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Railway transport was invented almost two century and thenasad and has long been an integral part of the life of people. Despite the subsequent results of cars, aircraft and helicopters, traveling precisely on trains in the eyes have a special charm. Frequently often appropriate are used in the music clips. The locomotive racing forward and surrounded by landscapes looks like a symbol of freedom, purposefulness (even moreover, which is clearly moving along the route specified by the rails) - this is in the XXI century fascinating. And train stations, stations, farewells and dates that happen on them, attacking spiritual torments on the road - a real classic of romanticism! Although Inekollects, together with directors of their own video, beating the topic of iron-throat and quite differently. Anyway, today, on the day of the railwayman, we will admire you to admire 27 musical clips. These are different on the idea of ​​the video, but all of them are united by a significant presence in the frame of trains, rails, sleepers, stations, passengers.

Queen - "Breakthru"

A considerable number of roc music lovers with the words "Clip with the train" will come to the mind that "Breakthru". The indomitable locomotive movement is ideally suited to the dynamic rhythm of Dicon and Taylor, and without visual incarnation, this song is now impossible to imagine. The train, destroying obstacles, standing on his way, through the darkness of the tunnels returning to the light is a good metaphor for Freddie, despite the disease that continued to create and compose (and in the video itself, it is still pretty risky in terms of safety engineering).

Christie - "Iron HORSE"

However, in terms of the negligence attitude to the security requirements, the funny participants of the pop rock-collective Christie (the most famous hit of which is an unforgettable "Yellow River") in the early 1970s. At the sight of their dance on the locomotive (albeit not so modern and high-speed) so I want to say: "Do not try to repeat it yourself."


Very simple, but perfectly stacked in our topics of the early video of the early The Cure is an accelerated railway journey from Victoria London Station to Brighton with a view from the train cabin.

The Chemical Brothers - "Star Guitar"

And in this video, we are watching the neighborhood of the railway track from Nimes to Valence (France) from the side window of the train, and, on the idea of ​​the director of Michel Gondree, flashed poles and buildings are replaced by the bat.

Ozzy Osbourne - "Crazy Train"

It should be borne in mind that the video on "Crazy Train" was released as accompaniment not to the original version of the song, but a concert version with "Tribute", so the main time is the showing of photographs of the deceased Randy Roads. Actually, the train in the frame does not appear at all, there is only a kind of "from the cabin nose", so everyone can think about how this "Crazy Train" looks like. At the beginning, the end of the clip and sometimes in the middle, he rushes along the rural, narrowly looking rut and slows down in front of an ominous figure of Ozzy.

ABBA - "The Day Before You Came"

One of the last hits of the ABBA group is a melancholic story of a woman who is aware of all boredom and routine of their own life thanks to a meeting with real love. According to the plot of the clip, the meeting takes place, of course, at the station, and the trains play an important role here. And what scenic views of the Swedish railway are shown here in the second minute of the video!

Aquarium - "train on fire"

Our compatriots also addressed to the train. The brightest example is the composition of the 1988 Aquarium, the video for which was shot in Snow Karelia.

CINDERELLA - "Heartbreak Station"

The locomotive is one of the best images for ballads, it is no doubt. So in this example, the smoking old-fashioned locomotive, as it should not better emphasize the sensuality of the song.

Traveling Wilburys - "End of The Line"

Very soulful clip supergroup Traveling Wilburys. Bob Dylan, Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn, George Harrison and Drummer Jim Kelterner staged friendly sites on board the American steam locomotive of the old sample. Friendly atmosphere, excellent music, landscapes of endless American steppes outside the window. The trolley of sadness adds only one more chair with an incomplete guitar, reminiscent of the dead shortly before the start of the shooting of the video. Roe Orbison.

Aerosmith - "Livin 'on the Edge"

In the "Livin 'On The Edge" the train appears on the third minute of the video and creates one of the most spectacular samples of clipmaker of that time. Locomotive is carrying on the paths standing on the paths and playing Joe Perry guitar, but at the last moment the musician lazily moves to the side and thus avoids the collision.

