Masturbation has always been accompanied by many taboos, the number of which has been steadily decreasing only in the last decade. Currently, this hobby is no longer considered something reprehensible, because leading sexologists have recognized the benefits of masturbation - it increases female and male sexuality, allows you to know your own body, and strengthens the muscles of love. And now a completely different problem comes to the fore: how to learn to masturbate and do it correctly?


How to masturbate correctly

In this article we will talk about the peculiarities of female masturbation, but before you start mastering its basics, you must get rid of the discomfort and guilt that often visit self-gratifying ladies because of the prevailing in our culture of rejection of such "occupation." Of course, this is all nonsense, you are not doing anything wrong, so treat "self-love" as "self-development." Masturbation will not only not weaken your passion with a real partner, but on the contrary, it will teach you to give and receive much more pleasure in sex.

Masturbation Technique for Newbies

The number of ways of female masturbation is very large. But in most cases, massage of the clitoris with the help of hands, stroking the genitals with various objects, water activities, etc. is used. Many women like the simultaneous stimulation of the vagina, anus and nipples.

But if you are just learning to masturbate and still do not know what will give you more pleasure, start small - by getting to know your body. To do this, you need to find half an hour of time and retire in a room. You will have to strip naked and create an intimate atmosphere: turn off your phone so that no one bothers, dim the lights, perhaps put on sensual slow music.

Sitting on your bed and relaxing, close your eyes and turn on your imagination. You can imagine any handsome man, but the fantasy must be erotic in nature. At the same time, start slowly sliding your hands over your body, stroking your chest, neck, shoulders, going down lower and lower, as if repeating the movements of an imaginary lover.If you have problems with lubrication, do not forget to moisturize the labia with a special lubricant, petroleum jelly or saliva.

Without haste, explore the genital area with your fingers, checking how sensitive your clitoris is to touch, whether you feel a tremor when you massage its base, or the labia minora; what kind of movements do you like better - slow and measured or fast and multidirectional Caress the clitoris longitudinally and along its entire length, "tease" it, tracing your finger, feel how the hips rise up from pleasant manipulations, anticipating a sweet continuation.

After practicing, you will definitely discover your own recipe for masturbation, which will give you a fireworks of emotions, after which you can experiment and find all new ways of sexual "self-expression". And in order to whip up your imagination a little and send it in the right direction, below we describe some of the best ways of masturbation, which are definitely worth trying.

Masturbation methods for women

Classics of the genre - hand masturbation

Most often, women masturbate with their fingers - one, two or three - stimulating the clitoris, labia, and anus with them. As a rule, this is done with vertical downward movements - upward, circular strokes, or pendulum-like tapping, but the best effect is usually given by a combination of these movements.

There are girls who like to regulate the pressure on their labia with a fist. There are even more of those who prefer more tangible pressure with the palm. You can start the "game" with finger caresses, and as sexual arousal increases, proceed to palm stimulation, and simultaneously caress the "lips" with your fingers, or insert them into the vagina. Many of the fair sex in this way get a stronger orgasm.

Water ways of self-satisfaction

The impact of a warm water stream, light tingling and a feeling of pressure from the jet on the clitoris and the entire genital area can lead to the brightest sexual sensations and even multiple orgasms. The most affordable way of such stimulation is to use a shower head, the jet from which you need to move along the vulva and clitoris. Be sure to experiment with water head and flow direction and water delivery modes.

Masturbation with toys for adults provides truly fabulous sensations, achieved by both external and internal stimulation. By using, for example, a vibrator that can operate at different speeds, you can select the most pleasant stimulation intensity. Most women enjoy the rather strong and high-speed stimulation of the labia and the more gentle and slower stimulation when it comes to the clitoris.

Those who do not like vibration very much can experiment with a dildo, acting simultaneously on the clitoris and their labia using their fingers. After inserting the dildo into the vagina, try to find and stimulate the female pleasure point ("G").

Having mastered the basics of masturbation a little, you can have fun much easier and for this you don't even need to close yourself in the bedroom. So, you can masturbate while riding on almost anything. This can be the edge of a table or a spinning washing machine, the edge of a tub, a pillow, a soft toy, etc.

The best way to relieve stress after a hard day is to play with yourself a little. For "easy" masturbation, you need to stock up on a feather (make sure it is clean!), A brush, and a living flower. Stroke the genital area with a feather, enjoy the tickling strokes of the clitoris without aggressive pressure. Orgasm in this way will not be quick, but it will pleasantly surprise you with its strength and brilliance, so be patient!

finger on tangerine

If you are lucky enough to be born a swagina, then you probably already know that your clitoris is a “magic button” that helps you achieve orgasm. Yes, the clitoris exists, and yes, it plays a very important role in sexual life, but it's not as simple as it might seem.

Most of the clitoris is actually internal and can vary in size. Everyone is turned on by different things, and everyone has an orgasm from different types of manipulations. This can be a little confusing. So how well do you know your anatomy? Are you ready to explore your body and find out what might work for you? We think all girls will benefit from some tips on using this divine part of their anatomy.

Clitoral orgasms are the most common type of orgasm in women. Read on for the best masturbation techniques to help you unlock the so-called "magical" powers of your clitoris.

Practical tips for clitoral stimulation i

Porn is not for everyone, but many, regardless of gender, use visual stimulation to create a “playful” mood. If classic porn, which is easy to find on the Internet, is not to your liking, pay attention to porn companies that shoot more realistic sex. For example, Make Love Not Porn shoots real couples and CrashPad Series is a queer friendly site. Nowadays, it is easy to find porn for every taste.

