Characteristics of the Year of the Rat in the Chinese calendar

Eastern horoscope

What year comes after the Pig and what are its features?

What year comes after the Pig and what are its features?

Thanks to the eastern horoscope, we will find out under the auspices of which particular animal the coming year will pass. Under whose auspices will the period following the Year of the Pig take place? This article will help you learn more about this sign.

What's the next sign?

According to the eastern horoscope after the year of the Pig the year of the Rat will come. This animal knows how to adapt to any situation, and it knows exactly how to achieve its goal.

In many eastern countries, the Rat is considered a sacred animal that was sent to people as a gift from heaven. The rat is not capable of causing harm, but only if it does not feel danger from you. The rat can be adorable or dangerous. It all depends on the situation and on the mood of the one who is next to her.

It is worth noting that it is the Rat that opens the next zodiacal cycle. The Chinese calendar has its own sequence of signs, where animals follow strictly in order.

Where did this sequence come from?

There are several interesting legends about the appearance of the eastern horoscope. Every resident of China knows the most popular one. On his holiday, Buddha decided to invite all those animals who want to come to him. As a result, 12 animals came to him. It was not easy for the animals to get to the Buddha. It was cold, and in front there was a large river, which is not so easy to swim across. As a sign of his respect and gratitude, the Buddha gave each animal a whole year of reign.

The very first was the Rat. She was so smart and cunning that it was only thanks to her ingenuity that she got the very first. Since she was afraid of water, she asked the Bull to carry her on her back. He agreed. Coming out of the water, the Bull shook off the water for a long time, and the Rat, without wasting time, was the very first in front of the Buddha. Therefore, she got the first year of the 12-year cycle.

The second was, accordingly, the Bull himself, who was very surprised to see the Rat. Followed by Tiger , who has always competed with the Bull and tried to keep up with him.

Then came Cat or Hare. Those present could not see the animal properly. Someone thought it was a Rabbit, someone imagined a Cat. The fifth was The Dragon ... Followed by Snake followed by Horse .

When fog descended on the river, it was not clear who was the eighth. Perhaps it was Goat or Sheep. Then she swam across the river A monkey then came Cock ... And after him came running Dog ... The last among the beasts was to be the Pig. But he was so lazy that he sent instead of himself Pig and it was she who got the final cycle of the year.

Another legend says that one day the Jade Emperor sent his servant in search of 12 of the most beautiful animals. Everyone was supposed to report to the emperor at 6 in the morning. Going in search, the servant invited all those animals that he met on the way. And the next day, at the appointed time, the animals, one after another, came to the meeting. The first to enter was the Bull, on whose back sat the Rat and played the pipe. The emperor was so surprised by her skill that he immediately gave her first place. The second, respectively, went to the Bull. After that, the emperor awarded all the other animals in turn.

Characteristics of those born in the year of the Rat

These people have a natural charm and special charm. These qualities allow them to easily find a common language with everyone and make a pleasant impression on the interlocutors. Usually, such people are liked by others. After communicating with them, a pleasant impression remains and there is confidence that such people can be trusted. All these qualities help the Rats to get their way. They often occupy leadership positions.

Those born in the year of the Rat have a cheerful disposition. Sometimes from the outside it seems that these are frivolous and windy people. But actually it is not. It's just another cunning move, thanks to which the Rat easily creates exactly the impression that it needs. This controversial nature allows Rats to impress the opposite sex and easily gain everyone's attention.

People born this year are very reckless. They know how to take risks and always do it consciously. Rats are so confident in their strengths and their own righteousness that any risk ends very successfully.

Those born in the year of this animal will never miss their own benefit. This allows them to easily achieve their goals and achieve financial well-being.

If we talk about the minuses of the character of the Rats, then they certainly are. The representatives of this zodiac sign have one weakness - it is an avidity for luxury, compliments and flattery. It is very easy to impress and charm them. One has only to make a couple of compliments to a person, give a luxurious gift and all the attention of the Rat will switch to him. Because of this weakness, they often find themselves in very unpleasant situations and face serious problems. Knowing this feature of the Rat, you can easily captivate her and persuade her to some kind of adventure.

In addition, the representatives of this sign love to find fault with the little things and set the bar high for everyone. The tendency to conflict and argue in any situation is the quality that sometimes prevents them from communicating harmoniously with colleagues or just acquaintances. We can say with confidence that representatives of this sign are overly selfish, self-confident and domineering.

Influence of the elements

Each time the year of the Rat passes under the influence of one element or another, which has a special effect on its character. An element like Metal , endows those born in the year of the Rat with a decisive and active character. These qualities help him from childhood to express himself and achieve certain goals.

Metal gives the Rat calmness and tenacity. Thanks to these features, those born this year can loudly declare themselves by choosing the profession of a lawyer, politician or speaker. A distinctive feature of those born under the sign of the Metal Rat is the fight for justice.

