Rubdown with vinegar at temperature: preparation and use of the solution

Wiping by vinegar at temperatures

Many people familiarize the situation when high temperature rises during the disease, and the adopted drugs do not cope or they are not at hand. What are the first aid methods for such a situation available in each family? Learn how to properly use vinegar to quickly facilitate the patient's condition.

How to bring down the temperature of vinegar

Regardless of endless disputes, it really helps wiping with vinegar, the effect of such a people's method exists and is widely used. Due to what is there a decrease in temperature? The acetic solution has volatile acids, and therefore, falling on the skin, it begins to instantly evaporate, taking warm with him. Wiping with vinegar at temperatures below 38.5 degrees is not appropriate. The body must independently struggle with viruses and bacteria.

Vinegar at temperature

Internal organs, directing their energy to resist "dangerous guests", increase the temperature. The Critical is the one that is approaching the mark of 39. From her, it will not get anything other than harm. The rubbing of vinegar at a temperature will help quickly cool the surface of the skin and improve well-being. In order for the effect of wiping to manifested itself in a short time, the room where the patient is located is to constantly venture to access fresh cool air. Leave on a person a minimum of clothes so as not to overheat the body.

How to make acetic solution from temperature for children

For children, wiping with vinegar at elevated temperatures is considered the most reliable, rapid tool to reset it to optimal indicators. In order not to get a burn on a delicate children's skin, it is necessary to strictly observe the proportions in the preparation of the solution. For a child, it is better to use apple, rice, wine vinegar of natural origin. You can use the usual table 9% or 6%. A tablespoon of vinegar is added half a liter of warm water, the composition is thoroughly mixed and immediately applied.

How to breed vinegar for wiping at temperatures in adults

During the treatment of an adult, a stronger solution is used. In a slightly heated water (this is an important condition to avoid a sharp narrowing of vessels), 2-3 tablespoons of vinegar are added to the floor-liter container. To strengthen the effect, you can add 15-20 ml of alcohol or vodka. There is no strong concentration to create, the patient's condition can only worsen.

How to dilute apple cider vinegar for rubdowns

How to wipe the child with a cider camp at temperatures

Before rubing a child with cider vinegar at temperatures above 38 degrees, it is necessary to remove all the clothes from it. A soft tissue napkin or cotton swab moistened in a warm acetic solution, comfortable for perception, start wiping. It is advisable to observe the sequence of body sections. When a child is completely small, up to three years, the procedure is limited to the tables, moistened in acetic solution. Watch for bed linen and clothes dry, often change them.

  • Wiping with vinegar at a temperature of the child start with palms and stop.
  • Next, avoiding efforts, wipe your hands and legs, paying particular attention to the bends of knees, elbows and armpits, where the blood artery is very close. When wetting with acetic solution of these places, the effect comes faster.
  • Finish rubbing, spending a damp cloth on the back of the baby, neck.
  • It is not necessary to wear clothes on the child, cover it with a light cotton sheet, which will pass the air well.
How to bring down the temperature of a child

Wiping an adult vinegar at temperatures

An adult man shoot down a high temperature easier than a child. Less risk to get a negative reaction to wiping with acetic water, as a person can adequately talk about his feelings and well-being. It is important that the antipyretic solution be prepared on the basis of warm water. The sharp difference in temperature indicators may entail the narrowing of the vessels, which is especially dangerous for hypertensive or cause muscle cramps. When wiping an adult, it is desirable to make his body from clothes as much as possible and do without it for a while.

  • Initially, moistened with a solution with a cloth with a massacre, elbow and populated bends.
  • It will be good if you completely slightly moisten the body with acetic water, not forgetting about the back, chest.
  • If necessary, repeat the procedure no earlier than an hour.
  • It is impossible to make efforts and make rubbing, movements should be light.
  • If the temperature is in no hurry to descend, lower it, putting a wet cloth with a solution of water, vinegar and vodka on the sick forehead, including the temporal part. Periodically moisturize the napkin.
How to bring down the temperature of an adult

When contraindicated vinegar solution for temperature removal

Any folk home methods can not mindlessly apply in practice. In some cases it can harm, sometimes irreparable. Consultation with the doctor is obligatory, especially if the question concerns the health of the child. For such an elementary first aid procedure, as a wiping by a home method at high temperature, there are exceptions and contraindications. Do not ignore them so as not to aggravate the patient's condition. Before starting wiping the antipyretic solution, we will deal with what cases it is not worth doing. These are these situations:

  • The patient began muscle pain, convulsions, vomiting;
  • Skin cover is much paler than usual, and the limbs became cold, which speaks about the vessels of the vessels;
  • the presence on the surface of the skin of any damage, the wound;
  • Individual allergic reaction, vinegar intolerance;
  • The age of the child has not reached three years;
  • The diluted liquid is incorrectly prepared, the concentration exceeds the permissible rate, which may result in the body poisoning.

