How to make an invisible nickname in incentive?

Making an invisible nickname in Steam

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Nickname with Steam is used instead of a name. Players use nicknames to identify each other on the network. Also, nicknames can be used to find the players you like and add them as friends. However, it is worth changing the nickname and those who are not added to friends will not be able to find the user on servers or on the network.

To make an invisible nickname in Steam, you need to go to your profile and select the function to edit it. Then you need to open a text document and write three spaces in quotes. After that, copy and paste an empty space, without quotes, into the field for filling in personal data.

Making an invisible nickname in Steam

If you just erase the data in the profile and try to save it, then Steam will give an error. And editing must be done exclusively in the client, not in the browser.

Stealth mode

If there is a desire to hide your activities in the vastness of a network client, then you can disappear from sight and continue to do your own thing.

To do this, look for the "Friends" button in the client, which is located in the lower right corner, and a list of friends opens. At the very top is the nickname of the account owner and next to the "Online" there is an arrow - click. After that, a list of statuses will appear, where you need to find and select "Offline".

Making an invisible nickname in Steam

The user will be displayed among his friends and all Steam users as inactive. And the player can continue to go about their business in the vastness of Steam, for example, decorate their profile.

Several ways to make your nickname invisible on Steam


Steam - one of the most famous digital services for the distribution of games and programs. Today, almost every Internet user knows about it or has heard at least once. This is not surprising, since the number of active accounts on Steam exceeds 125 million.

As with any online service, on Steam, each user has their own personal profile. It contains the user's nickname, real name and country of residence (optional). You can also optionally set an avatar, specify information about yourself and other individual data.

How to hide your nickname on Steam

If you no longer like your nickname in Steam, do not despair. It can be changed, and this can be done an unlimited number of times. But what if you want to completely hide your name on Steam? The reason for such a decision can be both a desire to play a prank on a friend, and a simple need to turn on the "invisible" mode. Fortunately, there are several working ways to hide your profile name.

Method 1: using the "๋" character

  1. Open Steam. On the upper left side of the screen, you will see the controls. Find the line with your current profile name and move the cursor over it. A drop-down menu will appear in which you need to select the item "Profile" .
  2. Next, you need to go to the tab "Edit profile" .
  3. In order to hide your nickname on Steam, you need to in the first paragraph "Profile name" delete all content.
  4. In this line, you must insert the character "๋" (copy it without quotes and paste).
  5. Then go down to the bottom of the page with profile settings and save the result by clicking the button "Save changes" .

As a result, you will get a name as shown in the screenshot. Although you will see your nickname as such, your profile name will not appear in all Steam games.

Method 2: using the "็" character

For the second method, you need to follow the same steps described above. The only difference is that in the field "Profile name" you must enter the character "็" (copy it without quotes and paste). As a result, your name will look like in the screenshot. As in the first case, the name will be completely hidden in games.

Previously, there were several other ways to hide the profile name. For example, a combination of alt + 255 and others. But later the company Valve, which owns Steam, covered up this opportunity. Nevertheless, as you can see, there are still working ways to do this.

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How to make an invisible nickname

Steam is the world famous digital marketplace, the brainchild of Valve. Every PC gamer knows exactly what this service is, especially since the number of its participants has now exceeded 125 million and continues to grow, replenishing with newcomers. Just the latter often have questions about certain subtleties of using Steam. One of them is "How to make an invisible nickname?", And we will answer it in this article.

Making your Steam nickname invisible

In order to use Steam on a PC or mobile device, the user needs to create his own personal profile. It is in it that not only the real name is indicated, but also the nickname. The rest of the parameters can also be set / changed - in general, everything happens the same as in most other online services.

Just in those cases when the user did not like his nickname or just had a desire to hide it from prying eyes, the instructions that will be set out below will help. In addition, the invisible nickname on Steam is a good opportunity to play a prank on your friends, or simply become "invisible" yourself for a while. All this can be done in several simple ways.

Method 1: using special characters

One of the methods for making a username invisible involves the use of certain characters, which will need to be entered in a special field.

  1. Having launched the Steam client, pay attention to the control panel located at the top. At its conditional end, find the line that contains your current name and click on it. Steam Main Window
  2. In the drop-down list, select the item with the name "Profile" . Steam open profile
  3. The next step is to go to the section "Edit profile" (or "Customize Profile" ). Steam Profile Settings
  4. Now delete your current nickname - just delete with the key BackSpace or Delete item content "Profile name" by first clicking on it and selecting (if necessary) with the mouse or keys Ctrl + A . Steam highlight name
  5. In a line freed from symbols, insert the symbol "๋" ... Just highlight what's inside the quotes and press Ctrl + C .

Steam insert a new name

Note: If you cannot select a character separately, select it along with the quotes, copy and paste into the required field, and then simply remove the quotes from it - the character will remain.

  1. Now go down to the bottom of your profile settings page and save your new, invisible name. To do this, press the button with a laconic name "Save changes" . Steam Save Changes
  2. As a result, your nickname will look as shown in the image below.

Steam new name on the main

It is important to understand that you will see your nickname exactly like this - the symbol that was previously copied and pasted into the desired field. At the same time, it will not be displayed in Steam games - this field will look empty. This is what we added initially, so the task can be considered solved.

Steam invisible name

However, this method has another variation. The list of actions that need to be performed does not differ from those described above, the only difference is that it will be necessary to use a little different symbol.

  1. Once in the profile settings (in the editing section), select the string with the current name and remove it.
  2. Insert the symbol in the empty field: "็" , but only without quotes. Steam put symbol in the name
  3. Do not forget to save the changes made by pressing the appropriate button at the bottom of the window.

Steam new invisible name

As in the case of the previous option, for all your nicknames in games will look invisible, you will simply see in this field shown above the symbol.

Method 2: Key combination

This method can be called "to familiarize yourself", since it is currently working not entirely correctly, and many users do not work at all.

On how to go to the editing section of the profile settings, where the possibility of changing Nick, we wrote above. Now you just have to clean this field and do the following:

  1. Click the key Alt. on keyboard.
  2. Not releasing it, on the digital block, press numbers. 2 5 5. .
  3. Release the key Alt. .

As mentioned above, guarantees regarding the fact that this method will work, no. But at your disposal there is a working first way - the use of special characters.

These are all the ways (or even the way), with which each wisp user can make your nickname in Steam invisible to others. Although, in this case, to speak "empty". We wish you a good pastime in games and success!

How to make an invisible nickname in incentive?

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