  • Do not neglect household items

In this case, proper sanitation is key. Once you are convinced that your chosen subject is pure hysterical - experiment, discovering unusual ways to stimulate the clitoris. Try a warm bath, lie on your back and lift your legs up, letting warm tap water stimulate your clitoris. This is one of the most comfortable ways to have an orgasm. If you plan on using a phallic object, remember to put it on the non-condom.

finger on papaya

Sometimes we just want to be lazy and let our vibrating friend do all the work for us. Therefore, the purchase of a vibrator is able to transfer the process of stimulating the clitoris to a new quality level.

You can start small, such as a “bullet” (mini vibrator for the clitoris), or with a larger toy with different vibration modes to experiment with intensity levels.

  • Remember, practice hones your craft.

If you are just starting to master the art of “touching yourself,” it may take a while before you figure out which technique is perfect for you. As the saying goes, practice hones skill. Some people prefer to use their hands, some use toys, and some people prefer to sit backwards on the toilet until the water from the bidet helps them come. Masturbate as much as you like, and in the end you will find out what you like best.

fingers on grapefruit

Then, if you want, you can share these "secrets" with your current or future partners, so that they know how to please you.

It’s almost impossible to cum if there’s loud music you don’t even like, if the lighting is too bright, or if the TV is continuously humming in the background. Before starting the process, create a supportive atmosphere that you would like to have when having sex with your partner. Turn on sexy music, light candles, turn on your favorite porn and enjoy the process.

  • Experiment with variations of finger movements.

Do you prefer circular, diagonal, or light tapping on your clitoris? You won't know until you try.

girl with a pomegranate between her legs

When people talk about the clitoris, they usually mean the part that protrudes into the upper part of the labia. In fact, most of the clitoris is internal, extending to the external opening of the vagina.

For some, the clitoris is rather bare; in others, it is hidden under the hood of the clitoris — the skin that covers the clitoris.

Because of this variety of shapes and forms, some "happy wagons" prefer direct contact with the clitoris, while others enjoy being stimulated slightly above or below the visible clitoris. Therefore, it will be helpful to pick up a mirror and spend some time admiring your genitals. Of course, since most of the clitoris is inside, you will have to use your hands to truly explore it.

There is a popular misconception that girls with a smaller clitoris are less likely to experience orgasms. This is completely untrue.

rose petals
  • Focus on the clitoris.

If your goal is to achieve orgasm when masturbating and fondling, it is best to focus your attention on the clitoris.

This is very important, especially for those new to this business. Be sure to play with the nipples, add penetrations, try to play with the anus (if you are ready for it). But, if you want a guaranteed cum - pay special attention to the clitoris, it will definitely not let you down.

This technique will never become obsolete because it does a great job. All you have to do is grab a few fingers, put them together and rub the clitoris in a circular motion, like a DJ does when rotating a plate.

While some girls prefer circular movements, others like diagonal movements from top to bottom. To do this, take two or three fingers, squeeze them and gently rub the clitoris from top to bottom in diagonal movements, increasing the speed and intensity at your discretion.

fingers in fruit

You still remain a “DJ” - you just scratch the record now, not spin it.

Once you find your clitoris stimulation rhythm, these delicious feelings can be enhanced with penetration. Insert one or two fingers into the vagina to double the sensation - penetration and clitoral stimulation. Gently insert one finger into the vagina and press it against the front wall, where the famous G-spot is believed to live. After you feel comfortable, try adding another finger or dildo.

Lubrication is key, especially if you're going to masturbate with penetration. Even if you just rub your clitoris without lubrication, this repetitive motion can cause friction, which can cause irritation over time.

hands on grapefruit

So lubricant is your best friend on this masturbation adventure.

Are you starting to feel weird lying on your back rubbing your clitoris while staring at the ceiling fan? Try lying on your stomach or in a solo spoon (sideways) position while masturbating, or place a pillow under your butt.

  • Don't be upset if you don't finish right away.

Nothing kills an orgasm like the fear of not experiencing it. There are also women who never have an orgasm, and that's okay too. But most people end up finding what suits them perfectly, you just need to be patient and attentive to yourself. Don't think too much. Even if you don't orgasm from clitoral stimulation right away, you will still experience wonderful sensations that you can enjoy.

Masturbation is the process of knowing your body, a way to release tension and have fun. Many women do this, but each has found her own method that she likes more than others. There are several ways to stimulate, they are different, and require different accessories.

The best way to masturbate

There is no single best stimulation method for a woman. Each has its own body structure, its own sensitivity, therefore everything is very individual ... If you are looking for new sensations, try all the methods described below. And then it is also possible to alternate them, combine them, which also gives pleasant emotions.

Clitoris massage

More than 70% of women experience orgasm from clitoral stimulation. This organ is the most sensitive part in a woman's body. And it is his caresses that are most often used in masturbation. You can do this in different ways; we have collected the most popular methods in separate groups.

1. Stimulation of the clitoris with hands

Fingers rub the clitoris, stretch, press on it. This is the first method of influence that a girl masters. He does not require additional devices , but the process of reaching orgasm can be lengthy. The impact sometimes occurs on the entire head, but more often on one side, which is more sensitive to touch. The intensity of stimulation is different, more often from gentle and unhurried actions to faster and more tangible ones. How to improve? The process becomes more interesting if you add lubricant. It is better to use not saliva, as many do, but a special lubricant. It improves glide, allows you to implement more different movements.
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2. Caressing the clitoris with a stream of water

Using a shower or a tap jet is also possible in masturbation. Most often, a woman removes the shower head, it easily unscrews, and then directs the flow to the clitoris. At the same time, it is easy to change the pressure, which is very important. Exposure to water not harmful , this method can be used. He not the most convenient , it is difficult to compare it with sex toys, it gives less experience, but it is affordable. ... .How to improve the masturbation process? Play not only with the force of pressure, but also with the temperature. A change of 1-2 degrees has different effects. It is important not to freeze and not tolerate hot water, but to experiment in the "warm-cool" range.

