When can you start walking with a newborn after a maternity hospital in winter and how to dress a child?

Most often, young parents are interested in when to start walking with a newborn. The first walk with a newborn is an exciting event, and inexperienced parents are often lost, not knowing when to start going out, how long to walk with the newborn and how to dress the child. How the first walk of the newborn will take place depends on the weather conditions and the season. Let's take a look at how to properly walk with a newborn in winter.

Features of the infant organism

In order to remember the rules for walking with a newborn in winter, you need to know some of the features of the child's body.

  1. The mechanisms that regulate body temperature are poorly developed in a newborn, so there is a risk of hypothermia or overheating.
  2. Metabolism in a newborn is accompanied by the release of a significant amount of heat. And the baby needs to get rid of it somehow. He can do this in two ways: either through the skin (sweating), or through the lungs (in the process of breathing). The child's sweat glands are not yet well developed, so his body has adapted to lose heat during breathing. For this, it is necessary that the temperature of the air that he breathes is significantly lower than the temperature of his body. The optimum temperature is considered to be 18-19 degrees.
  3. If you touch the baby's skin, it is elastic and velvety. The skin consists of a thin layer of horny cells, its thickness is five times less compared to the skin of an adult, so the skin is easily injured. Because of this, babies freeze or overheat much faster.

How much clothes does a baby need?

First, let's figure out how to dress a newborn at home.

walks with a newborn in winter

At home, while he is young, wear the same number of layers of clothing as you wear yourself. When it grows up and becomes more mobile, one layer less. All babies are unique and they are all very different in character. Nimble and active babies are constantly on the move, they sweat quickly, and they need less clothes. Calmer children, on the contrary, may freeze when it seems to you that they are comfortable enough at home.

You already know that babies lose heat easily and start sweating just as quickly. The instant solution to this problem is in your hands. By communicating with your child as often as possible, you can already feel by touch that he is hot.

How to tell if your baby is cold or hot?

  • The frozen baby is actively waving his arms and legs, instinctively trying to warm them up.
  • At the same time, the baby's skin is pale, the feet and fingers are cold to the touch. In this case, cover your baby with a blanket or a warm diaper.
  • An overheated baby, on the other hand, has reddened skin, sweat may appear in some places.

Strip your baby and play while he takes a healthy air bath.

How to dress outside?

When going for a walk with your baby, dress him according to the plus one rule. That is, you put on the child the same amount of clothes as on yourself, and add another layer. For example, mom put on a T-shirt and jumper, jeans and a coat on top. The child should wear a cotton bodysuit and slides, a thin overalls, a warm overalls (velor) and a winter envelope on top.

how to dress a newborn for a walk in winter

Put on a thin natural fabric (cotton, linen) hat on your head, and a warm hat on top that tightly covers your ears.

Be sure to put gloves on the handles of your baby. When the wind is outside, cover the baby with a blanket or blanket.

Always take an extra set of clothing with you (the one that is close to the body) so that you can change your baby if necessary.

As your toddler gets older and more active, the plus-one rule will no longer work. Moving children do not freeze like newborns, and too warmly dressed sweat quickly.

When can you walk with a newborn?

  1. In winter, it is allowed to go out for a walk, starting from the 14th day of the child's life or two weeks after birth. Previously, you can go for a walk when the temperature outside the window is above freezing.
  2. Walking with a child is recommended when the temperature drops at least minus 15 degrees Celsius.
  3. It is better to go out for a walk with the baby in between feedings, about half an hour after eating. A well-fed baby will be calmer, moreover, after eating, the body always warms up.
  4. It is better to walk with the child in the winter in the morning, when it is still light outside. By the evening, as a rule, the temperature drops and it becomes much cooler.

first walks with a newborn in winter

When should you not walk with a newborn in winter?

