How to Open APK file on a computer in Windows

APK files are something like archives containing applications data for the Android operating system. Mostly they are used to install other applications on the phone running this OS. Sometimes it becomes necessary to open data files from a smartphone running Android OS on a personal computer. Within the framework of this article, consider four methods by which an ordinary user can easily decide the designated problem.

Features of opening files APK on a computer

Files with the APK extension are archives where the basic information about the program / application for the Android operating system is stored. However, if you open them as an ordinary archive there is a risk of damaging the contents of the APK file, which will lead to the impossibility of opening it.

Most Android applications are initially developed and compiled on computers running Windows or other operating systems. But here it is worth considering the nuance that in most cases a similar software that was used to compile is not capable of correctly performing the reverse process. True, there are exceptions in the form of APK files that have a clear structure.

Therefore, it is not used to open and edit APK files on Windows, not archivers, but android special emulators are used. True, when installing and interacting with those, many features should be taken into account. The functionality provided by emulators for the most part is similar to among themselves, differences may be depending on the characteristics and performance of your computer.

Option 1: Archives

With the opening of the file and viewing data with the APK extension, any archiver: WinRar, Winzip, 7-Zip and others will perfectly cope. It all depends on the user's preferences, they have almost the same functionality. Before using the archiver to open the APK file on Windows, it should take into account some risk to damage certain elements of the archive, which will result in the future to the impossibility of its correct launch on Android.

Instructions for using archivers To open APK files, looks like this:

  1. Download the file with the extension APC, click right-click on the downloaded file and select the "Properties" item in the menu.
  2. Go to the General tab and locate the "Change" menu, which is located opposite the "Appendix" graph.
  3. In the drop-down window, select the option "Open with the help".
  4. Then you will be prompted to specify the program to open the file. There are cases when there is no needed program in this window.
  5. If you do not have the desired program in this window, then use the link "Advanced". If there is no necessary archiver there, click on the search string at the bottom of the window, which is signed as "find another application on this computer."
  6. In the basic "Explorer", Windows will need to go to the directory where the archiver has been installed.
  7. Find an executable archiver file.
  8. In the "Explorer" window, click on the "Open" button.
  9. Save the changes in the "Property" window, using the "Apply" and "OK" buttons.
  10. Now the document may be unorded open with a double mouse click on it.

This method is more suitable for those cases when you only need to view the contents of the APK file. If you want to run it or edit it in it, it will be necessary to use the special Android emulators.

Option 2: BlueStack

There is a BlueStack, a program for launching Android applications in WINDOWS operating systems. This emulator is considered one of the best for Windows operating system, as well as the most popular. The program is provided by users free of charge, however, in this case you have to put up with some restrictions, in the form of advertising banners, although they do not interfere with work.

The main feature of BlueStack is its complete emulation of the Android functional, including the ability to download applications from Play Market. In such cases, the need to install applications to the emulator through the APK file disappears, but here they can be opened and even to install them.

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Let us turn to the opening of APK file by means of this emulator:

  1. Run the BlueStack using the icon on the "Desktop".
  2. In the window that opens, drag the desired file. It should be borne in mind that the dragged APK file must be independent of the cache. Otherwise, the transfer and the opening of the file will end the error.
  3. After dragging, the emulator unpacks the APK file (it will take some time).
  4. Upon completion of unpacking, BlueStack will notify that the application is installed. The notification will have the following form (see Screenshot).
  5. Now it remains to click on the application file in the "My Applications" tab, located in the emulator itself or run it via the shortcut on the computer desktop.

The method described above is not the only one, there is an alternative, consider in general terms and it:

  1. We find the file we need, press the right mouse button and find the item "Open using" in the drop-down menu.
  2. Next, in the opened menu, choose BlueStacks. If for some reason this program is not in the list presented, click the "Advanced" tab, after which we find the folder with the installed BlueStacks and click on the "HD-apkhandler" file.
  3. Installing the application will begin and on its completion, the user-needed APK file will start.

Option 3: NOX Player

Nox Player is another emulator program. Distinctive features of the program can be called its undepair to computer resources. Consider starting the APK file using Nox Player:

  1. By installing the software product, the user will see a proposal to open an APK file.
  2. If for some reason it did not happen, we produce click on the right-click file with the right mouse button and select "Open with".
  3. Among the programs for opening, select Nox Player (we put a tick to "use this application always when opening APK files").
  4. It is quite acceptable to use the search for folders with the installed program, but the executable file to start the Nox Player is in the BIN folder, and not in the root folder of the program and you need to have it in mind. Find the nox.exe file and run it.
  5. The emulator starts. Expect it completion.
  6. A menu appears in which the user must select "Open APK folder", after which the window with the previously selected Android application opens.
  7. It remains only to click right-click, select the "Properties" item in the menu and click "Set".
  8. The application will successfully establish and will only remain open the desired APK file using the same button.
  9. The standard Windows Explorer will start, where you should specify the path to the desired APK file, select it and click on "Open".

