Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

The main rule of training at home is to enjoy exercise. In the end, exercise is not only a tool for improving body and muscle, but also a great way to deal with stress at home.

In order to train at home correctly, it is necessary to work out the habit of doing it regularly. You need to know that you have "appointed" an hour to workout - and you have to wait for this moment. Guide for the best exercises for home training you will find further in the material.

Home Training - Guide for beginners

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

One of the most complex tasks in training at home is the execution of cardio. If you have at home Exercise bike Before moving to power exercises, twist the pedals for at least 10 minutes. Otherwise, running on the spot, jumping with a rope and battle with a shadow. The goal is to maintain reinforced heartbeat to enhance the supply of oxygen to the tissues.

For the workouts themselves, you will need a rubber mat to perform exercises (suitable for yoga no mee thickness 5-7 mm), a set of rubber harnesses. Having a horizontal bar, a set of dumbbells or weights will simplify and diversify training - however, in this material, we will consider exclusively exercises with the weight of the body, for which you do not need weightlifiers.

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Exercise program for training at home

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

1. Tightening on the crossbar

Basic functional exercise for the development of back muscles, shoulder belts and hands.

// How to learn to pull up from scratch?

3-4 approaches of 8-10 repetitions

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

2. Exercise "Bike"

One of the best exercises to strengthen the muscles of the hull and the press.

// Proper technique exercise "Bicycle"

3-4 approaches of 10-15 repetitions

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

3. Plank on the elbows

Complete variation of classic strap exercise. It helps to improve the posture, strengthening the press and the development of the shoulder belt.

// How to make a bar for novice?

3 approaches 45-60 seconds

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

4. Side Planka

Exercise for the development of missum muscles. During execution, try to keep the abdominal muscles in tension.

// Exercises on the oblique muscles

3 approaches 45-60 seconds

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

5. Pressing from Paul

Key exercises for the development of breast muscles. At the top point, repel from the floor as stronger as possible, opening your back.

// Program 100 pushups

3-4 approaches of 10-12 repetitions

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

6. Inverse pushups

Exercise to strengthen the muscles of the triceps, the forearm and shoulder belt. At the top point, like pushing the body of the body up.

// Exercises on triceps with dumbbells

3-4 approaches of 10-15 repetitions

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

7. Drops on one leg

Exercise for the muscles of the front surface of the thigh and for the buttocks. On the exhale, go down down, keeping the body vertical, and the press is intense.

// Exercises for buttocks and hips

3-4 approaches of 10-15 repetitions

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

8. Squate with body weight

Key exercise for the development of leg muscles. When lowering down, feel the tension of the muscles of the press. Rise up on the breath, opening the chest.

3-4 approaches of 10-12 repetitions

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

9. Lifting legs lying

Exercise on Nizhny press . It is performed without a departure of the lowerland from the floor and with the constant sensation of the press.

3-4 approaches of 10-12 repetitions

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

10. Lifting thighs lying

Exercise for the development of the lower press and strengthening the buttocks. On the exhalation, lift the thigh up, then delay at the top point.

3 approaches 45-60 seconds

How to train at home?

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

It is recommended to train at home 3-4 times a week. The first five minutes of workout must be dedicated to the workout - running on the spot, jumping on the rope, boxing with shadow and so on. Then follow the main exercises of the program. Plank and other static exercises are performed by the amount of time (usually 3-4 approaches 45-60 seconds), dynamic exercises - no more than 12-15 repetitions.

// House Training Plan:

  • 3-4 times a week
  • 50-60 minutes
  • At the beginning - warm-up
  • At the end - stretching exercises

It is not possible to play sports at home, but also need. We live in the world of stress: the wrong day of the day, bad ecology, unbalanced nutrition, climate change, pandemic ... Listed negative factors can be infinite. Meanwhile, there is a simple and effective way, how to become healthier, more beautiful, stronger and not afraid of viruses and bacteria flying in the air. The recipe is not a new sport. Nookak to force yourself to train at home?

We are all well aware that an active lifestyle is good. The trained person is really smaller. And if it happens, it is much easier to transfers the disease and recovers faster. People who are accustomed to make charging daily practically do not suffer obesity.

How to make yourself engage in every day?

Regular training

Let's voice the unexpected thing for you: actively train every day - no need! Even professional athletes do not spend daily long-term classes. The tight schedule has mainly during preparation for serious competitions. But you are not going to install a new world record, right?

Prints for home training

Ordinary people experts recommend to train several times a week. Especially if we are talking about those who have never done even a simple physical charge before and rises to the second floor, spending the language.

The main condition is the regularity of classes

Only in this case can be counting on a positive result. But if you begin to do every day, but without fanaticism and only for 20-25 minutes, it will undoubtedly benefit and disciplines you.

Periodically change the sets of exercises and add new movements to the program. Monotonous repetition of one and the same quickly bounces. Strive to diversify your classes. Council of Professional

Choose a sport that will enjoy

Someone adores aerobics and likes to boast a beautiful body, and someone brings a pear and is a boxing fan. One is ready to swim hours in the pool, and the other loves to run a coward in the mornings, listen to the singing of birds and die every leaf. We are all very different!

What can you do at home?

  1. Aerobics.

  2. Gymnastics.

  3. Interval training.

  4. Stretching exercises.

  5. Power - for pumping muscles.

  6. Complex for improving coordination of movements.

Choose what I like is completely not problematic. After all, now so many sports! And if the lesson gives the present pleasure, then the active development of hormones of joy - endorphins is. There will be joy - it means that the result will appear.

The doctor's consultation

the doctor's consultation

Preliminary consultation from a specialist is a very important point of the program of household sessions. Why? Because you can feel quite healthy and happy. Meanwhile, there are plenty of diseases, they do not show themselves. That is, diseases can leak without explicit symptoms. We do not want to scare you! Just better to detect some nausea and take action. While she did not even be fatality.

Regular surveys and delivery of laboratory analyzes should be a rule for any person!

Especially attentive and competent specialist will tell you what kind of sport is suitable for you.

For example, you may have problems with the spine. And this does not mean that you can not engage in physical exercises. Under the ban for some time there may be certain types of sports - prolonged runs or strength exercises. In this case, it is not worth spending money on a home treadmill or dumbbell. But special stretching complexes will only help get rid of back pain and lower back.

Plan of domestic training

Training plan

Not everyone has a good habit of doing things. However, a carefully worked outline is not so bad, as it may seem like people who cannot tolerate perfectionists and consider them boring people and dull downhill!

Do not be lazy, get a beautiful notebook and write your personal plan there: I shake the press, and the point!

Girls worth planning all home affairs - washing dishes, cooking, cleaning, reading, watching movies. We assure you, you will begin to have time and you will easily find half an hour a day for sports.

What do not need to do:

  1. Get up a little light, if it is difficult for you and you are owl, not a lark. Love sleep - sleep. It is better to sleep than killing someone. Sports is needed in accurately according to personal biological rhythms. Otherwise, classes instead of benefit will be harmful.

  2. Pedantically consider the calories of each dish and immediately fall into fainting, if some kind of bad ingredient is detected on the packaging. Synthetic substances and fats, of course, are not useful, but you should not dramatize the situation. It is better to gradually go to useful products.

  3. Twist his sick and untouched body into a fancy knot in the hope of mastering the yoga for three days. It may be twisted, maybe it will turn out, but to unwind - not always!

  4. Every day, in front of the mirror, we look at your flabby stomach, hoping to see the cherished "cubes", driven by the minds of the opposite sex. Well, the girls are not standing after two domestic training, it is hoped to detect, instead of ugly cellulite, smooth satin skin without snaps and tubercles.

Attention! To blame yourself if the plan is broken, categorically impossible. It is impossible to turn the classes in the "obligatory", boring and hard work that you perform "from under the stick", at the same time at the same time swearing and thirsty. In this case, even the strongest motivation will not help. I must say to yourself: today I did not come out, but will come out next time.

Definition of the task

The result of training

The overall result of sports training for any person is to strengthen the health and improvement of the work of the immune system. Regular exercises help become healthier and reduce the risks of the development of various diseases.

But there is another important point - the definition of personal goals. It may be a weight loss, the desire to make the body is flexible, get rid of the pain in the neck and back. For this reason, the work plan must necessarily include these items:

  1. What do you have now.
  2. What do you want to achieve.

Exercise complexes are selected strictly under the goals. You can find such special complexes on the network.

Dosage loads are very important!

Dosage loads

You need to start with small loads, increasing them gradually. Then you accurately avoid unbearable pain in the muscles, terrible fatigue, tachycardia, and, of course, disappointments and the spirit about the meaning of life at all.

You do not need to dump during class!