  1. On the first day after discharge. Give your child time to get used to the new conditions in his life.
  2. When the temperature outside the window drops below 15 degrees. The risk of hypothermia increases.
  3. In severe frost and harsh, cold wind. Going outside at such a time, you risk freezing your baby's cheeks and nose.
  4. If your child is sick or has a fever. During illness, children sweat a lot and more often, so there is a danger of hypothermia. This can worsen the condition of an already ill child. You can resume walking as soon as your baby is well.

how to properly dress a newborn for a walk in winter

How long to walk with a newborn in winter?

  1. You should start walking with your child in good weather and a temperature of at least 5 degrees below zero from 15 minutes. This is quite enough time for the first walk and the baby's acquaintance with the world that surrounds him.
  2. When the air temperature is minus 15 degrees, the first walk is no more than 10 minutes in time.
  3. Increase your walking time by 10 minutes daily. Do not strive to immediately increase walks for a longer time, let the baby's body adapt and get used to temperature changes.
  4. In terms of duration, a walk in winter should not take more than 1.5 hours. Neither you nor your baby can overcool, so an hour and a half walk is the best option. You can walk a little longer in freezing temperatures if you are sure that the child and you yourself will not freeze.

General rules for a winter walk

  1. Before going for a walk, see what is happening outside (is there a wind, storm or blizzard, what is the air temperature).
  2. Dress yourself first, then start dressing the child. This is done to prevent the child from sweating. A child who is sweating can freeze on the street and get sick.
  3. It is better to take clothes that come into contact with the baby's skin from natural fabrics. It can be cotton or linen. Give preference to light colors, they have fewer dyes. Choose clothing with seams on the outside to avoid chafing and skin irritation.
  4. Choose undershirts that cover the handles, or buy scratches separately. Baby's handles freeze quickly, so they must be securely closed. Do not forget to wear warm woolen mittens over the scratches.
  5. Wear more spacious clothes, they do not restrict the child and are better warmer than clothes that are close to each other.
  6. If it is below 10 degrees outside, be sure to cover the baby's face with a diaper. Put on woolen socks on the legs at this temperature.
  7. Take a pacifier with you for a walk. It should always be at your fingertips so that when the child cries, give it to him. This prevents the cold winter air from entering the child's respiratory tract. When the baby breathes through the nose, the air is warmed up.
  8. If you plan to go for a walk during the winter while your baby sleeps in the stroller, provide a warm nest for him.

how to dress a newborn in winter for a walk photo

What is the difference between walking with premature babies?

  1. If the baby was born weighing less than 3 kilograms, but full-term, they are allowed to go outside with him only if it is not colder outside minus 5 degrees.
  2. It is allowed to walk with premature babies only if the temperature outside is above zero.

first walk with a newborn in winter after discharge

This is due to the fact that in such babies the regulation of body temperature is much less developed than in full-term babies. The lower the weight of the crumbs, the higher the risk of freezing. To avoid hypothermia, give your baby time to get stronger. Do not go outside for the first three weeks after you are discharged. When your baby is strong, you can start walking by following the recommendations given for term babies.

It is imperative to walk with your child in winter, as in any other season of the year. Fresh winter air is important for the full development of the baby. Walking together hardens, cheers up and helps mom to regain shape as soon as possible. In addition, walking with a sleeping baby, the mother gets the opportunity to take a break from everyday worries and enjoy the fabulous beauty of winter nature.

How to dress a newborn in winter?

I have two winter kids. And I can say with complete confidence that the chances of chilling a baby on a walk with a modern mother are much less than, on the contrary, overheating. We sweep aside the principle of "couples of bones do not ache" right away: overheating is as dangerous for a child as hypothermia. Clothes should be warm, but not hot. I'll tell you how to dress a newborn in winter. The question will be of interest to many young mothers, because the health of the baby directly depends on the right clothes in the winter.

Walking in a sling

Let's start with the way the baby is moved. If you wear it in a slingokurt or in a sling near the body (under your outerwear), in this case, of course, it makes no sense to wrap up the baby as if it were to the North Pole. A warm fleece suit and a warm hat are enough. There is no need for a winter suit.

