Parser What is this simple language, for what is needed and how to make it

Greetings to you on the blog pages: Today we consider a popular term - one of the ways of automation when working with websites.

PARSERS - Specialized programs that can explore content in automatic mode and detect the necessary fragments.

Under the parties implies an action during which a specific document is analyzed from the point of view of syntax and vocabulary. It is transformed; If it identified the desired information, they are selected for subsequent use.

Parsing is applied for emergency information. This is the name of the alternate syntax estimate of the data posted on the Internet pages. This method is applied to timely processing and copying a large number of information if manual work requires a long time.

What is it needed for

In order to create a website and its effective promotion, a huge amount of content is needed, which must be formed in manual manual.

Parsers have subsequent possibilities:

  • Update data to support relevance. Tracking changes in currencies or the weather forecast is in manual order, it is impossible for this reason to be resorted to a parsing;
  • Collection and instant duplication of information from other websites for accommodation on their resource. Information purchased using parsing is rewriting. Such a solution is used to fill the film entry, news projects, resources with culinary recipes and other sites;
  • Connection of data streams. It is obtained a significant amount of information from some sources, processing and distribution. It is comfortable for filling the newspapers;
  • Parsing significantly speeds up work with keywords. By setting up work, it is permissible to immediately select the request required to promote. After clustering, SEO content is prepared on the pages, in which the largest number of keys will be provided.

What are views

Acquisition of information on the Internet is a complex, ordinary, taking a large amount of time. Parsers can sort a significant proportion of web resources in search of the necessary information, automate it.

More rapidly "PARS" universal network of search concepts robots. However, the information is accumulated by the parsers and in individual interests. At its base, Nr, it is possible to write the dissertation. Parsing applies automatic unique control programs. Text data is rapidly comparing the contents of hundreds of web pages with the text provided.

Without parsing schemes, online store holders who need hundreds of monotypic images of products, technical data and other content would be difficult to handle the characteristics of the products.

Allocate 2 more common parceration species on the Internet:

  • PARSING TOTAL IN Extraction of Search Concepts.

Some programs combine these functions, plus tighten additional features and powers.

How to make Parser


  • It is easiest to fulfill the PARSING using PHP File_Get_Contents () functions. It makes it possible to purchase the contents of the file in the variant of the text line. The function applies the "Memory Mapping" method, which makes it better its productivity.
  • For example, to make a Script, which parses information from the website of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation, should be purchased using the proper function of the XML page, by setting the date in accordance with the appropriate format for the website, after which it is divided into it with regular wording.
  • If you need to parse specifically the XML file itself, then there are still appropriate functions. For the basis of the parser, it should be initialized using XML_PARSER_CREATE: $ PARSER = XML_PARSER_CREATE ();
  • Therefore, the register of functions that will edit proper tags and text data. The corresponding methods of the basis and end of the XML component are generated: XML_SET_Element_Handler ($ Parser, Startelement, "Endelement");
  • It is possible to read information using the standard FOPEN () and FGETS () function within the suitable cycle. The contents of the files are given line in XML_PARSE ().
  • To remove the concept of resources, the XML_PARSER_FREE () function is applied. These functions are considered the most effective when processing XML files.

What programs to use

Consider some of the best easily accessible parsing programs:

  • - offers the developer to freely create personal data packages: you only need to import data from a specific online page and export it to CSV. It is possible to receive thousands of web pages in a matter of minutes, without speaking no line of code, form thousands of APIs according to your conditions.
  • Webhose.IO -Veb application for a browser using its information parsing technology, which makes it possible to process a lot of information from many sources with one API. Webhose provides a gratuitous tariff plan for processing 1000 requests per month.
  • ScrapingHub - converts Internet pages to prepared content. The expert team guarantees personal access to customers, guarantees to create a definition for each original episode. Basic gratuitous program provides admission to 1 search robot, a bonus package brings 4 identical search bots.
  • Parsehub - There is a separate from the web application in the form of a project for the desktop. The project provides free 5 check search programs.
  • Spinn3r - makes it possible to parse information from blogs, social networks ... Spinn3r contains a "updated" API, which makes 95% of the functions on indexing. This program implies improved protection against "garbage", reinforced degree of security of information. The mechanism regularly scans the network, finds out updates of the necessary information from a large number of sources, the user constantly has updated information. The administration panel makes it possible to dispose of the survey.

What is a paler sites

This concept functions on the installed program, compares a specific combination of words, with what was found on the Internet. How to act with the information acquired, is spelled out in the command line, called "Regular Expression". It consists of signs, organizes the search principle.

Parser sites carries out a service in a series of stages:

  • Search for the necessary data in the original option: Acquisition of access to the Internet resource code, loading, downloading.
  • Getting functions from the Internet page code, highlighting the necessary material from the software cipher page.
  • Forming a report in accordance with the conditions that have been established (data record directly in databases, text files).

Video on this topic:

In conclusion, it is necessary to add that the article discusses only legal parsing.

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Parsing - What is it simple words? If short, then this is a collection of information on different criteria from the Internet, automatically. In the process of parser, a specified sample compares and the information found, which will be structured hereinafter.

As an example, the Anglo-Russian dictionary can be brought. We have the original word "Parsing". We open up the dictionary, find it. And as a result, we get the translation of the word "analysis" or "analysis". Well, now let's understand this topic in more detail

The content of the article:

Parsing: What is this simple words

Parsing is the process of automatically collecting information on the criteria specified by us. For a better understanding, let's analyze an example:

An example of what is PARSING: Imagine that we have an online store supplier store that allows you to work according to the scheme Dropshipping And we want to copy information about the goods from this store, and then place it on our website / online store (I mean information: the name of the goods, a link to the goods, the price of the goods, the product of the goods). How can we collect this information? First collection option - do everything manually: That is, we manually pass through all the pages of the site from which we want to collect information and manually copy all this information into the table for further accommodation on our website. I think it is clear that this method of collecting information can be convenient when you need to collect 10-50 products. Well, what should I do when the information needs to be collected about 500-1000 products? In this case, the second option is suitable. The second option is to spar all the information: We use a special program or service (I will speak about them below) and in automatic mode download all the information into the finished Excel table. This method implies a huge time savings and allows not to engage in routine work. Moreover, I took the collection of information from the online store only for example. With the help of parses, you can collect any information to which we have access.

Roughly speaking PARSING allows you to automate the collection of any information on the criteria specified by us. I think it is clear that using a manual method of collecting information is ineffective (especially in our time when information is too much).