At first, there are enough and 20-25 minutes of classes two or three times a week. Gradually, you will enter the taste. Half an hour and even the hour of training will not be a problem for you. Your body must get used to it, and give him time for it!

We have already spoken with you about endorphins. These important hormones give us a feeling of lightness in the body, a tide of cheerfulness and happiness. They are produced by our organism during sports and sex.

Thanks to endorphins:

  • facilitated the process of memorizing any information;
  • The pain is reduced;
  • The faster passes any inflammatory process;
  • The body temperature decreases;
  • Weight is held normally;
  • Sleep strengthened;
  • Stress resistance increases.

But the normal generation of endorphins is possible only with reasonable dispensing of physical exertion and gradually increases. Only in this case you will experience joy from the workout process. By the way, as for making love, there are no restrictions. Hint understood?

Special sportswear

Buy special clothing for sports, and you will get a good argument - why it is necessary to do. Such clothes are created by high-level professionals. And they know this sense. Sportswear is very comfortable and beautiful. It feels cool, unusually sexual, taut and beautiful in all respects.

Sports Suits with Prints

Play List

To do in full silence, listening to your exhausted puff, not the best idea. Make a playlist - means to conduct training in a positive key, without thinking about the exercises and how it is hard. By the way, in the playlist not only you can include your favorite songs, but also to download popular audiobook. Then you can enhance your intellectual level.

How to overcome laziness?

We have collected for you a few ordinary tips from professional psychologists. By the way, recipes from laziness were developed by leading world experts. This suggests that lazy many. Of course, this is not an excuse, but it's nice, isn't it?

Trainer or friend


Sometimes it is necessary that they are loudly called "Pink Life-giving." You probably heard that many foreign stars are specially hiring a policeman, so that the money guarded their refrigerator from night raids and gave pink under the ass. It is believed that so a person will be able to avoid overeating.

Hire a coach or to do with a friend - this is what they say from the same opera. The coach will help you to overcome natural laziness, "bend" to the training session, if required, and select an individual classes.

The same role is suitable more disciplined than you yourself, friend. Together it is always easier to do and nonsense, and useful things, because a person is a social being! Create social pressure

You can argue with friends or tell about your grand planners in social networks. This will be another motivating factor, pushing to classes. We assure: you will immediately add friends and subscribers, with the interest of watching your successes and discussing your failures, if any. Your posts and photos in brand sportswear will earn a lot of likes.

Motivational videos

Watch motivational videos on the network is a great idea. We always spare someone else's success and someone's good result. "Is I worse?" "So thinks anyone who looks such a movie." It's nice to look at the tightened ass girls and biceps guys, right?

System of promotions

Invent for yourself a system of rewards is a very good idea. Of course, if you do not define two bottles of Coca-Cola and Mount Donuts as a prize for the classes. But a reasonable and useful gift - why not?

How to make yourself play sports after work

Do not fall into depression due to the fact that you do not go to the gym. Now our life has changed dramatically, and many difficult to get used to it. For example, a year ago it was possible to present a situation when someone is interested in whether you took a mask with you? We cannot change this situation, but you need to live on and be able to adapt.

Do not overdo it

Domestic training has their indisputable advantages. You do not depend on anyone, save and time, and money and enjoy the opportunity to independently make a schedule.

Of course, at first some will be difficult. The temptation is great to fall on the sofa in front of the TV. Or, tightly singing overnight, spend time on social networks and come to come back only in the morning. But if you are seriously tuned, you will succeed.

You need to read the advice of specialists, develop your plan, find motivation. Say "no" to all temptations! Create a suitable atmosphere - disable phones, prevent home. And make important things in advance to completely free your head from problems.

In fact, everything is very simple! Is your beautiful and healthy body and a great mood - this is not the best reward?

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A compiled list of exercises for training at home onto the whole body should be performed regularly at home. We need motivation and the power of the will to quickly lead yourself to the tone and make the shape of the body perfect.


  1. - how to execute the program
  2. - Complex: exercises for home
  3. - squats
  4. - Exercise Swimming on the floor
  5. - twisting on the floor
  6. - Pushups
  7. - Highchair
  8. - Lifting legs lying on the floor alternately
  9. - drops back (10 for each leg)
  10. - Exercise Boat for the back
  11. - Rises on socks standing gender (or book)
  12. - Exercise Burmpion
  13. - Exercise Boat on the press
  14. - Exercise Bike on the press
  15. - Nutrition at home workouts

How to do the exercises at home for the work of the whole body

Want to know what physical exercises can be done at home to improve well-being and mood and raise muscle tone? You are on the desired page! This training scheme is aimed at pumping the muscles of the whole body at home. Classes do not require any additional equipment. Only your desire to train is necessary.

Download Workout program at home

How to perform a set of exercises at home

  • Before performing the main training complex at home, get the warm-up time. Make running on the spot, jumping for 5 minutes. So the muscles will warm up and will be prepared for further work. Complete the workout with a high-quality stretch.
  • The complex consists of 3 workouts. Total 18 different exercises for the house, broken by 6 in one occupation. The program is best done 3 times a week. For example, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Or on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.
  • Various exercise options (from light to severe) are indicated in the description of the exercises or in the video.
  • The recommended rest between approaches and exercises is about 60 seconds. It all depends on your preparation and the difficulty of exercise. Start the second, third and all subsequent approaches should after restoring breathing. If you have a sword, wait for her termination.

Table Complex: Exercises for home

Exercises Set Reversals / Time
Squats 4fifteen
Exercise Swimming on the floor 312
Twisting on the floor 3fifteen
Pushups 4fifteen
High chair 360 seconds
Lifting legs lying on the floor alternately 3sixteen
Drops back (10 for each leg) 3twenty
Exercise Boat for Back 3fifteen
Rises on socks standing gender (or book) 3twenty
Exercise Burmpion 2-3. 5
Exercise boat on the press 360 seconds
Exercise bike in press 340.

1 day of the "home exercises"

Squats with their own weight

You can use weighing, holding dumbbells or water bottles in your hands.

How to make squats

How to make squats

  1. Become straight along the width of the shoulders and a little bent in the knees. Socks legs are slightly deployed to the side. Hands are lowered down.
  2. Start squatting, reducing the pelvis back and holding the back straight. Hands better pull forward. Run up to the parallel hips with the floor. During the squat, do inhale.
  3. Raise the housing to the original position by doing exhale.
  4. Repeat squats in the amount of 15 times in 4 approaches.

Exercise Swimming on the floor

Aimed at working back muscles. Good exercise for sports at home.

How to do exercise swimming on the floor

How to do exercise swimming on the floor

  1. Lie on the stomach. Straight hands and legs pull forward along the body. Socks pull back. This will be the starting position.
  2. Start turning your hands back, bending in the elbows and at the same time, smoothly lifting the case as much as possible.
  3. On the exhalation, lock the position for 1-2 seconds, pulling the blade.
  4. Return to the initial position, straightening hands forward.
  5. Repeat the movement in the amount of 12 times in 3 sets.

Twisting on the floor

We train the muscles of the bark. Exercise can easily be used in training complexes at home. It can be performed in several versions (see more details below description). We will look at classic twisting when legs stand on the floor.

Twisting on the floor

Twisting on the floor

  1. Lie back on the floor. Bend legs in the knees. Foot stands in the width of the shoulders at a distance of about 30 cm from the priests. Hand hold palms from the temples. It will be the initial position.
  2. Make curls of the case as much as possible. Try shoulders to reach the hip joints. Be sure to lock at the end of the movement and make a full exhalation of air.
  3. Return the housing to the initial position and inhale. Go away Try to the position without touching the floor blades.
  4. Repeat 15 times in 3 sets.


Exercise well replaces physical education instead of school at home. There are many options for execution. In our complex of domestic training, we describe the classic version of the execution.

Lightweight options:

  • Push up from the table is wide or narrow enough (elbows to yourself)
  • Pressing from the sofa
  • Pressing from the floor from the knees

More complex options:

  • Classic floor pushups
  • Push-ups on the elevation (when legs on the sofa or table)
  • Push up one hand
  • Push ups with different arms (from the widest possible setting to narrow when the hands together)

How to make a classic prescript option from the floor?

Classic version of pushups

Classic version of pushups

  1. Become a plank on straight hands (we stand on the socks, the back is direct as a string). Hands are wider than shoulders.
  2. Make flexions in the elbows. Lower the housing as low as possible by having inhaled.
  3. On the exhale, make your hand, lifting the body up to straightening hands. The body with legs, on the entire amplitude of the movement should be in the same line.
  4. Sick up in an amount of 15 times in 4 approaches.