Release of Water gives such traits as calmness and indifference. The main characteristic possessed by people born in the year of the Water Rat is powerful intuition. Thanks to this, they manage to avoid serious mistakes. Also Water gives them restraint. This character trait allows them to choose the profession of a politician, teacher or doctor.

People who are born in a year Wood Rat, possess beauty, intelligence and elegance. Such qualities allow them to easily find a common language with members of the opposite sex.

A distinctive trait of their character is decisiveness. They are always confident in their abilities and choose a profession to their liking. They can become artists, poets, or even businessmen.

The fire element endows the Rats not only with a bright appearance, but also with a cheerful, cheerful character. Such people are distinguished by a kind disposition. They are considerate of others, always fight for justice and show leadership qualities. The Fire Rat can easily take a leadership position in any area that suits her more.

Earth release endows those born this year with such qualities as endurance and strategic thinking. The Earth Rat always looks at things realistically, never hovers in the clouds and soberly evaluates its capabilities. This allows her to achieve serious success in business or politics. Its main distinguishing feature is independence. Rats easily implement their plans, but only alone. They don't like to work in a team.

Work and career

Those born in the year of the Rat are undoubtedly leaders ... They have excellent organizational skills, which allows them to loudly declare themselves in their chosen field of activity. They are eagerly and enthusiastically learning something new, they are always ready to acquire new skills if it helps their career growth. Rats always show themselves as decisive, purposeful, responsible and energetic workers. Of course, their diligence and perseverance do not go unnoticed. The bosses value these employees, which makes them easy to make a successful career.

Since those born in the year of the Rat are used to keeping everything under their control, they make excellent leaders. Thanks to their well-developed intuition, they avoid mistakes, think over their actions several steps ahead and always know how to benefit from a given situation. All these qualities help Rats to achieve great success and successfully develop their business.

Representatives of this sign always think about their future. That is why they initially choose only promising professions that will always be in demand. Such spheres of activity as politics, diplomacy, journalism, entrepreneurship and even show business are perfect for them. The main thing for Rats is a stable job that will bring a good income. They will never work for the sake of interest for a small salary.

Working relationships will develop harmoniously with those who were born in the year of the Rat, Tiger or Dragon.

Love and relationships

Due to their natural charm and ability to present themselves, those born in the year of the Rat are always very popular among the opposite sex. Despite the fact that they are easy to communicate with and they do not mind flirting, Rats are not supporters of fleeting romances. They take personal relationships and the choice of a partner very seriously.

The most important thing for them in a love relationship is stability. They do not like to radically change something in their life and it is very difficult to part with their soul mate. The rat will do whatever it takes to maintain the relationship.

As a partner she wants to see a reliable, purposeful and loyal person ... As soon as such a candidate appears in her environment, the Rat does everything possible to seal this union by marriage. Sometimes those born under this zodiac sign make their choice not with their heart, but with their mind. They believe that a marriage of convenience is much safer and more durable than a marriage of love ... Your soulmate will always be treated with respect, which allows you to build a strong marriage.

In family life, the Rat manifests itself as an attentive and responsible partner. For representatives of this sign, the most important thing is that love, respect and mutual understanding always reign in the family.

People born in the year of the Rat are loyal partners who are created for family life.


Since those born in the year of the Rat have a difficult and even contradictory character, ideal compatibility with other signs is very rare. For example, with a person born in the same year, the Rat may have mutual love and even passion, but they will not do without quarrels and mutual claims. There will be constant rivalry between the two Rats in everything, which will negatively affect the development of harmonious relationships. Two Rats can be friends and even colleagues, but happy spouses are not.

A strong marriage union is possible with someone who was born in the year of the Ox. But only on condition that the Rat can not show its stubborn character. The friendly relations between them will also develop well. The Ox and the Rat will always have something to talk about. But it will be very difficult for them to work in one team, because the Bull does not like it when his shortcomings are pointed out.

The Rat born in the year of the Tiger will not be able to build a personal relationship ... They are too different. In such a relationship, there will be more mutual reproaches, misunderstandings and quarrels than love and care. Strong friendships also do not develop between representatives of these two signs. But they will be able to work together, being just colleagues or even business partners.

A love relationship with the Cat from the Rat is simply impossible. He will suppress the Rat in everything. Friendships and business relationships will also fail. The Cat and the Rat will not be able to find a common language.

A love relationship with someone who was born in a year can develop very well. Dragon ... They will be able to perfectly complement each other, thanks to which the marriage will be long and happy. Friendship between them is also possible. But it is possible that after they will develop into a strong love affair. A working relationship can be pretty good too.

The Rat does not have a relationship with the Snake. Even if feelings flare up between them, it will be a very problematic union. Friendships can develop, but they never become best friends. But they can work together, since their ideas and views will coincide in many ways.