If the baby "goes" for a walk in a regular sling (which is worn over the mother's outerwear), here you need to warm the baby a little: a not too hot winter or demi-season overalls will do. A sling can be considered an additional layer of clothing, so you should not especially insulate the little one. Moreover, it will be difficult and inconvenient to carry a baby dressed in thick furs in a sling.

Warm stroller for a winter baby

Another issue is the stroller. Here, the baby will no longer be warmed by his mother's warmth. Therefore, everything will depend on the right clothes. But the stroller itself matters. For a winter newborn, it should be spacious enough to accommodate a bulky blanket or envelope. It is important that the stroller is not blown out. The best option for winter children is a cradle, not a transformer. In a one-piece stroller, the wind will not have a chance to get to the baby, unlike a transformer, where there are weakly insulated, ventilated places at the joints of the transforming elements. Be sure to put a warm mattress in the stroller, as there is a noticeable loss of heat through the bottom.

A set of clothes for a winter walk

Let's take the average winter temperature in our country from minus 5 to minus 15 degrees. It is not recommended to walk at lower temperatures. If there is a strong wind outside, then already at minus 10-12 you don't want to stick your nose out into the street.

So, on average in winter, this form of clothing is suitable for babies (for walking in a stroller):

  • Warm overalls with down, padding polyester or holofiber. Alternatively - a winter envelope or blanket;
  • Warm hat. For example, this: on top - jersey, inner layer - made of faux fur;
  • Thin hat (knitted cap that fits well to the baby's head, tightly covering the ears);
  • Velor or fleece jumpsuit (with "handles" and "legs"). According to my observations, the baby is not cold in it at temperatures from 0 to minus 5 °. If it's colder outside, put on a warm knitted suit: pants plus a blouse (or overalls). If you are still swaddling your baby, use a thin blanket instead of these clothes.
  • Under the bottom - a thin cotton slip or undershirt and sliders (or diaper).
  • Socks or knitted booties. If it's colder than minus five outside, under them, just in case, I put on the child one more socks, thinner. It is convenient that our jumpsuit in the area of ​​the legs is additionally insulated, so the legs of the crumbs are always warm.
  • There are scratches on the handles. In overalls for newborns, the sleeves are often covered by the handles, so there is no need for special warm mittens.
  • A scarf is needed if the design of the jumpsuit is not very successful and the baby's neck turns out to be bare if he begins to twist his head. But this is unlikely. Modern overalls and envelopes are usually thought out to the smallest detail and there is practically no need for a scarf. Unless in severe frost - if you need to hide the baby's mouth and nose.

Newborn Mommy Clothes

The "passenger" of the stroller feels good - he sits in his house, he is warm and comfortable. But the one to whom this "house" will have to roll, must be equipped in full. It is important not only to dress the baby for the weather, but also to dress correctly herself.

  • Outerwear is comfortable and warm. It all depends on personal preferences and the weather outside the window. The main thing is to be guided by common sense.
  • Keep your feet warm;
  • In the thaw - waterproof shoes;
  • Scarf and hat - required (you can remove it if necessary);
  • Warm mittens (I always have two with me: thick and thin. I can wear them together or separately, depending on the weather);
  • A handy thing is a clutch for the stroller handle. Your hands will definitely not freeze.
  • And this winter is relevant: raincoat does not take up much space. I had it in my stroller bag since autumn, for some reason I forgot to put everything out. The other day it came in handy: on the way from the park we got caught in the rain. Nobody got wet.

How to know if the baby is warm?

How to dress a newborn in winter?

Usually mothers touch the baby's nose and, finding that it is cold, rush to throw on a blanket. Upon returning home, it turns out that the baby is sweating. The fact is that the nose is not supposed to be warm: after all, it breathes cold air. Better to touch the handles of the crumbs. Better yet, look behind the collar of the jumpsuit: the neck is dry - everything is in order, the baby is not hot. If he is sweating, action must be taken. This walk will have to be finished; you do not need to walk with a sweating baby. But for the future, it should be noted that one of the layers of clothing may have been superfluous.

