely different problem comes to the fore: how to learn to masturbate and do it correctly?

How beautiful to tie a scarf on your head: photo, video

The classic kerchief is a versatile accessory. It protects from cold, heat, gives the image flirtatiousness and femininity. If you know how to tie a scarf on your head in different ways, then having only one product, you can improve the image every time. Many of them not only decorate, but create mystery and originality around the owner of the areolas, emphasize her originality.

Control Purchase: how to choose shrimp

Shrimp is a very specific seafood delicacy that can surprise you with its pleasant delicate taste. Every year, domestic hostesses master more and more recipes for preparing this product, and therefore it is very important that its quality is at its best. Buying spoiled or low-quality shrimps is a big disappointment, which we will help to avoid! Today the project Test Purchase will reveal to you several secrets of how not to make a mistake when choosing boiled-frozen shrimps.

How to connect headphones with a microphone to a computer

To listen to music or watch a movie, it is enough to have working speakers. And in order to talk with relatives via video communication, record a voice message or communicate with like-minded people in a computer game, you cannot do without a special headset. Before connecting headphones with a microphone to your computer, you need to make sure that they have connectors.

How to Uninstall DirectX on Windows 7-10: How to Fix DirectX Error

The work of computer components is provided by specialized software. For example, for a video card, this is a hardware driver and a DirectX library. They help to correctly recode textures in the game, and optimize video playback. But it happens that during the next update, a failure occurred and the installation was not completed, and the recovery did not work, since the executable files are erased.