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titleAre watched at temperatures? - Dr. Komarovsky

Attention! The information presented in the article is familiarized. Article materials do not call for independent treatment. Only a qualified doctor may diagnose and give recommendations on treatment, based on the individual characteristics of a particular patient.

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The heat and elevated temperatures are the phenomena of colds and viral diseases that each person faces. When dealing with such symptoms, many people prefer the use of folk remedies. In this article, learn about the rubbing by vinegar at a temperature in an adult, the effectiveness of such a method and rules for conducting the procedure.

Effects of vinegar on fever

Vinegar is an effective remedy for combating fever

Effects of vinegar on high temperatures

Vinegar is classified as a volatile substance. He, in contact with a hot body, evaporates. At the same time, energy is spent on gas formation (in other words, heat). This lowers the body temperature.

Author's note

Vanin Timofey

The temperature only drops outside. It remains high inside the body.

Vinegar is used as a quick but short-lived remedy for fever. This is because it does not act on the source of the problem, and the indicator on the thermometer again takes on high values. Find out, .

Effectiveness for colds

Colds are accompanied by high temperatures, which bring anxiety to patients. Vinegar is actively used during this period. It not only reduces fever in a short period of time, but also improves the condition of the body.

High fever for colds

Colds cause high fever

Benefits of the procedure

Vinegar has a number of positive aspects compared to other methods of dealing with fever. The benefits of this procedure include:

  • Natural origin of the product. Allergies and food intolerances are rare. However, this does not apply to synthetic vinegar, which is not used to combat temperature.
  • In the shortest possible time, knocks down the indicator on the thermometer to the optimal value. Works after 5 minutes of rubbing.
  • Used in conjunction with other methods (eg, antipyretic).
  • It is effective even if the medications fail to cope with the fever.
  • The use of vinegar does not affect the clinical picture of the patient. This is true when a patient is waiting for a consultation with a doctor.

Have you tried to bring down the temperature by rubbing with vinegar?

Yes Not

Find out, .

Why not

Rubbing with vinegar at a temperature is a controversial issue among doctors. Some believe that the procedure is safe and effective. Others are convinced that this method is harmful. Answering the question why acetic acid cannot be used, the facts are given:

  • Vinegar is a substance of toxic origin. In case of overdose and high concentration in the body, it causes poisoning and subsequent negative symptoms.
  • Reduces the outside temperature. Inside, it remains the same, and the result is a "contrast" of temperatures. This becomes the cause of vasospasm, leads to seizures and other undesirable consequences.

Look at the instructions,.

Learn more about other negative effects of vinegar:


Like other medicines, vinegar has contraindications, in the presence of which the use is prohibited. These include:

  1. Scratches, abrasions, cuts and other mechanical damage to the surface of the body, as well as the presence of dermatological diseases. When used in such situations, vinegar causes discomfort, and also provokes the development of pathogenic viruses and bacteria in the damaged area.
  2. It is not used in the presence of serious neurological diseases.
  3. If the patient has pallor of the skin, as well as cold extremities of the hands and feet, then the use of vinegar is also contraindicated. Because in most cases this will lead to vasospasm.
  4. When a high fever is accompanied by vomiting (or gagging), nausea, and muscle pain.
  5. For allergies to vinegar or food intolerances.
  6. When breastfeeding. In this case, the use of a vinegar solution is not prohibited. However, refrain and use another method.

Is it possible to rub a pregnant woman

Rubbing with vinegar at a temperature during pregnancy is a way to effectively combat an increase in the indicator on a thermometer. Although vinegar is considered toxic, its effects do not affect the fetus as much as antibiotics or other medications.

However, make sure the fever is caused by a cold or viral illness before use. Indeed, in the early stages of pregnancy, an increase in temperature is a norm that should not be feared. Therefore, consult your doctor prior to the procedure.

Vinegar during pregnancy

The doctor will choose the right method to deal with high fever during pregnancy

How to properly dilute for an adult with water

The rules for diluting vinegar for grinding are simple. It is bred with water. In some cases, water is replaced with decoctions of herbs.