For clarity I want to immediately show the main advantages of the parsing:

  • Advantage №1 - speed. For one unit of time, the machine can issue more details or in our case of information than if we were looking for it on the pages of the site. Therefore, computer technologies in information processing are superior to manual data collection.
  • Advantage №2 - structure or "skeleton" of the future report. We only collect those data that are interested in getting. This can be anything. For example, figures (price, number), pictures, text description, email addresses, name, nickname, references, etc. We only need to think about it in advance what information we want to get.
  • Advantage №3 is a suitable view of the report. We receive a final file with an array of data in the required format (XLSX, CSV, XML, JSON) and can even immediately use it by inserting in the right place on your website.

If we talk about the presence of minuses, it is, of course, the absence of the obtained data of uniqueness. First of all, this applies to content, we collect all of the open sources and the parser does not unique information collected.

I think that we dealt with the concept of parsing, now let's deal with special programs and services for the parsing.

What is a parser and how it works

What is a parser and how it works

The parser is some software or algorithm with a specific sequence of actions whose purpose to obtain specified information.

Information collection occurs in 3 stages:

  1. Scanning
  2. Selection of specified parameters
  3. Compilation of a report

Most often, the parser is a paid or free program or service created by your requirements or your chosen for certain purposes. There are a lot of such programs and services. Most often, the language of writing is Python or PHP.

But there are also separate programs that allow you to write parsers. For example, I use the Zennoposter program and write the parsers in it - it allows you to collect a parser as a designer, but it will work on the same principle as paid / free parsing services.

For example, you can watch this video in which I show how I created a parser to collect information from the service.

Parsing - what is such simple words. How does PARSING and PARSER work work, and what types of parsers are (detailed overview + video)

To make it clearer, let's look at what types and species are parsers:

  • By way of access to the VEB resource. The parser can be installed on a computer or not to be installed (cloud solution);
  • According to the technology used. Programs written in one of the programming languages ​​or is the extensions for the browser, formulas in Google tables or add-in in Excel;
  • By destination. Check Optimize your own resource, analysis of user data and communities on social networks, monitoring competitors, data collection in a specific market niche, analysis of prices and goods required to fill the online store catalog;

It should not be forgotten that the PARSING has certain cons. The disadvantage of use is the technical difficulties that the parser can create. So, the connection to the site creates a load on the server. Each program connection is fixed. If you connect often, the site can block you on IP (but it can be easily bypass using a proxy).

What functions are parsers? What can you paint with their help?

What functions are parsers?

In order to understand what the parsing is needed, which is such simple words, let's consider the areas of application. To collect any direct information need to write or buy a special program?

So, I highlighted the following tasks for the parser (in fact, there are much more):

  • Parser for finding descriptions of goods and prices. First of all, we are talking about online stores that, with the help of special programs, collect, for example, descriptions and characteristics of goods. Then it immediately set to your site. In this case, this is the ability to quickly fill the goods cards with source data (technical characteristics, descriptions, prices). Considering that the amount of goods can be calculated by hundreds and thousands of positions, another, faster way, is not yet. It is necessary to immediately understand that such descriptions will be not unique.
  • PARRER AND PUBLICHER FOR SITE SITES. Specially created parsers with a specific frequency "pass" on VEB resources from a specified list. If they have new articles on them, they immediately recalculate on their resource. Such use of information is somewhat bordered by theft and in some way is a violation of copyright. Why are only a few? Because in no country there is no such law on which it is forbidden to use data in free access. Once it is not forbidden, it means that it is allowed. What you can not say about other data, personal. They are collectable and used without permission of the owners.
  • For personal data Personal data are made by personal data, for example, participants of some social groups on certain resources, visitors sites, online stores. These are names, surnames, email addresses, phone numbers, age, floor. In short, all that can be used to determine the target audiences - different groups of people united by one or more signs. Basically, such parsers are used for two purposes: 1. Correctly set up targeted advertising in social networks; 2. Collect personal data (mail, phone numbers) to send spam (by the way I also sinned in my time. I already wrote about such a way to attract customers in this article). You should understand that each product / service has its own buyer. Therefore, the definition of the target audience (creating a certain portrait) and further collecting this audience makes it possible to find potential customers and develop advertisements aimed at a specific group.
  • Parsers to update news feed. News Internet resources contain many dynamic information that changes very quickly. Automatic weather tracking, situations on the roads, currency exchange rate charge Parser.
  • For the preparation of the semantic kernel . In this case, the program is looking for keywords (queries) relating to a given topic, determines their frequency. Then the collected keywords are combined into classes (queries clustering). Later on the basis of the semantic kernel (SIA), articles are written, contributing to the promotion of your resource in the search release very often using such a parser, it is called Key Collector. If anyone is interested, collecting keywords to promote the site looks like this:
Sample Parser Key Collector
  • PARRER for site audit The parser program finds headlines and subtitles of pages, up to 5-6 levels, descriptions, images with their properties and other data that "returns" in the form of the required table. Such an analysis helps check the site for compliance with the requirements of search engines (such a check is directly related to the promotion of the resource on the Internet, because the better the site is configured, the more chances of occupying the top lines in search results)

Sample Parser for Instagram

Sample Parser for Instagram

Very often I see the requests "example of a parser for instagram" or "example of a parser for social networks", so let's figure it out what the parser means for social networks, groups and accounts?

If simpler, then the parser for social networks is an assistant who contributes to the promotion of goods and services. That is, such a parser allows you to collect user data that they indicate in their accounts or groups / publics (well, other info) and in the future selectively show them advertising.

Instagram just has its own young, active and solvent audience, which advertisers want to influence, so let's stay more in more detail on this social network.

To make it easier, let's understand from which the successful promotion of the product in Instagram depends:

  • The correct selection of the target audience (the goal of finding those you can be interested in our product);
  • Ranking (sorting) publications in user tape (so that the account owner see our offer or advertising)
  • The possibility of finding a record in the search (the user falls on our offer with its own search, using certain words, phrases, called hashtags)

In order to successfully promote the product, a parser is used, which will help to collect information about Instagram users. We need to assemble the following information:

  • Personal data (in this case it is absolutely legally, since users themselves indicate, for example, their own phones in the profile);
  • The settlement in which they live;
  • Hashtegi they celebrate their own entries;
  • Accounts they are signed;
  • Publications on which users put huskies.
  • And similar ...

Based on these data, you can conduct a certain job with users that will help enhance your sales. You are the users "give" the necessary goods that they may have been looking for, and get your income.