3. Masturbation with a vibrator

A very effective method that causes violent orgasms ... The clitoris is touched with the vibrator, and this causes maximum arousal. By changing the speed of the oscillations, you can bring the ending moment closer. You can also lightly touch, rub the clitoris, press, lean and remove the toy. Technician uses hundreds. Sometimes they even sit on the vibrator from above, and this also has an effect. It is worth using clitoral vibrators specially designed for such caresses. But any model will do , the main thing is that there are fluctuations. And the more modes and speeds, the more interesting the application. How to improve the process? Use models with legs or scions. These protrusions seem to wrap around the clitoris, giving a three-dimensional sensation.
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4. Masturbation with a wave stimulator

Vacuum, wave or non-contact stimulator - these are all names of models that massage the clitoris with air. This is a special type of influence that almost always brings a woman to orgasm. It is completely safe, not addictive, while activating the nerve endings not only in the head of the clitoris, but also inside the body. It is difficult to achieve this effect in other ways. Since the advent of such sex toys, the life of women has changed. Even those who did not know what it was before began to achieve orgasm. The pleasure has become many times greater. That is why such wave models sold in millions of copies. And today they are affordable for everyone. How to Improve Feelings: it is worth trying not only the usual but also the premium models. Their modes are special, more thoughtful. And there are many other pleasant moments: from amazing design to powerful motors and capacious batteries.
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5. Caress with petals imitating a tongue

Vibrators with petals even visually look very interesting. They are called imitate oral sex with lips and tongue , but often give much more pleasure. They never get tired, the girl guides the toy herself, so the touches occur in the desired area. Many models are waterproof, you can experiment with them even in the bathroom. In this case, the caress of the clitoris in the water is felt differently than in the air. How to improve: The form of petals and their movements differ in different models. And only comparing, you can find the perfect option. It is worth buying several sex toys with petals to alternate sensations.
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Vaginal impact when masturbation

Vaginal penetration is familiar to the woman, but it is applied to masturbation not by everyone. Progressive movements are excited, and can be realized in several ways. In this case, the impact occurs on different parts of the vagina. Each lady is responsible for blissful for bliss, and it is them that she is trying to activate during masturbation.

6. Lask in the vagina

The immersion in the LONO occurs on only 2-4 cm, and the length of the toy is not important, but its diameter. It is the introduction and extract that causes the maximum delight. It is easy to implement with phallic shape vibrators, dildos. The speed of movements can change greatly. And perfect no goal "shove" deep . Movements inside and outward most popular. But sometimes there is pressure on the front or rear wall of the vagina. It is a bit like stretching, the extension of the entrance. Although, of course, the increase in the lumen does not occur. How to improve? Add not only progressive movements, but also vibration. These two different actions will allow you to quickly cause the desired effect.

7. Impact on the point G

The existence of the point G is not proven, but the front wall of the vagina frequently stimulate women to obtain an orgasm. Namely in this area, this point is located. For this use Bend vibrators They help to reach the right area. At the same time, two movements are most often used - presses on the wall or rubbing it. It is believed that the internal dots woman need to "wake" They may not be activated. But if you regularly influence the front wall, it will begin to lead to very bright orgasms. Inkjet and multiple pleasures are possible when activated, so you need to work on it. How to improve point stimulation g? Use not only vibrating sex toys. Perfectly suitable pulsators, rotators and even elastrostimulators. These are sources of unusual sensations that help to quickly reach orgasm.

8. Stimulation of the cervix

Deep penetration excites women. And when the sex toy rests on the cervix, presses it, it can give the strongest response in the body. In such an impact very Important length input device . And what it is more, the more interesting is the game. Powerful movements inside for someone are relevant throughout the entire period of masturbation, and someone has only at the end, when several moments remained to orgasm. How to improve masturbation? It is worth trying different poses. Sometimes it is ideal not to introduce something into the body, but to sit on top. It is easily implemented with dildo sucker. They are attached on any smooth surface, and it is possible to use them without help.
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Anal stimulation during masturbation

A woman enjoys caressing different zones, often anal stimulation helps to reach orgasm. In the area of ​​the rear pass, there are a lot of nervous endings, they do not need to ignore in sex. The correct inclusion in sexual game expands the experiences, makes completely new emotions. But you can caress this zone in different ways.

9. External massage of the anus

The anus and perineum are very sensitive and can be ironed outside ... Finger touching, light massage, tickling give excitement. The entire space between the buttocks is ideal for impact. And the more often you play with this place, the more interesting it will become. How to improve stimulation? Try vibration. Touch the toy, changing speeds and modes. Apply the technique, as with the clitoris, look for the right points and methods of influence.
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10. Expansion of the anus during masturbation

Women do not have a prostate, they do not always like the massage inside, then the process of stretching the sphincters can be pleasant. Gradual finger insertion or traffic jams are exciting. This is interesting when it happens slowly and with good lubrication. In this case, it is important not to go deep, namely the game with the entrance and shallow immersion. At first, the entrance relaxes, but if you strain a little, the hole narrows and you can start all over again. Anal fisting is a variation of this game, but with large objects. Most often, these are still not giant sex toys, but 1-2 fingers and movements with their help. How to enhance the sensation of expanding the anus? Use a cooling or warming lubricant for anal sex. This will add excitement, everything will seem more intense and fun.

