How to put alarm clock on a computer with Windows 7

Alarm clock in Windows 7

If you sleep in the same room as the computer (although this is not recommended), then it is possible to use the PC as an alarm clock. However, it can be used not only to wake a person up, but also with the intention of reminding him of something, signaling with a sound or other action. Let's find out the different options to do this on a Windows 7 PC.

Ways to create an alarm

Unlike Windows 8 and newer OS versions, there is no special application built into the system in the "seven" that would perform the function of an alarm clock, but, nevertheless, it can be created using exclusively built-in tools, for example, by applying "Task Scheduler" ... But you can use a simpler option by installing special software, the main task of which is just to perform the function discussed in this topic. Thus, all the ways to solve the problem posed to us can be divided into two groups: solving the problem using the built-in system tools and using third-party programs.

Method 1: MaxLim Alarm Clock

First, let's dwell on solving the problem with the help of third-party applications, using the MaxLim Alarm Clock program as an example.

Download MaxLim Alarm Clock

  1. After downloading the installation file, run it. A welcome window will open Installation Wizards ... Push "Further" .
  2. Welcome window of the MaxLim Alarm Clock installation wizard

  3. After that, a list of applications from Yandex opens, which the program developers advise to install with it. We do not recommend installing various software in the appendix. If you want to install a program, it is better to download it separately from the official site. Therefore, we uncheck all the items of the proposal and click "Further" .
  4. Refusal to install additional software in the MaxLim Alarm Clock installation wizard window

  5. Then a window with a license agreement opens. It is recommended to read it. If everything suits you, click "I agree" .
  6. Acceptance of the license agreement in the window of the MaxLim Alarm Clock installation wizard

  7. The new window contains the application installation path. If you have no compelling reasons against, then leave it as it is and press "Further" .
  8. Specifying the installation path of the program in the window of the MaxLim Alarm Clock installation wizard

  9. Then a window opens where it is proposed to select the menu folder "Start" where the program shortcut will be placed. If you do not want to create a shortcut at all, then check the box next to "Do not create shortcuts" ... But we advise you to leave everything unchanged in this window and click "Further" .
  10. Creating an application shortcut in the Start menu in the MaxLim Alarm Clock installation wizard window

  11. Then you will be prompted to create a shortcut to "Desktop" ... If you want to do this, then leave a check mark next to the item "Create Desktop Shortcut" , otherwise delete it. Then press "Further" .
  12. Creating an application shortcut on the Desktop in the MaxLim Alarm Clock installation wizard window

  13. In the window that opens, the main settings of the installation will be displayed based on the data that you entered earlier. If something does not satisfy you, and you want to make some changes, then in this case press "Back" and make adjustments. If everything suits you, then to start the installation process, click "Install" .
  14. Launching the application installation procedure in the MaxLim Alarm Clock installation wizard window

  15. The MaxLim Alarm Clock setup procedure is in progress.
  16. The procedure for installing the application in the window of the installation wizard of the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

  17. After its completion, a window will open in which it will be said that the installation was successful. If you want the MaxLim Alarm Clock application to be launched immediately after the window is closed Installation Wizards , then in this case, make sure that near the parameter "Start Alarm" a check mark has been set. Otherwise, remove it. Then press "Done" .
  18. Message about successful application installation in the window of the MaxLim Alarm Clock installation wizard

  19. Following this, if at the final step of the work in "Installation Wizard" you have agreed to start the program, the MaxLim Alarm Clock control window will open. First of all, you will need to specify the interface language. By default, it matches the language that is installed on your operating system. But just in case, make sure that opposite the parameter Select Language the desired value has been set. Change it if necessary. Then press "OK" .
  20. Selecting the interface language of the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

  21. After that, the MaxLim Alarm Clock application will be launched in the background, and its icon will appear in the tray. To open the settings window, right-click on this icon. In the list that opens, choose Maximize Window .
  22. Go to the alarm settings window using the icon in the context menu in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

  23. The program interface is launched. In order to create a task, click on the plus sign "Add alarm" .
  24. Go to adding an alarm clock in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

  25. The settings window is launched. In the fields "Clock" , "Minutes" и "Seconds" set the time when the alarm should go off. Although seconds are only specified for very specific tasks, most users are satisfied with only the first two indicators.
  26. Specifying the alarm time in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

  27. After that, go to the block "Select days for notification" ... By setting the switch, you can set it to be triggered only once or daily by selecting the appropriate items. A light red indicator will be displayed next to the active item, and dark red next to other values.

    Selecting days for the alarm to sound in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

    You can also set the switch to the state "Select" .

    Setting the switch for selecting days for the alarm clock in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

    A window opens where you can select individual days of the week for which the alarm will work. At the bottom of this window there is a group selection option:

    • 1-7 - all days of the week;
    • 1-5 - weekdays (Monday - Friday);
    • 6-7 - days off (Saturday - Sunday).

    When you select one of these three values, the corresponding days of the week will be marked. But there is also the possibility of choosing each day separately. After the choice is made, click on the checkmark icon on a green background, which in this program plays the role of a button "OK" .

  28. Selecting individual days of the week for the alarm clock in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

  29. In order to set a specific action that the program will perform when a given time comes, click on the field "Choose an action" .