High chair

The perfect static exercise for fulfilling at home. We offer 3 options:

  • When hands on hips
  • When the hands are stretched forward or omitted down
  • When any weight is held in hand (for example, a briefcase with books)
How to keep chairs at the wall

How to keep chairs at the wall

We describe the classical execution technique, when the hands are stretched forward in parallel

  1. Become your back to the wall so that the hips are parallel to the floor, and the shin vertically. Legs on the width of the shoulders. Hands stretched forward.
  2. Secure the position for 60 seconds.
  3. Make a vacation 1 minute and repeat only 3 approaches.

If the amount of time is not suitable for you, adjust depending on the preparation. Efficiency Criterion Exercise is the presence of burning in the legs at the moment when it is hard to hold the Stool Rack.

Lifting legs lying on the floor alternately

At the end of the workout, we will pay attention to the muscles of the lower part of the press.

How to make legs lying on the floor alternately

How to make the foot rise lying alternately

  1. Lie back on the floor. Straight hands pull up. Socks to feet pull down. It will be the starting position.
  2. On the exhalation, make at the same time lifting one leg and hands up. Try to keep your foot straight. Hands are not forwarded, and up.
  3. Return to the initial position by tying.
  4. Repeat the movement with the other foot.
  5. Perform the recommended number of lifts - only 16 times (8 each foot) in 3 sets.

2 day complex

Drops back

How to make drops

How to make drops

  1. Source standing standing. Hands are lowered down. Back straight.
  2. Make a wide step back. Lower the housing down, bending your knees as low as possible. At the end of the move, do inhale.
  3. In exhale, push the heel up and return the back leg at the starting position.
  4. Perform 10 drops back, then repeat the other foot (only 20).
  5. Relax 1-2 minutes and repeat movement. Just 3 approaches.

On the video variant of diagonal attacks. You can alternate the exercises using diagonal attacks, and simply back to the next workout. So the efficiency of training will increase.


  • Lower the body vertically.
  • The knee of the back leg at the bottom point of the movement should be in several centimeters from the floor.
  • Step back it is done so that the corners in the knees when lowering were about 90 degrees.
  • The front leg is not allowed forward.


Important. The effectiveness of the exercise is not determined by how the body is high, and the muscles of the back and buttocks are strongly compressed and strained at the time of static fixation.

Boat technique

Boat technique

  1. Lie the belly to the floor. Hands pull forward and legs back.
  2. Start pulling your hands forward, and legs back, straining your back and buttocks, slightly flexing the body up. Fix the position for 1-2 seconds by doing exhale.
  3. Roll into the original position by tying.
  4. Repeat 15 times in 3 sets.

Rises on the socks standing

How to make lifts on home socks

How to make lifts on home socks

Council . Lifts can be done both at once with two legs, and alternately for each leg.

  1. Start right. You can hold the door handle.
  2. On the exhalation, strain the socks of the feet and push up as above as possible. Make fixation 1 second.
  3. Return to the original position by tying.
  4. Perform 20 lifts in 3 approaches.

On the video version of the exercise on the elevation. If there is no possibility of such execution, use the option - on the floor.


Berty can be performed by various options (Light options for video options). Consider a classic exercise option - with pushups.

How to do Burmpion?

How to do Burmpion?

Source position - standing.

  1. Sit down.
  2. Hands up to the floor. Jump up my legs back by taking a plank's position on your hands.
  3. Lower the housing down, bending down in the elbows and taking your hand.
  4. Relieving his hands to the floor, tighten the legs to myself in a squat.
  5. Jump up, raising your hands above your head.
  6. Repeat all the movements in the amount of 5 times in 2-3 approaches.

Important. Pick the rest between approaches individually. Depending on the recovery to the respiratory rate.

Exercise boat on the press

Static exercise for muscles Cora - Boat. The time in the statics is chosen according to the degree of preparedness individually.



  1. Lie on the back, leaning on the pelvis. Straight legs fix at an angle of 45 degrees to the floor. Twist the housing as much as possible, pulling the blades from the floor. Straight hands hold parallel to the floor.
  2. Fix a static position for 30 seconds.
  3. Make a vacation 1 minute and repeat the rack in the amount of only 3 approaches.

Exercise bike in press

Bike on press how to do

Bike on press how to do

  1. Lie on the floor. Hips, bent the legs in the knees, lift to the vertical position. Corps twist, lifting the shoulders forward. Hand hold from the temples. It will be the initial position.
  2. Make a simultaneous side rotation of the right shoulder with hand and left knee ahead.
  3. Repeat the move to the other side, turning the case.
  4. Perform only 40 turns (20 to each side) in 3 approaches.

3 day complex

Full set of exercises can be obtained by premium access. Details can be found in writing in personal messages to instagram.

If you train at home what food should I choose?

Knowing what products you need to have for active life begins with proper balanced nutrition, and then only you should start intense training. Balanced nutrient consumption will help you in achieving the goal of improving the physical condition and improving health.

What food to choose for training at home

The main question is how you consume the right food to ensure your body a balanced level of nutrients, and which of the elements are more important for exercise? We have a guide on healthy nutrition to optimize your exercises.

When considering a healthy balanced diet, it is important to balance the size of the portions at each meal.

The portions of the protein (chicken, beef and fish) should be the size of the palm, and your complex carbohydrates (pasta of solid wheat varieties, wild rice and buckwheat) portions of vegetables and fruits should be a fist size. High fat products, such as oil and lard, should be used in small quantities, about the thumb. For example, such products: cheese, sauces, peanut butter - all size with a thumb.

Use the following recommendations to improve your diet and better do the exercises at home:

  • Spice your daily food intake on 5/6 uniformly distributed dishes / snacks. Used in order to correct the weight.
  • Include in the diet of fresh vegetables and fruits every day.
  • Include protein sources with each meal / snacks.
  • Reduce the number of products providing empty calories, that is, sweets and chocolate.
  • Strive for consumption of 2-3 liters of water per day.
  • Alcohol has a dehydrating effect and provides empty calories, so minimize consumption.

When it comes to leadership for healthy food for any exercise in the particular home, carbohydrates and proteins are the most important elements. Carbohydrates are accumulated in the form of glycogen (energy) in the muscles, where the reserves are small, and therefore regular consumption holds them replenished. On the other hand, the protein is not stored in the body, but it should be consumed every day, as it ensures maintenance and growth of muscle tissue.

We train at home: Important stages in nutrition!

To get the most out of exercise for training at home, your food should be divided into 3 stages: before, during and after classes.


Try to eat food with a high carbohydrate content 3-4 hours before the training of 1-4 g per kg of weight.


Try to use from 30 to 60 g of carbohydrates per hour of exercise, if the duration is over 60 minutes.


Strive up to 1 g of carbohydrates per kg of weight of your body and 20-40 g of protein.

The use of the right products in combination with a competently chosen amount of nutrients will help improve the results in training online at home in our program.

Regardless of whether you are striving for an ideal body shape, improve your sports indicators or simply raise the body tone, supply your body correctly and get the best result in sports exercises, both at home and any other place.

Training at home, is a very effective tool for creating an untrained and tightened body. Of course, it is worth understanding that at home, we will not be able to grow a huge muscle mass. Although for some time we will really progress. And if you want to further improve your level of development, we will have to choose among two options.

  • Buying home more cumbersome equipment. That is, we are talking about the fact that we will begin to redo our apartment in the gym. But this approach is not suitable for everyone. Since this is a very financially cost strategy. Therefore, we will focus on the second version.
  • Further development continue in the gym. This option is much cheaper (as the subscription can be found for 5,000 rubles per year). And of course, you do not have to bother with many problems (neighbors, lack of living space, etc.).

But not all people who train at home seek to grow large muscle volumes. Basically, they set themselves the goal, bring your body to normal. There is also a circle of athletes, which simply cannot go to the hall for personal reasons. Whether it is a lack of time, children or severe injury. It does not matter what exactly you encourage you to train at home. The main thing is to spend this time productive. To do this, you need to understand what exercises should be done how to progress and what will help achieve maximum result. Let's try to figure it out.

Training at home

Which inventory use during training at home?

Although home workouts do not require high costs, but for greater efficiency it is best to buy some inventory. You will need:


This type of burdation is perfect for the power training. It is best to give preference to collapsic dumbbells. Since at home with them it is easier to work. Weight no less than 20 kg for men and 10 for girls. You can of course more. If you do not want to spend money on dumbbells, you can use two bottles of 5 liters. You can increase their weight with water or sand. But it is necessary to immediately take into account that it will not work with them very convenient.


Fitness Espander

Espander is an excellent invention that is very easy to use at home. Due to the fact that it is small, it is not necessary to keep a lot of space for storage. They are of different shapes, sizes, and each has its own rigidity. It should be chosen in terms of training. For beginners, expanders with minimal tension are perfect. For the strength of work, it is better to take more tough. With their help, you can load any muscle. But it is worth considering that, working with an expendler, should not count on large weight gains. But bring the body into the tone, making it more tightened, and the muscles are embossed, please.