11. Progressive movements during anal

Inward and outward movement or penetration is imitation of habitual intercourse , it is also common with masturbation. In the process, dildos and vibrators are used. But for anal sex, you need special toys with a limiter so that the device does not get stuck in the body. The expansion at the base prevents you from entering too deep. The movements in the anus area are not very impressive for all women, but in order to find out their attitude to such caresses, they are worth trying. And even if you didn't like this experience with a man, alone it can be very impressive. How to improve anal stimulation? It is worth choosing a different diameter of the inserted object. At the initial pores, a thin phallus will fit perfectly, there will be no pain with it. And just getting used to it, it is worth taking a diameter of more than 3 cm.
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12. Vibration in the anus

Modern sex toys can give you a special feeling. They are similar to rimming, but still different. When there are movable elements in the leg of a sex toy, it is very interesting. Vibration or movement in the area of ​​the sphincters can give hundreds of great minutes ... But this can only be realized with vibrating anal plugs. Vibration in the anus can be felt not only at home. With some sex toys, it is appropriate to go for a walk. These are models with a remote control and a quiet motor. Their shape does not interfere with active movements, and vibrations do not attract attention. How to improve the feeling? Ideal sex toys with beads in a stem or controlled from a smartphone. The former give an unprecedented high, the latter allow you to transfer control to your partner even at a distance.
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13. Orgasm from breast caresses

The rarest type of orgasm - from exposure to the chest. But it has a place to be. Although more often breast caresses are combined with caresses and other areas. To do this, use nipple clamps ... They squeeze the delicate area in a vise, the gripping force is easy to control. How to enhance sensations? Exciting creams are also used for breasts. They promote blood flow to any site of application. And they also produce vacuum pumps for the nipples, they also increase the sensitivity of this area.

Mixed Masturbation Techniques

Most women in the process of masturbation use not one method of influencing the erogenous zones, but several. Stimulation of two areas at once causes multidimensional sensations, this brings the orgasm closer faster. And all these are also ways of masturbation, but more complex, requiring coordination.

14. Masturbation of two areas: clitoris and vagina

A very popular massage technique involves the clitoris and vagina. Woman nice to feel full when something is injected into her womb. But this is not enough for an orgasm, so clitoris massage is connected. Sometimes an object in the vagina is simply left motionless, sometimes it is actively moved. It is difficult to point hands or toys in different directions at the same time, so a sex toy was created for this - vibrator rabbit ... This stimulator is equipped with two branches - one for the vagina and one for the clitoris. And vibration is built into them. One handle can direct the device, acting in different directions at once. Rabbits are one of the most popular women's products in a sex shop. How to improve the feeling? It is ideal to choose a rabbit that fits the anatomy. For this, it is important to choose a flexible model so that it adapts to the shape of the body. And the clitoral process can be made in the form of a wave stimulator, which is very unusual, but interesting.
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15. Masturbation of the clitoris and anus

A woman can act on the clitoris and anus at the same time. This is also a fun option to experiment with. Most often, they start with anal caresses, and then they connect the clitoral effect. And here you cannot do without additional devices, it is very difficult to implement with your hands at the same time. The perfect combination of toys: anal stimulator and clitoral. For example, a butt plug in the ass, and a mini-vibrator on the clitoris. How to improve? Why not connect 3 zones? Rabbit vibrator for clitoris and vagina and butt plug for anus.

16. Double Penetration

Realizing simultaneous immersion in the anus and vagina is easy with double dildos. They allow you to experience maximum fullness and synchronized movements in both holes. This is an opportunity to realize unusual fantasies and have fun. This kind of masturbation is suitable for women who love the objects inside. How to improve? The suction cup double phallus can be applied hands-free. Free palms can massage the clitoris for even more sensation.
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Questions about how a woman should masturbate

If you masturbate often, will sex feel less?
Masturbation and sex with a partner are different processes. And even if there is a lot of self-satisfaction, pair sex does not become less desirable. It gives emotional contact between two people, and these are incomparable experiences. You don't need to be afraid to masturbate, you need to look for pleasure without fear in every experience.
Can anal masturbation lead to fecal incontinence?
Stimulation of the anus is not hazardous to health as long as there are no cracks or tears. And even frequent experiments will not cause problems. But you need to be careful with big things, try not to practice fisting often, as it can hurt. Experiments with a diameter of up to 5 cm are not dangerous at all.
Why is there an orgasm during masturbation, but not with a partner?
When masturbating, a woman understands what she wants, performs a sequence of actions that excites. The man does not feel what she wants. Therefore, a partner can be taught what to do and how to do it. Or give him hints on what to do to make an orgasm happen. There are still fears, experiences that interfere with relaxation in couples sex, they are also the reason for the lack of pleasure.
Is it true that sex toys reduce the sensitivity of the body?
If you use the vibrator at maximum power, the nerve endings will get used to such an intense impact, and the woman will want more. In this case, weak caresses will seem insufficient. It happens, but it's easy to fix. It is worth abandoning the use of toys for 2-3 weeks, and everything returns to its original state.
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Any woman can learn to masturbate. This process gives a lot of pleasant experiences, helps to get to know your body better. The body can be influenced in a variety of ways using fingers, showers, or sex toys. How to masturbate the clitoris, anus or the female womb correctly?


Many men dream of making a blowjob to themselves, but this is not an easy task. It takes practice to make this a reality. But if you really want to, it will really work out. There are several recommendations on how to suck yourself off and not get crippled.


By masturbation, previously called masturbation, masturbation, they mean one of the forms of sexual satisfaction, which does not imply the presence of a partner (except perhaps an imaginary one). True, there is another, more expanded, concept of the designated phenomenon.

We are talking about the so-called mutual masturbation, which involves giving each other sexual pleasure by two people through indirect sexual contact. This form of satisfaction can be practiced during foreplay or as a full-fledged way of mutual satisfaction of partners without performing the sexual act itself.

How to masturbate a girl to cum

However, within the framework of this article, we decided to discuss the issue of female masturbation - "solo", that is, self-bringing women themselves to orgasm by stimulating the clitoris. The fact is that its only purpose is to promote sexual arousal and the onset of orgasm. It is no coincidence that in the ancient Slavic language he was simply, but very figuratively, called a lust.