    Go to the choice of action in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

    A list of possible actions opens. Among them are the following:

    • Play a melody;
    • Issue a message;
    • Run the file;
    • Restart your computer, etc.

    Since for the purpose of awakening a person, among the options described, only "Play melody" , choose it.

  30. Selecting an action (playing a melody) in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

  31. After that, an icon in the form of a folder appears in the program interface to go to the choice of a melody that will be played. Click on it.
  32. Go to the selection of a melody in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

  33. A typical file selection window opens. Move in it to the directory where the audio file with the melody you want to install is located. With the object selected, press "Open" .
  34. File selection window in MaxLim Alarm Clock

  35. After that, the path to the selected file will be displayed in the program window. Next, we move on to the additional settings, which consist of three items at the very bottom of the window. Parameter "Fade-in sound" can be enabled or disabled regardless of how the other two parameters are set. If this item is active, then the volume of the melody playback when the alarm is activated will gradually increase. By default, the melody is played only once, but if you set the switch to the position "Repeat Play" , then you can specify the number of times that the music will repeat in the field opposite it. If you put the switch in the position "Repeat endlessly" , then the melody will be repeated until the user turns it off. The latter option is by far the most effective for waking a person up.
  36. Additional alarm settings in MaxLim Alarm Clock

  37. After all the settings are set, you can preview the result by clicking on the icon "Run" in the shape of an arrow. If everything satisfies you, then click on the checkmark at the very bottom of the window.
  38. Completing the creation of an alarm in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

  39. After that, the alarm will be created and its record will be displayed in the main window of MaxLim Alarm Clock. In the same way, you can add more alarms set for a different time or with different parameters. To add the next item, you need to click on the icon again "Add alarm" and then follow the instructions that have already been described above.

Adding a new alarm clock in the MaxLim Alarm Clock program

Method 2: Free Alarm Clock

The next third-party program we reviewed that can be used as an alarm clock is Free Alarm Clock.

Download Free Alarm Clock

  1. The installation procedure for this application, with a few exceptions, almost completely corresponds to the installation algorithm of MaxLim Alarm Clock. Therefore, we will not describe it further. After installation, run MaxLim Alarm Clock. The main application window will open. Oddly enough, by default, the program already includes one alarm clock, which is set at 9:00 on weekdays. Since we need to create our own alarm clock, we uncheck the box corresponding to this entry and click on the button Add .
  2. Go to adding an alarm in the Free Alarm Clock program

  3. The creation window starts. In field "Time" set the exact time in hours and minutes when the wake-up signal should be activated. If you want the task to be performed only once, then in the lower group of settings "To repeat" uncheck all boxes. If you want the alarm to turn on on specific days of the week, check the boxes next to the items that correspond to them. If you need it to work every day, then put a checkmark next to all the items. In field "Inscription" you can give your own name to this alarm.
  4. Setting the time and days of the alarm in the Free Alarm Clock program

  5. In field "Sound" you can choose a melody from the provided list. This is the undoubted advantage of this application over the previous one, where you had to select the music file yourself.

    Selecting an alarm melody from the list in the Free Alarm Clock program

    If you are not satisfied with the choice of preset melodies and you want to set your own custom melody from a previously prepared file, then such a possibility exists. To do this, click on the button "Overview…" .

  6. Go to file selection in Free Alarm Clock

  7. A window opens "Search for sound" ... Go to the folder in which the music file is located, select it and click "Open" .
  8. Sound Search window in Free Alarm Clock

  9. After that, the file address will be added to the field of the settings window and its preliminary playback will start. Playback can be paused or started again by clicking the button to the right of the address field.
  10. Pause playing sound in Free Alarm Clock

  11. In the lower block of settings, you can turn on or off the sound, activate its repetition until it is turned off manually, wake up the computer from sleep mode and turn on the monitor by checking or unchecking the checkboxes next to the corresponding items. In the same block, by dragging the slider to the left or right, you can adjust the sound volume. After all the settings are specified, click "OK" .
  12. Setting additional settings in the Free Alarm Clock program

  13. After that, a new alarm clock will be added to the main program window and will go off at the time you specified. If desired, you can add an almost unlimited number of alarms, set at different times. To move on to creating the next record, press again. Add And perform actions on the algorithm that was listed above.

Go to adding the next alarm in the Free Alarm Clock program

Method 3: "Task Scheduler"

But it is possible to solve the task and using the built-in operating system tool called "Task Scheduler" . It is not so simple as when using third-party programs, but it does not require the installation of any additional software.

  1. For transition B. "Task Scheduler" Click the button "Start" . Go to "Control Panel" .
  2. Going to Control Panel from the Start Menu in Windows 7

  3. Next click on the inscription "System and safety" .
  4. Go to the System and Security section in Control Panel in Windows 7

  5. Go to section "Administration" .
  6. Go to the Administrative Tools window in the System and Security section of the Control Panel in Windows 7

  7. In the list utilities select "Task Scheduler" .
  8. Go to Task Scheduler in the Administrative Tools section of Control Panel in Windows 7

  9. Shell launches "Task Scheduler" . Click on item "Create a simple task ..." .
  10. Go to creating a simple task in Task Scheduler in Windows 7

  11. Running "Wizard creating a simple task" in section "Create a simple task" . In field "Name" Enter any name for which you will identify this task. For example, you can specify this:

    Alarm clock

    Then press "Further" .