Fitness Espander


This vest is a universal means if you need to work with weight outside the hall. In shape, it resembles an ordinary body armor, only in it the place of metal plates, sand bags. You can load it from 5 to 60 kg. That is, Nodya Vesta, you take away your own body weight. And already ordinary squats or pressing from the floor will be enjoyed. This means that the power rates will grow up, and after them and muscle mass. Of course, instead of a vest, you can use a backpack stuffed with something heavy. But it will work with it less comfortable.


Wall Turnque

Home You can buy at least Smith simulator. But we have already discussed that it is not rational to turn it into the gym. But to purchase this horizontal bar will not be superfluous. It is very easy to install. It is enough to secure several bolts on the wall and ready. This horizontal bar is many modifications. You can take a set with bars. It will be a little more expensive, but you immediately solve many problems with the lack of equipment.

Wall Turnque

Of course, the purchase of all this inventory is not required. You can do exercises and with our own weight or use various heavy items. But if you want to really expand your capabilities. And squeeze the full potential from your body. Then the acquisition is although B one of the above equipment listed must become a paramount task.

Basic principles for building training

In order for your workouts to bring the maximum result, you should adhere to several rules:

Frequency training

At home, you can train more often than in the gym. First, you do not need to go anywhere, since all the necessary equipment is at home. Secondly, exercising outside the hall, it is very difficult to create a similar load. So, it is unlikely that someone has a bar for 150-200 kg. And in order to solve this problem, we increase the number of exercises and training days. Newbies will be enough 3 workouts per week. More experienced can be increased to 4.

Frequency training

Permanent progression

It is impossible to get results all the time with the same intensity. Therefore, you need to change something. At home we can:

  • Increase the number of repetitions in the approach. Of course in reasonable peys. Do not make an approach to 50 repetitions.
  • Add weight For example, taking dumbbells instead of bottles with water.
  • Increase the number of approaches. It also is very important not to rearrange. Maximum 5 approaches in one exercise.
  • Reduce rest between approaches. This technique may require weight reduction. Therefore, do not be afraid if you have to take dumbbells for a couple of kilograms easier.
  • Changes in time under load. If we slightly reduce the pace, when performing any exercise. Our muscles get stronger. Since they will receive dynamic and static stress.

Do not use all the techniques at once to raise the intensity. Since for every athlete, they can work differently. It is worth introducing them to one and see how the body responds to these changes.

Permanent progression

Duration of training

In order to get the result from training, you need to engage at least 40-50 minutes. At this time, it includes, not only the performance of the main exercises. And also 5 minutes warm-up, at the beginning and 5 minutes the hitch (stretching at the end). That is, we have about 30-40 minutes to the basic program. This time will be enough for the muscles to be tired and received sufficient stress. Which will lead to their growth.

Duration of training

Workout at the beginning and a hitch at the end of training

Even at home, you should not neglect the warm-up. It will minimize the receipt of all sorts of injuries. Heat muscles and prepare a cardiovascular system for the upcoming work. As for the hitch. Stretching will allow muscles to relax. And the organism is slowly from the working mode, goes into normal.

Workout at the beginning and a hitch at the end of training

Creating ideal conditions in the apartment

Many athletes allow a lot of mistakes, training at home. Starting from your favorite TV shows and finishing cooking. To train the houses bring their fruits, you need to remove all these interference. If you have such an opportunity, it is best to do in a separate room. Ask your households not to distract you within an hour. Do not include movies or transmission on TV. Maximum musical channel. The room should be well ventilated, so it will not be superfluous to open the window (of course in the warm season). Minimalism for training is the best solution. So, it is best to remove all extra trash. In a word, you should be comfortable and then there will be only positive emotions.

Creating ideal conditions in the apartment

Using furniture and girlfriend

Domestic training requires from athletes of a small inclusion of fantasy. In the apartment, everyone has many diverse items that can be used. Bottles, chains, bags, sticks. This diversifies training. For example, with the help of a chair, you can download the press and perform reverse pushups to the triceps. And a small table is perfect for the implementation of Australian pull-ups. Behind the big wardrobe, one of the edges of the rubber expander can be fixed. What will give the opportunity to perform a variety of thrust, flexion and extension of hands. The wall will be excellent focusing when performing squats or pushups. A small aspiration or a soft stool is perfectly suitable for the role of the back for the back. What will give the opportunity to fulfill the animals of dumbbells lying and French bench press. In a word, we turn on the fantasy.

Using furniture and girlfriend

Variety in training

Even if you make an ideal program, over time, its effectiveness will be zero. And you have to make some changes. This not only helps to load muscles in a new way, but will make training more diverse. This will help you to leave the routine and will give the opportunity to speed up the results. Consequently, you will not need to do yourself to motivate yourself to force yourself to train again and again.

Variety in training

Exercises for home training

Of course, to disassemble all existing exercises, there is not enough one article. Therefore, choose only the most popular. Also, so as not to write with anything or other movements, letters will stand in brackets.

  • FROM - own weight
  • Г- Dumbbells (bottles)
  • Э- Espander
  • Ж - Vest Sunleener (Backpack)








Legs and buttocks

  • Squats (frontal, classic, sumo) (s, g, g, e)
  • Fucks (s, g, g)
  • Squat Plie (r, g)
  • Ranged traction on straight legs (g, e)
  • Picker to side (e)
  • Owning back (er)
  • Handscaping to the side (g, e)


Now we have everything you need. And it's time to make an exemplary workout plan at home.

Example of training at home

Our week will consist of 3 workouts. In each day, several muscle groups are loaded. This will avoid overtraining. And get into the temporary framework, which was said earlier. Namely than 40-50 minutes, taking into account the warm-up and the zaminka.

Day 1. Breast + biceps

  • Workout 5 minutes
  • Pressing from the floor with a wide hand set 3-4 approaches, 8-10 repetitions
  • Hand breeding lying 3-4 approaches, 8-10 repetitions
  • Rush lying 3-4 approaches, 8-12 repetitions
  • Hand bending standing 3-4 approaches, 12-15 repetitions
  • Hammer flexions 3 approaches, 12-15 repetitions
  • Hitch 5 minutes
Breast + biceps

Day 2. Spin + triceps

  • Workout 5 minutes
  • Tightening on the crossbar (or Australian with a table) 3-4 approaches, 8-12 times when working with weight. And on the maximum amount without it
  • Traction in the slope 3-4 approaches by 8-10 repetitions
  • Schrag. 3-4 approaches by 8-10 repetitions
  • Push ups on the bars 3-4 approaches, by 12-15 repetitions (weight). And maximum without it
  • Extension of hands because of the head 3 approaches, by 12-15 repetitions
  • Hitch 5 minutes
Spin + triceps

Day 3. Feet + Shoulders + Press

  • Workout 5 minutes
  • Squats 3-4 approach to 8-12 repetitions (weight). Without him to maximum.
  • Fallen 3-4 approaches by 10-12 repetitions (weight). And at the maximum without it.
  • Sitting Pliera 3-4 approaches by 10-12 repetitions (weight). And at most times without it.
  • Right sitting 3-4 approaches 10-12 times.
  • Hand breeding to side 3-4 approaches for 10-12 times + alternate with twisting on the floor 3 approaches 15-20 times
  • Hitch 5 minutes
Legs + shoulders + press

Here it may look like your training week. Of course, if you wish, you can replace some exercises. The main thing is that you feel the result. After each workout, you need to make a minimum of one day of rest. To your muscles restored. As for the time when to train, then everyone chooses when it is more convenient. Since everyone has different work and family circumstances.

All success in training!

We are struggling with laziness: how to start doing sports at home and not to quit

Beautiful figure is impossible without sports. Surely, each of us at one time tried to start studying them, but not everyone did it, or if it happened, would be briefly. In fact, the most difficult thing is to start, both from scratch and after the break, and after a person is drawn and continues to do. How to start doing sports? It is necessary to work on yourself, including psychological, and accurately understand why you need it.

A little about the benefits of sports

Regular physical activity is an excellent way to improve not only a figure, but also health. Therefore, before starting to play sports at home from scratch, you need to talk a little about the benefits of exercises.

Physical activity helps us lose weight and maintain the right weight, muscle mass, reduces the risk of numerous diseases. In addition, it is proved that the exercises raise the mood, activate the brain activity, which are beneficial to sleep and libido. They also contribute to maintaining the right energy level. Thus, they help us improve your life on all fronts, correct both the figure and health.