Personal relationships with those born in the year of the Horse will not develop at all. The same goes for friendship and work. There is no mutual understanding and respect between the Horse and the Rat.

A very contradictory relationship will develop between the Rat and those born in the year of the Goat. They will be bored and uninteresting together. Friendly relations will not work out either. But they can work together. But only if the Goat will work under the guidance of the Rat, and not vice versa.

A strong, happy and lasting union is possible with the Monkey. ... We can say with confidence that this will be a successful and harmonious marriage. Friendly relations between them will not develop. A working relationship can be quite promising.

Between the Rooster and the Rat, mutual sympathy is possible, which will develop into a more serious relationship. A happy marriage is only possible if both can accept each other's character traits. Strong friendships and business relationships are unlikely to exist between them.

An interesting and calm union is possible with a Dog. But over time, the Rat can become bored in this relationship. Friendly and business relationships can develop quite steadily and successfully.

The Pig and the Rat have a lot in common. Common interests can bring them closer together, as a result, all this will develop into a whirlwind romance. The union can be quite happy and durable. In addition, true friendship is possible between them. Business relations will also be very promising and mutually beneficial.

In the next video, you will find additional information about those born in the year of the Rat.

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In the new year 2021, those born in the Year of the Pig will have to make serious choices more than once, and most often they will be successful.

The Year of the White Bull brings you great prospects. Those born in the year of the Pig will not have much difficulty in achieving what they want if they listen to the signs that fate sends.

Look around you and follow the clues of higher powers: they, without any doubt, will indicate both the beneficial aspects of life and situations that impede productive movement forward.

The new year 2021 will be the most favorable period for self-expression. If you want everything to work out, first of all you should deal with the realization of your innermost aspirations, and a favorable outcome will not be long in coming.

Excellent career and well-being offers are possible. You can take a higher position in society, become what you dreamed of.

Family, loved ones and relatives will take a lot of energy, but the Pig is no stranger to such an environment - stay true to yourself, during this period it is very important to defend your right to individuality.

Paying attention to your health will be important at the very beginning of the year, when nervousness and anxiety can drain you of energy. Over time, strength will be added, communication with children or relatives can become a kind of medicine, an outlet and bring mental health.

And most importantly, remember - you are capable of great things during this period, believe in yourself!

Horoscope for 2021 Ox for the Fire Pig (Boar)

Born 1947 and 2007

Fire Pigs in January will be determined to restore relationships with loved ones that could have deteriorated. But possible family problems will not in any way affect the overall good mood.

February for the representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope will be a time of travel, foreign trips are possible. During one of these trips, you will be able to acquire useful contacts and acquaintances, which will be very useful in the future.

March of the year of the White Metal Ox is a time to reassess your own strength. You need to look at your surroundings in a new, fresh way.

In April, the Fire Pigs will calm down a bit. This is the time to realize that it is in your power to make your life the way you want it to be.

In May, it will be time for the Fire Pigs to take up their personal life, perk up and gather strength.

Every day in June, the Fire Pigs make full use of it. They enjoy and live life to the fullest, as if they know they will have to work a little bit next winter.

In July 2021, your intellectual potential will reach unprecedented heights, it will be useful to turn your attention to education.

August for the representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope will be a time of change. Change something in your life, change your job, or change your place of residence. You need to act, otherwise you will feel as if you are in a swamp of life.

In September of the White Metal Bull, the Fire Pigs will take care of themselves. They will decide to do some work on the mistakes that will help them avoid further trouble.

In October, representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope will have a great opportunity to replenish their budget. Read the signs of fate, and everything will turn out as well as possible.

November 2021 will be a special, happy month for Fire Pigs. Their positive mood will attract people, many of whom may prove useful in the future.

In December, the Fire Pigs will be calm and content with their lives. If they have any troubles, they will be so small that they will not be able to affect the general holiday mood in any way.

Horoscope for 2021 Ox for the Water Pig (Boar)

Born 1923 and 1983

For the Water Pigs, January 2021 will be a period of major rethinking. They will think about what achievements they could achieve by taking a more active life position.

In February, after the 12th, those born in the year of the Water Pig should carry out a decisive attack on their bad habits, since they will become a serious threat to health. Tobacco and alcohol, oddly enough, will not be the most massive enemies with which the Pigs will fight. Things are much worse in the area of ​​nutrition. Representatives of your sign often belong to the category of gourmets, often overusing sweets, spicy and salty foods, as well as excessively fatty foods. Ruler of the Year Ox invites you to try a vegetable and cereal diet. Those of you who choose to eat the recommended diet will feel better in a short time.

In March, you will get great pleasure both from your work and from the new people who will appear in their lives. The tasks that will set you in front of you will appeal to you and, in addition, will allow you to earn good money.