  12. The Create a simple task section in the New Task Scheduler wizard in Windows 7

  13. Opens section "Trigger" . Here by installing radiocans near the relevant items, you must specify the frequency of activation:
    • Daily;
    • Once;
    • Weekly;
    • When running a computer, etc.

    For our purpose, it is most suitable "Daily" и "Single" Depending on whether you want to run alarm clock every day or only once. Make a choice and press "Further" .

  14. Task Trigger section of the Task Scheduler Simple Task Wizard in Windows 7

  15. After that, the subsection opens in which you need to specify the date and time of the task starter. In field "To begin" Specify the date and time of the first activation, and then press "Further" .
  16. The Daily subsection in the New Task Scheduler Wizard in Windows 7

  17. Then the section opens "Act" . Set the radio button to the position "Run the program" and press "Further" .
  18. Section Action in the window of the New Task Scheduler Wizard in Windows 7

  19. Opens subsection "Running program" . Click down the button "Overview…" .
  20. Go to the file selection in the Launch the program subsection in the New Task Scheduler Wizard window in Windows 7

  21. A file selection envelope opens. Move where the audio file with the melody you want to install is located. Select this file and click "Open" .
  22. Open window in Task Scheduler in Windows 7

  23. After the path to the selected file appears in the area "Program or script" , Click "Further" .
  24. The subsection Launching the program in the window of the New Task Scheduler Wizard in Windows 7

  25. Then the section opens "Finish" . It presents the final information about the formed task based on user-entered data. In case you need to fix something, press "Back" . If everything suits, check the box near the parameter "Open the" Properties "window after pressing the" Finish "button And click "Done" .
  26. The Finish section of the New Task Scheduler Wizard in Windows 7

  27. The properties window starts. Move to the section "Conditions" . Install a tick near the item "Wake up a computer to fulfill the task" and press "OK" . Now the alarm clock will turn on even if the PC is in sleep mode.
  28. Conditions tab in the Task Scheduler properties window in Windows 7

  29. If you need to edit or remove the alarm clock, then in the left area of ​​the main window "Task Scheduler" Click to "Job Planner Library" . In the central part of the shell, select the name of the task you created and highlight it. On the right side, depending on whether you want to edit or delete the task, click on item. "Properties" or "Delete" .

Go to edit or delete the Alarm in Task Scheduler in Windows 7

If desired, the alarm clock in Windows 7 can be created using the built-in operating system tool - "Task Scheduler" . But it is still easier to solve this task by installing third-party specialized applications. In addition, as a rule, they have a wider functionality for setting up alarm.

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Alarm clock on a computer and laptop Windows 10

& NBSP Windows | For beginners | programs

How to set an alarm clock on a computer or laptopIf for certain tasks you need to put an alarm clock on a computer or a laptop with Windows 10, you can do it both using the built-in system for the system and using third-party alarm programs. It is possible to automatically awakening from the sleep or hibernation.

In this instruction detailed about the built-in Windows 10 tools, which will enable the alarm clock at a certain time with the output of the computer or laptop from sleep (hibernation), as well as on third-party utilities intended for these tasks. It can also be useful: computer shutdown timer or laptop.

How to put a Windows 10 alarm with the system

In order to establish alarm clock using the built-in Windows 10 tools, you can use the Standard Alarm and Clocks application, or use the task scheduler, manually configuring the task for a specific time, including the computer and reproducing the melody you need.

Alarm clocks and hours

The Annex "Alarms and Watches" in Windows 10 is a standard tool for working with clock, alarms and timers. You can find it in the Start menu, and if it is missing there (for example, you previously deleted it) - the application is available in the Windows Store store.

Working with the application is very simple:

  1. Run the application. On most PCs and laptops, you will see a message "Notifications appear only when PC works in waking mode." This will mean that the equipment and drivers of your computer or laptop do not allow you to awaken it from the sleep mode or hibernation using this application (but with a high probability of the way the task scheduler will work). However, disabling the sleep mode and connecting only the screen shutdown You can use the anode for creating alarm clocks. Alarms and Clock app in Windows 10
  2. The application already has one configured alarm - you can click on it for editing, or click on the "plus" button at the bottom to create a new alarm clock.
  3. Set the alarm trigger time, the desired name, how often it has to work (every day or in the selected days), the sound of the alarm and how much it will be postponed when you press the "Postponse" button during the triggering. Click on the button to save the settings made at the bottom. Change alarm settings for Windows 10
  4. When the alarm is triggered at the set time, you can close the alarm clock in the notification or postpone at the set time. Alarm notification

If in your case the alarm reports that it will only work in waking mode, you will need to disable sleep mode (do not do it on the battery laptops), for this go to the start - Parameters - Power and Sleeping mode - in the "Sleep" "Install" Never ". Additionally, check the sleep parameters in the control panel - Power supply - Setting the power circuit - change the additional power parameters - sleep (and hibernation), there must be installed "Never".

Alarm clock using task scheduler

You can configure alarm clock to a Windows 10 defined job scheduler. If you have the original power management drivers from the manufacturer of the motherboard or laptop, with a high probability it will be able to display your computer from sleep or hibernation.