Author's note

Vanin Timofey

Respect the proportions when cooking. An increase in the content of acetic acid will not affect the result; on the contrary, it will only cause burns.

9 percent

To obtain a solution suitable for grinding, dilute 2 tbsp. l in 500 ml of water. Please note that the water is taken warm (not cold, and not hot). Then the patient will not experience discomfort when rubbing.


In 70% vinegar, the acid content is high. Therefore, so that after use does not appear burns, it is diluted in a larger volume of water. So already for 500 ml of liquid, 1 teaspoon of vinegar is required.

Author's note

Vanin Timofey

Do not reuse the solution. A fresh batch is diluted for each grinding.

How to make an apple cider vinegar solution

Vinegar of apple origin, when fighting an increase in the indicator on a thermometer, shows less results than table vinegar. However, it has a gentle effect on the human body. To prepare the solution, dilute 3-4 tbsp in 500 ml of water. l apple cider vinegar.

How to rub

In order for the use of vinegar to lead to a result, an adult needs to rub with vinegar at a temperature following the rules.

  1. The movements are light, effortless. And the fabric is soft so as not to injure the patient's skin.
  2. Before starting the procedure, free the patient from clothes, give him plenty of drink.
  3. Do not wrap the person after rubbing. Cover it with a cotton sheet.

About the rules for lowering the temperature without drugs:

What parts of the body to rub

There is no need to rub the whole body. Therefore, the procedure is done pointwise. The order of the sequence of rubbing off body parts is observed.

Rubbing at an elevated temperature?

Yes Not

Start with your palms and feet. Then they move on to the places where large vessels and lymph nodes are concentrated: armpits, neck, popliteal fossa. Then the legs and arms are rubbed (completely). Finally, attention is drawn to the back and chest.

How many times a day to rub

The procedure is repeated until the indicator on the thermometer drops to the desired value. However, keep in mind that an hour gap should be maintained between one and the other.

Therefore, the vinegar rub is not limited in quantity. But if the temperature rises over and over again, see your doctor.

How to lower the temperature with vinegar

A prolonged fever is a serious sign of anxiety.

Adding vodka to the product

Vodka is also added to the vinegar solution. Such an alcohol-containing product copes with the tasks in the fight against high temperatures. Find out, .


The pluses of the action of vodka include:

  • Accelerates the positive dynamics of the result when used.
  • The effect lingers for a long period of time.
  • It is easy to prepare the solution at home.

The action of vodka

Vodka, like vinegar, is volatile. Therefore, when rubbed, it also evaporates and cools the body, thereby lowering the temperature.


The solution is diluted in the proportion: 1: 1 vinegar and vodka to 3 parts of water.

How to rub

Rubbing with a solution with the addition of vodka follows the same principles and rules as with ordinary vinegar with water.

When to carry out the procedure to lower the temperature

In order for a decrease in the indicator on the thermometer with a vinegar solution to give a result, take into account the temperature at which rubbing begins.

Do I need to rub the body at 38

At a temperature of 38, the body still has to fight the source of such a problem on its own. Therefore, rubbing in such a period of time is not recommended. The optimal indicator for using vinegar is 38.5 degrees. Find out how to do it right.

How to rub the body at 39

At 39, the body must be rubbed, following all the rules and sequence in which the limbs must be processed. The procedure should be repeated until the indicator reaches the optimal value.

How to grind at 40

40 degrees is a cause for concern. If such an indicator is found, it is necessary to call a doctor. Before his arrival, you should constantly wipe the body (as soon as the previous layer dries and evaporates). To enhance the effect, you can put a cloth soaked in vinegar on your forehead for a few minutes.

Frequently asked Questions

Dear readers, we have collected answers to the most frequent questions that you send us. Read the answers below!

Is it possible to rub with vodka at a temperature?

Yes, this method is also used to combat heat. Alcoholic substances begin to evaporate quickly on contact with hot skin. The result of such a reaction is a decrease in the indicator on the thermometer. However, you should not carry out the procedure too often: if the temperature continues to gain momentum or immediately rises even after the treatment process, consult a doctor.

Is it possible to rub with vodka for a cold?

Yes, rubbing is effective in this case. Moreover, it not only helps to bring down fever in the shortest possible time, but improves the general condition of the body.

Can pregnant women rub themselves with vodka at a temperature?