Types of exercise

Physical activity is represented by a huge number of different types. Here are the most common:

  • Aerobics . Usually such exercises are the basis of any fitness program and include periods of continuous movement. This, for example, running, swimming or dancing.
  • Force . Enhance the strength and endurance of the muscles. This, for example, lifting the scales, running for a short distance, pliometric.
  • Rhythmic gymnastics. It involves the basic movements of the body performed in the middle aerobic pace without simulators. This, for example, squats, lunges, pulling, push-ups.
  • High intensity interval training . Ensures alternation at the beginning of high intensity exercises, and after - low or rest.
  • Exercises for the development of sustainability. Help strengthen the muscles and improve the coordination of movements. Among them, for example, Pilates and common strengthening exercises.
  • Exercises for flexibility . Contribute to the restoration of muscles, improving the coordination of movements and prevent injuries. These include yoga and various separate stretch exercises.

These groups of exercises can be performed both together and separately.

We are struggling with laziness: how to start doing sports at home and not to quit

Sports should bring not only the benefit, but also pleasure, so try to pick up that his appearance that will like you. The modern sports industry offers a lot of different programs from which everyone can choose something suitable for him.

Where to begin?

It is important to start doing sports correctly - a lot depends on the start. Before proceeding directly to training, consider such things:

Need to check out health

The start of sports - the stage is important, and initially need to understand that he will not harm you, and for this you need To eliminate the presence of contraindications, consult with a specialist and pass the survey.

This condition is especially important for those who have never been involved in sports, has certain health peculiarities or an old age. The specialist will help you choose the optimal version of the load that will only benefit.

Drawing up a plan and setting goals

"I want to start doing sports - where to start?" - A rather popular question. Initially, it is important to make a plan that will include its goals and ways to achieve them. First, the actions should be as simple as possible, and as you improve your physical training you will complicate them.

For example, if the goal is to run 5 kilometers, then for a start, you can enter several distances shorter. When you cope with them, add a certain number of meters until you master all the 5 km feet. Starting with real, small and achievable goals, you will raise your chances of success and do not surrender. If you immediately put an imparted bar, it can beat off your desire to play sports at all.

We are struggling with laziness: how to start doing sports at home and not to quit

Sport should be your habit

Another important point is how to start playing sports from scratch - make training part of your life on an ongoing basis. They should be your habit - so you can raise responsibility and discipline.

Select the time you will dedicate sports - Morning, for example, or evening after work. Now take yourself the installation that this time you are trained - without excuses and laziness.

How much do you need to study

Competent program - that's where to start playing sports. It is important not to load yourself at once, trying to put records. According to experts, a person is quite enough 150 moderate aerobic exercises per week. This time you can distribute the weeks of the week yourself, as you are more convenient. For example, you can practice five times a week to 30 minutes or 35-40 minutes every other day.

First, workouts must be moderate. Increase their intensity gradually, as your preparation will improve. It is also important to know that the body needs to relax, and the recovery time is important not less than the training.

Training program for a week

To start doing sports at home, you need to decide that it will include your program. Let us give an easy example of a weekly training program that will not require additional equipment and will be designed for 30-45 minutes per day. She will give an exemplary performance regarding the start of classes and will help to make an individual program for yourself. The programs can be changed, complicate, vary. The occupation can begin with exercises of any kind.

  • Monday . 40 minutes of running moderate tempo or fast walking.
  • Tuesday . Relaxation.
  • Wednesday . Active walking within ten minutes, then the complex of the following exercises is performed (perform them with a break per minute between approaches, then make a stretch):

-This approach to ten attacks on two legs, ten pushups, ten lifts of the housing from the position lying.

-This approach to ten pushups from the chair, ten air squats and ten "dispensing".

  • Thursday . Relaxation.
  • Friday . Steamed cycling or jogging in a rapid pace.
  • Saturday . Relaxation.
  • Sunday . Running or long walk for 40 minutes.

We are struggling with laziness: how to start doing sports at home and not to quit

This is just an approximate simple program, where to start sports at home, which can be used at home. Much depends on what type of activity you have chosen, and what the level of your preparation is.

How to start well eat and play sports: useful tips

To achieve your goals Store the following recommendations:

  • Use a large amount of fluid during the day. This is important for maintaining a normal water balance in the body. When you are engaged in sports, the body actively loses fluid, and this balance must be filled. You can drink water as before, so after and during training.
  • Optimize meals. Regardless of whether you want to lose weight or build up muscle mass, there is a lot of meals. It should have enough proteins that give the energy of complex carbohydrates, plant components. Try to refuse harmful products - look for them a useful alternative.
  • Before training, you always need to work the workout. It will help to significantly reduce the risk of injury during classes, prepare muscles, will help improve the results, as well as warn the pain after training. As a workout, you can use fast walking, light jogging, mahs, lunges, slopes, and so on.
  • Hitch. After training, the hint is important - it helps the body return to normal condition, restores the pulse and breathing, relaxes the muscles. This is just a small pause, but it is also very important. Features of the hitch will depend on the workout itself: after running it may be easy walking, after exercise on resistance - stretching.
  • Listen to your body. At the initial stages, it is especially important to be able to listen in their body and give it reasonable loads. If you felt pain or discomfort during classes, stop and let yourself relax. No need to train through pain - it can provoke an injury. Remember that to train more and faster - does not mean better.

A little about motivation

We are struggling with laziness: how to start doing sports at home and not to quit

In how to start losing weight and play sports, motivation is incredibly important. It is she who will help not surrender. Initially, it is important to approach training with a positive attitude and ease, getting pleasure from them. This will help get rid of anxious thoughts that often overcome novice athletes. Any program can be changed and adjustable depending on desires and preferences.

Those who love communication and to whom it is hard to do at home, can train in the gym, in groups on yoga, pilates or any other sport. You can also deal with someone from loved ones.

As for the motivation directly, then You need to understand what you are doing, why and for what. Beautiful figure, health improvement, elastic muscles - keep the ultimate goal in your head, for which you started doing. Remember her as soon as you feel that you are hard to overcome too lazy and start playing sports.

To start doing home, girl or guy You can make your training more comfortable, Listening to your favorite music or browsing an interesting gear. If you do not know how to start playing sports after a long break, remember what advantages gave you a sport earlier and sincerely want to return all this and improve your results.

It's not easy to start, but to start correctly - even more difficult. But this is the stage that lays the foundation for further results. Make the right choice once, understand that you really need it, and treat training and weight loss as a whole and with pleasure - then the results will not make yourself wait.

How to start playing sports: video tips

Program of domestic training

Hear exercises you will find under the program.


  1. Articular warm-up . The slopes and turns of the head, the rotation of the shoulders, elbows and wrists, the slopes of the body on the side and forward, the rotation of the pelvis, the removal of the thigh to the side, the rotation of the knees and footsteps. Perform 10 rotations (slopes) in each direction. It will take no more than 5 minutes for the entire workout.
  2. Heat (performed intensively):
    • jumping jumping jacks - 30 seconds;
    • Running in place - 30 seconds;
    • Jumping through the rope - 100 times.
  3. Silence block :
    • Classic push ups - three approaches 10 times;
    • Hands of dumbbells up - three approaches 15 times;
    • The thrust dumbbells in the slope - three approaches 10 times per hand;
    • squats - three approaches for 20 times;
    • put the pelvis on one leg - three approaches 10 times per leg;
    • rise of the housing to the press - three approaches for 20 times;
    • Boat - 3 approaches 10 times;
    • Plank classic - hold 30 seconds, three approaches.
  4. Stretching . All stretching exercises are 30 seconds.


  1. Articular warm-up.
  2. Heat.
  3. Circular training number 1 . Do the exercises in a measured pace, try not to stop and bring up rest to a minimum. Perform six circles of the following exercises:
    • 5 pushups;
    • 10 enclosures on the press;
    • 15 squats.
  4. Circular training number 2 . This training is performed at the time of the tobate protocol. You perform so many exercises as you can in 20 seconds, then 10 seconds resting. You need to perform six circles. That is, you put a timer for 3 minutes and start.
    • Burmpion;
    • climbing;
    • Squats (first try squatting with jumping, if there is no strength to continue, make ordinary).
  5. Stretching .

Wednesday - Holidays


  1. Articular warm-up .
  2. Heat .
  3. Silence block :
    • Inverse pushups - three approaches 10 times;
    • attacks - three approaches 10 times per leg;
    • Mahi dumbbells standing - three approaches 10 times;
    • Populate a pelvis with a layer support - three approaches 10 times;
    • Breeding dumbbells in the slope - three approaches 10 times;
    • feet for the press - three approaches for 20 times;
    • Boat - three approaches 10 times;
    • Plank Classical → Strapery Rights in the right side → Plank Classical → Strip side to the left side - it is to hold every 30 seconds.
  4. Stretching .