The clitoris, in fact, is an analogue of the male penis, however, unlike the latter, it is located inside the female body, and its visible part - the head covered with a hood (“foreskin”), is only the “tip of the iceberg”.

The clitoris, like the male member, when excited, also increases in size and hardens. It is no coincidence that it is called the female erectile organ. In the overwhelming majority of the fair sex, this organ, which is highly sensitive, is the main erogenous zone.

It is not surprising that during masturbation, most often it is he who is stimulated in different ways, which we will talk about in more detail.

How to properly masturbate your clitoris with your fingers

As already noted, the clitoris is a very sensitive organ, and therefore, when acting on it, strictly observe 3 basic rules:

  • hands should be perfectly clean, nails, if not cut at the root, which would be ideal, then neatly sawed without sharp edges that can damage the delicate mucous membrane and cause unpleasant or even painful sensations instead of pleasure;
  • before masturbating the clitoris, warm your hands, because the female erectile organ is a real "sissy" that requires a delicate attitude towards itself;
  • "Dry" touches to the lust are unlikely to bring you pleasure, and therefore, before masturbating, use more lubricant - lubricants, oil, in extreme cases, saliva.

Do you want to know how to properly masturbate your clitoris with your fingers? Then you have to master more techniques, which, in fact, are various finger movements.

  • "Up down" ... Movement, as a rule, is carried out with the tip of the index and / or middle fingers, while light pressure on the head is allowed. A gradual increase in the rate of exposure is recommended.
  • "Right left" ... This technique differs from the previous one only in that the stimulation is carried out from side to side along a horizontal line.
  • "Circular movements" ... With the tips of one or two fingers, circles are "written out" around the head of the clitoris, gradually increasing their diameter. You can move both clockwise and counterclockwise. You can "draw" circles not only with the tips, but also with the phalanges of the fingers.
  • "Ripple" ... This technique is carried out with the pads of the fingers with light pressure and the creation of a vibration effect. After a short pause, the action is repeated. By the way, the technique has proven itself not only directly in the area of ​​the clitoris head, but also in other parts of the vulva.
  • "Pressure" ... This method of stimulating the clitoris should not be overly strong, but at the same time sufficiently sensitive. It is successfully used when exposed to the female erectile organ with fingers, hands, and in partner sex - by the male member.
  • "Light tapping" ... They are carried out with one or more fingers. As already noted, the head is only a small part of the clitoris, and therefore tapping is recommended throughout the vulva. So, exerting an indirect effect on all the hidden parts of your erectile organ, you will be able to "calculate" its most sensitive points in order to then masturbate them already purposefully.
  • "Pressing" ... They are carried out only with the fingers or with the whole palm, including its back side. The duration of each press can be several seconds, and the rhythm varies at the request of the woman. Tapping and stroking are great complements to tapping. The strength of the latter is determined only by your preferences. This technique of influencing the clitoris is also practiced in partner sex, while a man can carry it out not only with his fingers, palms, but with his tongue and even with his nose.

clit pleasure

Be sure to try all of the described clitoral stimulation techniques on yourself to find the ones that work best for you. And then teach it to your partner - it will be much easier to achieve harmony in sexual relations.

How to properly masturbate the clitoris with sex toys

The modern sex toy market is replete with various devices designed to enhance the intensity of voluptuous sensations during sex, as well as significantly increase the chances of girls reaching orgasm.

These sex toys undoubtedly include clitoral vibrators specially designed to stimulate the female erectile organ. Their use almost always ensures the formation and onset of orgasm in girls, including during masturbation of the latter without any participation of a partner.

When choosing a clitoral vibrator, one should build on a number of criteria, so, for example, the conversation is about (about):

  • ease of use;
  • reliability;
  • security;
  • functionality (the presence of several modes of operation, etc.);
  • quality of material;
  • waterproof if you intend to use the device in the bathroom;
  • ease of care, recharging etc ..

You can choose, for example, a clitoral vibrator, which, like a ring, is put on your finger and easily held on it. You can touch the clitoris with the device whenever you want, and then it will begin its stimulating effect. The vibrator ring is useful if you masturbate alone with yourself, as well as during sexual intercourse with a man.

There are vibrators that mimic cunnilingus, that is, the effect on the clitoris with the tongue. They are usually in the form of small fans with silicone "tongues" instead of blades. It is they who fulfill the role of the human language. The presence of several speeds will help you to choose the speed that suits you as much as possible.

You can purchase a "horned" vibrator for the clitoris. Its flexible arms stimulate the entire vulva and vagina along its entire length. In a word, in online stores you can find a sex toy that best suits your taste preferences.

But what if you have not yet had time to buy a clitoral vibrator, but the desire to try its effect right now is irresistible? It is possible and necessary to use "auxiliary means". In this case, we mean an ordinary electric toothbrush, if, of course, you have one.

According to the testimony of "eyewitnesses", in terms of the effectiveness of the impact, it is not much inferior to expensive clitoral vibrators in the matter of almost instantaneous achievement of truly enchanting orgasms!

How to properly masturbate the clitoris with a jet of water

Many girls love to spend time in the bathrooms, and not only because and in order to indulge in hygiene procedures. The fact is that the noise of the water flowing, in particular from the shower, copes well with the role of soundproofing, and its jet directed to the clitoris has a very effective effect on it, giving pleasant sensations and stimulating the onset of orgasm.

petting ways

You can masturbate the clitoris with a stream of water if you have a removable shower, from which you must first remove the watering can (divider). Then set the water to a comfortable temperature and direct it to the area of ​​the organ under discussion.

We advise you to start the action with a jet of low pressure, which, if desired, can be increased. You can sharpen the sensations by resorting to the delayed orgasm technique. Try it - you will surely like it. Even if not, then you are not risking anything, on the contrary, you will gain new experience!