Option 4: Arc Welder

Not quite an emulator in the familiar value of this word, this is an add-on for a Google browser, with which you can also open Android files. To use it will have to be installed. Consider the whole process in more detail:

  1. Installing the application is simple: You set this extension via the Google interface, open the application page to Google at this link.
  2. Click on the Set button.
  3. Another window will appear, where it will be necessary to use the "Install the application" button.
  4. Now you need to go to the list of applications installed in Google Chrome. Use the address string. Improve the value: Chrome: // Apps /
  5. In the list of applications, find and run the one that you recently installed.
  6. This application saves temporary files on the hard disk of the computer. To select the folder where they will be saved, use the "Choose" button.
  7. Select the desired folder where temporary files will be saved.
  8. Then you need to use the Add Your APK button to initiate the file download from the computer to the browser.
  9. In the "Explorer" of Windows, select this file and click on the "Open" button.
  10. A window will appear where you need to specify certain settings. You can put them in the same way as in the screenshot. If you think it is necessary, you can make the settings for your needs. Click "Test" to continue.
  11. An application is launched.

From the foregoing, it is clear that to start the APK file in the Windows OS environment will not be difficult even for an ordinary user. When you select the options for starting an APK file on your computer, you must first be repeated from your end targets.

How to open APK file on computer


APK icon

APK (Android Package) - This is a special archive of executable application to run on devices with the Android system. Such a file contains software code, resources, assets and other items necessary for application. Despite the fact that APK is an archive, it is not encrypted, since there is no need for that. Execution occurs with DalvikVM - virtual machine.

A variety of interesting applications is available on the device with the Android system. Download them directly to your computer, you can in different ways, from the Google Play store or from special services. After downloading the file, it is recommended to check for the presence of a viral code. If you want to try the application directly on your computer, or open the archive itself, then these recommendations may be useful to you.

Example APK Files

Run APK files on a computer

For various reasons, users want to launch the app in the APK format on the computer. Someone wants to try the game with heavy graphics, but the parameters of the phone do not allow. Someone is just interesting to see how the application will look and function. There may be a lot of reasons for the implementation of this plan there are plenty of programs. For this task, special Android emulators are well suited.

Method 1: BlueStacks

BlueStacks. - This is a special program for launching android games. It does not emulate the Android system itself, but quite convenient for use. Can synchronize with your smartphone. Available large number of languages, including Russian.

  1. Run blue stacks.
  2. On the side select icon "Install APK" ("Install APK" ).
  3. Select APK file in Bluestacks

  4. Open the file you need.
  5. Opening a file in BlueStacks

  6. Installation will begin.
  7. Installing APK file in Bluestacks

  8. When the application is set, go to the menu and run the game.
  9. As you can see, the game opens successfully.
  10. Running a game in bluestacks

Method 2: Droid4X

Droid4X is designed on the basis of Android 4.2.2, which provides him with compatibility with a large part of the Google Play store applications. The program has many advantages. For example, simplicity of use, the ability to use your gamepad or smartphone to control in the emulator, supporting the touch screen. After installing this emulator, the opening of all APK will pass through this default software.

Download Droid4x program

Note that if you have a VirtualBox on your computer, then the Droid4x setting will remove it.

  1. Press Double-click the APK file twice or open the context menu by right-click and select "Play with Droid4x" .
  2. Opening APK in Droid4x

  3. A notification will appear that the installation began, and after some time, it ended.
  4. Run Droid4X. The main menu will be the icon of the installed application.
  5. Droid4x game icon

  6. As you can see, everything works.
  7. Installed game in Droid4X

Method 3: Genymotion

Genymotion is a complete android emulator, which is actively used by developers to test applications and games. To download and work with this software, you need to register an account on the official website. The program is conditionally free if you just want to experience this emulator, then the option without premium functions. Available in English and French. For full-fledged work, you will need a virtual machine. For example, it is suitable VirtualBox. .

Download Genymotion from the official site

  1. Run Genymotion.
  2. Press the button "Add" .
  3. Adding a virtual device in Genymotion

  4. In the next window, select a suitable virtual device. Here you can sort the devices according to the Android version, the phone model. After, click "Next" .
  5. Selection of virtual devices

  6. Next, you will go to view the details of your virtual device. Here you can rename it to your discretion. Tap again "Next" .
  7. Confirmation of selection

  8. Loading will begin.
  9. After the download is complete, go to the VirtualBox and the context menu, select "Run" "Normal launch" .
  10. Running device in Virtual Box

  11. Wait a few minutes.
  12. Navigate to the Genymotion window and click "Start" .
  13. Getting started with a virtual device

  14. This window will be loaded.
  15. View of a virtual device

  16. To install applications, you must first install GenyMotion ARM Translation. Just drag the archive into the emulator window and wait for the end.
  17. Installing ARM Translation

    Download Genymotion Arm Translation

  18. After, restart the virtual machine. Close, and then open the system in VirtualBox and GenyMotion.
  19. Now you can open applications. To do this, simply drag the APK file to the emulator window and wait for the installation.
  20. The game will start automatically.
  21. Launched in Genymotion

View APK files

To view the contents of the APK, the archiver will need. Usually, there is nothing secret in files of this format. They contain various resources for application or games. There are several ways to open it.

Method 1: 7-Zip

7-Zip. - Universal and free archiver, which supports several compression algorithms, data formats at once. Translated into different languages. To take advantage of them, you do not have to do something complicated.