We monitor the weather

Our winters are changeable. Yesterday it was about zero, and today it froze. An outdoor thermometer is not a panacea. On the sunny side, he can show that it's time to move to the "demi-season", but in fact - you have to wrap yourself up even more. So winter walks with a small child are a big test for mommy. Even knowing the basic rules of how to dress a newborn in winter, you still have to run home from time to time during the first weeks of walks to change clothes. All comes with experience.

In this article, you will learn:

  • What are the benefits of walking on the body of newborns?
  • What are the general guidelines for preparing for a walk
  • How to dress a newborn for the first walk
  • How to dress a newborn for a walk at different times of the year

So an exciting and joyful moment has come - you brought your baby from the hospital. Now you are faced with a lot of tasks to establish a joint daily regimen: you need to adapt to the feeding time, prepare all the accessories for bathing the baby and not forget about the need to be in the fresh air. Despite the seemingly obvious that children need to walk, it is not always clear to parents how much to walk and from what day they are allowed to go out with a newborn. In this article, you will find answers to many questions, as well as learn how to dress a newborn for a walk at any time of the year.

What are the benefits of walking for newborns?

Many parents are well aware of the fact that walking is useful, and therefore even the smallest are carried for a long time in a stroller through the nearby squares and streets.

The daily routine of a newborn is quite simple - eat when hungry, and sleep a little longer. And on the street, the child simultaneously sleeps and breathes fresh air - there is a double benefit.

A walk for newborns is a hardening procedure, and at the same time, during these hours, under the influence of ultraviolet radiation, their bodies produce vitamin D necessary for growth.

However, parents are not always able to go outside with a stroller and, if weather or other conditions do not allow, the baby can calmly "walk" on the veranda or balcony. The effect of such a procedure will be no less, and the mother will have an hour or two for herself or for doing household chores.

How to dress a newborn for a walk

Sometimes it is enough just to thoroughly ventilate the room before bedtime, if there is no other way to take a walk.

Of course, mothers have little time to buy groceries or other things, but still you should not combine shopping or public places with a walk, because its purpose is precisely to stay in the fresh air. As a rule, in crowded places, the baby does not sleep well and becomes restless.

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When can you go for a walk with your newborn for the first time?

In the old days, it was believed that no one should see a baby for the first forty days after birth. This was to protect the newborn from the evil eye, as well as from microbial contamination.

How to dress a newborn for a walk

Modern mothers and pediatricians agree that you can start walking with your baby literally the next day after returning home. Children do not need sterile conditions, the immunity of the newborn is able to cope with external influences. In the fresh air, even the most "persistent" and restless babies can be put to sleep; being outdoors helps to strengthen the immune system. The body receives enough oxygen to feed all the internal organs of the little man.

Babies born in summer or spring are sometimes considered to be more fortunate in terms of walking opportunities than "winter" and "autumn" babies. Of course, it is not pleasant to walk in the rain or snow, but in the cold season there are enough calm and sunny days. You just need to know how to dress your newborn for a walk in different weather conditions.

A little later, we will tell you in detail how to dress a newborn for the first walks, but for now, important information about the duration of stay in the fresh air: you need to start with 10-15 minutes, then, gradually increasing the time, you can be outside for about two hours. Despite the street noise, the child falls asleep almost immediately, his sleep is sound and long. It should be especially noted that in summer it is better to choose a time for a walk before 11 am or after 6 pm, when the intense heat subsides. Before leaving, the child needs to be fed so that he can sleep peacefully.

The first outing with the baby, according to children's doctor Komarovsky, is an important stage for parents and a newborn. A well-known pediatrician and host of a family television program recommends including a walk in the daily routine no later than the tenth day after returning from the hospital. The first time you walk for 10-15 minutes in the fresh air, the next day you can go out for this time twice. When the child is one month old, you can walk with him for a longer time, depending on the weather and family circumstances.

What to take with you for the first walk with your newborn

Going out for the first walk with a newborn does not require much preparation, since it is very short. You can simply carry the baby in your arms or in a sling, but do not take the stroller.