Some useful tips on how to properly masturbate a girl to make sure you cum

And as a bonus, we have prepared a few useful recommendations especially for you that will significantly increase your chances of getting an orgasm.

  • Do you want to be guaranteed to reach the peak of sexual pleasure? Then stimulate mainly your main erogenous zone. In the vast majority of women, this is the clitoris. However, there are exceptions to every rule - some girls have the most sensitive spots in other areas, for example, in the vagina.
  • During masturbation, it is useful to change positions to find the most comfortable position.
  • Nice relaxing music will be an excellent stimulating background for masturbation.
  • Engage in self-satisfaction only when you are in a good mood.

At this point, let us finish our "allowed speeches", traditionally wishing you many sweet orgasms! Follow our publications!

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Not every woman can reach orgasm as easily as a man. Therefore, almost always, if it was not possible to achieve orgasm from vaginal sex, the fair sex resort to masturbation in order to finally reach an amazing peak of pleasure.


Is clitoral masturbation just a benefit?

Masturbation in women is a fairly common occurrence that makes it possible to achieve clitoral orgasm. The benefits of clitoral masturbation are obvious:

  • Most experts and scientists argue that regular sexual arousal followed by a vivid orgasm, which may be accompanied by squirt, is the best prevention of diseases of a girl's reproductive system.
  • Clitoral masturbation is completely safe and an excellent defense against unwanted pregnancies. After all, fertilization during such caresses is completely excluded, and the risk of sexually transmitted diseases is reduced to almost zero (although only if you use only your own sex toys).
  • Regular sexual release (caressing your intimate places) has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, reduces stress and reduces the feeling of fatigue, it also helps to normalize sleep and improve mood.
  • Female masturbation is an excellent prevention against hormonal disorders in the body.
  • In the process of "playing" with the clitoris, blood pressure rises and the heart rate increases - this also contributes to the prevention of cardiovascular diseases.

Jerking off with insufficient or minimal experience can lead to serious injuries to the labia and clitoris itself. That is why this process must be, first of all, safe. Failure to comply with basic hygiene rules, neglect of water procedures, lack of processing of intimate toys - all this can lead to diseases of an infectious or inflammatory nature.

How can the clitoris be stimulated?

Today there are many different ways of female self-gratification. Nevertheless, today there is a large number of requests in Internet search engines on the topic: how to masturbate the clitoris correctly and what methods are used to achieve orgasm?

The answer to this question can be simple: - the most popular are hands, water and special devices. However, there are no limits to the imagination and creative impulse of a woman! With such games with their cherished body, girls may well use the temperature drops and strong hugs with their favorite blanket.

By hands

Do you masturbate even when you have a regular sex partner?

Yes Not

Fondling your clitoris with your hands is the most used and popular way to bring your petting body to orgasm. These are quite simple movements based on massaging or stroking the pubis, thighs and the clitoris itself. The most basic way to masturbate is to massage the clitoris with your finger. For most women, this is a favorite and proven method.


In order to achieve orgasm, it is not necessary to use only your fingers. To experience a quick and contrasting orgasm, you can use the shower. You just need to adjust the water supply mode on the shower head (or twist it at all), then gently adjust the clitoris over a warm stream of water. You can experiment a little, just change the direction of the water or its temperature. Such an experiment will not keep you waiting long and will allow you to experience indescribable pleasure.

In addition, with such water procedures, there is no direct penetration into the vagina, so this solution can be safely practiced even on critical days.

There is only one situation when you should not indulge yourself in the shower - if there is no way to control the temperature drops in the water. The female genitals do not tolerate injury or burns very well.

Expert opinion

Sexual Expert

Nymphomaniac and just a goddess of sex

In no case should a stream of water be directed into the vagina - it can wash off the protective lubricant and seriously disturb the microflora of the intimate part of the body. In addition, too strong a pressure of water can negatively affect the sensitivity of the nerve endings of an intimate place, so care should be taken in this matter.

Vibrator and other sex toys

In the 21st century, there are a huge number of sex toys (vibrators). Masturbation with sex toys provides a truly fantastic sensation, achieved by both external and internal stimulation. Using, for example, a vibrator that can operate at different speeds, you can easily select the most pleasant stimulation intensity. Most ladies like the intense, high-speed stimulation of the labia, and the gentler and slower when it comes to the clitoris.

  • Well, those who do not particularly like vibration can experiment with a "dildo" (rubber penis). You can influence them simultaneously on the clitoris and your labia, while helping with your fingers.
  • Besides, you can use not only a vibrator and a "dildo". A "necklace" (special intimate beads) can also be a good toy for sexual pleasures in private.

You can get acquainted with a huge number of all kinds of sexual toys and choose the ones you like from the introductory videos on the Internet.

How to bring yourself to a clitoral orgasm if it doesn't work out?

Female masturbation of the clitoris is distinguished by its specificity and variety. Numerous positions, the use of lubricants and intimate toys - all this makes the intimate process more exciting and enjoyable. However, girls do not always manage to immediately bring themselves to a mind-blowing clitoral orgasm. And to help you figure out what the reason may be and how to help yourself achieve such an orgasm, we propose to consider several really proven ways:

Change pose

Achieving orgasm depends entirely on the correct position. Many women are much easier and faster aroused in the cowgirl position, others with tightly clenched legs. While making solitary love with your body in various positions, you can experience different types of orgasm. The main thing is to find your own intimate and comfortable position. It may take a while to find, but it's worth it! And for example, we can offer several popular and pleasant positions for caress:

  • Use a chair. This is a rather unusual option for women who like to experiment during the caresses of the cherished point. For such sex, you need to sit on a stable chair and spread your legs wide apart. Then place your hand or toy between them. Thanks to this position, you can maximally influence all sensitive areas of the genital organs (for this, it is enough just to make sliding movements).
  • On the pillow ... This method will simultaneously affect all genitals and the vaginal area. One has only to sit on top of the pillow so that the labia and clitoris touch the surface. After that, you need to start sliding back and forth, gradually increasing the intensity of movement. If a clitoral orgasm is not enough, the other hand can work with a vibrator.