The target audience for the promotion of its own goods is collected in 3 directions:

  1. By competitors. Most likely, the subscribers of your direct competitor, besides bots, fake and commercial accounts, are also interested in your product.
  2. By hashthegam. You need publications marked by a large number of likes and comments and at the same time labeled with one or more thematic words or combinations (hashtags) relating to your commodity offer. Having gathered into one list of users who put these publishing likes or left comments, you will get another target audience.
  3. On the settlement. Such a parceng will interest before those who promote goods in specific cities / settlements. In this case, the parser will collect users who have placed publications with geometry.

For parseing in Instagram, self-inspection and special programs are used, as well as online services. Moreover, some of them not only collect information, but also commit certain actions - they put likes, massively subscribe to the page of users and others.

Among the parsers for Instagram are popular:

  • Zengram
  • Tooligram.
  • Instaparser.
  • Instaturbo.

A couple more pairs for example

As I said, Parsers have a huge amount and they are created for different sites and tasks. For example, we will analyze another couple of parsers so that you have a complete understanding of this sphere.

For example, there is a paler - it is considered one of the most convenient parsers who help organizers of joint purchases.

This service allows you to rest:

  • the entire directory or section of the site in several clicks;
  • any page of the supplier site by pressing the special button;
  • make a parsing with the entry link to the address bar;
  • make a collection with a widget (separate element or information block on the site).

Among the main advantages of the turbo positioner:

  • Automatic update VK and OK;
  • The largest base of supported sites (more than 50 thousand), including about 800 free;
  • Daily technical support;
  • Security guarantee of your data and accounts on social networks;
  • Easy use, Fast Site Setting.

Mark separately I want and - also a parser. What is this program? In general, this is the first free parser with similar features. To take advantage of it, just register on the site. After that, you can immediately use the site functionality: quickly find a description, photo and characteristics of the desired goods, create catalogs, resolve the desired site. Rake-parser have technical support both on similar paid resources.


Different groups of persons, including owners and siters sites, private entrepreneurs, promoting their goods in social networks and special applications, anyone who wants to get any dynamic information, are interested in downloading specific data from the Internet. And it is precisely such an opportunity and provides "PARSING". What these are simple words we learned today. It came to the conclusion that this is a modern tool used to search for the necessary data, with the compilation of the subsequent report in a form convenient for us.

I hope that after reading my article you are more or less figured out in the topic of parsing and parsers. Well, and on this I have everything.

As usual, if this article was useful for you - share it in the social networks, it will be the best thanks. And if you have something to add or remained, I boldly write in the comments.

30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

Desktop / cloud, paid / free, for SEO, for joint shopping, to fill sites, to collect prices ... In the abundance of parsers you can drown.

We laid down everything around the shelves and collected the most intelligent parsing tools - so that you can quickly and easily collect open information from any site.

Why do you need parsers

The parser is a program, a service or script that collects data from the specified web resources, analyzes them and issues in the desired format.

With the help of parsers, you can make a lot of useful tasks:

  • Prices . Actual task for online stores. For example, with the help of the parsing, you can regularly track the prices of competitors for the goods that are sold from you. Or update prices on their website in accordance with the prices of the supplier (if he has its own site).
  • Commodity Positions : titles, articles, descriptions, characteristics and photos. For example, if your supplier has a directory site, but there is no unloading for your store, you can spark out all the necessary positions, and not add them manually. It saves time.
  • Metadata : SEO specialists can parse the contents of Title tags, description and other metadata.
  • Site analysis . So you can quickly find pages with an error 404, redirects, broken links, etc.

For reference . There is still gray parsing. This includes downloading content of competitors or websites entirely. Or collecting contact data from aggregators and services by type Yandex.Cart or 2GIS (for spam mailing and calls). But we will only talk about a white parcel, because of which you will not have problems.

Where to take a parser under your tasks

There are several options:

  1. Optimal - if there is a programmer in the state (and even better - several programmers). Put the task, describe the requirements and get the finished tool, sharpened specifically for your tasks. The tool can be designed and improved if necessary.
  2. Use ready-made cloudy parses (there is both free and paid services).
  3. Desktop parsers are usually programs with powerful functionality and the possibility of flexible adjustment. But almost all - paid.
  4. Order the development of a parser "For yourself" from companies specializing in development (this option is clearly not for those who want to save).

The first option is not suitable for everyone, and the last option may be too expensive.

As for the ready-made solutions, there are many of them, and if you have not come across a parceling before, it may be difficult to choose. To simplify the choice, we made a selection of the most popular and comfortable parsers.

Is the data legally?

In the legislation of the Russian Federation there is no ban on the collection of open information on the Internet. The right to freely look for and disseminate information by any legitimate way in the fourth paragraph 29 of the article of the Constitution.

Suppose you need to resort prices from the site of the competitor. This information is in public domain, you can go to the site yourself, see and manually record the price of each product. And with the help of the parsing, you are actually the same, only automated.

But if you want to assemble personal user data and use them for email mailing or targeted advertising, it will already be illegal (these data are protected by law on personal data).

Desktop and cloud parses

Cloud parses

The main advantage of cloud passers - do not need to download anything and install on a computer. All work is done "in the cloud", and you only download the results of the work of the algorithms. Such parsers can have a web interface and / or API (useful if you want to automate data parsing and do it regularly).

For example, here are English-speaking cloud parses:

From Russian-speaking cloud parsers can be given as:

Anyone from the services given above can be tested in the free version. True, it is enough just to assess the basic possibilities and get acquainted with the functionality. There are limitations in the free version: either in terms of data parsing, or by time to use the service.

Desktop parses

Most desktop parsers are designed for Windows - they must be launched from virtual machines on MacOS. Also, some parsers have portable versions - you can run from a flash drive or an external drive.

Popular desktop parsers:

  • Parserok
  • Datacol,
  • Screaming FROG, COMPARSER, NETPEAK SPIDER - about these tools a little later we will talk more.

Types of Parcers using technology

Browser extensions

For data parsing there are many browser extensions that collect the desired data from the source code of the pages and allow you to save in a convenient format (for example, in XML or XLSX).

Expansion parsers are a good option if you need to collect small amounts of data (from one or a couple of pages). Here are the popular parsers for Google Chrome:

Add-in for Excel.

Software in the form of an add-in for Microsoft Excel. For example, Parserok. Macros are used in such parsers - the parties are immediately unloaded into XLS or CSV.

Google Tables

With two simple formulas and Google tables, you can collect any data from sites for free.