Also, to configure the alarm, you will need any media player to start the sound playback, in the example below I use the VLC, as it supports the transmission of various parameters on the command line, and this opportunity will be useful to us:

  1. Press Win + R keys on the keyboard, enter Taskschd.msc. And press ENTER, task scheduler will open.
  2. In the on the right panel, click "Create a task".
  3. In the window that opens, on the General tab, set the task name (at your discretion), and then in the "When running the task, use the following user account" click "Edit" and enter the system (capital letters), click "OK", also check Point "fulfill with the highest rights". This we do in order for the alarm clock and on a blocked computer without logging into the system. Create an alarm clock in the task scheduler
  4. On the Trigger tab, click Create and configure the task operation settings. For example, daily, on schedule, at the specified time. Setting the alarm time
  5. On the Actions tab, click "Create" and specify what exactly should be started. In my example, the VLC player starts in the screenshot, then it loses (which is specified in the "Add Arguments" field) MP3 file with a melody and automatically closes using the transmitted and specified space after the path to the VLC command file: // QUIT (if not close VLC, it will remain "hanging" in running system processes after the alarm trigger, it will not be displayed a player window). Alarm action in Task Scheduler
  6. On the "Conditions" tab, mark the "Awaken Computer to fulfill the task" item. The mark "Run only with power supply from the power grid" is at your discretion. Wake up computer for alarm
  7. Apply the settings made, the task will be saved. At any time in the task scheduler, you can open the settings of the job and edit the time of its triggering on the Triggers tab.
  8. Go to the control panel (set the "View" field at the top to the right in the "icons") - Power supply - Setting the power scheme (for active circuit) - change the additional power parameters. Open the Sleep section and in the "Allow Awakening Timers" subsection, make sure that they are included. Enable Windows 10 Wake Timers

Ready: Now the alarm clock will have to work, even if the computer is translated into sleep mode or hibernation and even without logging into the system. However, this is not always like this: functionality depends on the motherboard power management equipment and drivers - ideally manually install original chipset drivers, Intel Me and branded means like ATK Package for ASUS laptops (for other laptops there may be other sets of power management ACPI).

Please note that the "Hibernation" point in Windows 10 in the default termination menu is not displayed to turn it on: Control Panel - Power Power Panel - Changing the parameters that are not available now - set the "Hibernation Mode".

Programs to put alarm clock on windows 10

The network has many free programs that allow you to configure the alarm clock in Windows with the ability to display a computer from sleep mode. From simple utilities in Russian I can recommend Free Alarm Clock available on the official website

Free Alarm Clock program

The configuration of the alarm clock itself will not cause problems: all options are very clear, but for the ability to display a computer from sleep mode and hibernation, consider the following:

  1. Just as in the previous case, this functionality depends on the equipment and drivers.
  2. Since the program starts on behalf of a regular user (and not from the "system" as a job in the task scheduler), then it will not work on the lock screen (although the computer will wake, if the output from the account has not happened). In order that after the sleep or hibernation mode, you did not enter the lock screen and the alarm clock worked, in Windows 10, go to the parameters (Win + I) - Accounts - Input options and in the "Login" item set "Never". Disable Windows 10 sleep lock

Other alarm programs for Windows include:

  • WakeOnStandBy - very functional, in English, on my system, waking up did not work even after manipulating the OS parameters in accordance with the software help, but the program is supported. Official website: WakeOnStandBy program
  • Alarm Clock HD - an alarm clock from the Windows application store Exit from sleep mode works, in English, not the most convenient interface in my opinion, but excellent reviews. Alarm Clock HD app

Video instruction

There are other similar utilities, but for most applications, I'm sure the presented capabilities should be quite enough. If you are using something else that seems more convenient to you, I will be grateful for a comment on the article.

What if it will be interesting too:

How to set an alarm on a computer

Hello. In this guide, we will show you how to set up an alarm on your computer.

For windows 10

The easiest and most versatile way is to use the built-in alarm clock.

  1. Open "Start" and go to "Clock and Alarm".
  2. Select the "Alarm" tab and click on the button with the "+" image.
  3. Set the options you want and click "Save".
  4. That's all. The alarm is set.

For windows 7

To set the alarm, we will use the Free Alarm Clock application (download).

  1. Download and install the application on your computer.
  2. Run the program and click on the "Add" button.
  3. Set the desired alarm options.
  4. When finished, click "OK".

That's all. We look forward to your comments.

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Installing an alarm clock on a Windows 10/8/7 computer

Many users keep track of their daily routine, keep diaries, plan various events. A useful way in such cases may be a way to set an alarm clock on a Windows 10/8/7 computer. It will turn on the PC in time or notify about an upcoming event so that you do not accidentally miss it. In this article, I want to talk about such applications and the built-in capabilities of the operating system.

Standard scheduler

I will bypass the verbal "preludes" and immediately get down to business. After all, we all understand that time is money.

How can I turn on the alarm clock on my computer without installing third-party utilities? Do you think this is possible? Quite! This is not the most convenient way, but if you "get your hands on", then you can quickly configure it to automatically turn on the PC at a specified time.