  1. Click on the right-key file you need.
  2. In the context menu, select "7-ZIP" "Open Archive" .
  3. Opening APK in 7-Zip

  4. After, you will see this list. Also, you can unzip, but selecting item "Get files" .
  5. Opening APK in 7-Zip

Method 2: WinRar

WinRar - A popular and multifunctional archiver supporting encryption creates data to restore a damaged archive. Free 30 days. Unpacks APK, but for this you have to change the file extensions.

  1. Right-click on the file and select "Rename" .
  2. Change the expansion after the point on Zip.
  3. Change file extension

  4. Now open it using the archiver by choosing "Open with Winrar" .
  5. Opening APK in WinRar


APK files in winrar

In principle, changing the extension of the file, you can open it by any archiver.

Method 3: Total Commander

Total Commander. - This is an advanced file manager that has a built-in archiver, has many plugins that expand the capabilities of the program. They can easily unpack the APK archive.

  1. Open Total Commander.
  2. Find and select the desired file. Top click on icon "Unpack files" .
  3. Opening APK in TotalCommander

  4. In the next window, select where to unpack the contents, click "OK" .
  5. Unpacking files in TotalCommander

  6. After the procedure, you can find the data where you specified in the settings.
  7. Unpassed APK files

Tell your friends on social networks

For the Android operating system there are a lot of interesting and useful applications. Not rarely these applications are interested in users who have no Android smartphone. Fortunately, this problem can be solved without buying a new device. Instead, you can simply open the APK file on your computer and use the application you need.

To run APK files on a computer there are many different programs. Some of them were already described in the article "How to run Android games on PC". But, most of these programs are too heavy and complex. Therefore, you do not want to install them for one APK file. In this article, we will offer you a simpler way to open APK files on a computer with Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

So, in order to open APK file on your computer, we will need the program NOX App Player. This program is free, and you can just download it from the developer's official website (link). The NOX App Player installation process is extremely simple. Start the installation EXE file and follow the instructions that will appear on the screen.

Installation exe file.

After the installation is completed, the Android operating system will start. It will take another about 20-30 seconds. After that you will see the desktop.

Desk android

The first thing you need to do is go to the NOX App Player settings and turn root. To do this, press the button in the form of a gear, which is located in the upper right corner of the program.

Settings NOX App Player

After that, we translate the root function to the ON position and save the settings using the button at the bottom of the screen.

Turn on the root function

After the root is turned on, you can open the APK file. To do this, click on the boot button APK, which is located on the right side of the NOX App Player window.

Upload button APK.

After that, the program will report that APK files can be opened with simple dragging. But this function is not clear how, so click on the "I Know" button to continue.

Button I Know

After that, the usual window will open to select a file. Here you just need to choose the APK file you want to open on the computer.

Open APK file

After that, installation of the APK file to the NOX App Player will begin. After the installation is complete, the application will start automatically, and an icon will appear on the Android desktop to start this application manually. Note, sometimes, and the first time the application refuses to start. In this case, you just need to open it again, and it will earn.

APK installed

If you need to simulate any android smartphone functions to interact with an open application, then there is a panel with tools on the right side of the program window.

Tool panel in the right side of the window

It should be noted that you can also open the APK file in the literal sense. To do this, click on the APK file with the right mouse button and select "Open with the other application".

To open with

After this window will open to select an application. Here you need to choose any archiver (for example, 7-zip) and click on the "OK" button.

Choose archiver

After that you will see all the contents of the APK file that you opened.

Content APK File

If necessary, you can remove any data from APK file.

Files with APK extension store source information about the Android applications. For which files are intended, as well as to open APK on the Android smartphone and desktop, read the article.


How to open APK format

Description of format

APK format is a zip archive folder. The file contains information about codes from which the application is compiled. To create such files on the Android operating system, a standard developed by the Open Handset Alliance group is used. Google Corporation uses the product Software Development Kit. After the necessary files are added to the archive, program code, certificates and text description are added. Then creates an archive based on JAR format.

How to open APK file on windows 10

Open APK on PC

Before opening an APK file on Windows 10 PCs and below, check it for viruses. Do not download applications from unfamiliar sites, because under the guise of expansion APK, instead of games, "pirated" builds with malicious functions are distributed. To view the contents of the APK file, any archiver, such as 7-zip suitable.

  • Run the program.
  • Click the File button, select "Open" in the context menu.
  • Find the desired APK and click twice. Internal files will be displayed in the program window.
Program for opening APK files on a computer

To install the application from the APK archive to the computer, use the BlueStacks program. The utility has already built 10 applications that are available for installation. For installation, perform a number of simple actions:

  • Download the emulator installation file and run it.
  • Configure Google Account: Enter the email address and password.
  • After synchronization with the account, the available areas for downloading applications will open.
  • Click the Search button and enter the name of the desired application.
  • Confirm a disposable setting.
  • Find the application, download and install.
  • The game will start on the computer.
Apk extension than to open on your computer

Open APK on Android

The main complexity of installing APK files on Android is that by default Google prohibits the use of applications from unknown sources. It is necessary to protect inexperienced users from potentially malicious programs, so before downloading the application, make sure that it is safety. Next, perform simple actions to open the APK file on the smartphone:

  1. In the "Settings" section, select "Security".
  2. In the "Administration of Device" submenu, check the "Unknown Device" checkbox.
  3. Through a standard conductor or other file manager, find the desired file in the smartphone memory (external or internal) and press for installation.
  4. After unpacking, the application will appear on the desktop.
Expansion apk than to open on android

Frequent problems

If the APK file does not open on the smartphone, check the permission to install from unknown sources (described in the previous section).