  1. Articular warm-up.
  2. Heat.
  3. Circular training number 1 . Perform exercises in a measured pace, try not to stop and reduce rest to a minimum. Perform six circles of the following exercises:
    • 5 pushups with a wide hand form;
    • 5 reverse pushups;
    • 10 squats jumping;
    • 30 seconds strip + 30 seconds of rest.
  4. Circular training number 2 . You make so many exercises as you can in 30 seconds, then rest 30 seconds. Perform two circles:
    • Burmpion;
    • jumping through the rope;
    • climbing;
    • Jumping jacks;
    • Alternation of feet in the lunge.
  5. Stretching .

Saturday and Sunday

Rest and recover. You can work out yoga or stretch.

Silence block of home training program

Push ups

Home Training Program: Classic Pushup

This is a universal exercise for pumping triceps and breast muscles. Try to immediately perform pushups correctly: elbows are at an angle of 45 degrees, the press and buttocks are tense, and the body is a straight line.

If you can not complete the full push in the leg stop, put your legs on your knees. It happens that on your feet you are compressed difficult, and on your knees too simple. In this case, follow so much push ups in the stop, as you can with the right technique, and then go to your knees.

In pushups with a wide handmill, the emphasis shifts on breast muscles, and triceps get less load.

Domestic training program: push-ups with wide hand set

Inverse pushups

Domestic training program: reverse pushup

This exercise also helps to work in triceps and breast muscles. Turn your back to the static support, such as a chair, put your hands on it with your fingers and perform pushups.

You can bend legs at an angle of 90 degrees or completely straighten, the last option is more difficult. Try to descend until the shoulders are parallel to the floor. But you should not overdo it with depth: it can end the injury.

Mahi dumbbells standing

Training program at home: Mahi dumbbells standing

This exercise allows you to work in the middle delta. Divide your arms, slightly bend elbows, do not raise your shoulders.

If you do not have dumbbells (small dumbbells are about 200-300 rubles, kinds are more expensive, but they can be bought from the hands), take one and a half or two-liter water bottles. Of course, this is a little weight, but for starters it is enough.

Breeding dumbbells in the slope

Professional training program: Breeding dumbbells in the slope

This exercise involves the rear bundles of deltoid muscles. Take the dumbbells or water bottles, lean so that the body is almost parallel to the floor, slightly bend the elbows and spread your arms.

Hands of dumbbells up

Training program at home: dumbbells

Take into the hands of dumbbells or water bottles, bend your hands on the elbows, lift the dumbbells just above the shoulder level and expand the palm of yourself - this is the starting position. From it, you squeeze dumbbells up and lower back.

Link dumbbells in the slope

Link dumbbells in the slope

This exercise is working as the widest muscles of the back. Take a dumbbell or water bottle, find a stable and sufficiently long support, for example, two chairs standing nearby.

Take weighting into the right hand, go to the support, put the left foot on it, bent in the knee, and the left hand. Lower the hand with weighting down, and then tighten it to the belt, feeling how the back muscles strains.

You can not put one leg on the support, but just lean your hand. The main thing is to tilt the housing well. The closer to the parallel with the floor, the better the widest muscles of the back are loaded. Otherwise, more loads goes to the rear deltid muscles.


Training program at home: squats

Squats work well for the front surface hip and buttock muscles. Try to squat deeply, but at the same time keep your back straight, do not tear off the heels from the floor, breed your knees. Stop socks Expand 45 degrees.

Deposits in place

Training program for the week: drops on site

The attacks also load the jagged muscles and quadriceps. Home is more convenient to perform them in place. Make a step forward, touch the floor with your knee from behind my feet and return to its original position.

The corner in the knee of ahead should be 90 degrees. Watch the knee not to go out.

Pelvis pelvis on one leg

Training program for the week: put the pelvis on one leg

This exercise loads well muscles well. Lie on the floor on your back, bend one leg in the knee and put on the heel, rectate another. Raise and lower the pelvis, feeling how the jagged muscles are strained. Then change your feet.

Populate the pelvis with a layer support

Training program for the week: put the pelvis with a layer support

Another exercise to activate the berium muscles. Enroll your shoulders on the sofa or stool, bend your legs in the knees, put the feet on the floor. Raise the pelvis so that the body is parallel to the floor, and then go down.

Pod a housing

Training program for the week: raising the case

This is a popular and effective exercise for studying the live muscle muscle. Lie on the floor bent in the knees of the legs put on the elevation. Pick up the height so that the angle in the knee is 90 degrees. Exercise, lifting and lowering the case.

Logging legs

Training program for a week: Lokia's legs

This exercise is working as the bottom of the straight muscle of the abdomen. Lie on the floor on the back, lift your legs and bend them in your knees at an angle of 90 degrees - this is the initial position. Tear away the pelvis from the floor and lift the legs up, and then go back to its original position and repeat.


Workout program for the week: Planck

Stand up in the focus of lying, hands are located strictly under the shoulders. Strain the press and buttocks so that the body is stretched into one line. Hold this position a specified amount of time. Two positions are shown in the photo above: on the left - the usual bar, on the right - the side plank. You can combine them.


Training program at home: Boat

This exercise strengthens the buttocks and muscles-extensors of the back. Lie on the floor on the belly, hands pull up, legs straighten. At the same time, raise your arms and legs smoothly, without jerks. Also smoothly and slowly lower them.

Cardoopers for warming up and circular training

Jumping Jacks.

This is an excellent heating exercise. You jump at the same time, arranging the legs apart, and make cotton above your head, and then with a jump collect legs and lower your hands.

Jumping through the rope

Jumping through the skap perfectly warm up the body and with sufficient intensity spend more calories than a quiet run.

Running on the spot with a high knee lifting

Another good exercise for cardiozmens. The exercise is performed very intensively - approximately 70% of the maximum possible tempo.


Performing burgrals in a circular training session, you will increase endurance and strengthen your hands. On the rules of execution and features of the exercise can be read here.

Squat with jumping

This exercise loads the front side of the hip (three quadriceps heads) and calf muscles.


In this exercise, the muscles of the bark are well studied, endurance is developing.

Foot alternation in lunge

Perform an exercise carefully not to hit the knee of the floor.


In the photos below you will see several exercises for stretching.

Stretching of the chest muscles

Stretching the front of the thigh

Stretching jagical muscles

Stretching biceps hips

Stretching in a straight corner position

Stretching adductors

Try this program and share your impressions in the comments to the article: What it was easy, which is difficult, from what you completely refused?

Effective start: how to start doing sports at home from scratch

Sport classes strengthen health and allow a person to feel attractive, strong and hardy.

Many have no experience in fitness training, so do not know how to start commercially to physical exertion.

You can work on your own body from scratch without simulators and other sports equipment, organizing trainings at home.

A person who decided to play sports independently without a coach, first of all, it is necessary to assess the state of his health.

Where to start training a newcomer

Effective start: how to start doing sports at home from scratch

Diseases of the musculoskeletal system, autoimmune diseases during the period of exacerbation, recovery after surgery, sharp viral and infectious diseases are contraindications to physical exertion.

If a person suffers from obesity and wants to solve the problem at the expense of classes in sports, then overweight is necessary under the control of specialists - a nutritionist and personal coach.

Before proceeding with the fitness of the house, the person should plan an exemplary training schedule.

The guarantee of the productivity of sports trainings is their regularity.

To lose weight, pump muscles and train stamina, you need to do at least 2 times a week.

If the wishing to fully train leads a low-lived lifestyle, then he can not immediately begin intensive trainings. A few weeks need to be given to the preparation of muscles to force loads. To do this, it is possible to give a run daily for a day every day, walking in a rapid pace, dancing, cycling. Cardigarfoots train the cardiovascular system and strengthen the musculoskeletal system.

Important! Sport classes It is important to combine with a healthy diet, which will contribute to the loss of extra kilograms and maintain the normal speed of metabolism.

Optimal exercises at home for beginners

When choosing suitable fitness techniques for performing at home, you must focus on the expected results. It is also worth considering sexuality, because both for men, and for women there are optimal fitness techniques.

Effective start: how to start doing sports at home from scratch


The following fitness techniques are suitable for novice girls:

  1. Squats complicated: legs stand on the width of the shoulder belt, and the stop socks are put apart. The posture is straight, and the chin slightly raised. At the exhalation, the pelvis as close as possible to the floor, but at the same time the posture remains smooth. In order not to load excessively joints, you need to try so that the buttocks during squat remained on the same line with the knees.
  2. Hands of dumbbell standing: when performing the set, one hand works. Legs put on the width of the shoulders, the back is straight, and the knee joints are slightly bent. In the hand you need to take a dumbbell, and the second limbs put on the waist. Having inhaled, the dumbbell raise up and, staying up for a few seconds at the point of the maximum, make exhale.
  3. Fucks without weighing in your hands: Stand smoothly and lift the chin. Right foot amuse you, fixing the body in a new position. The knee joint should form a straight corner, playing the role of support for the whole body. The second leg is behind the back, but its knee joint is aimed perpendicular to the floor.
  4. Twisting on the floor: stacked on the back, but after returning to a half-sidic position, putting the legs in front of you. It is necessary to control that limb bent in the knees stood parallel to the floor. Alternately pull one leg in front of him, lingering in this position for a couple of seconds. Hands should be located along the housing.
  5. Bicycle: They are stacked on the back, and the hand closed in the castle under the back of the back. Legs straighten up, raising them by 10 cm from the floor surface. Alternately, the knee tighten to the opposite elbow, trying to straight back. The blades when performing fitness reception diluted.