These formulas: ImportXML and Importhtml.


The function uses the XPath query language and allows you to pass data from XML feeds, HTML pages and other sources.

This is how the function looks like:

ImportXML (""; "// A / @ HREF") 

The function takes two values:

  • reference to a page or feed from which you need to get data;
  • The second value is an XPath request (a special request that indicates which item with data needs to be sparking).

The good news is that you do not need to study XPath query syntax. To get an XPath query for a data item, you need to open the developer tools in the browser, click right-click on the desired item and select: Copy → Copy XPath .

30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

Using ImportXml, you can collect almost any data from HTML pages: headlines, descriptions, meta-tags, prices, etc.


This feature has fewer features - with its help you can collect data from tables or lists on the page. Here is an example of the ImportHTML function:

Importhtml ("https: // https: //"; "Table"; 4) 

It takes three meanings:

  • A link to the page with which you want to collect data.
  • The element parameter that contains the necessary data. If you want to collect information from the table, specify "Table". For lists parsing - the "List" parameter.
  • The number is the sequence number of the element in the page code.
About using 16 Google Tables functions for SEO purposes. Read in our article. Here everything is described in very detailed, with examples for each function.

Types of parsers on applications

For organizers of the joint venture (joint shopping)

There are specialized parsers for joint purchases organizers (SP). They are installed on their sites manufacturers of goods (such as clothing). And anyone can take advantage of the parser directly on the site and unload the entire range.

The more comfortable these parsers:

  • intuitive interface;
  • the ability to upload individual goods, sections or entire directory;
  • You can unload data in a convenient format. For example, a large number of unloading formats are available in a cloud parser, except for the standard XLSX and CSV: adapted price for, unloading for Yandex.Market, etc.

Popular Parers for SP:

Parser prices of competitors

Tools for online stores that want to regularly track the prices of competitors to similar goods. With the help of such parsers, you can specify links to competitors resources, compare their prices with your and adjust if necessary.

Here are three such tools:

Parser for quick filling sites

Such services collect the names of goods, descriptions, prices, images and other data from donor sites. Then unload them to a file or immediately download to your site. It significantly accelerates the work on the content of the site and save the mass of the time that you would spend on manual filling.

In such parsers, you can automatically add your markup (for example, if you parscriber data from the supplier's website with wholesale prices). You can also configure automatic collection or updating of the schedule data.

Examples of such parsers:

Parsers for SEO-specialists

A separate category of parsers - narrowly or multifunctional programs created specifically under the solution of SEO-specialists' tasks. Such parsers are designed to simplify a comprehensive analysis optimization analysis. With their help, you can:

  • analyze the contents of robots.txt and sitmap.xml;
  • Check the availability of Title and Description on the site pages, analyze their length, collect headlines of all levels (H1-H6);
  • check page response codes;
  • collect and visualize the structure of the site;
  • Check the presence of descriptions of images (Alt attribute);
  • analyze internal overflow and external references;
  • find broken links;
  • and much more.

Let's go through several popular partners and consider their main features and functionality.

Cost: The first 500 requests are free. The value of subsequent requests depends on the quantity: up to 1000 - 0.04 rubles / request; from 10,000 - 0.01 rubles.


Using the metategs and headlines parser, you can collect H1-H6 headers, as well as the contents of Title, Description and Keywords tags from your own or other people's sites.

The tool is useful when optimizing its site. With it, you can detect:

  • pages with empty metategami;
  • non-informative headlines or error headers;
  • Metater duplicate, etc.

The parser is also useful when analyzing SEO competitors. You can analyze, under what keywords competitors optimize the pages of their sites, which are prescribed in Title and Description, as headlines form.

30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

The service works "in the cloud". To start work, you must add a URL list and specify which data you need to be sparking. The URL can be added manually, download the XLSX table with the list of page addresses, or insert a link to the site map (Sitemap.xml).

Working with the tool is described in detail in the article "How to collect Meta Tags and headlines from any site?".

Metater and heading parser is not the only Promopult tool for parsing. In SEO-module, you can save the keywords for free on which the site has been added to the system takes the top 50 in Yandex / Google.

30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

Here on the "Words of your competitors" tab, you can unload the keywords of competitors (up to 10 URL at a time).

30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

Details about working with key parsing in the PROMOPULT SEO-module here.

Cost: From $ 19 per month, there is a 14-day trial period.

Parser for integrated sites analysis. With Netpeak Spider you can:

  • Conduct a technical audit of the site (detect broken links, check the pages response codes, find a duplicate, etc.). The parser allows you to find more than 80 key errors internal optimization;
  • Analyze the main SEO parameters (file robots.txt, analyze the structure of the site, check the redirects);
  • Pousize data from sites using regular expressions, XPath queries and other methods;
  • Netpeak Spider can also import data from Google Analytics, Yandex.Metrics and Google Search Console.
30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

Cost: The year license is 149 pounds, there is a free version.

Multifunctional tool for SEO specialists, suitable for solving almost any SEO tasks:

  • search for broken links, errors and redirects;
  • analysis of meta tags pages;
  • Search for a couple of pages;
  • generation of sitemap.xml files;
  • visualization of the site structure;
  • and much more.
30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

A limited functionality is available in the free version, as well as there are limits on the number of URLs for the parsing (you can pours a total of 500 URLs). There are no such limits in the paid version of such limits, as well as more opportunities available. For example, you can parse the contents of any pages (prices, descriptions, etc.).

In detail how to use Screaming FROG, we wrote in the article "Parsing of any site" for teapots ": Neither the line of the program code."

Cost: 2000 rubles for 1 license. There is a demo version with restrictions.

Another desktop parser. With it, you can:

  • Analyze technical errors on the site (404 errors, Title duplicate, internal redirects, closed from page indexing, etc.);
  • find out which pages sees the search robot when scanning the site;
  • Comparser's main chip - Yandex and Google PARSING, allows you to find out which pages are in the index, and which they did not get into it.
30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

Cost: Paid service, the minimum rate is 990 rubles per month. There is a 7-day trial with full access to the functionality.

Online service for SEO-analysis sites. The service analyzes the site by a detailed list of parameters (70+ points) and forms a report in which:

  • Detected errors;
  • Error correction options;
  • SEO-checklist and advice on improving the site optimization.
30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

Cost: Paid cloud service. Two payment models are available: monthly subscription or check for verification.

The cost of the minimum tariff is $ 7 per month (when paying for an annual subscription).