Representatives of your sign in April will decide on the most adventurous and decisive actions if they help improve their lives. You should be careful with money - you should not invest your savings in unverified projects.

In May, the Water Pigs, who have long been striving for peace and stability, should make every effort to carry out their plans. Protect your family from possible problems, create your own happiness and family idyll - this is within your power.

In June, the Water Pigs will feel great. They will find time for work and family. Whatever they put their hand to will develop in the most successful way.

In July, representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope will be able to solve all their accumulated problems, not only of a household, but also of a work nature.

In August, the Water Pigs should remember to separate dreams from reality. You can easily get lost in empty thoughts and castles in the air.

The Water Pigs will experience unprecedented harmony in September of the White Metal Ox. Someone will equip their home, and someone will seriously think about family life.

October of the Year of the White Bull will be a time of peace and order in your personal life.

And throughout November, representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope will be engaged in repairs and making money. They will not want to borrow from anyone, which will be the right decision.

In December, it is better not to stand at the Water Pigs on the road. They are determined to complete the business they have begun and will go to great lengths to achieve their goal.

Horoscope for 2021 Ox for the Wood Pig (Boar)

Born 1935 and 1995

Wood Pigs, in achieving what they want, can go too far in many ways. Perhaps this is what will contribute to the fact that in January 2021, relations with many people, including loved ones, may deteriorate.

In February, the ideas of the Wood Pigs will gain widespread acceptance, which will delight the representatives of this sign. And in addition to the joy received, such successes will allow us to acquire new business partners.

In March of the year of the White Metal Bull, the Wood Pigs will have to make a fateful decision that will affect their entire future life. It is worthwhile to think it over well before making a decision, it is not worth deciding in the heat of the moment, it will not be useful.

In April, representatives of this sign of the eastern horoscope will be able to strengthen their financial position. But be careful, you can distance yourself from your family because of a promising new job and a promising salary.

Throughout their lives, Wood Pigs think they can achieve everything by any means. They will have to rethink a lot in May. Despite their natural stubbornness, they will not get what they want - neither with the help of money, nor with the help of threats.

The Wood Pigs will engage in self-discovery in June. They will completely devote themselves to this process and get real pleasure. This is the month when they think about their future. Perhaps it is this time that will become the starting point for a new life.

In July 2021, Wood Pigs may experience some material difficulties. The money will come in full, but it will disappear just as quickly. The reason for the unstable situation will be romantic adventures, which just at this time will be something extremely necessary for the Pig.

In August, you will be able to successfully cope with financial difficulties if you work with full dedication and invest the proceeds in the business, not the romantic sphere of your life.

In September of the White Metal Bull, the Wood Pigs will devote all their time to work and career. They will only be distracted for a short while to assess what is happening, but then they will again plunge headlong into business.

In October, you will be building relationships with loved ones and rebuilding old ties.

In November 2021, the Wood Pigs will be able to find their true happiness - a loved one, if, of course, their excessive pride is tempered.

In December, at the very end of 2021, the Wood Pigs will prosper with their families under the reliable protection of the Bull. Relationships between loved ones will be warm and full of mutual trust, from which you will be in indescribable delight. Numerous friends will join the family hearth and will try to do their best to protect your warm and hospitable home from any troubles and worries.

Horoscope for 2021 Ox for the Earth Pig (Boar)

Born 1959 and 2021

At the very beginning of the new year 2021, Earth Pigs will be able to enjoy real peace. January will bring you real and genuine happiness.

For Earth Pigs, February will be a time of great discoveries. You will be able to understand yourself and understand your own purpose.

All March of the year of the White Metal Bull, the Earth Pigs will spend to regain all previously lost connections.

In April, you can afford to make plans with big life demands. There will be no restrictive signs on the way of the flight of your dreams. The only thing to remember is not to get too distracted from real life.

In May 2021, Earth Pigs will be able to truly relax and have a good time. But do not forget about work - it will be difficult to make up for the missed moments later.

It is best not to put too much responsibility on Earth Pigs in June. This month they will show themselves to be extremely unreliable people. They themselves will not understand what awaits them tomorrow or the next minute, so it is better not to pin high hopes on them, and do not drive them into a narrow framework.

But in the middle of summer, some representatives of this sign will manage to occupy a high position in society. This month, Earth Pigs will gain popularity in their circle, become the soul of the company.

In August, the main thing for you is to stick to the planned path and not give up on your goals. This is the time when you need to defend your position.

In September, you should address your health issues. It's about metabolism. Since the representatives of your sign are prone to experiments in the field of nutrition, it is they who most often have problems with the digestive process, suffer from excessive thinness, then obesity. September will be crowned with success for those who want to return to normal. It is only important to remember that an indispensable companion of your efforts should be an optimistic attitude and faith in success.