Effective start: how to start doing sports at home from scratch

Men are optimally started with power loads with an emphasis on arms, press and legs. Properly training will help a simple sports inventory, for example, dumbbells.

What can be performed by itself:

  1. Push ups: You need to lie on the floor, and then climb in parallel its level on straight hands and socks. The pelvis at the same time is on the same line with the back. On the exhalation, the hands bend in the elbows, tilting the chest to the floor. In exhalation, return to the starting position.
  2. Dynamic attacks without sports equipment: legs put in parallel. Body weight is transferred to the working leg, and the second make a wide step back, putting it on the sock. Both legs bend in the knees, trying to make a deep squat. When knee extension, the left leg is substituted to the right, after which we carry the weight on the left.
  3. Skaling thrust of dumbbells: Choose a convenient weight of dumbbells. Right knee becomes on the horizontal bench for the press. With the right hand, you need to rely on it. The angle in the hip joint is leveling up to 90 degrees, the spin remains smooth. Left leg is slightly assigned to the side. The head is parallel to the floor. The stitching of the projectile must be parallel body lines. Wealer tighten to the lower back, trying to bring the elbow to the top point. In the peak point you need to stay for a second, dropping dumbbell.
  4. Jagged bridge: you need to lie on the floor and arrange your arms along the case. The feet that are fully standing on the floor, put the width of the shoulders, bending limbs in the knee joints. On the exhalation, straining the muscles of the blades and the ICR, take off the fifth point from the floor and hold it in the highest possible position for a few seconds. In the breath lower the pelvic region on the floor.

What are the goals of sports are being pursued

The way a person will start playing sports from scratch depends on his goals.

Effective start: how to start doing sports at home from scratch

Slimming exercise complex

Such a complex is suitable for losing extra sediments:

  • Cardiolasminka - 5 minutes of unprecedented jumps with a rope;
  • Squats with dumbbells (can be replaced by false) - 15 times in 3 sets;
  • lunges without weights - similarly;
  • pressing from the floor - 10 times, 4 approaches;
  • The bridge is 15 times, 3 cycles.

You can deal on the principle of circular training - performing on the approach of each exercise for each other. Then after the half-minute break, the circle is repeated.

Program for strength

For the development of physical endurance, the following training program is suitable:

  • squats with dumbbells - 20 times, 3 sets;
  • inclined dumbbells - similarly;
  • pressing from the floor - 15 times, 3 sets;
  • twisting on the floor - so itself;
  • Hyperextension on the floor - 10 times, 3 cycles.

There are practically no breaks between each fitness reception. For work outness, you need to train in a rapid pace.

Muscle pumping complex

Effective start: how to start doing sports at home from scratch

Exercises for the effect of the Pumped Body:

  • pressing press twisting (on the floor) in a fast pace - 20 times in 2 approaches;
  • Deep squats - 10 times, 4 cycles;
  • drops with dumbbells - similarly;
  • The dumbbells are standing - 15 times, 3 sets;
  • push ups - 15 times in 3 sets;
  • Dumbbell thrust in the slope - similarly;
  • Planck - 1 minute.

With each workout, try to increase the number of repetitions.

How to train to succeed

The correct technique of performing selected fitness receptions is not the only condition for productive training. There are other components of success in sports from scratch.

Effective start: how to start doing sports at home from scratch


Anyone who has decided to join fitness should clearly know what he wishes to achieve efforts. The training should know that in order to obtain the expected result, at least a month of regular occupation, combined with healthy nutrition, is required.


To train the body and improve the figure, you need to create trainings and observe it. Having exercises 2-3 times a week, other days should be given to half-hour dynamic loads. It can be running, cycling, skiing and other types of active seasons depending on the season.

To normalize metabolism, it is also necessary to observe a healthy day of the day, not allowing overwork.


Musculature after loads requires resting from training, because during the recovery period it adds in volume. Therefore, trainings are organized with an interval of 1-2 days.

Tips experienced


Experts of bodybuilding, fitness and healthy lifestyle will tell you to take into account those people who wish to start productive training.

Semenihin Denis, Bodybowder

Sports sessions begin gradually, starting to organize trainings from 2 times a week. Changes to the power mode also need to enter smoothly. A sharp change in habits will entail a quick loss of motivation.

Matsovich Marika, fitness coach, author of a video channel dedicated to fitness

Log in the training pace will help the workout with an emphasis on cardion. This approach to the organization of classes helps not only heat the muscles and speed up the metabolism, but also psychologically tune in to fitness.

Evgeny Stich, Fitness Blogger

Newcomers who wish to pump muscles, recommends starting a complex with pushups. This is a good warming exercise, which also helps to work out physical endurance.

Useful video

Main conclusions

  1. Getting Started with sports training from scratch, you need to take into account the final goals, as well as your sexuality.
  2. In training, it is necessary to combine power and cardion loads, without ignoring the workout at the beginning of the complex.
  3. You need to do 2-3 times a week, giving muscles time to restore after trainings.
  4. Fitness is combined with proper nutrition, compliance with the mode of activity and recreation, as well as with a dynamic way of life.

Properly selected complex of physical exercise for the house is an excellent alternative to systematic campaigns to the gym. After all, it looks good, everyone wants to have a spectacular figure. At the same time, it is not necessary to go to the gym regularly. A constant lack of time, monetary difficulties or other obstacles become the main reasons why many refuse sports, and in vain. If it is competent to develop a training scheme and acquire several simple sports shells, the lessons at home will be very effective.

General rules before starting training

You need to get acquainted with the basic rules before the start of training:

  • Do not ignore the warm-up (muscle warming) and the harness (stretching the entire body in a calm tempo). Despite the lack of time, pay fairly attention to the initial and final stage.

  • In order not to injure the joints, always train in sneakers.

  • Exclude physical exertion within an hour after meals.

  • A number of exercises are advisable to smash two circles. For example, in the first place to perform attacks on one side, after - to another.

  • Training for beginners should last no more than 20-25 minutes.

  • To perform some exercises, sport vessels may be required (dumbbells, horizontal bar, expendillars, etc.).

  • By drawing up the training scheme, the complex should be divided for 3-4 days per week. The days of large and small loads must be alternating.

It is impossible to load yourself exclusively by forceful exercises or vice versa - to constantly make a selection of movements with a small load. If you can not work out on a certain day - nothing terrible. The main thing is not to throw classes. You can train 2 and even 1 time weekly.

Sport is useful to everyone, even those who are not going to dump weight or build up muscle mass!

To lose weight, find the tightened body, it is not necessary to go to the gym or for a long time to sweat at the sports ground. Alternatively, you can make a suitable training program and do at home. At the same time, no bulky simulators or rich experience in fitness you will need. All you need is a desire to become a beautiful and healthy person. Several simple sports shells for training at home will also not interfere.

Exercises for training at home - the right choice of those who seek to support their body in shape and have good health. The advantages of such classes are indisputable:

  • Due to the sport, even outside the gym, you can pull the figure and get rid of extra kilograms.

  • Not only experienced athletes can train, but those who are just starting to join fitness.

  • A set of exercises for training at home provides for the load on all muscle groups.

  • Bulky expensive sports equipment is not required.

Recommendations that should be followed during classes

  • Take care of the free space for training. In Tenship, the risk of injury is repeatedly increasing.

  • Avoid injury will also help special sports shoes and clothing. Pants and T-shirt should not be too free or vice versa - overly narrow. The purpose of sporting things is to give freedom to movements, and not to interfere with training. Sneakers should be selected in size and good quality.

  • If you have become bad during the class - stop doing exercises immediately and go to rest. Do not confuse fatigue and poor well-being. Overtepture, sweat up to sweat, feel the heat in the muscles is normal. It costs to worry, when it darkens in the eyes, ringing in the ears is heard, the coordination of movements is disturbed, the tie of the pulse is felt at the root of the language. In such a situation, you need to urgently stop training.

  • Sports during the disease are contraindicated. This is one of the basic rules. In this case, the situation largely depends on the well-being of a person. If an athlete is experiencing only light manifestations of colds - nothing bothers him to train. With pronounced symptoms of the disease, it is impossible.