  • scanning all pages of the site;
  • Analysis of technical errors (editors' settings, the correctness of the tags canonical and hreflang, checking the doubles, etc.);
  • searching for pages without Title and Description meta tags, defining pages with too long tags;
  • checking page download speeds;
  • Analysis of images (search for non-working pictures, checking the presence of filled attributes ALT, search for "heavy" images that slow down the page loading);
  • Analysis of internal references.
30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

Cost: is free.

Desktop parser for Windows. Used for parsing All URLs that are on the site:

  • references to external resources;
  • Internal references (transfine);
  • Links to images, scripts and other internal resources.

It is often used to search for broken links on the site.

30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

Cost: Paid program with lifetime license. The minimum tariff plan is $ 119, maximum - $ 279. There is a demo version.

Multifunctional SEO-combine, combining 70+ different parses, sharpened under various tasks:

  • keyword parsing;
  • data parsing with Yandex and Google maps;
  • monitoring site positions in search engines;
  • PARSING OF THE CONTENT (text, images, video), etc.

In addition to the set of finished tools, you can create your own parser using regular expressions, XPath or JavaScript requests. There is access via API.

30+ Parsers to collect data from any site

Check-list for choosing a parser

A brief check list that will help choose the most suitable tool or service.

  1. Clearly determine what tasks you need a parser: Analysis of SEO competitors or price monitoring, data collection for filling the catalog, take positions, etc.
  2. Determine what amount of data and in what form you need to receive.
  3. Determine how often you need to collect data: one-time or with a certain frequency (once a day / week / month).
  4. Select multiple tools that are suitable for solving your tasks. Try demo version. Find out whether technical support is provided (it is advisable to even test it - to set a couple of questions and see how quickly you will receive an answer and how much it will be exhaustive).
  5. Choose the most suitable service for price / quality ratio.

For large projects where you need to parse large amounts of data and make complex processing, it may be more profitable to develop your own parser for specific tasks.

For most projects, there will be enough standard solutions (perhaps you may have a fairly free version of any of the parser or trial period).

To support information on your resource up-to-date, fill the catalog of goods and structure the content, it is necessary to spend a bunch of time and strength. But there are utilities that allow you to significantly reduce the costs and automate all procedures related to the search for materials and the export of them in the desired format. This procedure is called a parsing.

Let's figure it out what a parser is and how it works.

What is PARSING?

Let's start with the definition. Parsing is a method of indexing information, followed by converting it to another format or even different data type.

Data parceling

PARSING allows you to take a file in one format and convert its data into a more permitted form that you can use for your own purposes. For example, you may have an HTML file at hand. With the help of parsing, information in it can be transformed into "naked" text and make it clear to humans. Or convert to JSON and make it clear to the application or script.

But in our case, the parters will fit a narrower and accurate definition. Let's call this process using data processing on web pages. It implies the analysis of the text, exhausting from there necessary materials and their transformation into a suitable form (the one that can be used in accordance with the goals set). Thanks to the parters, you can find small blocks of useful information on the pages and in the automatic mode from there to extract them to re-use.

Well, what is a parser? From the name it is clear that we are talking about a tool that performs the parsing. It seems that this definition is enough.

What tasks helps to solve the parser?

If desired, the parser can be advised to find and extract any information from the site, but there are a number of directions in which this kind of tools are used most often:

  1. Price monitoring. For example, to track changes in the value of goods at competitors. Can parse To adjust it on your resource or offer customers a discount. Also, the price parser is used to actualize the cost of goods in accordance with the data on the sites of suppliers.
  2. Search for commodity positions. Useful option for the case if the site of the supplier does not allow you to quickly and automatically transfer the database with goods. You can share information on the necessary criteria and transfer it to your site. You do not have to copy data about each manual commodity unit.
  3. Removing metadata. SEO-promotion specialists use parses to copy the contents of Title, Description tags from competitors, etc. Parsing keywords - One of the most common methods of auditing someone else's site. It helps to quickly make the necessary changes in SEO for accelerated and the most efficient resource promotion.
  4. Audit links. Parsers sometimes use to find problems on the page. Webmasters set them up under the search for specific errors and run so that in automatic mode to identify all the non-working pages and links.

Parser Kot.

Gray parcel

This method of collecting information is not always allowed. No, "black" and completely prohibited techniques do not exist, but for some purposes, the use of parsers is considered dishonest and unethical. This applies to copying entire pages and even sites (when you parscribe the data of competitors and retrieve all the information from the resource at once), as well as aggressive collection of contacts from sites for posting feedback and cartographic services.

But the point is not in the parcel as such, but in how the webmasters are managed by the mined content. If you literally "steal" someone else's website and automatically make it a copy, then the owners of the original resource may have questions, because no one has canceled copyright. For this you can incur a real punishment.

The number and addresses produced by parsing are used for spam mailing and calls, which falls under the law on personal data.

Where to find a parser?

You can get a utility for searching and converting information from sites by four ways.

  1. Using the forces of their team developers. When there are programmers in the state that can create a parser adapted to the company's tasks, you should not look for other options. This will be the best option.
  2. Hire developers from the side to create a utility on your requirements. In this case, there will be many resources for the creation of TK and payment of work.
  3. Install the finished parser application to the computer. Yes, it will also cost money, but they can be used right away. And parameter settings in such programs allow you to accurately adjust the parsing scheme.
  4. Use a web service or browser plugin with similar functionality. There are free versions.

In the absence of developers in the state, I would advise exactly a desktop program. This is the perfect balance between efficiency and costs. But if tasks are not too complicated, it may be enough for cloud service.

Parsing advantages

In the automatic collection of information, a bunch of advantages (compared to the manual method):

  • The program works independently. You do not have to spend time searching and sorting data. In addition, she collects information much faster than man. Yes, and makes it 24 to 7, if necessary.
  • Parser can "raise" as many parameters as required, and ideally rebuild it to search only the required content. Without garbage, errors and irrelevant information from unsuitable pages.
  • Unlike a person, the Parser will not allow stupid mistakes by inattention. And it does not get tired.
  • The parsing utility can submit the data found in a convenient format on the user request.
  • Parsers can competently distribute the load on the site. This means that he accidentally "drops" a foreign resource, and you will not be accused of illegal DDoS attack.

So there is no point in the "Poule" with your hands when you can entrust this operation with a suitable software.

Cons Parsing

The main lack of parsers is that they are not always possible to use. In particular, when owners of other people's sites prohibit the automatic collection of information from pages. There are several methods for blocking access to parsers at once: both by IP addresses, and using the settings for search engines. All of them are effectively protected from the parsing.