The advantage of this method is the irritation of all sensitive areas (this increases sexual arousal several times). The disadvantages are attributed to: the possibility of irritating delicate skin with inaccurate or too strong exposure, so the fabric at the pillow should be as soft as possible.

  • Standard shower position ... If a woman prefers water procedures, you should definitely try to engage in an intimate process in the shower. To do this, you need to lean against the wall and slightly spread your legs. Then it remains only to direct the stream to the clitoris area (for convenience, you can do this while sitting).

This method is good for achieving a quick orgasm, thanks to the powerful pressure, you will not need to spend a lot of time irritating sensitive areas. The water slide allows other parts of the body to be stimulated, and the closed bathroom door will allow even the most shy people who do not live alone at home to relax.

  • Missionary and easiest option ... It is one of the most used ways to have fun in your own bed. It is enough to lie on your back and slightly spread your legs, after which you can begin to influence the erogenous zones with your hands or a vibrator.

Simplicity and accessibility to every woman, as well as the ability to engage in such an interesting intimate affair under a blanket (the best option if you do not live alone) and the ability to simultaneously affect several erogenous zones - all this is a huge advantage.

However, in this position, there is not enough impact on the ji point.

Change location

The environment is also essential for achieving orgasm. It is worth knowing exactly what can really turn you on. Maybe music? Or a certain shade of lighting? Don't be afraid to experiment. You don't have to only have sex on your bed. You can use a bath or shower for this, even sitting on a regular chair, you can bring yourself to indescribable pleasure.

Relaxation and relaxation

Relaxation is the key to success. The female sex is structured differently than the male, which reaches orgasm much faster. In order to achieve a fabulous orgasm, you need to understand what is relaxing for you. Perhaps it will be vanilla-scented candles, a hot bath, a glass of wine, or something else. It is necessary to find something that will help to "turn off" the subconscious and will allow one to surrender to pleasures completely and completely.

The main mistakes when stimulating the clitoris

Most women make a lot of mistakes with such a simple process as stimulating the clitoris. And in particular, many mistakes are made by inexperienced and young ladies, who may not have yet at all learned the delights of an intimate life. For an illustrative example, we present to your attention 4 main mistakes made when masturbating an intimate point:

  1. Excessive rudeness. In a state of approaching ecstasy, girls often forget about the force of pressing a finger on a sensitive clitoris. This neglect of force can lead to injury and pain.
  2. Not getting things done . Many ladies at the moment of reaching orgasm there is a feeling of fear that she is about to be described, often women who have not experienced "squirt", which is similar in its characteristics to this feeling, are afraid of this.
  3. Neglecting grease (s) If there is not enough natural lubrication on the intimate place, this will be comparable to rubbing with sandpaper, since the skin on the hands is much rougher than the skin of the clitoris. The easiest and most familiar way is saliva, but not everyone can do this aesthetically, so do not be afraid to use lubricants, oils and lubricants.
  4. Neglecting hand hygiene or sex toys.

There are over eight thousand nerve endings in the clitoris, which makes it so sensitive. Therefore, you must be as careful as possible so as not to cause discomfort. To begin with, you should put your hands in order - cut your nails. With claws like a wolverine, you can catch on extremely delicate skin and cause pain. It is also worth warming up your hands before you put them in your panties. This, at first glance, elementary rule is neglected by many.


Making a conclusion, it should be noted that this "occupation" is quite natural, providing a certain benefit for the whole organism. You need to listen to your body, take care of yourself. Besides, it doesn't matter at all how to masturbate the clitoris. However, do not forget that masturbation is just a temporary substitute for real intimacy with a man.

No One Will Tell You: 15 Ways To Female Masturbation

There are a large number of options and methods for female masturbation, in this article, together with a magazine about sex, we will consider the most popular of them.

Female masturbation is adaptive and maladaptive.

"Adaptive" - ​​methods of stimulation of the clitoris or the entrance to the vagina, which can be reproduced in a pair relationship by the woman herself or her partner. For example, stroking the clitoris, rotating movements, kneading, felting, light depression (rhythmic pressing), etc.

“Disadaptive” - stretching the clitoris, exposure to a stream of water, compression of certain internal muscles, tension of the abdominal press with intertwined legs, friction on the surface of an object (on the back of a chair, the edge of a table), the use of objects and even pets (kitten, guinea pig, etc.). and the introduction of objects into the urethra.

Almost 94% of women during masturbation stimulate the clitoris, but during intercourse they do not get sensations from this area. The only problem is that the location of the clitoris and the male pubis do not coincide, so the man's movements do not lead to pressing on the clitoris. The woman has a feeling of "emptiness" below, the fear that masturbation has "damaged" something.

Masturbation water-pressure

“Water-pressure masturbation” - One of the most common types. A properly installed shower is required for its implementation. That is, it should not be static, as in the American standard, but removable. And preferably with a removable spray. At the same time, the power of the pressure of hot water is of great importance - the quality and duration of orgasm depends on it. The great thing about water masturbation is that it can be done when you're not alone in the house.

Hygienic masturbation

"Hygienic masturbation" - It is also associated with water procedures, but only therapeutic. To do this, the largest possible syringe is filled with a weak solution of chamomile or just boiled water. Everything is done in the same way as regular douching. The only difference is that now this process is becoming more meaningful, and its speed depends on the personal temperament of the douchette. It is important not to overdo it here - the procedure requires accuracy.