Sometimes the file assembly requires a revision of a specific version of the OS, for example, Android 7 and higher. If you have an earlier version, the application will not be installed.

Sometimes APK-Packge does not open due to the fact that the application is already installed on the smartphone. In this case, first delete the old utility and run the APK file.

How to open the APK file on the computer

A fairly common problem among all sorts of users of personal computers working on the basis of Windows, is the lack of basic tools for opening files in special formats. As part of this article, we will talk about document processing methods with an APK extension, initially representing files containing applications data for the Android mobile platform.

Open APK files on PC

Any file in the format APK itself is a kind of archive containing all the data about any application for Android. At the same time, as in the case of any other archive, the documents of this species may be damaged for one reason or another, which, in turn, will lead to the impossibility of opening.

Literally, each Android application is initially created and compiled using special programs in the Windows environment. However, the software of this purpose is usually not able to open the created APK applications - only projects having a strictly predefined structure of folders and special documents.

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In addition to all named nuances, it is impossible to lose sight of such detail as the need to use special software. In particular, this concerns Android emulators for Windows.

Computer specifications process

Almost all existing emulators provide similar functionality, for the most part limited only by the technical characteristics of your computer.

See also: How to find out the specifications of the PC

Method 1: Archives

As can be seen from the name, this method is to use special programs for creating and working with archives. At the same time, the format of documents APK is supported without problems, at a minimum, mostly of various archivers, which in particular concerns the most popular software.

We recommend that you enjoy only proven time programs, the list of which is right to head WinRAR.

The process of using the WinRar program in Windows Windows 7

See also: How to use WinRar

If you for one reason or another, you can not or do not want to use the specified archiver, it is possible to replace it with another.

Only some of the programs discussed in the reference below allow you to work with files in APK format.

The process of using the Hamster Free program in Windows WINTOVS


Regardless of the variety of your selected software, the process of opening files APK through the archiver always comes down to the same actions.

  1. After downloading to your computer, a document with an APK extension, click on it right mouse button and select the section "Properties" .
  2. The process of transition to the property window on the application file APK in Windows WINDOVS

  3. Being on the tab "Are common" , opposite the graph "Application" Click on the button "Change" .
  4. The process of transition to changing the application for the APK file in Windows WINDOVS

  5. Alternatively, do the same through "To open with…" In the Right-click menu on the desired document.
  6. Ability to use item Open using the APK file in Windows Windows

  7. A window will be presented where you can select the program to open the file.
  8. The process of disclosing the list is additionally when you open the APK file in Windows Windows

  9. If necessary, use the reference "Additionally" , then scroll the list of software to Niza and click on the inscription "Find another application on this computer" .
  10. Go to the selection of an archiver to ring the APK file in Windows WINTOVS

    If the default software in the list is default, then simply select it by passing further recommendations.

  11. Using the Windows Basic Explorer, go to the directory where the archiver you have been installed.
  12. Go to the directories with the archiver to open the APK file in Windows WINTOVS

  13. Among the files, find the one that initializes the start of the program.
  14. Successful archiver file for opening a APK file in Windows WINTOVS

  15. Having selecting the specified application, click on the button "Open" On the bottom panel of the conductor.
  16. Opening the APK file using the archiver in Windows WINTOVS

  17. Save changes in the window "Properties" When using the button "OK" .
  18. The process of saving the configuration for APK application in the Properties window

  19. Now you can unhindered to open the document, clicking on it with the left mouse button twice.
  20. Successfully open APK file via archiver on computer

Of course, this method will only suit you in cases where there is a need to access internal data of the application. Otherwise, for example, if you want to start the file, you must use other programs.

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Method 2: BlueStack

You, as a PC user, are already familiar with any platform emulators within the Windows Operating System. It is to this kind of funds about BlueStacks.

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The specified emulator is considered to be the best and able to fully meet the needs of the user. Moreover, this program comes free of charge with minor restrictions, in particular concerning advertising banners.

The process of installing the Bluestacks program in Windows WINTOVS

See also: How to install Bluestacks

In addition to what has been said, the emulator under review has a lot of diverse settings, thanks to which you can configure the Android platform at your discretion.

Bluestacks program configuration process on computer

See also: How to configure BlueStacks

You should also know that the default software is fully described fully supports the entire functionality of the Android platform, including the Google Play store. Thus, using a similar program, you can even refuse to use APK files by downloading and automatically installing the desired application.

Installation process of a new application from the Google Play store in BlueStacks

See also: How to install the application on BlueStacks

The article is designed to have the fact that you already have an open document in the appropriate format and in general imagine what the final result of actions should be.

Having understood with the main subtleties, you can go to the opening process of APK on a computer with Windows OS.

  1. Successfully completing the installation of software, open it using the icon on the desktop.
  2. The process of launching the Bluestacks program from the desktop in Windows Windows

  3. To open the APK application as quickly as possible, drag the file to the main workspace of the program used.
  4. Dragging process APK application in the working window in the Bluestacks program

  5. The application must be independent of the cache, otherwise there will be errors.
  6. Error Installing APK applications in Bluestacks

    See also: how to install the cache in BlueStacks

  7. After dragging, the software will take some time to unpack the application and prepare it for further work.
  8. The process of installing the new APK application in the BlueStacks program

  9. After completing the installation, BlueStacks will provide you with the appropriate notification.
  10. Notification of successfully installed APK application in BlueStacks Program

    Since we used a standard version of the program with default settings, you may not have the specified notification.