Can. The concentration of ethanol in such an amount is safe for both the fetus and the mother. Use is prohibited only if there is an allergy or individual intolerance to the product. Before use, you should make sure that the increase in the indicator on the thermometer is caused precisely by a cold or viral infection. So before the procedure, it is recommended to visit a doctor for a consultation.

Photo gallery about vinegar from high temperature

On a note

  1. Vinegar quickly lowers heat and fever, but the effect after it lasts for a short period of time.
  2. Observe the proportions when diluting acetic acid so as not to harm the patient's body during the procedure.
  3. Read the list of contraindications before use.

Have you tried using vinegar as a heat treatment? Then share the result in the comments with other users, and share the article with friends and family.

Testimonials from those who have tried vinegar from the heat


34 years

Yes, vinegar is really good, but it doesn't last long. I use it only at very high temperatures, when I can’t stand it anymore, and antipyretic drugs do not help. This usually saves me when I’m waiting for the doctor. So in my arsenal of folk remedies it is always there.


41 years

Previously, only diluted vinegar with water. And now I tried it with vodka. To be honest, it seemed to me that there was not much difference. Yes, it acts a little faster, but the result is the same: the temperature knocks down to the desired value, but it does not hold on to such indicators for long. Either way, vinegar is a good thing. It is only necessary to use it wisely.


27 years

I am skeptical about folk remedies in medicine. But I admit the vinegar. There is no dispute here: the result speaks for itself. I do rubbing during illness for my whole family. Only now I did not know that it turns out that it is not recommended to shoot down to 38.5 degrees. Usually after 38 I start to actively rub. Now I know. Helpful information!


Vinegar for health Take off the temperature with vinegar for an adult


Vinegar for health How to bring down a child's temperature with vinegar

The author of the article

A folk remedy is not always good. Better to play it safe and see a doctor.

Hello dear readers. Today's topic will be about health. Cold weather set in and you involuntarily notice people catching cold on the streets of the city. A cold is a rather unpleasant disease, especially if colds are accompanied by a high fever. When the thermometer strip moves up, this certainly indicates a high temperature. A feeling of lethargy, weakness, fatigue, accompanies an increase in body temperature. At such moments, we involuntarily think about how to bring down the temperature, what methods or medicines we can resort to. I really want the funds to be of high quality and safe.

Today I want to talk about how to bring down the temperature with vinegar at home. There is a lot of controversy over the use of vinegar in lowering body temperature. But after all, drugs also have both benefits and harm to the body. I do not want to have a discussion on this topic. In this way, I have brought down the temperature of children more than once, and always successfully. If you do not accept this method of lowering the temperature, then look for other means.

I want to tell you how I used vinegar at a temperature, and vinegar can be used for both a child and an adult. The use of vinegar has always been very successful in lowering the temperature.

Do not use vinegar internally! To lower the temperature, vinegar is used externally! Vinegar is used to wipe down the body and as compresses on the forehead.

Vinegar on the temperature. Proportions

If you have decided to lower the temperature with vinegar, then you need to know the proportions, which is quite natural. It is impossible to use vinegar in its pure form, this is an important rule.

Vinegar must be diluted with water. If you are preparing a solution from the temperature for a child, it is better to use boiled water, but in no case hot. Most often, warm water or water at room temperature is used.

There are 9% and 6% vinegar. If you have 6% vinegar available, then dilute it 1: 2 for a child, and 1: 1 for an adult. And if you use 9% vinegar, then for a child it needs to be diluted 1: 3, but for an adult - 1: 2. You can dilute the solution in any container, as you like.

How to bring down the temperature of vinegar

Also, to wipe the body, we need to take a small piece of cotton cloth, a small towel, you can use a handkerchief, a small piece of cotton wool or a cotton pad. Use what is convenient for you.

Can apple cider vinegar be used at a temperature? At temperatures, you can use regular table vinegar, it has a pungent smell and is usually not very pleasant. The same cannot be said about apple cider vinegar. You can substitute apple cider vinegar for body wipes.

The solution for grinding must be prepared immediately before use, after lowering the temperature, the solution is poured out. Do not reuse the solution! If the temperature rises again, prepare a new solution.

How to bring down the temperature of vinegar

Doctors do not recommend knocking down temperatures below 38 degrees. If the body temperature is above 38, in this case, you need to resort to herbal or fruit teas, vinegar and medicines.

But situations are different, because an increase in body temperature can be a sign not only of a cold, but also of other diseases, so look at the condition of your child. I start giving vitamin antipyretic teas if the thermometer shows more than 37.5 degrees.