Vibration masturbation

“Masturbation with vibration” - It can involve: phalluses from a sex shop, a toothbrush, vibrating massagers and, oddly enough, a speaker from a stereo system with a good woofer. In the first three cases, everything is clear: I pressed the button - and off we go. With a column, of course, it is more difficult. First, the speaker needs to be positioned so that the sound hits exactly the places that are most sensitive to vibration. For this, it is better to saddle the column. Secondly, you need to select high-quality recordings. They should be dynamic, with strong drums and a steady rhythm. The sound is turned on at the maximum.

Ways - Masturbation Organic

"Organic masturbation" - This refers to masturbation with organics: cucumbers, carrots, bananas. Experienced people say that it is better to use a condom at the same time - to protect against bacteria.

Perfume masturbation

“Perfume masturbation” - In this context, roll-on deodorants acquire another valuable property. Not only do they not deplete the ozone layer, but they can still be used for known purposes. For penitration, streamlined bottles are good (naturally, you need to put on a condom so that you don't lose or spill anything along the way), and for external use, the shape does not matter. The main thing is that the ball is in place, and the deodorant itself is already over - lubricants of this kind can be harmful.

Toy masturbation

“Toy masturbation” - In the sense with toys. Domestic plastic hares, dogs and donkeys are especially popular in this species. Toys with pimples give an especially thrill. It is good if this animal has very elongated ears, tail, or it itself is small and streamlined. Inflatable Disney characters are also popular: Dalmatians, ducklings. Non-children's toys, that is, all kinds of dildos from sex shops, are also popular, but less so.

Masturbation exotic

"Masturbation exotic" - Those who adore exotic and think in an original way are inclined to it. This species is not massive. Non-standard items are used, for example, phallic lamps, with snakes, insects, and so on.

Hips (Or "masturbation in public")

Hips - Some women can achieve sexual arousal and even orgasm by simply contracting their thighs (rubbing them together), thus stimulating the clitoris. Sometimes they do it in public. If you see a woman's legs are crossed, she flexes hard and squeezes her hips with tension, she is probably experiencing much more pleasant sensations than you might think (especially if she jiggles her leg to hide the movement of her hips, unusually fast and deeply) breathes, pressing a magazine or bag to the lower abdomen, becomes covered with a blush).

Long public transport trip? Sedentary work at the table? No problems. Some tips to get you started. If you masturbate at home, make it a rule to squeeze your thighs together as you orgasm. After this becomes second nature, squeeze your hips at the moment when you can no longer stop on the path to orgasm (but have not yet reached it), take your hands away, leave your hips to bring you to the climax. Sometimes it won't work, but the result is worth it. Gradually, with the help of fantasies and pleasant associations, you will be able to get by only with your hips at an increasingly early stage in the act of masturbation.


“Reveal” - This technique is a bit specific: for some it works, for others it doesn't.

Hold the lips of the pussy with your left hand so that the clitoris is, as it were, pushed out. With the index finger of the right hand, more precisely, with its tip, we begin to play with the clitoris. As a rule, it all ends with a delightful orgasm.

Two more ways

• Sit down and use your index finger to make quick movements directly over the clitoris, accelerating more and more. When you feel that an orgasm is about to come, stop. Wait a few seconds and again, but more slowly. This can be repeated many times as long as there is enough exposure. After that, the orgasm is just excellent.

• Standing. Take an oval-shaped plastic jar (usually containing shower gel or cream or shampoo). Start driving the bottle between your legs, then faster and more often and making more and more powerful jerks. It should pass through the clitoris and near the vagina, caressing them. Orgasms can be prolonged in the same way as in the first case. You can force yourself to have the next orgasm right after that. You can sit down or bend over to enhance the sensation.


“Combination” - Start playing with the clitoris with the fingers of one hand. Probably, it will seem to you that it will not be enough. Connect the other hand in action - place two or three fingers inside the vagina, continuing to "push" your ball of love.

It seems that you are making love with a friend (or girlfriend), and as a result, "double" stimulation will lead to a very high quality orgasm.


"Palms" - Fold two palms. Place it between your legs. Whichever is better, closer to the clitoris or closer to the entrance to the vagina. Why two palms and not one? So that there is no temptation to additionally stimulate something for yourself (for example, papillae).

The method is so good that it is two palms that prolong the onset of orgasm, and at the same time you do not burn out.


“Stranger” - Sit in the palm of your dominant hand and sit still for 10-20 minutes. When your hand is numb, start masturbating. There will be a feeling that your clitoris is being caressed by a completely alien hand!

Like a man

"Like a man" - Insert your index finger into the vagina, slightly below the head of the clitoris (about one centimeter), and the large pad - slightly above the head, without touching it. Start the movement with your index finger - do not slide, but move it upward along with the skin, at the end stop and slightly “grab” the clitoris together with your thumb. Move back (down) without pressing. That is, the flow of blood is stimulated in this way, even the lack of desire - it soon passes, when the clitoris is tense, it can be stimulated like a male small segment, while using the released lubricant! The main thing is to do pressure under the clitoris only when moving up! You don't need to touch the head itself. Those. as if "squeezing", and in fact the pumping of blood into the clitoris.


"Rotikom" - An exclusive way - but very high quality! In addition, the incomparable visual effect of your pussy leads to an orgasm of the highest standard. Just don't break the backs. Patience is needed. This flexibility can be achieved in a couple of months of training, i.e. it is not necessary to go to gymnastics.

Lie on your back and throw your legs back (remember not to do this too abruptly or without warm-up). Do not try to stimulate the clitoris with your mouth after the first warm-up. Have low back pain for about a week. Warm up better and have cascading orgasms.


“Friction” - Place two fingers of either hand on the clitoris. Move them in a circle along its top. In the process of masturbation, you can change the pressure and speed. You can have an orgasm in just a minute. If necessary, fingers can be lubricated with oil or cream.


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