  11. As well as on the main screen of the emulator, the icon of the installed application will appear on the Windows desktop.
  12. Apk application icon on work desk in WINTOVS OS

  13. To run it, click on his icon on the desktop or on the tab "My Applications" in bluestacks.
  14. Ability to start the installed APK application from BlueStacks

This could be completed with the method, but the actions described are not the only possible option for opening an APK file.

  1. In the operating system, go to the file open and, open the PCM menu, select "To open with…" .
  2. Opening window Open by installing an application in BlueStacks.

  3. If necessary in the child list, click on the inscription "Choose a program" .
  4. Go to the range of programs to install the application in BlueStacks

  5. In the window that appears, click on the link "Additionally" .
  6. Go to the list additionally to install the application in BlueStacks

  7. From the list of presented tools, select BlueStacks.
  8. If you, like most users, the software is automatically not added as an APK file opening tool, click on the inscription "Find other applications on this computer" .
  9. Opening Windows Explorer to install the application in BlueStacks

  10. Go to the directory with the program.
  11. Go to directory with Bluestacks program to install the application in BlueStacks

  12. In this folder you need to use the file "HD-apkhandler" .
  13. Opening the HD-APKHANDLER file to install the application in BlueStacks

  14. Next will automatically start installing the application.
  15. Installation process APK file in BlueStacks program

  16. Upon completion, the emulator will open, where you can safely start the addition.
  17. In cases where you are trying to download the application previously installed in the system, the data will be simply updated.
  18. Notification of a successfully updated application in the Bluestacks program

Following our instructions for working with this software, you will not have difficulties with the opening of APK.

Method 3: Nox Player

Another Android's own in-demand emulator is NOX Player, first of all designed to provide PC users with the ability to run mobile applications without power limitations. In terms of functionality, this agent is not very different from the previously considered bluestacks, but has a much more simplified interface.

NOx is much less referred to PC resources than any other emulator with similar features. Again, comparing the software in question with BlueStacks, Nox Player is characterized in that the default does the association of supported files within the Windows operating system.

See also: How to install Nox Player on a computer

After you download and install Nox Player, be sure to follow the software.

  1. After installing the program from you, you need simply open APK through automatically assigned software.
  2. Icons APK applications for Nox Player in Windows WINTOVS

  3. If for one reason or another the remedy was not assigned, use the item "To open with…" In the PCM menu on the desired document.

    The ability to select Nox Player to open APK applications in Windows WINTOVS

    Due to the possible need, you can also use the full list by clicking on the item. "Choose a program" .

  4. Ability to select Nox Player in the full list of programs in Windows WINTOVS

    As in the first two methods, you can use the link. "Find other applications on this computer" By opening a folder with Nox Player.

    Ability to go to search NOX Player on a computer in Windows WINTOVS

  5. The folder structure in the NOX system directory is somewhat different from previously affected means.
  6. Go to the BIN folder in the Nox Player directory in Windows Windows

  7. Go to section "BIN" And being inside it, open the file "NOX" .
  8. Using the NOX file to open APK applications in Windows WINTOVS

  9. Next, the standard initialization of the launch of the emulator will begin.
  10. NOX Player launch initialization process in Windows Windows

  11. The entire installation process is in a hidden mode with the subsequent automatic start of the added application.
  12. Notification of the start of installing APK applications in Nox Player

In addition to the above, Nox allows you to open APK directly by dragging.

  1. Open the folder with the addition and drag it to the working area of ​​the emulator.
  2. The process of adding APK applications in Nox Player by dragging

  3. In the open window, click on the signature block "Open APK folder" and the corresponding icon.
  4. Confirmation of download APK application in Nox Player

  5. Now you will be redirected to the local emulator directory, where you need to install the supplement in manual mode.
  6. Run an APK Installer Apps in the Nox Player Local Director

  7. Through the window "Properties" Confirm the application installation by using the key "Install" .
  8. Go to Installation APK applications in the NOX Player program

  9. At the next stage, read the requirements of the addition and click on the button. "Install" .
  10. Confirmation Installation APK applications in the NOX Player program

  11. Wait until the apk unpacking is completed.
  12. Waiting for the installation of the APK application in Nox Player

  13. Upon completion of the download, use the link "Open" .
  14. Go to the opening of a successfully installed APK application in Nox Player

Immediately the program interface itself also allows you to download APK applications from a computer via a standard Windows conductor.

  1. On the main panel NOX tool on the right click on the icon "Add APK file" .
  2. Using the APK icon to go to the selection of APK applications in Nox Player

  3. Immediately you will receive recommendations on dragging documents directly to the active window.
  4. Notification of the possibility of dragging applications in Nox Player

  5. Using a system conductor, go to the file directory with your APK and open it.
  6. Opening the APK file via Windows WINTOVS conductor in Nox Player

  7. The application, in our case, is the RAR archiver for Android, automatically install and will start freely.
  8. Successfully running APK application in the NOX Player program

This method ends with this method.