Most often, the body temperature begins to rise in the evening and rise to critical levels. It is at this time that you can try to bring down the body temperature with vinegar. The most important thing is to know how to properly bring down the temperature with vinegar.

Acetic rubdown is used along with antipyretic drugs. It is used as an additional treatment to the main one.

It is also very important to drink a lot of fluids during fever. Drink teas, herbal teas and fruit drinks. For flu and colds, you can additionally apply alternative treatments.

Wiping by vinegar at temperatures

1 Remove clothing from your child or adult. Soak a piece of cloth in a solution of water and vinegar and squeeze out excess moisture. You need to wipe the body with light sliding movements.

2 Start at the forehead, temples, and gently work the torso of the legs and arms. But on the elbows, palms, feet, under the knees, linger a little longer.

How to bring down the temperature of vinegar

3 When rubbing the body, the temperature decreases due to the evaporation of moisture from large areas of the skin. Use lightweight fabrics to cover the patient.

4 Body wiping can be done every hour. If there is no result, this is extremely rare, you can additionally drink antipyretic drugs.

5 Additionally, you can apply a piece of cloth dipped in a solution of vinegar and water on the forehead. The fabric must be wet and wrung out. This compress should be applied precisely on the forehead. After the fabric becomes warm, you need to soak it again in a solution of water and vinegar and wring it out. Do this until your body temperature drops.

6 Give a child or adult some warm tea to increase sweating.

How long does it take for the temperature to drop after using vinegar?  All in different ways. After 30-50 minutes, you will notice how the temperature began to drop. If it doesn't, take your medicine or call your doctor.

Measure your body temperature every 20-30 minutes. When the temperature has dropped, continue treating the underlying condition.

After the body temperature has reached a normal level and the patient feels well, it is necessary to take a warm shower in order to wash off the vinegar from the skin.

Contraindications to rubbing with vinegar

When rubbing with vinegar, do not rub the body so as not to cause irritation. The movement should be light and glide.

Do not increase the proportion of vinegar in the hope that the temperature will drop faster.

If the skin of the body is pale and has chills, and hands and feet are cold, vinegar rubdown should not be performed. In such cases, you can try other methods of lowering the temperature.

How to bring down the temperature of vinegar

It is also important not to touch areas of the body with wounds, scratches, redness. Do not use vinegar for certain skin conditions.

What to do when the temperature is high?

At high temperatures, especially in young children, it is necessary not to think about how to bring down the temperature with vinegar, but to call a doctor or an ambulance, it is better not to self-medicate. What should parents do? It is very important to calm the child down, water, moisturize and ventilate the room.

For children, suppositories or syrups can be used as antipyretics. Medicinal herbs will not be superfluous. Boil the chamomile using one spoonful per cup of boiling water. The infusion should be drunk in small sips in a warm form.

Tea made from viburnum, raspberries, cranberries, black currants, even simple tea with lemon, rosehip broth is also suitable. You can eat a few slices of orange or grapefruit, these fruits contain a large amount of vitamin C, which will help the body fight the disease.

Now there are already more effective medicines that bring down the temperature very quickly. But knocking down with vinegar is the method of our grandmothers, which is a thing of the past. But still, we periodically resort to simple and effective grandmother's methods to lower the temperature.

A technique for lowering the temperature with vinegar.

Vinegar is a familiar product that is in the arsenal of every housewife. It can help you get rid of stains on clothes, remove the smell of cat feces and bring down the temperature. It's also a great salad dressing. In this article, we'll show you how to use vinegar to lower your fever.

Why does vinegar lower the temperature?

The substance itself is not antipyretic. But when using a vinegar solution, it evaporates very quickly from the skin. Due to this, the temperature drops sharply. True, you should not overdo it with the amount of acid, otherwise, along with a decrease in temperature, you will get poisoning with acid vapors, nausea and vomiting.

Why does vinegar lower the temperature?
Why does vinegar lower the temperature?

What vinegar to bring down high fever in children and adults?

In very young children, it is not recommended to bring down the temperature with table vinegar. It is best to use an apple product for this purpose. It does not have such a pungent odor and will not cause vapor poisoning. For adults, you can use a table product. You can use balsamic vinegar.

What vinegar to bring down high fever in children and adults?
What vinegar to bring down high fever in children and adults?