Rod Stewart & Jeff Beck - "PEOPLE GET READY"

The genus Stewart is known as a big fan of trains and railway modeling. It is not surprising that this topic appears in his clips. Here is an example - a collaborator with Jeff Becket Caver on the song "People Get Ready". The guitarist in this video moves on a commodity train and looks like a sort of strange performer and an adventure crawler from the American past.

R.E.M. - "Driver 8"

This clip (as well as the song itself) does not just affect the railway theme - it is devoted to her entirely and completely. True, in the composition itself, it is narrated by the passenger train, and we see the video, mainly cargo formulations in the vicinity of the city Clifton Forege (Virginia). Well, workers of the railway sphere, of course.

Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - "Metroland"

To this afternoon we had only realism and documentaries. However, it is time to pay tribute to animation and animation. It is in the animation style that the clip of the Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark group on the song "Metroland" is performed. Despite the name, the "protagonist" video, the locomotive itself is not the "resident of the subway" - it is rather a classic Victorian composition, a suburban or more distant communication (here it knows specialists). It should be in the rain and in the sun, through the meadows and fields, villages and cities, times and era. Yes, and people in his cabin (and in the vicinity of the road) belong to different historical periods and various social groups. The situation is changing around, technical progress occurs, the old one is moving, but the train of life is inexorably carrying us ahead.

Velvet Revolver - "Dirty Little Thing"

The red animated train, decorated with turtles, is controlled by sexual girls, and inside it - insane passenger, party and disco, headed by Velvet Revolver participants. This composition is absolutely no laws written and the rails are not required. Solid hedonistic fun.

Victor Korolev "Bazaar-Station"

We cannot not mention the plasticine animation. And here, as it is impossible, the clip will be a full joke on the song "Bazar-Station" of the Russian singer Viktor Korolev. Those who found the 1990s will surely remember this cheerful track.

Visage - "The Damned Don't Cry"

Let's return from animation to the romance of old trains. The video "The Damned Don't Cry" (inspired by the film Lukino Wisconti "The death of the gods") was removed at the station in the County of Kent, and the train itself as a decadent atmosphere and the external appearance resembles the "Eastern Express" of the beginning of the 1930s. And the lyrical hero in the execution of Steve Strajnja feels someone else's allegedly "festival of life." Interestingly, with the Album "The Anvil", Visage still has a song "Night Train", but in the corresponding clip, the train does not play any role.

Megadeth - "Train of Consequences"

In this video, the main character travels in a noisy and smoking train in the company of a wide variety of dubious and unpleasant personalities who are playing gambling, and gradually all the action rolls into unofficiation.

The KLF - "Last Train To Trancentral"

"TRANCENTRAL" for the Extravagant group The KLF is a mythical home-studio and center of all operations. "Last train", going to, if you believe the clip - a toy train in a toy city. Nevertheless, the video order successfully falls on the song.


This song was born from the early concert jams The Doobie Brothers. Producer Ted Templeman believed that the melody had a commercial potential and convinced vocalist and guitarist Tom Johnston to write words. As a result, the motive of the journey appeared, and with him the train.

Bronski Beat - "Smalltown Boy"

The action of one of the main gay hymns of popular music begins on the train and ends in the train. First, the main character (performed by Vocalist Jimmy Samerville) is subject to memories of the unpleasant moments of his youth, and at the end the train becomes a symbol of his reunification with friends.

The Tractors - "Baby Likes to Rock IT"

In this video, a simple pizza peddler is transferred to a magic train and hits the country party.

DWIGHT YOAKAM - "A Thousand Miles From Nowhere"

And again Country, and again the American Railway. They are inextricably linked with each other. In this case, Dwight Yokem travels through a picturesque Arizona.

The Corrs - "Runaway"

In the video, The Corrs appear in several places, including at the railway station. Plus, a vocalist Andrea Corrow from time to time is shown at the train window. In the final frames, she runs from the train to the camera.