Method 4: Arc Welder

Google has introduced its own application that allows you to open APK files directly through the Chrome browser. The extension was intended for use by testers and developers, but nothing prevents from establishing it with a conventional user and launch various mobile programs there. You need to perform only a few actions:

Go to the Arc Welder download page

  1. Go to the extension download page via Google Shop, where you click on the button "Install" .
  2. Go to the Arc Welder extension page

  3. Check out the notification and confirm the addition of expansion.
  4. Confirm the installation of Arc Welder

  5. Wait until Arc Welder is loaded. It can take some time for this, do not break off the Internet and do not close the web browser.
  6. Waiting for the completion of the ARC Welder extension installation

  7. Open the Application page in Google Chrome by entering the following command to the address bar:

    Chrome: // Apps /

  8. Open the application page in Google Chrome

  9. Run Arc Welder by clicking on its icon.
  10. Run the ARC Welder application in the browser

  11. Supplement saves temporary files, so you first need to select the location where they will be located on your hard disk. Click on "Choose" .
  12. Go to the selection of space saving temporary files Arc Welder

  13. In the window that opens, select Folder and click on "OK" .
  14. Select space save temporary ARC Welder files

  15. Now you can go directly to testing APK files. Download the necessary mobile program from the Internet or take advantage of the available data.
  16. Open application for testing in Arc Welder

    When downloading from third-party sources, be sure to check the files for threats through a convenient antivirus.

    READ ALSO: Antiviruses for Windows

    In addition, there is an excellent Virustotal service on the Internet, which allows you to check the file or link to the presence of viruses.

    Go to the site Virustotal

  17. Find the software on your computer, select it and click on "Open" .
  18. Select an application for testing in Arc Welder

  19. It remains only to set the parameters. Put the points near those settings that you consider fit. For example, you have a change in orientation, form factor and adding a developer configuration. After editing, go to testing.
  20. Set application settings in Arc Welder

  21. A new window will start with the application. In it you can interact with the elements, move between the menu, you get the full functionality of the mobile program.
  22. Work in the application through Arc Welder extension

As you can see, the method using ARC Welder is sufficiently easy, you do not need to understand the additional software, set the correct configurations and so on. Just install and run the addition.

When you choose the opening methods of the files, you first need to be repelled from the ultimate file processing goal, whether to initialize any game or unzipping the supplement data for further use.

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Our specialists will try to answer as quickly as possible.

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If you do not know what kind of format is APK and what can be opened on a computer or phone, then read the text of the article. We will describe in detail about its features, ways to work and modify its individual elements.

Android Package Kit (APK) is the format of executable files for the Android operating system. It is an archive containing source data of the application (software code compiled resource files, settings, assets, libraries).


  • You can not convert to another format.
  • Archives using a JAR-based compression function.
  • It is a subset of ZIP format.
  • You can change using Google Android SDK, Eclipse with Plugin ADT.
  • Files from the archive APK are not encrypted.

Files with an extension of the apk are stored in Google Play and other apps for Android apps. They are unpackled and installed automatically, without using additional software. The data is stored in the root folder at / Data / App. You can only access them through the conductor.

For the development of Android applications with the APK extension, the Google's Android SDK program is used. It is available for free download from the official site and works on the basis of Java.

How to open on the phone

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

How to open the APK format file on the phone

If the mobile application for Android platform is loaded from a third-party resource or computer, then it will have an APK extension. Then it can be installed on the phone manually.

How to open the APK file from the phone:

  • Connect the device to a computer using a USB cable.
  • Copy the APK file on the SD card or in the phone's memory.
  • Run the conductor or "File Manager" .
  • Open the desired directory and run the copied APK.

After that, unpacking the application will begin. Check out the conditions, if necessary, issue access to the functions and continue the installation.

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

Apk format

If you copy APK USB package does not work, then send it to Bluetooth or E-mail. Either separately connect the MINI SD card to the computer using the adapter and move the file to it.

Error at the opening

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

How to solve installation from unknown sources

If after copying the APK file to the device, it fails to be started, then most likely the possibility of installing via USB has been disabled by the manufacturer.

Follow these steps to enable it:

  • Go to the "Settings" menu and find the "Personal Data" category here.
  • Select "Security" and check the box opposite "Unknown sources (allow installation of unknown sources)".
  • Run the APK file and continue the installation.

If the error appears, then in the same menu, remove the box next to "check applications". Then android will not prohibit the installation of potentially dangerous applications that can harm the device. Use the way only if you are confident in the security of the APK file installed.

other methods

If you want to see the contents of the APK file from the phone, then you can use the mobile version of the archiver or special software.

Consider the most popular programs that allow you to edit the APK packages:

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

Program Interface APK Editor

It works both with packages and already installed on the device by programs, games. Allows you to change individual manifests, edit resources, replace files. It has a convenient graphical interface, support for Cyrillic.

Download for android: Download

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>


Free mobile application to create and edit individual manifests. Open the APC itself will not work with it, but to change individual elements (after unpacking) - no problem.

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

Smartapktool interface

Allows you to sign APK formats files, zip. Unpack and pack apk. Suitable for pre-edit applications. Smartapktool may require additional software (apktool, virtual machine on Java).