If you are planning to travel far from home, bring a small bag with the necessary things. If you go with a stroller, all baby accessories can be placed in a special compartment, then your hands will remain free.

How to dress a newborn for a walk

The first walks will come in handy:

  • a bottle of water for the baby, which should always be, but especially in the heat;
  • clean dummy - as needed;
  • a diaper for a change or a spare set of clothes if you are not using diapers;
  • baby wipes, better disinfectants;
  • in case of a cold snap, a warm envelope for walking or a transforming jumpsuit is needed, which will make it easy to change the newborn's clothes even during sleep;
  • protective canopy or gauze from insects;
  • a small blanket, blanket or swaddle, depending on the weather, to cover the sleeping baby during a long walk.

How to dress your newborn for the first walk

How to dress a newborn for a walk

It is very important to determine exactly how to dress a newborn for a walk, since overheating is no less dangerous for a baby than hypothermia. The child should wear more than one layer of clothing than the accompanying adult. Attention - this question is very serious! Often not only young parents, but also too caring grandmothers show excessive zeal and dress the baby too warmly. This is only harmful, as the body of the newborn overheats, the baby sweats and loses a lot of water, which leads to dehydration. Overheating causes a decrease in immunity, the body is less resistant to infections.

How to dress your newborn for a walk:

  • It is hot outside at +30 ° С, so you only need a cotton undershirt, a bonnet and a thin diaper.
  • At + 20 ° C, two layers of cotton clothing must be worn.
  • In the off-season, at -10 ° C, when it is dry and calm, we offer the following set of clothes: diaper, underwear, light fleece jumpsuit, put on knitted pants, a blouse and socks on top. First we put on a cap, then a hat. The set is completed by an envelope or a warm overalls.
  • When the thermometer reads -15 ° C below, it is best to stay at home.

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How to dress a newborn for a walk: general recommendations

The main condition in order to properly dress a newborn for a walk is to distinguish between clothes for the house and for going out. First, the baby needs to change clothes, since his body cannot quickly regulate heat transfer. At home, the child may sweat and if you go out with him for a walk in the same wet clothes, the baby may freeze and catch a cold. A walk for a newborn baby is a whole event, you need to prepare for it and provide for different sets of clothes depending on weather conditions.

Pediatricians advise to dress the kid not much warmer than how the parents dress. We need to be guided by the weather. It is important to understand that the child's body is just adapting to changes in the environment, and the adult is already able to quickly rebuild. And do not forget that the child is lying all the time, and the parents are in motion.

How to dress a newborn for a walk

So, an important requirement is that the baby should not be wrapped up too much so that he does not sweat.

If you are going to walk with a newborn, prepare everything you need first so that the baby does not wait. Compliance with the following rules will help to avoid mistakes:

  1. Change the diaper to a new one, this must be done so as not to chill the baby. If at home you do not put on a diaper on a child, it is better not to go outside without it. So you will be sure that the newborn's clothes will remain dry and he will not get sick.
  2. All clothes, especially underwear, should be made of "breathable" natural fabrics so that the child is comfortable.
  3. It is advisable to buy clothes in size with a small margin. The child should move freely with arms and legs. You should not take too large oversized warm overalls so that they will last for several years to come. In such clothes, the baby will be too spacious and cold, because he only lies in the stroller.
  4. On the street, a thin diaper, blanket or blanket may come in handy, it depends on the weather outside, you may need to wrap up the newborn or hide from the sun's rays.
  5. Place a thin raincoat or insect net in the stroller.

How to dress a newborn for a summer walk

How to dress a newborn for a walk

During the summer, the weather can change: it will be hot, then it will rain, and possibly a cold snap, so you need to have different sets of clothes to go out with a newborn. You should always remember the rule - dress the child as yourself plus one more layer.

Consider different options for clothing sets for walking at different temperatures.