Earth Pigs will finally complete their search for creativity in October and can now begin a plan to bring their ideas to life. Everything will work out if you act purposefully and do not burden yourself with an unbearable burden.

But in November, you will most likely devote all your time to work, so that there is no time for rest. As a result, you can make good money, but you should not rush to part with the money.

Whatever the Earth Pigs undertake in December, everything will work out, everything will prosper. They will be successful in everything - both family affairs and work responsibilities.

Horoscope for 2021 Ox for the Metal Pig (Boar)

Born 1971

The beginning of 2021, Metal Pigs will devote to active work, leaving only a couple of days for the holiday. Those representatives of the sign who are not satisfied with the current financial situation, in February, will throw aside all the fun and seriously go into business.

In March of the Year of the White Metal Bull, the Metal Pigs will feel an extraordinary surge of strength and energy. They will create and take on adventures. This is a month of travel, new discoveries and pleasant acquaintances.

But in April, Metal Pigs should work hard if you want to qualitatively improve your lifestyle. Under the overestimated demands of Metal Pigs, a very solid material base is needed.

In May, you will strive for loneliness after a series of quarrels and family troubles. May will be the right time to relax, to understand yourself and your feelings.

The beginning of summer is good for working on mistakes made in the past. During this period, many confusing situations will be resolved by themselves.

In July and August, it is important for Metal Pigs not to get scared and decisively change their lives. For some, it will be giving up bad habits or changing jobs, for others leaving the family or returning to its bosom. Change can be anything, because the very fact of change is important for success, and not the area in which it will take place.

In the fall of 2021, the Metal Pigs will be extremely entrepreneurial and hard-working. In the field of professional occupations, a manifestation of increased activity is expected. Those Metal Pigs who will not chase a dream, but set attainable goals for themselves, can count on complete success in implementing their plans.

October and November 2021 will be favorable months in material terms. Some growth in financial capital, if any, is expected, or income from additional sources that you are quite capable of properly managing and making profitable investments.

In December, Metal Pigs will finally be able to enjoy life, regardless of what is happening around them. They will be instilled with confidence, which will help them realize that they can do anything.

2020 - which animal according to the Chinese calendar (whose next according to the horoscope)? Who will be the symbol of the animal in Russia according to the sign after the Pig? We will tell you what to expect in the future.

When does the year start?

As you probably remember, the Chinese horoscope does not coincide in dates with the traditional calendar, so the year of the Rat begins a little later than January 1st. It will come on January 25, 2020 and will end on February 11 in 2021.

This year is patronized by the White Metal Rat. It is the first in a twelve-year cycle and in its own way 2020 will be decisive for us - some undertakings will finally bear fruit; our other decisions will lead to the expected consequences. But right now we have a chance to start something new.

According to Chinese mythology, the rat is the first animal that came to Buddha, which is why the Chinese horoscope begins with her. But she did not act very honestly - according to legend, she climbed onto the bull, thereby, getting ahead of other animals.

What is predicted?

This time - 2020 - is suitable for those who are naturally active and industrious. This is also an excellent period for savvy people who know how to analyze situations and draw conclusions in order to ultimately build subsequent strategies of action.

💡 The year is characterized by the need to make radical decisions. Any initiatives launched during this period must be carefully planned to minimize risks while increasing your chances of success. Trust your intuition. The mind, although it is king, is not the only tool that the Rat uses.

All decisions made this year will affect the next 12 years, since this year the Rat begins a new cycle. Therefore, we must make every effort not to make unnecessary mistakes. Their consequences will remain with us for a very long time.

The rat is the most respected sign in the Chinese horoscope.

One of the biggest dangers of 2020 is jealousy and envy. Many will feel a strong desire to gain recognition and admiration, and therefore will begin to act uncontrollably - this is how the Rat affects people. You need to beware of such people, because they can do a lot of harm.

Rat release Year of birth
Wooden 1924, 1984
Fiery 1936, 1996
Earthen 1948, 2008
Gold 1960, 2020
Water 1912.1972

Chinese Rat: What You Need to Know About It?

The rat is the first animal in the Chinese horoscope cycle. It is this feature that makes the symbol especially powerful, capable of leading. With no problem or much effort, the Rat takes the lead in any environment. Get ready for a fruitful year and great work.

💡 The Rat is not afraid of responsibility both for its own actions and for the actions of others, provided that it is she who makes decisions about such actions. She always demonstrates her strong will and thus inspires the trust of others.

The best motivation for the Rat is social status and financial well-being. We can say that this stimulates and motivates her to work hard. If you are determined to work hard, regardless of your field of activity, the Rat will definitely reward you with money, connections or career growth.