After that you can change the existing lines of code, notifications. In some applications, you can add additional actions or remove existing ones (for example, advertising display). Note that after that it will differ from the original, so it will not be possible to update it through Google Play.

How to remove apk

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

APK Extractor interface

If you need to get the APK already installed on the phone's phone, you can do this with a special software. Play Market has several free programs, but we will use the APK Extractor for this purpose.

The procedure will be as follows:

  • Open the playmark market on your phone and enter the search for APK Extractor.
  • Select the application from the list of the proposed and start it.
  • Establish all the necessary permissions and continue the installation process.
  • Run the APK EXTRACTOR through the menu or shortcut on the working screen.
  • A list of programs installed on the device, games opens. Scroll through it and find the right one.
  • Click on the icon in the form of three points. A context menu will appear where you can see the description (via the "Information") selected item.
  • Click "Submit" to remove the APK and share it with the other. You can do this by Bluetooth, email or using any available way.

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

How to extract APK via apk extractor

If you want to save the received package for yourself, then send it an email to your address. After that it can be copied to any other mobile device, computer.

How to open on the computer

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

Files from the APK package

Unpack the APK file to see or edit the contents, you can using a conventional archiver. At the same time install or launch the application will not work. This requires a special software.

APK than to open on different operating systems:

  • Windows - 7-Zip, WinRAR.
  • Linux - 7-Zip, Unzip.
  • MacOS - Archive Utility.

If you cannot configure extensions when installing the archiver (which will be associated by default), the program may not recognize the APK file. Then he will be an "unknown" format.

To open, click on it and in the list of proposed programs, select the desired software. After that you will get access to all source data of the application.

Emulators to run apk files on PC

If you want to install a mobile application for the computer for Android, the file will have an extension of the APK. To install it, you will need a special emulator. They are available for free download.

Most Popular:

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

NOX App Player interface

There is a preset Google Play. The program is not Russified, but Android itself switches to Russian through the settings (as on the phone). Good optimization, there are extended settings for working with APK files.

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

Andy interface

The program does not support Russian. It has a minimum number of settings and good optimization. The shell and the programs installed on it quickly run, work without hang, brakes.

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

Bluestacks interface

Differs good performance in games and allows you to run resource-proof applications. The main feature is the BlueStacks function TV. Need for online broadcasts on Twitch.

With the help of an emulator, you can run mobile applications through the APK packages or install them directly with Play MARKET. To use Google services, you will need to log in with an account.

To start the APK packets themselves, connect the account is not necessary. But if a game or program requires binding to a social network or other services, it will be necessary to log in or passing a simple registration.

How to install apk on a computer

If you downloaded the APK package to the computer and want to run it, then you need to install the emulator. The principle of action is the same everywhere, so we consider an example of installing the application by the APK via BlueStacks.

The procedure will be as follows:

  • Go to the official website of the BlueStacks emulator and start downloading the program. Full version is available for free download.


  • Run the distribution and continue the installation. Upon completion, restart the computer and open Bluestacks.

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

Launch bluestacks

  • Starting the virtualization engine and the initial emulator setting. Wait for it to complete, the main screen of the program will open. From here you can access already pre-installed games, programs and Play Market.
  • To install the apk, go to the "My Applications" tab. In the lower right corner, find the icon in the form of a plus. Click on it.
  • A new window will appear where you need to select the path to the APK file. Specify it and click "Open".
  • Installing the application will begin. Continue it as well as on your mobile phone.

The application installed through the APK will appear on the same tab. Click on his label with the mouse to run. It will open in a new tab.

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

How to open apk via bluestacks

If you want to delete the newly installed APK, then here click on the icon in the form of urn. After that, specify the emulator the application you want to erase from the device.

How to open and modify apk on PC

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

Work with the Smali Tool

Even after unpacking the APK, the file is not ready for operation and modifying. To change something in an XML or any other document, it is necessary to decompile it.

Tools that need to unpack, edit and reverse archiving package package:

  • Archiver (7-Zip, WinRAR or any other). Need to extract all the necessary resources from the package, manifests.
  • The source text translator of the program that can convert byte-code of a virtual machine (SMALI).
  • Tool for packaging and converting edited resources (AAPT).
  • Tool for digital signature modified APK file (Signer). It is necessary that the finished application is perceived by the operating system safe.

You can use them separately. In order not to look for them and not complicate the task, use the special software that is based on them. If you want to download the application to the PC, it will be enough emulator.

Programs for modifying APK packages

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review>

Work in Virtuous Ten Studio

Depending on the installed operating system, there are several programs to work with packages in the APK format.

Consider the most popular:

  • For devices based on Linux, MacOS - APKTOOL


It has a CLI interface (work through a console, using commands). With it, you can unpack all resources from the package APK, modify the individual components and reoper the archive with already edited files. The program does not include an additional tool for creating a digital signature, so run Signer is manually.

  • For devices based on Windows Operating Systems - Virtuous Ten Studio.


Includes APKTOOL and is distinguished by the presence of a graphical interface. Allows you to perform all operations on unpacking and decompiling for several clicks. The program is available for free download from the official site.

Soft allows you to unpack and change the package packages. The modified file can be installed on the Android device. After that, update the installed (modified) application via Play Market is impossible.