  • To do this, open the Planning Service by typing “scheduler” in the Start menu's search bar. Here's a good example:

Search results for the query Scheduler

  • After clicking on the search result, a window with many items will open. Do not be alarmed! Just click on the item "Create a simple task" on the right:

Launching the task creation wizard in the scheduler

  • The system can "think" for 10-15 seconds. It's quite normal. Just wait a little.
  • When the wizard for creating a task is displayed, assign any name (in the "name" field) and write something in the description (optional). Then click on "Next":

The first step of the New Scheduler Task Wizard

  • In the next step of the wizard, you will configure the trigger. Sounds intimidating? In fact, you just need to indicate the frequency of the task:

The second step of creating a task: frequency

  • If you want the alarm to go off every day, then select “daily”. If you need to wake up the PC (and you) only once, then check the "Once" box. I think everything is clear here.
  • Let's say you have specified a "one-time" option. Then, at the next stage, a window will appear with a choice of date and time:

The third step of creating a task: exact time and date

  • After specifying the required data, click on the "Next" button.
  • Now take a closer look. In the next window, you will need to specify the required action. Choose the very first item - "Start the program":

Step 4: specify the required action of the scheduler

  • How to set an alarm on a Windows 7 computer? In the "Script" field, specify the path to the audio file that will be played at the specified time. Just click on "Browse" and select the desired sound element (which you have previously downloaded or taken from any other source):

Selecting the file to be launched by the task

  • When you have completed all the above steps, click "Next":

Done! The file to run the task is selected

  • At the final step, simply double-check all the information that you entered earlier and click on the "Finish" button:

The last step of the New Task Wizard

That's all! At the right time, music or just a loud sound of your choice will play. Also, you can specify the video format as the wake-up file.

Attention! The computer cannot be turned off, otherwise the task will not work. You can simply put it to sleep.

Third-party alarm clock apps Windows 10

Why bother with some kind of scheduler, if you can just download an alarm clock to your computer with the computer turned on. There are a lot of such applications, but only a few deserve attention.

Here are the best, in my opinion!

Free Alarm Clock

A very simple utility that I use all the time. During the day, I set several "reminders" with different sound signals and text prompts. A very convenient solution that even allows you to turn off your PC on a schedule.

free alarm clock

Among the many analogues for Windows, this utility has a Russian-language interface (I apologize for the "English" screen. I have been using it for several years now. Every hour it notifies me that it's time to get up from behind the computer and warm up a little)

And even if the program does not have a variety of visual settings, but there are a lot of important options that allow you to customize the software for yourself.

It should be noted that this alarm clock can "wake up" the computer, that is, activate it to exit the "sleep" mode. And this is a rather important function that not all analogues have.

In order not to forget to run the utility, you should enable it to be loaded with the PC in the parameters. This option is activated by default during the first installation.

I will clarify again that the Free Alarm Clock has a Russian interface. You can download it from the link:


Alarm Master Plus

A very cool alarm clock that can not only "wake up" in the morning, but is also able to organize your working day. It even has a calendar that is much more attractive than the system one. Several different visual skins are available. You can turn on "quiet mode", which simply displays an alert on the screen without sound.

Alarm master plus

There are a lot of options, but it's really possible to figure them out in a couple of minutes. Within a month, you can use the software for free, but then you have to pay for a license (or use free keys found on the Internet).

You can set both the sounds built into the application and your own melodies as a reminder signal (all popular audio formats are supported).

Alarms can be set in advance without any time limit. Also in this software there is a free notebook - a kind of notebook in which you can make notes about important matters, etc. But that's not all. The program also contains data on astrological signs. And for lovers of daily changes in appearance, there are hundreds of skins that diversify the interface of the utility.

Alarm Master Plus Russian version is available for download at the link:


Atomic Alarm Clock

One of the first alarm clock apps I used back in 2010. The utility can replace the standard system clock (in the lower right corner). To do this, you can choose the display option you like, and there are many of them:

Atomic Alarm Clock

  • The task scheduler is available: you can create "tasks", specify descriptions, exact time, mark priority;
  • Of course, there is an alarm clock;
  • Not only the time is displayed, but also the date (plus a lot of other information that can be specified in the settings);
  • The Russian-language interface is a huge plus;
  • You can choose from more than 100 different skins (themes, "skins") that will not let you get bored!


Now you know how to set an alarm clock on a Windows 10 8 7. If you have any questions on this topic, please write them in the comments.

How to set an alarm in Windows

1.Using the Alarms & Clocks app

How to set an alarm on your computer: using the Alarms & Clocks application

If your computer is running Windows 10, you can set up a wake-up alert in the standard Alarms & Clock app. To find it, open the "Start" menu and browse the list of installed applications or search for "Alarms and clocks" in the system.

The app is very simple. You can set up multiple alarms in it. For each, the program allows you to enter a name, select a melody, repeat days and an interval for which the signal can be postponed. There is also a drawback: the alarm will not work if the computer goes into sleep mode. Therefore, in the system settings, you will have to disable auto-sleep.

If your Windows build does not have the Alarms & Clocks app, you can download it for free from the Microsoft Store.

Developer: Microsoft Corporation

Price: Free

2.Using the Free Alarm Clock program

How to set up an alarm clock on a computer: using the Free Alarm Clock program

If you have an old version of Windows or need an alarm to go off in spite of sleep mode, try Free Alarm Clock. This is a third party alarm clock software. Free and functional.