If the authorities reached are good loyal leaders and will be ready to captivate the team, the main thing is that Nietce does not intercept their dull:

The rat boasts many talents. Her innate flexibility requires constant incentives and motivation, but if they are, the Rat knows his business. Sometimes this animal seems calm, but a stream of thoughts and plans is continuously generated in its head.

The rat likes:

  • to be the first in everything;
  • find your own ways to gain new experience;
  • create new routes.

The rat does not like:

  • live according to the schedule;
  • find yourself in a rigid framework;
  • routine of daily life.

The rat is always active, as if afraid to stop working for a second or think about something. Her critical mind is always at high revs, albeit worrisome. The rat accepts: taking on so many obligations does not always lead to a result, but it cannot do otherwise.

This does not negate the fact that the Rat mind is one of the most advanced of all the animals in the Chinese horoscope. Her ingenuity and creativity knows no bounds. And that's literally. She will definitely notice your diligence if you, too, strive for realization.

But this animal also has negative manifestations. The rat observes principles only when they are in its favor. If morality interferes with plans, she simply ignores it. Do not fall for this bait - always keep your conscience clear and do not follow the lead of base desires.

💡 By the way, it is really difficult to resist the Rat - irresistible charm and charm help her quickly make new friends, but there are not so many noble ones among them.

The rat is always trying to win the championship in the group, take the initiative, and even seize power. She loves to be liked by others, especially because it allows her to have even more power over others.

"Without ceasing to play on a pipe, a little man jumped on the back of the goose, and she swam to the middle of the lake.

The main advantages of the Rat:

  • Intelligence - in symbiosis with strong intuition, it allows the Rat to get ahead of others in many areas of life.
  • Versatility - there is no business that the Rat would not be able to master, if he wants, of course.
  • Personal charm - The Rat is usually very charismatic, which attracts attention.
  • Politeness - you will not hear unpleasant words from her. The Rat keeps negative reviews about others. This is pretty smart because you don't know when a person will be useful.

The Rat's biggest disadvantages are:

  • Picky - will not do anything.
  • Authority - The Rat does not like objections. As a rule, she always has her own plan and wants everyone to adapt to their assigned roles.
  • Irritability - The rat is easily off-balance.

Rats were noticed, ran along the coast, but the shoe was still ringing over the lake, even louder than them for themselves. Forgetting everything in the world, rats rushed into the water ... "

Sphere of love

The rat easily attracts people to itself, so you can well count on new acquaintances if you are ready for a relationship. Attracting people to itself, the Rat enchants them, causing general admiration.

In love, she can be a little aggressive and even tense. It is not easy in life together, but you do not have to be bored with her. If your relationship has already been tested, then 2020 may put an end to it. However, if all goes well, you will remember this period as one of the most turbulent in the history of your relationship.

For a successful year, you need to appease the Rat.

Intimacy plays a big role in the Rat's relationship because passion is her middle name. Openness to experimentation makes her an incredible lover. When the Rat is in love and feels great, it remains faithful. But disappointment in love can lead to cheating.

In family

Family life - a quiet evening, dinner at a common table, a house in the village - does not attract the Rat. She lacks passion for life. She must experience incredible emotions, because the routine is slowly killing her.

However, this does not mean that the Rat does not value family ties. On the contrary. She is very loyal to her children and partner. She loves loved ones and pays a lot of attention to them; helps in any difficult situation, earning the credibility of a good parent.

And at the same time, the innate energy and thirst for new experiences make the Rat a frivolous parent, which allows children to gain greater freedom. It's easy to get around this.

Work and career

Thanks to its intelligence and observation, the Rat acts wisely. As a rule, she is able to anticipate problems that will appear in the near future.

The Rat looks at each issue from a broader perspective. Skill combined with great ambition makes the Rat an effective manager or manager. It is worth noting, however, that the Rat conquers such positions at any cost. She will be quite happy to fulfill the role of the so-called gray eminence.

The Chinese say that you should always heed the advice of a person born in the Year of the Rat.

Social status, money and any manifestation of recognition for the Rat is very important. She often uses her skills to predict upcoming business opportunities and to avoid potential career-related troubles.

If you use the habits of the Rat, then you may well be able to achieve success in your career. Remember: the Rat loves diligence and tenacious mind.

The rat is, by far, a better boss than a subordinate - no surprise, because it seems to be made for this role. Routine and mediocrity, as well as repetitive activities, reduce her productivity.

Be flexible, resourceful, and creative, and the Rat will reward you for sure.


The Rat's attitude towards money is rather unusual. This animal is very greedy by nature, but at the same time loves to throw money left and right. This conflicting behavior arises from a desire to impress others.

Want more money this year? Looking for the right investor for your startup? Do you need capital for your business? Offer the Rat an unusual business idea, and she will appreciate it. Who else but her to decide an adventure that other signs will never agree to?