How to dress your newborn for a walk:

  • At +25 ° C and above - only light cotton sliders, a sun cap and socks. Leave the arms and legs open.
  • At + 23 ... + 24 ° С - put on a thin T-shirt or undershirt on your body, then cotton overalls, a cap or hat on your head and socks on your legs.
  • When it's + 20 ... + 22 ° С outside, the following option is suitable: a bodysuit or a T-shirt, a light jumpsuit with sleeves that completely cover the handles, a cotton cap and socks.
  • At + 17 ... + 19 ° С - first a bodysuit or a T-shirt, cotton jumpsuit with long sleeves, put on a knitted suit, a knitted hat and socks on top.
  • At + 14… + 16 ° С - put on a bodysuit or T-shirt, jumpsuit made of jersey, a fleece suit on top, a hat and socks for warmth.

In summer, keep an eye on the temperature outside, as dressing a newborn at + 15 ° C for a walk should not be the same as at + 19 ° C, for example. Bring a blanket or diaper with you in case the weather changes.

Attention is to cover the crumb in the summer diaper, do not forget that it will be another layer of clothing. In hot time, take a replacement kit for a walk to change the baby if it swings or backwave.

If you came out to take a walk in the windless hot weather at +25 ° C and higher, the baby can be arranged a airbag, leaving it in one diaper for 20 minutes. This procedure is hardening.

In daytime hot time, from 12 to 16 hours, it's not worth going out to go out to avoid direct sunlight hitting a child - a heat blow is possible. You can walk in the shade of trees, along the paths of the boulevard or in the park.

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How to dress a newborn for a walk in winter

How to dress a newborn for a walk

Consider how to wear a newborn in winter for a walk. From -10 ° C and below three layers of clothing:

  1. Pampers, cotton sprinkle, sliders and caps from knitwear, socks.
  2. Baika jumpsuit or pants with blouse. Another variant of the second layer is a fleece slip, which closes completely legs and handles.
  3. Envelope or winter overalls, insulated sheepskin, fully closing a child, hat or helmet with ears, scarf.

Close the baby's throat with a scarf if a large neck in a jumpsuit. From above in the wheelchair, close the newborn with a warm blanket.

Buy winter envelope or jumpsuit with the number of insulation at least 250 g.

You can swear the smallest for a walk: first cotton diaper, then flannel or bike, thin plaid or blanket. A fur envelope closing his head completes the process of preparing for a winter walk.

In winter, it will have to put a small pad under the head of the baby under the head, as it turns out to be higher due to the multi-layered clothing.

At temperature mode from 0 to -10 ° C, the child is slightly lighter: the second layer can be jumpsuit from cotton instead of knitted. On a sunny day, cotton slips wear instead of fleece.

When a thermometer rises above the zero mark, you only wear clothes on the child and on the first, and on the second layer, then you can immediately put a newborn in the envelope without using a warm blanket.

Walking in spring and autumn: how to wear a baby

For spring and autumn, a frequent change of weather is characterized even for one day, so you need to follow the forecast and attentively treat the collection to the street. At this time, parents need to have two different sets for walking. For November or March - warmer, and for the "Golden" September and May Days, a lightweight option will be required.

How to dress a newborn for a walk

When the temperature is even lower than +8 ° C, the newborn is dressed:

  • bodies or cotton slips;
  • dense knitted or fleece suit or jumpsuit;
  • socks;
  • Demi-season overalls on the lining;
  • Two Caps: Thin on the head, and on top warm, tied.

It is better to put a blanket in the stroller or plaid in case of cooling.

With the onset of warm days when the thermometer shows +14 ° C, we change a bit for the exit for fresh air:

  • Slip or bodies of x / b material;
  • socks;
  • Thin cap;
  • Envelope or overalls for offseason.

How to dress a newborn for a walk

The temperature rising to + 15 ... + 17 ° C allows you to wear a newborn for a walk easier:

  • lower sliders or x / b slips;
  • Light socks;
  • lighter top jumpsuit;
  • Thin cap.