In the minuses of the method, the competitors can also use it. To protect the site from the parsing, you will have to resort to one of the techniques:

  • either block requests from the side by specifying the appropriate parameters in robots.txt;
  • Either set up a capping - to train the parser to solve pictures too expensive, no one will do it.

But all defense methods are easily cost, therefore, most likely, it will have to put up with this phenomenon.

Algorithm of the work of Parser

The parser works as follows: it analyzes the page for the presence of content corresponding to the predetermined parameters, and then extracts it by turning into systematized data.

The process of working with the utility to search and extract the found information looks like this:

  1. First, the user indicates the introductory data for the parsing on the site.
  2. Then indicates a list of pages or resources on which you want to search.
  3. After that, the program automatically conducts a deep analysis of the found content and systematizes it.
  4. As a result, the user receives a report in a predetermined format.

Naturally, the parsing procedure through specialized software is described only in general terms. For each utility, it will look different. Also, the process of working with the parser is influenced by the goals pursued by the user.

How to use a parser?

At the initial stages, the PARSING is useful for analyzing competitors and selection of information necessary for its own project. In the future perspective, parsers are used to actualize materials and audit pages.

When working with the parser, the entire process is built around the entered parameters to search and remove the content. Depending on how the purpose is planned to be planned, there will be fineness in the definition of the introductory. You have to customize the search settings for a specific task.

Sometimes I will mention the names of cloud or desktop parsers, but it is necessary to use them. Brief instructions in this paragraph will be suitable for almost any software parser.

Online store parsing

This is the most common script use utilities to automatically collect data. In this direction, two tasks are usually solved at once:

  1. Actualization of information about the price of a particular commodity unit,
  2. Parsing catalog of goods from sites of suppliers or competitors.

In the first case, you should use the utility MarketParser. Specify product code in it and allow you to collect the necessary information from the proposed sites. Most of the process will flow on the machine without user intervention. To increase the efficiency of information analysis, it is better to reduce prices for the search area only by the pages of goods (you can narrow the search to a certain group of goods).

In the second case, you need to find the product code and specify it in a parser program. Special applications help to simplify the task. For example, Catalogloader. - Parser specially created to automatically collect data on products in online stores.


The principle of searching for other data is practically no different from parcel prices or addresses. First you need to open a utility to collect information, enter the code of the desired items and run the parsing.

The difference lies in the primary setting. When entering parameters to search, you need to specify the program that rendering is carried out using JavaScript. It is necessary, for example, to analyze articles or comments that appear on the screen only when scrolling the page. The parser will try to simulate this activity when you turn on the setting.

Parsing is also used to collect data on the structure of the site. Thanks to the elements of BreadCrumbs, you can find out how competitors resources are arranged. It helps beginners when organizing information on their own project.

Review of the best parsers

Next, consider the most popular and demanded applications for scanning sites and extract the necessary data from them.

In the form of cloud services

Under cloud parses, websites and applications are meant in which the user enters instructions for finding specific information. From there, these instructions fall on the server to companies offering parceration services. Then the information found on the same resource is displayed.

The advantage of this cloud is the absence of the need to install additional software on the computer. And they often have an API, which allows you to customize the behavior of the parser under your needs. But settings are still noticeably less than when working with a full-fledged parser application for PC.

The most popular cloud parses

  • - Survived set of tools for finding information on resources. Allows you to parse an unlimited number of pages, supports all popular data output formats and automatically creates a convenient structure to perceive the extracted information.
  • Mozenda. - Website for collecting information from sites that trust large companies in the spirit of Tesla. Collects any data types and converts to the required format (whether JSON or XML). The first 30 days can be used for free. Mozenda.
  • Octoparse. - Parser, the main advantage of which is the simplicity. To master it, you do not have to study programming and at least spend some time to work with the code. You can get the necessary information in a couple of clicks.
  • Parsehub. - One of the few fully free and fairly advanced parses.

Similar services online a lot. Moreover, both paid and free. But the above are used more often than others.

In the form of computer applications

There are desktop versions. Most of them work only on Windows. That is, to run on MacOS or Linux, you will have to use virtualization tools. Either download the virtual machine with Windows (relevant in the case of the Apple operating system), or install the Wine Utility (relevant in the case of any Linux distribution). True, because of this, a more powerful computer will be required to collect data.

Most popular desktop parsers

  • Parserok. - An application focused on various types of data parsing. There are settings to collect data on the cost of goods, settings for automatic compilation of directories with goods, numbers, email addresses, etc.
  • Datacol - Universal parser, who, according to developers, can replace the solutions of competitors in 99% of cases. And he is simple in mastering. Datacol
  • Screaming Frog - Powerful tool for SEO-Specialists, which allows you to collect a bunch of useful data and conduct a resource audit (find broken links, data structure, etc.). You can analyze up to 500 links for free.
  • Netspeak Spider. - Another popular product that carries out automatic site participants and helps conduct SEO-audit.

These are the most sought-after utilities for parsing. Each of them has a demo version to verify opportunities before purchasing. Free solutions are noticeably worse in quality and are often inferior to even cloud services.

In the form of browser extensions

This is the most convenient option, but at the same time the least functional. Extensions are good because they allow you to start a parsing directly from the browser, being on the page, from where you need to pull out the data. You do not have to enter a part of the parameters manually.

But additions to browsers do not have such opportunities as desktop applications. Due to the lack of the same resources that the PC programs can use, expansion cannot collect such huge amounts of data.

But for quick analysis of data and exporting a small amount of information in XML, such additions are suitable.

Most Popular Parser Extensions

  • Parsers. - Plugin to extract HTML data from web pages and import them into XML or JSON format. The extension starts on one page, automatically wanted similar pages and collects similar data from them.
  • Scraper - collects information in automatic mode, but limits the amount of data collected.
  • Data Scraper - Supplement, in automatic mode collecting data from the page and exporting them to an excel table. Up to 500 web pages can be scanned for free. For more will have to pay monthly. Data Scraper
  • Kimono. - Extension that turns any page into a structured API to extract the necessary data.

Instead of imprisonment

On this and finish the article about Parsing and the ways to implement it. This should be enough to get started with parsers and collect information needed to develop your project.

Imagine that you are engaged in active sales through your online store. Placing manually a large number of cards are a rather laborious process, and it will take a lot of time. After all, it will be necessary to collect all the information, process, remake and score cards. Therefore, we advise you to read our article about what a paler is and how it works in this area, facilitating you.