After the "Something" composition of the Belgian Electric Movers Lasgo won popularity, it was decided to remove the video clip on it. The venue of the shooting was the Central Station of Prague, where people meet, break up, bored, staring around. The center of attention is the soloist of Evi Corpin, as well as periodically demonstrate passing trains.

Grinspoon - "REPEAT"

The Australian Alternatives Grinspoon placed the effect of the clip on their third single in the train. First, the elderly lady, going through the car, faces the killer-fool, and then her way repeats the vocalist of the group Phil Jameson.


The video clip begins with frames with a boy entertaining with a toy railway. Then the Big Country participants are shown as train passengers. Having drove the tunnel, they stop, because on the ways it turns out to play a scott in national clothes, the figure of which put a boy in his layout on the rails (the events of two lines are intertwined here). Then the musicians come out of the car and follow a person. Finally, they observe and themselves participate in the battle of the First World War.


The video itself on one of the main Hits AC / DC in the new century is a concert performance of the group, and fragments depicting antique trains, railway tracks and accidents are in the frame of Epizodically. Nevertheless, the clip can be added to our selection, at least just because of the name. In the new century, the train remains one of the most inspirational - and the most rock and roll! - Methods of movement.

Have you ever ever ride a drinking train?

Yes, you did not hear, the trains really know how "sing" And now I will tell you because of what it happens.

Singing rails. Why do trains know how to "sing" ❓

Below is one of the examples of how the train is "Sings" .

The sound, similar to a human voice, appears during the train movement. In this case, this sound is Tonal that is, it can be designated and singing.

On the video, it is clearly audible that the sound can "walk" to micro intervals, can switch to other "chords". The higher the train rate, the higher the tone. Almost everywhere the sound of one-haired, simultaneously sounding notes. At the junctions Tonal sound disappears, but in general they do not interfere.

In addition, this singing is perfectly audible and outside Trains

So Because of what rails can sing ? It turns out that it's all about Grinding Rails!

Grinding rails - This is a process that is performed to prevent deformation due to the use and friction on the railway tracks by eliminating deformations and corrosion.

Rail shifting train. Source: https://www.yaplakal.com/forum2/topic1554850.html
Rail shifting train. Source: https://www.yaplakal.com/forum2/topic1554850.html

Grinding rails is not always perfect. Most often, imperfect grinding can be associated with poor calibration of the abrasive discs of the railside train, and this, in turn, can give Relse irregularity which are repeated with certain frequency.

Abrasive discs of the RCP-48 rail trains. Source: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/RelSoshlifoval_Vagon
Abrasive discs of the RCP-48 rail trains. Source: https://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/RelSoshlifoval_Vagon

Because of Each rail is polished by a separate abrasive disk. , irregularities on the rail for each wheel of the wheel pair are Asymmetric . During the passage of the train, forced oscillations occur when the wheel jumps on each irregularity so that it does not have time to land until the next protrusion, and thus takes off and landing after one ledge. With an even greater amplitude, the wheel flies 2 irregularities at a time, landing before each third, then before each fourth, etc.

The amplitude can change in 2 ways:

  • Firstly , Change the degree of "strength" grinding along the path.
  • Secondly , wagging the movement of carts, as a result of which the wheels are gradually moving from the most rolled central path on the rail head to a less rolled peripheral zones.

As a result, it turns out What different wheels at different times create sounds with the main tone, equal to 1/1, 1/2, 1/3, 1/4, 1/5, 1/6, 1/7, 1/8, etc. . The "basic" frequency determined by the period of grinding and the speed of the train.

For example, if the distance between these irregularities is 2 - 2.5 centimeters, then the train, at speed ≈ 70 km / h, causes vibration on rails about 880 Hz, which, in turn, is not "La" The second octave, from where the tone sound is born. The main thing is that the ratio of distances between irregularities during grinding is harmonious, and harmony appears in combination of sounds.

А you Began to meet with singing rails? I am quite often resting in Abkhazia, so I hear the singing every trip :)

Thanks for attention! Check like and subscribe to Railway transport . To new meetings!

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27 best video clips with trains

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