Free Alarm Clock turns on an alarm even if the computer falls asleep. To do this, the program automatically wakes the device from sleep mode before the time at which the alarm is set. In addition, if the sound level is too quiet, the program can automatically increase the volume. These functions are enabled in the Free Alarm Clock settings. Another nice feature is that you can set any audio file as a melody.

But there is one caveat: the alarm does not work if the computer screen is locked. Therefore, it is better to go to the settings of your Windows account and disable auto-blocking, unless, of course, there is an urgent need for it.

Download Free Alarm Clock →

How to set an alarm in macOS

Apple computers do not have alarm software preinstalled, so you need third-party software.

Keep in mind that for these applications to work, your MacBook must not be closed at the time of the beep.

1.Using Wake Up Time

Alarm clock on computer: Wake Up Time

The free Wake Up Time program is one of the most popular in its category and at the same time the simplest. Only one alarm can be set in it by choosing the time, melody and volume level for it.

There are not many additional features: a smooth sound fade mode and auto-awakening. The latter is especially interesting. Mac alarm does not go off when the computer is in sleep mode. But auto-wakeup solves this problem by activating the device before the moment at which the signal is scheduled.

For this feature to work, Wake Up Time will ask you to download a small free add-on from the official website of the program. After installing it, you can program the computer to wake up automatically by pressing the Sleep button on the Wake Up Time panel.

2.Using Sleep Alarm Clock

How to set an alarm on a computer: using Sleep Alarm Clock

If the previous program doesn't suit you for some reason, you can try Sleep Alarm Clock as an alternative. This application is more functional. It allows you to set up multiple alarms and select snooze days for each one. Sleep Alarm Clock also has a sleep timer that helps you fall asleep with relaxing sounds.

On the other hand, this program is not able to automatically wake up the computer from a sleep state. To prevent this mode from interfering with the alarm clock, you need to schedule the device to wake up manually. To do this, open the "Energy Saving" section in macOS settings. Click on the "Schedule" button and schedule an exit from sleep mode 5 minutes before the time for which the alarm is assigned.

Sleep Alarm Clock free version is limited. To set up more than one alarm clock, as well as unlock additional interface settings and sounds for the sleep timer, you need to buy the paid version for 229 rubles.

Organizing your day is the key to success, and punctuality is valued in any profession. For this reason, it is always necessary to be collected and not forget anything. Alarms and reminders are a good "help" in many cases, because people often use these functions. However, few people know that sound and text reminders can be installed not only in smartphones, but Windows itself has a large arsenal of necessary tools.

Which Windows versions support setting the alarm

Taking into account the fact that the implementation of the alarm clock function is carried out mainly through the "Task Scheduler" utility, we can say: all Windows operating systems, starting from version 95, support setting the alarm clock. A small exception is Windows 10, which additionally has a built-in clock program, one of their functions is an alarm clock.

Therefore, it will take very little to set up a sound signal: a melody (any sound file that can be played on a PC will do), the Task Scheduler program and a couple of minutes of your time to create an event.

How to enable and set up an alarm in Windows

As mentioned above, to set up an alarm in any operating system, you will need the system tool "Task Scheduler".

  1. To quickly open the required utility, press the Win + R keys, in the window that appears, write the taskschd.msc command and press the OK button. How to quickly call the "Task Scheduler"

    Using the quick access utility, we call the "Task Scheduler"

  2. In the left column, open the "Scheduler Library" folder. Next, right-click on the Microsoft directory and select the "Create a simple task" item. How to set a simple task

    Right-click on the directory on the left and select "Create a simple task"

  3. Fill in the "Name" and "Description" fields. There are no direct requirements for these fields, but to understand the situation around the created task, it is better to fill them in in detail. How to name the task

    Set the name of the task and describe its purpose

  4. We put the toggle switch on the item "Weekly" and click "Next". How to choose a task scheme

    We select the item "Weekly"

  5. We tick the days of the week when you want the alarm to work. We also select the date from which the task will be executed, since the current time point is automatically set. How to set task time

    We set the time and days by which the task will be performed

  6. In the next window, leave the toggle switch on the "Run the program" item and click "Next". How to choose a task execution principle

    Select the item "Run the program" and click "Next"

  7. Using the “Browse” function, we find on the computer a file that will be the “melody” of the sound signal. You can choose a song or a movie, it doesn't matter. How to choose an executable file

    Using the "Browse" function, we find an executable file on the computer

  8. In the last window, we simply check the entered information, then put a tick next to the "Open properties" item and click the "Finish" button. Result of task creation

    After creating the task, check the data and click "Finish"

  9. In the properties window, go to the "Conditions" tab and put a tick next to the "Wake up PC to complete the task" item, then save the changes. How to wake up a computer from sleep

    In the properties of the task, put a tick on the item "Wake up the PC to complete the task"

The last parameter of the instruction ensures that the alarm will sound even when the computer is in sleep mode. Unfortunately, the software function of turning on the PC by timer has not yet been invented, therefore, when the computer is turned off, none of the alarms can go off.

How to set up an alarm in Windows 10

Thanks to persistent requests from Windows consumers, the Top Ten has finally implemented the function of a built-in alarm clock interface, so there is no longer any need to bother with the Scheduler. You can customize the sound signal to your liking, choose a ringtone, how often the signal will be played, and much more.