Strange, but at the same time, the Rat always cares about having some kind of savings for a rainy day. If conditions allow, it will save you real money. By the way, it should be borne in mind that the Rat always sets an important rule: never borrow. It makes no sense to ask her about it.

On the other hand, even with a small amount of money, the Rat will figure out a way to help you and make something great out of nothing.

People born in the year of the rat seeing success in the banking sector, but those who are pulling on the journey become good supplies or are engaged in mining.


In general, the Rat is always for health. She herself is full of energy, active, and this helps her to maintain shape and avoid diseases. In stressful situations, the Rat loves to travel to release stress. Follow her lead.

A balanced diet and regular exercise for the Rat is an ideal example of maintaining health. With enough rest, the Rat maintains good health, which can improve its performance in all projects.

Yellow Earthen Rat is different from his predecessor of the fiery rat in that he loves metal. If the fiery rat adored crafts from a metal, but even more she loved to attack the defenseless and fueled by their insults, used the inability to live truly and on the whole coil, the inability to "turn" for their own mercenary purposes, then an earthen ridge on moral equilibrium and calm. IN

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Rat and other animals of the Chinese zodiac

How does the Rat relate to other animals according to the Chinese horoscope? What does the year of the Rat 2020 mean for you? Choose your sign and find out what this gray animal has in store for you.

🐀 Rat

50% luck

You might think that 2020 is a great time for every person born under the sign of the Rat. Unfortunately, it is not. It turns out that the Rat must prepare for a difficult year. Now you need to be even more vigilant than usual. Be very careful about your health and your relationships with others. These are the areas of life most at risk.

🐂 Bull

60% luck

Last year, the Bull experienced some difficulties, but now he can finally breathe a sigh of relief. You will now experience many more pleasant moments. You can even say that this will be a wonderful year for the Bull. There are many things waiting for you in which you take the initiative.

🐅 Tiger

75% luck

After the amazing last year, Tigger will face a more difficult period. However, you have no reason to be discouraged. It all depends solely on you - you yourself are the master of fate and are free to change your life at will. If you think that the glass is half full, so it will be.

🐇 Rabbit

80% luck

The predictions for the Rabbit for 2020 are quite satisfactory. Alas, there will be no big ups, but no enchanting falls are foreseen either. Be more vigilant than in previous years with your career and partnerships.

🐉 Dragon

75% luck

The Year of the Rat will be a good period in the life of the Dragon. Most of the time, you will be able to achieve your goals without any problems. Sometimes things will go so well that the Dragon will begin to suspect that something is wrong. Fortunately, this is only the fear of losing what has been achieved. Relax and follow your creative insights.

🐍 Snake

65% luck

After a difficult previous year, the Snake's chances of happiness will increase significantly. Although this will not be the best year of your life, as long as you can take care of yourself and take the lessons of fate with a philosophical approach, you will remain in a good mood and excellent mood. This way you will be able to withstand difficult tests.

🐎 Horse

75% luck

2020 cannot be called an easy period for the Horse. There has always been a conflict between the energies of the Rat and the Horse, so act deliberately on important issues and do not rashly chop. A disdainful approach can go sideways if this year you buy an apartment, take out a loan or move to another country. If problems do arise, it is only because of their own arrogance.

🐐 Goat (Sheep)

85% luck

For the Goat (Sheep), this will be a pretty mediocre year. Some small gains are possible, but achieving them comes with a high price tag of hard work, uncertainty and additional responsibilities. But there will be pleasant moments too: a little diligence and the dream will come true.

🐒 Monkey

70% luck

The Year of the Rat will be good for the Monkey. There are no major problems on the horizon, although a few minor setbacks will make themselves felt in the performance of day-to-day responsibilities. Fortunately, you will solve any problems very quickly.

🐓 Rooster

85% luck

The Year of the Rat will be quite successful for the Rooster. You are in the midst of positive vibrations, so luck is on your side, just stay creative in your endeavors. Likewise, in love, you have no reason to complain. Interesting opportunities will appear pretty quickly.

🐕 Dog

95% luck

You can count on luck for most of the year. Many pleasant moments, exciting challenges and unexpected twists of fate. We can say that 2020 will be an adventure for you, and sharp turns depend only on your riskiness.

🐖 Pig (Boar)

65% luck

The year will pass normally. Certain obstacles may still arise, but stay patient - general trends remain positive. A pig (Boar) has a chance to improve its life situation in general and in certain important areas.

Now you know what kind of animal 2020 will be according to the Chinese calendar and according to the horoscope. What will be the next symbol and whose year will come in Russia according to the sign after the Pig. Are you ready to placate the Rat for a successful year? 😉

Chinese calendar, or which year comes after which

2015 is the year of the goat / sheep, followed by the year of the monkey, and what next? .. Let's make a table of the Chinese calendar by year, showing which animal is following which, and which elements it corresponds to.

