How to remove sims 3 from computer fully or addition

How to remove SIMS 3 game from a computer?

Hello. Every year the manufactured games require more disk space for installation. The owners of SSD drives faced the problem of gigabyte lack. To solve the problem, you need to eliminate unnecessary files. Today I will tell you how to remove Sims 3 from the computer completely.

Sims 3

Removing SIMS 3.

It is good that this procedure does not require the use of third-party utilities. It is enough to open a list of fixed software. Here is a couple of ways:

  • Click on the keyboard Win + R. . The console will open, in the input field you want to write:


Team AppWiz Opening Programs and Components

  • Second method: Run the control panel and select "Delete Programs" (Programs / Components):

Removal sims 3 in the standard way

  • Now we find Sims 3, mark the mouse cursor and click on the "Delete" button above.
  • If the installation was performed through the Steam panel, then it is necessary to eliminate the game in the same way. This will automatically clear the folders with settings and save. In the opposite case, go along the way:

C | Users | User_name | Documents | Electronic Arts | The Sims 3.

Components of the game Sims

  • For better effect I recommend using Utility CCleaner which will help clean the garbage and tracks in the registry.

But this is not the whole answer to the question - how to completely remove Sims 3? To free additional megabytes on the disk, it is necessary to clean up in the temp temporary folder. I told about it In a separate article .

How to remove supplements in sims 3?

There are many different modes of SIMS 3, which make it possible to change the appearance of heroes, interior, vehicles and landscape. Most often, similar add-on components are included with pirate assemblies of the game. But not all of them are helpful and you can like it, and the place on the disk is spent.

How can I remove unnecessary updates from the computer? The easiest way is to disable directly in the application. You should run the game. Open settings where there is an add-on tab. We look the list, select unnecessary and set the status "OFF". Only after making changes do not forget to click on "Save" (OK).

The above method turns off the Paks, but does not remove them completely. How to remove mods in sims 3 to save free space? You have to do this manually - open the folder with the installed game:

C | Program Files | Electronic Arts.


C | Program Files | Origin Games.

Inside, you should find the directory with the names of additions and remove those that you do not need. After that, you can run the CCleaner optimizer to clean the registry - here Detailed instructions . In addition, the specified utility is a good alternative to manual removal of SIMS updates. You can go to the tab with installed applications and there to unnecessary elements.

From this article, you learned how to remove Sims 3 and the modules of this game. If you have any questions - write in the comments. I will definitely try to help solve individual problems.

Sincerely, Victor!

Good day!


Since many users ask for help with installing additional content for Sims 3, create this topic.

So, files for SIMS 3 are two formats:




Those who found only files in RAR or Zip format read the following instructions:

Instructions for extracting files from the archive:

1. If you do not have an archiver, download it, for example WinRar (do not forget to install it

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2. Right-click on the downloaded archive and click "Remove"

3. Further, in the window that appears, select where to extract (for convenience you can, for example, on the desktop), and click OK

4. You need files. In my case, they appeared on the desktop and look like this:

5. Now you can take files and lay them on the desired folders.

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Unpack the archives you now know how to start installing files.

Instructions for installing sims3pack files in the game:

1. Sims3pack format files look like this (files with rhombic):

In my case, this is a RiverView - a free city for Sims 3, which can be downloaded after registering your game.

2. Install such files must be doubled (twice the left mouse button twice). I will install from Store.

3. The SIMS 3 launch program will appear and one more window, it looks like this:

4. We are waiting, then in a small window we read that the file is successfully installed, click OK

5. File is installed, look for it in the game.

: Wink:Second way to install Sims3Pack files


Ideal if there are many such files


1. We fold all the files to the downloads folder (My documents \ Electronic Arts \ The Sims 3 \ Downloads). Usually it is created automatically when the launcher is first started (SIMS 3 launch programs), if it is still not, create yourself.

2. Files will appear in the Startup program in the "Downloads" section (about new downloads the icon (!))

3. Put the checkboxes and click "Set"

4. A window appears with a joyful message that everything has been established successfully, click OK

5. Files are installed, looking for them in the game.

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In my case, this is (in fact it is a top, not a dress, but leave it on the conscience of translators) and from the store, as well as two browsers from the basic game, downloaded to Exchange: Roll:

By the way, everything loaded from the store and Exchange through the startup program immediately appears in the downloads, it remains only to install.

Instructions for installing files with Package extension:

1. Go to the folder My Documents \ Electronic Arts \ the Sims 3 (This folder is automatically created in my documents after the first launcher launch (SIMS 3 launch programs))

2. In the The Sims 3 folder, create a new folder, call it mods

3. Open mods, create a folder Packages in it

4. All .package files fold into the Packages folder, by the way they look like this:

5. If in the archive with the .Package file was the resource.cfg file, it must be put in the MODS folder (My documents \ Electronic Arts \ the Sims 3 \ MODS), do not forget to check whether its contents correspond to the following (file can be opened Using notepad)

5.1 If there is no such file, you can create it yourself,

Here is the instruction

(Thank you,

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1) Start Notepad (Start - All Programs - Standard - Notepad)

2) We enter the text in it:

Priority 500.