  1. In the search, we prescribe "Alarms and clocks" and open the best match. How to open the Alarms & Clocks app

    In the search, we prescribe "Alarms and clocks" and open the best match

  2. On the bottom toolbar, click the plus sign. Parameters of the new alarm clock

    In the program interface, click the plus

  3. Then we choose and prescribe:
    • the alarm time at which the sound signal will play;
    • name;
    • days on which the program will be triggered;
    • melody sound: a choice of standard options is available, as well as the ability to use your own track;
    • the frequency with which the alarm will go off if it is not turned off. Как задать будильник на Windows 10

      Set the alarm parameters and save the changes

  4. We save the changes through the floppy disk icon at the bottom of the toolbar.

Video: how to set an alarm through the "Task Scheduler"

What to do if there is no way to set an alarm clock by standard means

There can always be a situation when the above means to create an alarm may not work, but the function itself is still needed. In this case, third-party software developers may come to the rescue.

For permanent use, you can install an additional utility on your PC and configure it as needed. And for one-time operations (for example, baking or the arrival of guests), you can use the online service, of which there are also many and all provide free services through a browser.

Third Party Programs

Each developer tries to distinguish the program from competitors and hang more functions on his product. Fortunately, this is not so bad with alarms, since the more flexibility the program has in its settings, the better.

Atomic Alarm Clock

Atomic Alarm Clock is a wide format program for fine-tuning timers. A pleasant addition to the program is found in the flexible setting of the system clock interface. You can literally change everything: adjust the program to your operating system or give it a separate style.

интерфейс Atomic Alarm Clock

Atomic Alarm Clock lets you customize your system clock

Setting up timers and alarms is also easy. You just need to open the program interface, go to the "All" tab, click "New", and then everything is elementary - we prescribe the necessary time values ​​and save the changes.

Как добавить будильник в Atomic Alarm Clock

In the "Reminders" column, click "New" and create an alarm

Free Alarm Clock

Free Alarm Clock is the simplest and most convenient alarm clock to use for every day. The interface of the program is not distinguished by sophistication, but the easier it is to manage the application and the more difficult it is to get confused in the settings.

Adding a new alarm is very simple, you need to click the Add button on the toolbar, and then everything is as in the examples above: set the required time, select the frequency and save the changes.

Интерфейс Free Alarm Clock

Free Alarm Clock is a very simple and handy alarm clock program


WakeMeUp is a special alarm clock program for those who like "tougher". One of the features of the program is the change of ringtones and the unique volume of the program. So you can't get used to the melody and just oversleep.

Интерфейс WakeMeUp

WakeMeUp is an advanced alarm clock program

For a new task in the program interface, click "Create". Next, we just fill in all the data for the alarm clock and save the changes. In the “Sound file” field, you can add a whole folder with melodies and, by checking the “Shuffle play” box, initiate the launch of a random song at the alarm clock.

Как создать будильник в программе WakeMeUp

Press the "Create" button and fill in the information about the alarm

Alarm clock online

If you do not need a constant reminder or an alarm clock, but only need a one-time operation to attract attention, you can use an online alarm clock. There are a lot of similar services on the Internet, for example,

Интерфейс «Будилки.ру» is a convenient time service

The website offers four main functions: alarm clock, timer, stopwatch and exact time. In the first tab, you can set a sound signal for a certain time, in the second after a certain time (it especially helps in cooking), but then it’s clear. To activate the function, you need to click the "Set the alarm" button, set the data and just wait for a notification from the web utility.

Как создать будильник на «Будилки.ру»

Fill in the alarm information fields and save the changes

Setting up an alarm on Windows is pretty simple. There are several possible options for this: the system "Scheduler" or third-party utilities and services from different manufacturers.

In our world, time plays a huge role, because it not only allows you to live in the same rhythm with other people (come to work at the same time, break for lunch, attend any events), but also provides an opportunity to plan your life.

In addition to a clock, every house has an alarm clock, which can be either an independent device or part of a device (tablet, smartphone, stereo system, and so on).

Despite the fact that there are a lot of devices that allow you to set the required time, computer owners are constantly trying to find ways to "install this mechanism" on their unit.

In this article we will try to explain how to set an alarm clock on a computer or laptop. In this case, two methods of performing this operation will be described, so that everyone can choose the most appropriate one.

Method number 1.

This option assumes the use of a pre-installed "option package", which is available on all devices based on Windows 7 and 8.

1. Go to the "Start" menu and click on the inscription "All programs".


2. Then select the "Accessories" folder, and in its submenu select the "System" folder. Click on "Task Scheduler".


3. A window will appear in front of you, in it you need to click on the "Create task" parameter.


4. Another window will pop up, in which you have to set up your task. In the Name field, enter any word, for example, alarm. Any set of letters can be entered in the Description field.


5. Go to the "Triggers" tab. Click on the "Create" button.


6. In the pop-up window, you can configure the alarm time, its frequency (call only today, weekly, and so on), as well as set additional parameters (repeat playback, etc.). Enter the required parameters and click on "OK".


7. Now go to the "Actions" tab. Click on "Create". Now click on the "Browse" button and select the required file, the program to run. If you want music to play at a certain time, then you should choose the song file itself. In addition, you can set up your alarm clock so that instead of the usual music for everyone, you will start a movie or some program. After you have selected the file, click on "Ok".