What is a parser and how it works

Site Parser: What is this program?

Many will be interested to know what this is the program "Parser Site." It is used to process and collect data, converting them further into the structured format. Usually the parser use prefer to work with texts.

What is a parser and how it works

The program allows you to scan the filling of web pages, various results of issuing search engines, text, pictures and many information. With it, you can identify a large amount of continuously updated values. This will facilitate work as well as a solution Customize Yandex Direct campaign To increase the level of turnover and attract customers.

What makes the parser?

Answer the question that the parser makes quite simple. The mechanism in accordance with the program is checked by a specific set of words with what was found on the Internet. Further action regarding the information received will be set on the command line.

What is a parser and how it works

It is worth noting that the software can have different presentation formats, design stylistics, availability, languages, and more. Here as in Tariffs contextual advertising There is a large number of possible variations.

Work always occurs in several stages. First search for information, download and download. Next, the values ​​are extracted from the VEB page code so that the material is separated from the page code. As a result, a report is formed in accordance with the specified requirements directly to the database or stored in the text file.

Site parser gives many advantages when working with data arrays. For example, the high speed of processing materials and their analysis is even in a huge amount. Also automates the selection process. However, the absence of its content negatively affects SEO.

Error Parser XML: What is it?

Sometimes users of this program meet the XML parser error. What does this mean, almost no one knows. Basically, the problem is that different versions of the XML syntax analyzer are used, when one is strictly different.

What is a parser and how it works

It is also likely to have a not exact copy of the file. Carefully look at how files are copied and pay attention to how the MD5 two files are taken, whether it is the same. Talk about What is simple words nemine It's like saying the possible problems of this program.

In such cases, the only thing that can be done is to check the string 1116371. The above program on C # will show this string, and you can change the UTF-8 encoding.

Why do you need a parser?

You can talk a lot about what a parser need. This and all sorts of extracting contact information when developing a base of potential customers. So the search directly on it in its own web resource. In this case, no external references will be found, but the search query is driven by the user.

What is a parser and how it works

The need for the program arises when collecting linksSeo links. They all know What is the language of search queries And how it is reflected in their work. They use a parser in order to evaluate the number of links and reference resources.

When you want to work with a large number of references, the parser is an indispensable tool in optimization. It will bring together information without any problems and drink it in a convenient way.

Cloud parser: What is it?

Many will be interested to learn that the cloudy parser is a program to automate the processing of information, for which it is not required to download something additionally. Everything will happen in the cloud. It will be enough to have access to the Internet and a modern phone.

What is a parser and how it works

Wide application is available on online stores, where the program is used to copy information about the title, price, etc. Many advanced entrepreneurs are managed with their help also analyze competitors' price policy.

It is worth noting that deciding to use this way to simplify work, you need to ask where to start conducting a video blog Regarding this topic. So you can increase the audience and go to a new level of sales, if you want.

What is a parser turbo?

It will not be superfluous to find out what turbo parser is. This service is free of charge for everyone. Enjoy the organizers of joint purchases, as it allows them to resign them the goods from the supplier store. At the same time, they can be automatically unloaded into social networks and download XLS and CVS format.

What is a parser and how it works

The service is famous for its huge database of supporting sites. At the same time there is a quick technical support by qualified specialists. Also, the speed of the parser is quite fast. In addition, the full security of all these data is guaranteed. You can forever forget with him, What do external links mean And what is your work with them, losing a large amount of time.

What are the parsers for social networks?

Finally, consider what parsers are for social networks. Everyone knows that it is there that there is a high concentration of people, where almost all the necessary data is indicated.

What is a parser and how it works

On the pages, users indicate age, region, place of residence. All this will help save a bunch of time for social research, polls, etc. On your hand you will play yet if you know How to add a website in Yandex Webmaster To improve work efficiency.

So, with the help of a parser, you can sort the people by the criteria for yourself in an instant. For example, choose those who are signed on certain communities or someone is expected some kind of event like a wedding, child birth. Already selected audience can offer its services or goods.

Parsing is an effective tool for working concerning data processing. With it, you can save a large amount of time and spend it on more important things. What do you think about it?


What kind of data parcel should know every owner of the site, planning to seriously develop in business. This phenomenon is so common that sooner or later, anyone may encounter the parcel. Either as a customer of this operation, or as a person owning an object for collecting information, that is, the resource on the Internet.

A negative attitude is often observed in the Russian business environment. According to the principle: if this is not illegal, it is definitely immoral. In fact, each company may extract a lot of advantages from his competent and tactful use.

Our products help your business to optimize marketing costs.

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Verb "To Parse" In the literal translation does not mean anything bad. Make a grammar parsing or structure - useful and necessary actions. In the language of all those who work with data on sites, this word has its own shade.

Pousitive - collect and systematize information posted on certain sites using special programs that automate the process.

If you have ever wondered what a site parser is, then he is the answer. These are software products, the main function of which is to obtain the necessary data corresponding to the specified parameters.

Whether to use parcel

After finding out what kind of parsing, it may seem that this is something that does not meet the norms of current legislation. In fact, it is not. The law is not pursued by the Parsing. But prohibited:

  • breaking the site (that is, obtaining these personal accounts of users, etc.);
  • DDoS- attacks (if at the site as a result of data parsing lies too high load);
  • Borrowing of the author's content (photos with copyrights, unique texts, the authenticity of which is certified by the notary, etc. It is better to leave on their rightful place).

Parsing is legitimate if it concerns the collection of information in open access. That is, everything that can and so collect manually.

Parsers simply allow you to speed up the process and avoid mistakes due to human factor. Therefore, "illegitlation" in the process they do not add.

Another thing as the owner of the freshly puberty base orders such information. Responsibility may come precisely for subsequent actions.

What do you need a parceling

What a paint site is figured out. Go to what you may need it. There is a wide scope for action.

The main problem of the modern Internet is an excess of information that a person is not able to systematize manually.