Packedfile Packages / *. Package

PackedFile Packages / * / *. Package

PackedFile Packages / * / * / *. Package

Packedfile Packages / * / * / * / *. Package

PackedFile Packages / * / * / * / * / *. Package

3) We click on the File notepad menu - save as ...

4) At the bottom in the "File Type" line, select "All Files"

5) In the "File Name" row, enter Resource.cfg

6) We save to the MODS folder

What if you downloaded files with the .sim extension ?

These are characters files. Just put them in the My Documents \ Electronic Arts \ the Sims 3 \ SavedSims folder (if there is no such folder, you need to create it yourself). (Thank you,

Shurstishka. : Wink:


All, files are installed, you can even look for them in the game.

Play Sims 3 and get pleasure from it, dear symamans

Sorry for the user's name I tried faster to register and answer. I understand the question could already close. But still I know how to do it !!


Listen and remember. It is for me on a laptop downloaded sims 3 All add-ons game of course cool nothing but to say but still hard to brake it blows


just for a long time loads clothes

: roll:

I when deleted unnecessary files and programs stumbled upon the The Sims Gold Edition folder, and there are time of the seasons over the natural and so on. those supplements that you do not need can simply delete the folder for example with sims 3 keet perry remove enter the game then the addition is deleted


Good luck

: D.

There are many different additions for Sims 3. They can be installed on the game individually or a whole bunch, if it comes to a pirate repack. However, not all updates are equally useful and needed. What to do and how to remove supplements in "sims 3" if you do not like or do not fit? Let's look at all methods a little more.

how to remove supplements in sims 3


Regardless of whether you play the official or pirated version of the game, it is not necessary to completely remove the installed updates from the computer. Therefore, instead of looking for how to remove some additions in "Sims 3", it is easier to disable them easier.

Run the game and go to the settings. Go to the "Add-on" tab and click "Off." Opposite the improvement unnecessary to you. Save the changes. Now the cards will be created without specified modification, and you make no sense to try to delete the update.


If you absolutely need to know how to remove supplements in Sims 3, for example, in order to clear your free space on your computer, then you can use one of the following tips.

Let's start with the most common, but the wrong option is to remove the addon itself. It is also offered in official technical support from the company-publisher EA. To do this, you just need to go to the directory with the installed game.

  • If you installed the game from a flexible disk, then by default the game should be on the disk with, in the Program Files folder and the Electronic Arts subdirectory.
  • When downloading the game through Origin instead of the EA catalog you will have Origin Games.

Now go to the last folder and find a catalog there with the name of unnecessary addons. How to remove supplements in Sims 3? Select all the folders you want to delete, the left mouse button with the ctrl pinch. After that, right-click the mouse button and select "Delete".

Sims 3 Gold Edition Remove Supplement

After this operation, everything you highlight will go to the "basket". Next, to avoid the problems with the game, the EA technical support leads instructions, how to clean the traces of additions in the computer registry. We will do much easier.

Download and install the CCleaner program and analyze the registry for errors. Then click "Fix", and the utility will independently subduct all the remnants from Sims 3 add-ons.


And now we will look at a more correct way, how to remove unnecessary additions to Sims 3. The most correct and safe way (for the system) will be the use of an integrated uninstaller.

Open the Start menu and go to the All Programs tab. Now you should be interested in the ORGINS or EA folder. In it, all additions to "Sims 3" are divided into separate directories. Open the one you want to delete and press "Delete" Sims 3 ": <Addon Title>.

The uninstall process will pass automatically as if you were removed the usual program. Moreover, after this process you do not have to escort the renewal balances throughout the system.

"My computer"

Another safe way not only to remove addons, but also any other program. Go to My Computer. At the top of the opening window, select "Delete or change the program".

how to remove unnecessary additions in sims 3

A special menu will appear with all the programs installed on your computer. Find among them the "Sims 3" add-ons that you want to delete and click on the corresponding button. There are the same actions as in described above.


How to remove "sims 3" supplements from a computer using third-party programs? We have already mentioned the CCleaner application. It allows not only to analyze and clean the registry, but also accounts for the list of programs installed on you.

With this utility you can remove unnecessary additions to "Sims 3" in the same way as the built-in Windows tools. There is no special difference, however, many computer users believe that third-party utilities are much better because they remove all elements of installed programs at once, even from the registry.


If you prefer to use pirated versions of games, then there are two possible types of assemblies (game sets). The first of them we looked at the article, to remove unnecessary additions simply enough. But with the second there may be problems.

how to remove some additions in sims 3

We are talking about "Sims 3: Gold Edition". Remove the supplement in this assembly may not be possible because the "pirates" usually collect the game with a full file to avoid problems with the interaction of items. Therefore, if the above methods do not work, then everything you remains - disable unnecessary additions in the game itself.

Thus, we reviewed how to remove supplements in Sims 3 using various options. The main thing that the user should remember is - he must have all the rights of the computer administrator to change and delete software components. Therefore, if we are talking, for example, about the work computer, then you may need help with a local system administrator or at least access to its account.

How to remove sims 3 from computer fully or addition

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