Today we disassembled how to open the APK file on the computer or phone. To extract all the files included in its composition, there will be a conventional archiver. To not just open, but install the PC application for its further use, you will need an emulator (they are available for free download from the official website).

On mobile phone or tablets APK packages open by default. You can do it through a conductor or file manager. But if you want to edit or extract individual resources from it, then use Smartapktool or other similar software for Android.

Also, about APK format Look in the video:

Video: Installing .apk format files on a computer

Installing .apk Format File on Computer

APK format file: What is it and what to open? | [Detailed review]

A source

Not even all the owners of the devices with the Android operating system know what APK file is. What to say about those who have never enjoyed phones or tablets with this system. Nevertheless, even the owners of Windows Computers can extract a lot of useful from the APK files.

How to open the apk file on a computer

How to open the apk file on a computer

What is APK.

First, let's figure out what files represent.

Android Package is the extension of files that use programs for any devices to which Android is installed. In Windows, to install the program you need to find the .exe file. In Android, for the same you need to find exactly apk. Such files are distributed through sites with software for phones or on special forums.

Android Package is an archive in which the application itself is stored and the files needed to work .

Android Package is an archive

Android Package is an archive

Why are they needed and for what can be useful to owners of simple computers

For devices with Android OS, many interesting and unusual applications have already been written. Most of them have no version for a computer. In this case, if you want to play your favorite game for your phone, and it will not be at hand, you will need to install the APK file to your computer.

APK file for computer

APK file for computer

Another situation when you may need to open APK on a computer - view its contents. It may be necessary in order to partially change it. For example, translate it into the desired language.

Important! Files you are interested in have no additional encryption. APK file is nothing more than a file in which the application data is stored.

View content

Read also useful information in the new article - "how to open the RAR file".

Now we will learn how to view the contents of the file, look at its structure and, if necessary, make changes to it. So, we need:

  1. Press the right button on the APK file you want to open. In the list that appears, select the "Open Using" string or immediately the string "7-ZIP". Select the string "Open with" or "7-ZIP"

    Select the string "Open with" or "7-ZIP"

  2. Choose in the list of applications any archiver. And we will open. In our case, this is 7-zip. Everything, the file structure will appear before us, all the folders that are in it. 7-ZIP contains file structure

    7-ZIP contains file structure

You can also unpack this archive to your computer and access access at any time.

But most are still interested in how to start using applications on their own computer. Make it will be a little harder, but still quite simple. This is for everyone.

The phone is also a small computer. The difference only lies in fundamentally different software. Therefore, it will be necessary to establish a special program - Emulator.

Emulator program

Emulator program

As it is clear from the title, such a program as it creates a system under the Board of Androyd on your device. You will have the opportunity to download, install any applications on the emulator and use them right through your computer.

Androyd emulators are becoming increasingly popular and demand due to the growing number of unique applications. Now several developers can offer a high-quality and consistently working emulator. Consider several emulators and choose the most suitable for your tasks.

The most famous, common and used emulator - BlueStacks

To begin with, we will open our file on it.

  1. Download the program from the official site: She is free.
  2. Open the program and see the main page. Open the program

    Open the program

  3. Here you can see installed applications. In general, the interface is not very similar to the Android interface. At the bottom of the screen there will be a button with the image "+" and the inscription "Install APK". Click on it. Click on the button "+"

    Click on the button "+"

  4. You will see the window where you need to select a file for installation. Choose our APK file. In my case, this is Skype. Select APK file

    Select APK file

  5. The application icon will appear on the main screen. Inside the icon will be shown a circle that shows that the installation is underway. As such, we will not see the installation process. Installation occurs

    Installation occurs

  6. Next, the application can be opened and fully use it from the computer. Run the application

    Run the application

Important! Bluestacks is ideal for opening games, most often it is used for this. By the cons of the application, there are too cluttered interface and a large number of unnecessary information that will be useful not to everyone.

NOX App Player.

And this program is weakly suitable for games. They often incorrectly display graphic elements. In this emulator, the developers emphasized at work with programs. You can get root in a couple of clicks. If you wanted to open the APK of this application, then you need:

  1. Download the Nox App Player from the developer's website:
  2. After installation, we see the main screen with a simple and concise design. On the right there will be a panel where we need to choose an icon as in the picture. This button is responsible for adding APK files. Add APK file via the "Download" button

    Add APK file via the "Download" button

  3. The window opens again where you can select the desired file. Select the APK file

    Select the APK file

  4. The installation will also pass the background mode, and you can start using the application. Run the application

    Run the application

Viewing Content on Android

To view the contents of the APK file, and not its complete installation, we will assist a powerful program Apk editor For Android. So, we need:

  1. Download and install this application.
  2. Opening it and see the line "Select the APK file". Click on her. Click "Select the APK file"

    Click "Select the APK file"

  3. You will see files, among them we have to find our file. First of all, we are looking for in the "download" or "download" folder. We are looking for a file in the "download" or "download" folder

    We are looking for a file in the "download" or "download" folder

  4. Choose our file. Click "Replacing Files". Click "Replacing Files"

    Click "Replacing Files"

    A window will open in which all files of this application are visible. In addition, they can even edit them.

    To edit click on a diskette label with a pencil

    To edit click on a diskette label with a pencil

Install applications for a smartphone on your device is not so difficult. This can be done to any user.

Video - How to Open APK File on Computer

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