Parsing is used for:

  • Pricing policy analysis. To understand the average value of certain goods on the market, it is convenient to use data on competitors. However, if this is hundreds and thousands of positions, it is simply impossible to assemble them manually.
  • Tracking changes. Parsing can be carried out on a regular basis, for example, every week, detecting what prices in the market price increased and what novelties appeared from competitors.
  • Guidance of order on your site. Yes, so you can. And even need if several thousand goods are in the online store. Find non-existent pages, duplicate, incomplete description, lack of specific characteristics or discrepancy of data on warehouse residues what is displayed on the site. With a parser faster.
  • Filling Cards of goods in the online store. If the site is new, the score is usually not even hundreds. Manually, it will take out the amount of time. Frequently uses a parsing from foreign sites, translated the resulting text by the automated method, after which almost ready descriptions are obtained. Sometimes they do the same with Russian-speaking sites, and the selected texts are changed using synonymizer, but for this you can get sanctions from search engines.
  • Obtaining databases of potential customers. There is a parsing associated with drawing up, for example, a list of decision makers in one or another and the city. To do this, your private account can be used on job search sites with access to up-to-date and archived resumes. Ethicity of further use of such a base, each company determines independently.

Through analytics

from 990 rubles per month

  • Automatically collect data from promotional sites, services and CRM in convenient reports
  • Analyze the sales funnel from the shows to the ROI
  • Configure CRM integration and other services: more than 50 ready-made solutions
  • Optimize your marketing using detailed reports: dashboards, graphics, diagrams
  • Castomize the tables, add your metrics. Build reports instantly for any periods

Advantages of Parsing

They are numerous. Compared to a person, parsers can:

  • collect data faster and in any mode, at least around the clock;
  • follow all the specified parameters, even very thin;
  • Avoid mistakes from inattention or fatigue;
  • perform regular checks at a given interval (every week, etc.);
  • submit collected data in any required format without excess effort;
  • evenly distribute the load on the site where the parsing passes (usually one page in 1-2 seconds) so as not to create an effect DDoS- Attacks.

Parsing restrictions

There are several options for restrictions that can make it difficult to work by Parser:

  • By User-Agent. This is a request in which the program informs the site about yourself. Parsers bang many web resources. However, in the settings, the data can be changed to YandExbot or GoogleBot and send the correct requests.
  • By robots.txt, in which the ban is registered for indexing by the search robots of Yandex or Google (We introduced the site above) certain pages. You must specify the Robots.txt ignore program in the program settings.
  • By IP The address, if the same type of requests arrive at it for a long time. Solution - use VPN.
  • Caps. If actions are similar to automatic, the captcha is displayed. Teach parsers to recognize specific species is quite difficult and expensive.

What information can be poured

You can rescue everything that is on the site in the public domain. Most often required:

  • names and categories of goods;
  • Main characteristics;
  • price;
  • information about promotions and updates;
  • Texts of the description of goods for their subsequent alteration "for themselves" and so on.

Images from sites technically sparking is also possible, but, as already mentioned above, if they are protected by copyright, it is better not necessary. You can not collect personal data of their users with other people's sites, which were injected in personal accounts


E-commerce module

Analytics for the online store from 990. rubles per month

  • Automatically collect data from promotional sites, services and CRM in convenient reports
  • Track the baskets, calls, applications and sales from them with reference to the source
  • Build a full sales funnel from the budget for advertising before ROI
  • Track which categories and brands are more often buying

Algorithm of work of Parsing

The principle of the program's operation depends on the goals. But it looks sketchy:

  • The parser is looking for on these sites or throughout the Internet data corresponding to the parameters.
  • Information is collected and initial systematization (its depth is also determined when setting up);
  • A report in the format corresponding to the required criteria is generated from the data. Most modern parsers are multi-format and can successfully work at least with PDF, Though with archives RAR, at least S. TXT.

Methods of application

The main methods of using the PARSING there are two:

  • analyze your site by introducing the necessary improvements;
  • Analyze competitors sites, borrowing from there the main trends and specific characteristics of goods.

Usually both options work in a close bundle with each other. For example, the analysis of the price positions in competitors is repelled from the existing range on its own site, and the newly discovered novels are compared with their own marketable base, etc.

Offers from our partners

How to Poule Data

For data parsing, you can choose one of two formats:

  • take advantage of special programs that there are many on the market;
  • Write them yourself. For this, almost any programming language can be applied, for example, Php. , C ++, Python /

If not all information on the page is required, but only something defined (product names, characteristics, price), used XPath.

XPath - This is a language on which requests for XML Documents and their individual elements.

With the help of its commands, it is necessary to determine the borders of the future parsing, that is, to ask how to palate data from the site - completely or selectively.

To determine Xpath. The specific item is necessary:

  • Go to the page of any product on the site analyzed.
  • Select the price and click on the right mouse button.
  • In the window that opens, select the "View Code" item.
  • After the code appears on the right side, click on three points on the left side of the selected line.
  • In the Select item menu "Copy", then "Copy Xpath".
Copy XPath

An example of the definition of XPath item on the website of the online store HOLTZ shoes

How to rescue the price

By asking the question "Parsing of goods - what is it?", Many imply the opportunity to hold price exploration on competitors' sites. PARTIES PARTIES Most often and act as follows. Copy in the example above code enter into a parser program, which will tail out the other data on the site corresponding to it.

So that the parser did not go through all pages and did not try to find prices in the blog articles, it is better to set a range of pages. To do this, you must open a map Xml (Add /Sitemap.xml. In the address bar of the site after the name). Here you can find references to sections with prices - usually it is products ( Products) and categories Categories. ), although they can be called differently.

How to spar items

Everything is quite simple here. Codes are defined Xpath. For each element, after which they are entered into the program. Since the specifications of the same goods will coincide, you can configure autofill your site based on the information received.

How to Poule Reviews (with rendering)

The process of collecting feedback on other sites in order to transfer them to itself at the beginning looks like a way. It is necessary to determine Xpath. For the element. However, further complexity arise. Often the design is designed so that the reviews appear on the page at the time when the user scrolls it to the right place.

In this case, you need to change the program settings in the paragraph Rendering. and choose Javascript. So the parser will fully play the scenario of the movement on the page of the regular user, and the reviews will receive a screenshot.

How to parse site structure

Parsing structure is a useful occupation, because it helps to learn how the site of competitors is arranged. To do this, it is necessary to analyze the bread crumbs (Breadcrumbs. ):

  • Cursor to any BreadCrumbs element;
  • Press the right mouse button and repeat steps to copy XPath.

Next, the action must be performed for other elements of the structure.

Conclusion Parsing sites - What is it? Evil for site owners or useful business tool. Rather, there is no deep analysis of competitors without painstaking data collection. Parsing helps speed up the process, remove the load of endless routine work per person and avoid mistakes caused by overwork. Use Parsing is absolutely legal, especially if you know all the accompanying nuances. And the capabilities of this tool are almost limitless. You can remove almost everything - you just need to know how.

Parser What is this simple language, for what is needed and how to make it

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