You have a convenient table "How to wear a newborn for a walk":

How to dress a newborn for a walk

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Algorithm for dressing children for a walk

  1. The first thing that parents should remember is, "First dress yourself, then pick up the child." Otherwise, while waiting for the exit, the baby will sweat and become cold during the walk.
  2. Clothing should be soft and comfortable to put on a baby. For a newborn under 6 months old, it is good to use the so-called "little men" on buttons or slips. These things are very easy to put on, they have many buttons and comfortable holes for handles and legs.
  3. Put on a hat before buttoning up your outerwear. Choose an option that fits your head tightly so that the baby does not blow.
  4. An envelope or jumpsuit is worn before going out. For the little ones, you can purchase a transforming jumpsuit, which can also be fastened in the form of an envelope, this way of dressing saves the parents' nerves.
  5. Until the child begins to walk, he can wear soft insulated socks from overalls over thin cotton socks for a walk.

How to dress a newborn for a walk

There is no unequivocal advice from Dr. Komarovsky on how to dress a newborn for a walk. You will understand this yourself when you return from the street. Take a close look at how your little one is doing. Maybe he's sweating or, on the contrary, his hands and feet are cold. Usually the child is wrapped up too much. Even during your stay on the street, it will become clear to you that if the little one is capricious, starts pulling out his hands and cries, then most likely he is hot.

You can see other recommendations of the children's doctor Komarovsky at the link:


Perhaps we were able to list all the most important things that parents need to know before the first walks with a baby. Of course, these are general advice, since it is impossible to thoroughly describe all possible situations. Moms and dads need to gain their own experience and closely monitor the condition of the newborn.

If the baby is calm, does not sweat, his face is warm, it means that he is comfortable. You can increase the duration of your stay in the fresh air day after day. If you have any questions or if you suspect a disease, be sure to take the baby to the children's clinic to your pediatrician. In conclusion, we wish you more sunny days and wonderful walks with your children!

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newborn in winter clothes

Hello my dear mothers. Today we will talk about a topic that is relevant at this moment in time: how to dress a newborn in winter.

At one time, when my children were small, I was constantly tormented by this question. It always seemed to me that a child can freeze and it is better to wrap him up like cabbage than to put on 3 layers and go for a walk.

I am sure that during winter walks you often experience excitement and confusion, in what to go for a walk today? Do I need to add another blouse, how to check if the baby is warm?

Applying the knowledge that I will share with you below, you can approach the question of how to dress a newborn for a walk in winter and stop worrying that he will be cold or hot.

Features of thermoregulation of the baby

For a complete understanding of the question of how to dress a newborn in winter, first of all, one should understand the features of the thermoregulation of the newborn. Infants' processes of heat production and release are imperfect. Children overheat easily and tolerate hot temperatures worse than cool temperatures.

At the same time, being in the heat, many metabolic processes in the body slow down. Some children's doctors write that it is in the heat that the manifestations of colic and difficulty with stool and digestion increase in children.

For more information about colic, see the online course Soft tummy: getting rid of baby colic >>>

Therefore, the baby does not need to be wrapped up excessively.

When dressing a newborn in winter, consider two main factors: the air temperature outside and the length of the walk.

How to dress for discharge from the hospital

You also often ask how to dress a newborn in winter for discharge from the hospital? Everything is simpler here.

When you leave the hospital, you are unlikely to go home with your newborn on a trolleybus or subway home. You will most likely be picked up from the hospital by your relatives by car or taxi. Therefore, the period of time spent with the child on the street will be quite short.

The baby will spend most of the time in the car. Therefore, here, you should worry more about overheating of the newborn than about hypothermia.

Prepare the following set of clothing for discharge from the hospital:

  1. Bottom layer.

It should be lightweight. This can be a shirt and romper or a cotton jumpsuit. You can also combine bodysuits and pants. Don't forget your socks.

  1. Second layer should be denser than the first.

This can be the same garment suggested for the first layer, but the fabric should be denser.