The Chinese calendar uses a sixty-year cycle. It is a combination of cycles of 10 years ( heavenly trunks ) and 12 years each ( earthly branches ). Half of the combinations (which have different parities) are not used, so the calendar cycle repeats after 10 12/2 = 60 years.

Other oriental calendars are either completely identical to Chinese (such as Korean), or very similar. In Vietnam, the Rabbit is replaced by the Cat; in Tibet there are differences in the names of animals according to the zodiac; in Japan, the principle of calculation is different, so there are discrepancies in years compared to other calendars.

  • ; Wood (turquoise, green); Fire (red); Earth (yellow); Metal (white); Water (black, blue)
  • rat 1 year cycle; 1924, 1984, 2044; 1936, 1996, 2056; 1888, 1948, 2008; 1900, 1960, 2020; 1912, 1972, 2032
  • bull 2 ​​year cycle; 1925, 1985, 2045; 1937, 1997, 2057; 1889, 1949, 2009; 1901, 1961, 2021; 1913, 1973, 2033
  • tiger 3 year cycle; 1914, 1974, 2034; 1926, 1986, 2046; 1938,1998,2058; 1890, 1950, 2010; 1902, 1962, 2022
  • rabbit 4 year cycle; 1915, 1975, 2035; 1927, 1987, 2047; 1939,1999,2059; 1891, 1951, 2011; 1903, 1963, 2023
  • dragon 5 year cycle; 1904, 1964, 2024; 1916, 1976, 2036; 1928, 1988, 2048; 1940, 2000, 2060; 1892, 1952, 2012
  • snake 6 year cycle; 1905, 1965, 2025; 1917, 1977, 2037; 1929, 1989, 2049; 1941, 2001, 2061; 1893, 1953, 2013
  • horse 7 year cycle; 1894, 1954, 2014; 1906, 1966, 2026; 1918, 1978, 2038; 1930, 1990, 2050; 1942, 2002, 2062
  • sheep 8 year cycle; 1895, 1955, 2015; 1907, 1967, 2027; 1919, 1979, 2039; 1931, 1991, 2051; 1943, 2003, 2063
  • monkey 9 year cycle; 1944, 2004, 2064; 1896, 1956, 2016; 1908, 1968, 2028; 1920, 1980, 2040; 1932, 1992, 2052
  • rooster 10 year cycle; 1945, 2005, 2065; 1897, 1957, 2017; 1909, 1969, 2029; 1921, 1981, 2041; 1933, 1993, 2053
  • dog 11 year cycle; 1934,1994,2054; 1946, 2006, 2066; 1898, 1958, 2018; 1910, 1970, 2030; 1922, 1982, 2042
  • pig 12 year cycle; 1935,1995,2055; 1947, 2007, 2067; 1899, 1959, 2019; 1911, 1971, 2031; 1923, 1983, 2043

The table shows that 2015 is the year of the wooden sheep (color - turquoise, green). And 2016 will be the year of the fiery (red) monkey. 2017 is the year of the fiery (red) Rooster. 2018 is the year of the earthy (earthy, yellow) Dog. 2019 is the year of the earthy (earthly, yellow) pig.

Since 2020, a new cycle begins, 2020 is a metallic (white) rat.

Year after a year of pig 2020 will be 37 year of the 34th cycle of the Chinese calendar. In January, there will still be an earthen boar, but on February 1, the Kaban passes the powers of the rat.The Chinese calendar arose in two thousandths BC, finally took shape in the era of the Board of the Zhou dynasty in two hundred years BC. 2020 will be 37 year of the 34th cycle of the Chinese calendar. In January, there will still be an earthen boar, but on February 1, the Kaban passes the powers of the rat. Year after a year of pig It will pass under the sign of an earthwood rat. People born in the year rats are careful and practical. It is enough to recall the famous rat of the Schundra from the Immortal Work of Reddiard Kipling "Ricky-Tikki-Tavi": It will pass under the sign of an earthwood rat. "The chuchunders have a broken heart. She humps and whines all night and everyone wants to gain courage to run into the middle of the room. But she is never enough courage. - Do not goubi me, Ricky Tikka! She screamed and slightly sharpened. - Who kills the snake, will be bothering with some kind of musk rat! - contemptuously answered Ricky Tikki. - Knowing the snake from the snake and will die! - Soundron said even sadly. - And who knows, will not kill the nuts by mistake? He will think that I am - that's you ... " Yes! Rats are very afraid of getting into history and suffer for another. Rats are perfectly able to adapt, but in the safe atmosphere of rats "breaks up": they are ready to share events and impressions before the morning. Rats do not like to complain. People born in It will pass under the sign of an earthwood rat. year after a year of pig

Characteristics of the Year of the Rat in the Chinese calendar

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