To benefit from classes, and not harm yourself - exactly observe these rules!

Household inventory

To train at home, special simulators are not needed (as in the gymnasium). But nevertheless, some simple sports shells will not be superfluous.


Provide extra weight, increasing the load. In the classic version are performed by solidities. However, in order to save funds and free space in the apartment it is better to acquire a collapsible model. During the training, you can adjust the mass, removing or adding removable items.


This shell is perfect for Cardio and coordination development. Of course, not the best choice for living in the high-rise building, if not confident in the softness of your own jumps. But on the first floor or in a private house, it is easy to engage in it easily and conveniently. This extremely simple design allows you to exercise for beginners and can replace a full-fledged simulator outside the gym.

Horizontal bar

Used to strengthen abdominal muscles, back, hands, chest. With it, you can not only work out the top of the body, but also develop coordination, dexterity. Install this sports projectile at home is not difficult. Classes are equally recommended for men and women. A special TRX-loops can be consolidated on the horizontal bar (this is a compact simulator in the form of a nylon with a simple mechanism for adjusting length, round handles for palms and hinges for the legs), which will allow you to perform almost an infinite amount of exercise.

Loop TRX.

A very convenient compact simulator for efficient training at home. Does not take up a lot of space in the room, it is convenient during transportation (if you need to take with you on vacation or business trip). Loops are usually fixed by the horizontal bar, door or ceiling anchor.


This sporting projectile costs from 400 to 11,000 rubles, depending on the manufacturer, weight, design, occupies very little space. The weight of the projectile is usually varied from 1 to 11 kg. But there are also heavier versions of 50, 60 and 70 kg. Suitable for performing plyometric exercises, allows you to work the muscles of the bark and hands. Choosing a suitable inventory, novice athletes worth give preference to easier and firm models. The optimal option in this case is from 1 to 3 kg. Be careful, the ball should not seem too heavy, so do not be afraid to buy the most lightweight for the beginning.


Squeezing and stretching this shell, you can work various muscle groups. With it, you can exercise your legs, craving for hand, to reduce and breed the blades. Variations of expander sets: harnesses, tubular, shoulder, brushes, butterflies, multifunctional, etc. Any model is characterized by compact sizes. Fastening the miniter does not need to be attached, making it even more accessible to fitness classes.


Making up how to do exercises at home, do not forget that it will be uncomfortable to train without it. The floor surface is solid, not always warm enough, and comfort during occupation has not the last value. In addition, to do fitness on a special rug more hygienic. Also, you will not slide with him, so do not injure your knees and logi.

Remember - sports should be safe!

Exercises for different muscle groups

Below will list the exercises that begin beginners athletes. Make them will not be difficult and at home.

Push ups

Allow pumping breast muscles and triceps. To execute, take the stop lying, the hands arrange a little wider shoulders. Follow the palms, they must be placed parallel to each other. Smoothly bend the elbows, dropping down, and return to the starting position. Being at the bottom position, it is necessary to touch the floor of the floor.

If it does not work so much (for beginners it is pretty hard), put your legs on your knees.

Inverse pushups

This exercise for sports at home also contributes to the study of breast muscles and triceps. First of all, select a suitable support (take a stable chair). Shoot it with your back, put your palms with your fingers in your direction and begin to appeal. Legs can be bent in the knees or straightened. When performing, try to go down below, but do not overdo in order not to be injured.

Mahi dumbbells in standing

Stand straight, take the dumbbells and spread your arms to the sides. The elbow joints are slightly bend, the shoulders do not have to rise. Make Mahi calmly, avoiding sharp movements. Instead of the specified sports equipment, you can use conventional plastic bottles filled with water.

Breeding dumbbells in the slope

Allows you to work the deltoid muscles. Take the shells (or filled with liquid bottles) and lean forward. Make sure that the body body is the maximum parallel floor surface. Now slightly bend the elbow joints and remove your arms to the sides. While driving, it is necessary to constantly reduce and breed the blades. Return to its original position, straighten up.

Hands of dumbbells up

Sit on a chair or training bench. To begin with, lift the cargo slightly above the shoulders, holding the palm in the position from yourself. Next, raise the shells up and lower them back, trying to maximize the blades.

Link dumbbells in the slope

To perform this exercise for newbies, a training bench or a pair of stable chairs will be required. Holding the shell in the left hand, put the right knee and an elongated hand. Now carefully lower the dumbbell down and pull it back to the belt. Change the position and work another part of the body.


Put your legs on the width of the shoulders, stop socks should be slightly deployed to the sides. Smoothly go down (as if attached to the chair) and return to the initial position. By performing movements, try to keep your back straight and not tear off the heels from the floor surface.


Help training the muscles of the buttocks and hips. Stand straight, step forward, touching the knee joint of the floor and return to the initial position. Do the same other foot.


Take a stay. Bend one leg in the knee and assume the heel into the floor. Second straighten and lift up. Now smoothly raise and lower the pelvis. When performing this exercise, the muscles of the buttocks and hips are involved.

Lift pelvis

Another movement for the development of the berry zone. Sit on the floor, shoulders, go about a suitable support (for example, a sofa). Holding your knees bent, lift the pelvis and lower back. Watch that the body in the upper position be parallel to the floor surface.

Lifting housing

Not the simplest, but effective exercise at home, allowing to work out the abdominal muscles. It requires a suitable exaltation (for example, a chair). Stay on the floor, put your hands behind your head, put your legs on the support. Selecting the height, follow the angle in the knee was about 90 degrees. Now smoothly raise and lower the housing.


Lie on the floor, stretch your hands along the body. From the position lying on the back, lift your legs and bend the knee joints. Pull out the stop socks up, raising the pelvis, and return to the starting position.


Run into the floor stretched out hands and socks stop. Straining the jagged muscles and press, stretch into line. Watch the back to remain straight, do not bend the knees and do not lower the pelvis. Hold in this position for a while.

Read more in our article Exercise Plank - how to do it.


Thanks to this exercise, it will be possible to strengthen the buttock and spine muscles. To begin with, stay on the stomach. Hands pull forward. Smoothly lift them together with the upper part of the body (as far as possible), while tearing off the legs from the floor. Perform the movement slowly, avoiding sharp jerks.

Jumping Jacks.

Stand straight, lower hands along the body. Jump, in the jump, dug your legs wider shoulders, lift up through the sides (you can make cotton above your head). Source to its original position. Perform jumps in the rapid pace.

Training program at home

The training scheme for each athlete is intended individually. To have a fullest performance, you should familiarize yourself with the approximate plan of classes for the week.

Day 1 (Monday)

  • Workout. Working, it is necessary to rotate with knee, elbow joints, footsteps of legs and a pelvis, tilting of the hull, head turns. It is necessary to repeat each movement at least 10 times. In total, the initial stage should take 5 minutes.

  • Heat:

  • half a minute jumping jacks;

  • the same way in place;

  • 100 jumps through the rope.

  • Power exercises:

  • push ups (3 approaches 10 times);

  • dumbbells up (3 to 15);

  • a projectile traction in the slope (3 to 10);

  • squats (3 to 20);

  • lift pelvis (3 to 10);

  • Boat (3 to 10);

  • Planck for half a minute.

  • The final stage. Stretching.

Day 2 (Tuesday)

  • Workout for joints.

  • Warming up: jump rope, running on site, jumping jacks.

  • Circular training. Implies alternately performing the following actions:

  • squeeze 5 times;

  • Make the lift of the case - 10;

  • sit down - 15.

Total to perform 6 circles.

Day 3 (Wednesday)

It is necessary to give the body to take a break from physical exertion.

Day 4 (Thursday)

  • First stage. Workout for joints.

  • Preheating muscles classes.

  • Power exercises:

  • reverse pushups (3 approaches 10 times);

  • drops (3 to 10);

  • Maha dumbbell standing (3 to 10);

  • lift pelvis with a support (3 to 10);

  • Breeding shells in the slope (3 to 10);

  • Lifting legs (3 to 20);

  • Boat (3 to 10);

  • Planck is half a minute.

  • Final stretch.

Day 5 (Friday)

  • Workout.

  • Dynamic heating.

  • Circular training 6 circles by:

  • 5 pushups;

  • 10 squats;

  • Female planks plus as much time on vacation.

  • "Tabata", which can include:

  • climbing;

  • jumping through the rope;

  • Berp;

  • Drops.

The final stage. Stretching.

Day 6 and 7 (Saturday and Sunday)

On weekends it is worth a pretty rest and recover. Alternatively, you can work out yoga.

Read our article about yoga for beginners.

Following the foregoing plan of training at home for beginners, you can achieve impressive results without visiting the gym. The main thing is to observe the routine of classes and combine sports with the right nutrition.

Training at home - Novice Guide. Homework exercise program

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