Vinegar from temperature: how to breed a child - proportions of water and vinegar

So that there is only benefit from the process, it is worth preparing a solution in the correct ratio.


  • If you have a 9% product, then for the crumbs you need to dilute it in a 1: 3 ratio
  • If this is a 6% solution, then for children you need to dilute in a 1: 2 ratio
Vinegar from temperature: how to breed a child - proportions of water and vinegar
Vinegar from temperature: how to breed a child - proportions of water and vinegar

How to rub a child with vinegar at a high temperature, what compresses and lotions should be put?

If the temperature is at 38-39 ° C, then it can be brought down with the help of vinegar compresses. To do this, it is worth preparing a solution, in the ratio as indicated above. After that, immerse a cloth in the solution and place it on the baby's forehead. Also, similar lotions are placed on the baby's calves. After about 10 minutes, you need to wet the cloth again and apply it to the baby's forehead and calves.

How to rub a child with vinegar at a high temperature, what compresses and lotions should be put?
How to rub a child with vinegar at a high temperature, what compresses and lotions should be put?

Vinegar on temperature: how to breed an adult - proportions of water and vinegar


  • If you have a 9% product, then for an adult you need to dilute it in a 1: 2 ratio
  • If this is a 6% solution, then for an adult you need to dilute it in a 1: 1 ratio
Vinegar on temperature: how to breed an adult - proportions of water and vinegar
Vinegar on temperature: how to breed an adult - proportions of water and vinegar

How to rub an adult with vinegar at a high temperature, what compresses and lotions should be put?

It is necessary to prepare a solution in such proportions as indicated above. After that, moisten the gauze and apply it to your forehead, calves, and wrists. Then wet the cloth again and repeat the process. In addition to compresses, rubdowns can be done. To do this, moisten a towel in the solution and wipe the forehead, calves and wrists. After that, the skin is allowed to dry and the process is repeated.

How to rub an adult with vinegar at a high temperature, what compresses and lotions should be put?
How to rub an adult with vinegar at a high temperature, what compresses and lotions should be put?

Apple cider vinegar from temperature in children and adults: breeding recipes and grinding technique

Apple cider vinegar is often used instead of regular table vinegar. It does not have such an unpleasant odor, so it can be used to reduce fever in babies.

Instructions for the child:

  • In 500 ml of water at room temperature, 20 ml of apple cider vinegar is diluted
  • You need to moisten a cotton swab in it and squeeze a little to remove excess liquid, and you can start rubbing the patient
  • Rub the forehead, ears, temples and neck alternately. After the torso, arms and legs
  • Wipe your armpits and feet thoroughly. The patient's clothing must be dry.

You can use socks to lower the temperature. To do this, thin socks are moistened in the solution and put on the crumb. After that, woolen socks are put on over the vinegar socks. Such a compress is left for a quarter of an hour.

Apple cider vinegar from temperature in children and adults: breeding recipes and grinding technique
Apple cider vinegar from temperature in children and adults: breeding recipes and grinding technique

Vinegar on temperature: Komarovsky's recommendations

Dr. Komarovsky has a bad attitude to rubbing with vinegar and alcohol solutions. He recommends not rubbing the baby at all, but lowering the temperature in the room. During temperatures above 38 ° C. The doctor believes that rubbing can worsen the condition of the child and poison him.

VIDEO: Rubdown with vinegar, Komarovsky

Is it possible to bring down the temperature with vinegar during pregnancy?

Many doctors treat such procedures poorly. Indeed, in the process of wiping down, a woman will inhale vapors and can be poisoned. However, in some cases, you can use apple cider vinegar rubdowns. It is done in a 1: 1 ratio. The towel is moistened with the solution and wiped on the forehead, calves and wrists.

Is it possible to bring down the temperature with vinegar during pregnancy?
Is it possible to bring down the temperature with vinegar during pregnancy?

When, in what cases it is impossible to bring down the temperature with vinegar?

There are conditions in which you should not perform rubdowns:

  • Skin irritation and wounds
  • Bronchial asthma
  • Allergic reactions
  • Low blood pressure
  • Cold extremities and cramps in a child
  • Age up to 3 years
When, in what cases it is impossible to bring down the temperature with vinegar?
When, in what cases it is impossible to bring down the temperature with vinegar?

Rubbing with vinegar is an effective way to reduce fever in adults and children. This is a great way to get rid of fever without medication.

VIDEO: Rubbing with vinegar

Rubdown with vinegar at temperature: preparation and use of the solution

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