8. There are also two tabs: "Conditions" and "Options". They allow you to make additional settings, however, if you only need an alarm clock, then you don't even have to go to them.

Click on the "Ok" button.

That's it, you have set an alarm clock on your computer! If you are in doubt that you can do everything right at once, try setting the "task" so that it starts up in about 10 minutes. This will allow you to make sure that the installed "clockwork" will work in the morning.

The main condition for the alarm clock to work is the switched on PC / laptop. It can be in sleep mode, but it must be turned on.

Method number 2.


This method involves installing a third-party program on your device (if you do not trust programs downloaded from the Internet, use the first method).

There are many programs and utilities that allow you to quickly set an alarm clock on your unit, but not all of them are distinguished by their rich functionality.

The most popular programs among users are the programs "Cool Calendar" (suitable only for Windows 7) and "Alarm Clock". They are quite lightweight and easy to use.

Download utilities / programs only from trusted sources to protect your PC from possible infection.

We will not describe the installation and use process, since even an inexperienced user can figure it out. And setting up programs is practically no different from setting up a real alarm clock.

That's all, now you know how to set an alarm on a computer or laptop.

Waking up to an alarm clock on your smartphone is a common thing. But what if you want to wake up to your favorite song or video on loud computer speakers, so for sure! 😊 To do this, we will configure the laptop wake up with automatic music on.

Alarm clock through the "Task Scheduler"

Windows has a built-in program that allows you to schedule the launch of programs or the execution of other actions. Press the button and write "scheduler" in the search bar, start the task scheduler:

At the top right, click

Now you need to set up the task, write any name, for example "Alarm", and click "Next". We configure the so-called trigger, i.e. when the alarm should turn on:

  • everyday
  • Weekly
  • Once
  • And etc.

Триггер включения будильника

At the next step of the wizard, enter the date and time, set the alarm to start in 5 minutes from the current time, for verification. Next, we leave it at the default:

Further, respectively, we press the "Browse" button and indicate the music file or video:

At the last step, the wizard asks to verify the specified parameters, here we set the checkbox. In the properties of the alarm clock, go to the tab and put a tick:

Пробуждать компьютер для выполнения задачи

This is the most important parameter, without which the laptop will not wake up at the specified time. Click "OK" and now we will test the new task: find our "Alarm Clock" in the list, select it and click on the right:

Тест включения будильника

Your audio recording should start immediately, without additional questions or errors. If this does not happen, go back to the properties of the alarm clock with a double click and go to the "Actions" tab. We will now indicate that the song needs to be opened using Windows Media Player. For this:

  • Double click on the action
  • Copy the path to the music file and paste it into the "Add arguments" field
  • Press "Browse" and go to the player along the path, or just copy this path and paste it into the "Program or script" field

It should look something like this:

Everything should work now. Once again, set the task trigger time to +1 minute from the current one, put the computer into sleep state and wait for the alarm to turn on.

What to do if the alarm does not work

As a rule, there are no problems with setting the alarm, but then it turns out that the laptop does not turn on automatically. There is good news and bad news 😊:

  • There are some settings that solve the auto-enable problem.
  • On some computers and laptops, nothing can be done ☹

So, first of all we go to. There will be selected your current power management scheme, mine is "Balanced", you can call it whatever you like. Push

Then we press

Scroll through the parameters of the scheme to a subsection, should be set

The computer can wake up from an alarm clock only when it is "asleep", ie. in standby mode. When the laptop is turned off or in Hibernation mode nothing will work, because no programs are running. In the mode, power is supplied to the RAM and to the timers responsible for waking up. Therefore, it is important to put the computer into the mode. To do this, set the action of the power button and laptop lid to "sleep" mode:

You can also manually send the laptop to sleep by pressing

Scheduler issues

If, all the same, the computer does not wake up from sleep mode, then we will adjust our task in the scheduler:

  • Go to the "Properties" of the alarm
  • On the "General" tab, check the box
  • On the "Conditions" tab, UNCICK the checkbox

IMPORTANT: if the timer starts to work, then still check it several times and for the first time set a duplicate alarm clock on your smartphone so as not to oversleep! 😊

What else can you do

Unfortunately, on some hardware it is not possible to force the computer to turn on automatically at a given time. Alternatively, you can try to update system device drivers in automatic mode. It happens that it works in Windows 7, but does not work in Windows 10 or XP, and vice versa.

100% way to automatically turn on your computer

Almost all computers, but not all laptops, have an auto-enable function in BIOS. You need to enter BIOS and find a section similar to and set an alarm and power-on time. Or if you have UEFI BIOS , then go to the section. We will not dwell on this in detail, since the way through the BIOS is not convenient, and most likely, if this feature is in the BIOS, then an automatic alarm clock will work in Windows.

Free Alarm Clock

If you don't want to mess with the scheduler, then install the free program:

Download Free Alarm Clock

Click "Add"

Adjust the time to turn on the computer and select a sound file or one of the built-in sounds:

Параметры нового будильника

Please note that if the laptop does not wake up as instructed by the scheduler, then the program will not help 99%! On the contrary, i.e. you can turn off the computer on time using other programs.

How to put alarm clock on a computer with Windows 7

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