  1. For last layer choose the warmest clothes.

For example, a warm winter overalls or a warm envelope for newborns. Be sure to wear a hat, mittens and warm booties.

Nowadays, children's warm overalls are often already sold complete with this entire set. But if your outerwear does not provide for such additions, then just remember that these things must be worn by the child.

An additional lightweight cotton cap should be worn under the winter hat.

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Important! If, when dressing a newborn in winter, you use a warm envelope, then keep in mind that there must be the first two layers of clothing under it. Moreover, the second layer should be quite warm.

Given the winter time, the air conditioner will most likely work in the car, and, therefore, it will be warm in it. Therefore, either ask to turn off the heating or remove / unfasten at least one layer of clothing from the child.

How to dress a newborn outside in winter?

The principle of clothing is the same as when you leave the hospital - layering. Then everything depends on the air temperature and the duration of the walk.

If it's freezing outside, then deciding how to dress a newborn in a stroller in winter ,you should use all three layers of clothing and in addition you can also take a warm blanket or envelope with you.

At this air temperature and taking into account that the child is dressed correctly, the newborn can spend 1-2 hours outside. Here, rather, the question will not be in the child's endurance, but in your "frost resistance".

The main thing is to constantly monitor the baby. You can touch his nose and cheeks: if they are slightly warm, then the walk can continue.

Important! A newborn's nose and cheeks should not be hot or red. This is a sign that the baby is overheated and you overdid it with clothes.

You can only understand if the child was hot on a walk or cool when you go home. The cheeks and nose are a quick reference point.

The main way to determine whether the baby was hot or not is another. When we went home, first of all, unbutton the baby and touch his back, the folds of his arms and legs:

  • if it is wet or hot in the folds, you have overwhelmed the baby;
  • if it's warm - dressed for the weather;
  • if it's cool, then next time you need to add another layer of clothing.

Knowing if you've dressed your child well enough comes with time and experience. Therefore, make the first walks short. It will be enough 20-30 minutes and then, having gone home, carry out the above-described test.

Gradually learn how to dress your newborn for a walk in winter, taking into account your weather and its characteristics.

On the street up to -10

With a newborn baby at an air temperature below -10, or slightly higher, but with a strong wind, you may not walk at all. Yes, don't be surprised! Walking in the first months of life is not so important for a child, he can perfectly "walk" on the balcony.

This is your need to go out, change the environment, chat with other moms, go to the store. If you are not feeling well, cancel the walk and do not worry.

The nasal passages of a newborn are still small and do not have time to warm up the cold air. On such days, you can easily replace the walk with home ventilation, while not forgetting to put another layer of clothing on your child.

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Temperature above zero

If the temperature is above 0, then remove one layer of clothing. Which one you will need to orient yourself. Most importantly, do not remove the top warmest layer. Still, despite the positive air temperature outside, it is still winter.

Home clothes for a newborn in winter

Now that we have figured out how to dress a newborn baby for a walk in winter, let's talk about choosing home clothes.

All houses are heated in winter. With this in mind, when dressing a newborn, use the first light layer of the three above. An important article on temperature in a newborn's room >>>

It can be a vest and romper suit, or a light cotton jumpsuit. You can put on a hat (light cap) after bathing your baby. Read more about bathing a baby in the article How to bathe a newborn >>>

And finally, a few general rules that will help you to correctly decide the issue of choosing winter clothes for a newborn.

  1. Clothing should be comfortable and safe.

No strings, no buttons or rough seams. Only Velcro or buttons. Also, don't choose clothes that go over your head.

  1. For the lower layers, it is better to choose clothes made from natural fabrics. It is better to choose a warm overalls with down insulation.
  2. Always make sure that the newborn is not overheated or hypothermic.

To do this, after coming home, check the baby's back and the folds of the arms and legs. They should not be hot, wet and at the same time not cold.

By adhering to these basic rules, you will not have any questions about how to dress your newborn for the first walk in winter. You can always dress your baby correctly, creating comfortable conditions for him both during a walk and at home.

Enjoy your walks!

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