Anna Koshmal - biography, personal life, scandal scandal

Anna Koshmal is a bright and talented young actress, who has already managed to build a shock career and conquer the hearts of millions of viewers. The roles of the girls are remembered by internal conflicts of its characters. Anna's wide fame to the right won after the role in the "Wacks". On the path in the career, as well as on many other points in the biography of the girl and her personal life will be speech in the current article.

Biography Anna Noshmal

Anna Koshmal - biography, personal life, scandal scandal

Anna Noshmal was born on October 22, 1994 in the city of Kiev. Young Ukrainian film actress has become one of the most sought-after actresses. His pop popularity received a nightmare thanks to the studio "Studio 95" TV series "Svaty".

Childhood and youth

Anna Koshmal - biography, personal life, scandal scandal

Anna became the second long-awaited child in the family. Father Sergey Koshmal - a soldier, mother of Tamara Ivanovna - Teacher and Senior Brother Sergey. She was not like her parents and did not adopt their professional skills. From the earliest loved to sing and dance. In elementary school, participated in all events, without missing not one. Such love for creativity led her to the dream to become an actress and visit the theater circle. But she also was engaged in choreography and vocal skill. Her family did not please the parents at all, but they did not hinder.

Anna was an exemplary student and an excellent school. But she did not have another choice, because her mother was heading school and the class teacher of the artist.

After graduating from school in 2010. Anna Noshmal enters the Kiev Academy of Pop and Circus Art for the Music Faculty. Having received a degree in the specialty "pop vocals" soon enters the 3rd course of the Directory Department of the Kiev Academy.

Career in films

Anna Koshmal - biography, personal life, scandal scandal

The beginning and start of the career of Anna Noshmal was the project of the Studio "Quarter 95" TV series "Svati". At the age of 17, taking part in the theatrical circle, she notices the Studio "Quarter 95" and invites you to take part in the casting. She with ease passes him and they claim to the role of Gota Girl - Zhenya Kovaleva.

For this role, Anna it took to repaint a burning brunette, as she in itself has a light hair color. But the nightmail did not make difficulty to play a non-formalka, according to her, in adolescence, she also had a hot-tempered and complex character.

Anna Koshmal - biography, personal life, scandal scandal

After the project, having received not low popularity, Anne Noshmal began to flow many different offers for shooting. One of the following projects becomes the series "Sasha". She had to play a girl Syrota, who has a very kind heart. Being too trusting, life is facing her with difficulties. Sasha, the main heroine, it is worth passing through betrayal and lies to gain his happiness.

With this role, as with the previous one, the nightmail copes perfectly, it is nominated for the award of the "TV star". In his country, the actress becomes quite popular and in demand. Anna's participation in the year produces up to 6 projects. Some of the projects are the "servant of the people" where she starred with Vladimir Zelensky, "Mistress", "Forget and remember" and "Village to Million". In many projects, it helps her vocal and choreographic education in their role.

Anna Koshmal - biography, personal life, scandal scandal

In the film "Aliens-relatives" Anne Koshmal was to speak in the lead role of the dancer Julia, as well as play Lisa ballerina in the film "Ballerina". Being a popular actress, Anna does not forget about his vocal data, and if any opportunity applies them in projects. For the first time, his vocals were lucky enough to use in the series "Shatta", where she in a duet with Fedor Dobronravov performed the song "My Calendar". The next compositions were "everything will happen", "I am without you", "joyful sadness".

Personal life Anna Noshmal now

Anna Koshmal - biography, personal life, scandal scandal

Anna Noshmal for his nature is a modest and romantic, family for her above all. She is in no hurry to advertise their relationship and put them on everyone's review.

The actress is vegetarian. She also does not wear clothes and footwear from leather and fur. Anna loves animals, she has two cats and a dog.

It is known that the first relations occurred in the youth years, during training in the dance studio, its chosen was the dance partner. But the relationship lasted for a short time. Then its chosen one was the operator from the shooting platform of the "Shatta" series. At the moment, Anna Noshmal is in a relationship with a young man, whose name is not advertised. It is known only that he is not a public person and has no relation to the acting career. They were 4 years in civil marriage and in the winter of 2019. Couple played a wedding. How and where the ceremony occurred is unknown. It is known only that the actress always dreamed of a romantic ceremony and a lush wedding white dress, in a family circle and loved ones. Anna believes that personal life should remain personal. She also denied rumors that she was in a position.

Latest news about Anne Noshmal

Currently, Anna has about 3 projects that are preparing for exit. Such as the "castle on the sand", "Tyson" and "Mystery of Mary". In the melodrama "Mystery of Mary", where the hosteal will play a major role. In the interruptions between the shooting, Anna travels. She loves the active holidays and is happy to go to those places where you need to walk a lot and explore the sights, but it can always find time to read your favorite book. The last of the countries visited by it was Greece.

Just recently on the Internet, Anna Noshmal published an outstanding story in his instagram, where Anna Noshmal will not be filmed in "Schat-7" in one of the articles. The actress complained to his fans on the yellow press and denied written. From her words, she is very waiting for the release of the "Shatta-7" and of course will be filmed in the project.


  • - 2011 - Shata: Life without a grima
  • - 2011 - Shatta 5
  • - 2011-2013 - Shata 6
  • - 2013 - 2014 - Sasha
  • - 2014 - When the dawn comes
  • - 2015 - the servant of the people
  • - 2016 - Express - business trip
  • - 2016 - Forget and remember
  • - 2016 - on the line of life
  • - 2016 - Do not regain
  • - 2016 - Letter of Hope
  • - 2016 - Million village
  • - 2016 - the fairy tale of an old miller
  • - 2016 - Mistress
  • - 2017 - Ballerina
  • - 2017 - Contrary to Fate
  • - 2017 - Daughters - Steps
  • - 2017 - Crossroads
  • - 2017 - Special
  • - 2017 - Dance Motilla
  • - 2017 - Good guy
  • - 2017 - good intentions
  • - 2018 - other people's wrong
  • - 2019 - Big Vouances
  • - 2019 - Castle on the sand
  • - 2019 - the servant of the people 3
  • - 2019 - Mystery Mary
  • - 2019 - Tyson
  • - 2019 - Shata 7 (in production)
  • - 2019 - Star Shadow (in production)

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Anna Koshmal - biography, personal life, scandal scandal

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