How to flash PSP E1008

How to flash PSP E1008

How to flash PSP E1008

And so you have become or your little child with the owner version of the PSP E1008 model. Sony PlayStation Portable, confidently, occupies its place, even at the time of android technology.

You purchased this product, and do not know what to do with it, how to download files and how to firmware. Moreover, such a model is on sale with minimal features. The minimum features are in the charger, manual, packaging and actual technology itself.

You do not need to immediately fly to the store for games based on UMD disks Since the original disks for such a device are quite expensive. Therefore, it is recommended to do its firmware. Do not be afraid of this action. The firmware makes it possible to reveal a large amount of advantages, and only the console will perform, simply speaking, functional technology.

Since we have become owners of the budget option, the problem itself will be in a budget form. That is, it is profitable, personally.

How to flash PSP E1008

What we need

First of all, you should purchase a flash drive, not less than four gigabytes. We also need to get a cord as a mini USB to connect to computer technology. So finally, we purchased what is required.

Our task is to perform the PSP E-1008 firmware with the official firmware 6 60 on the series 6 60 Pro B 10 . The firmware of such a series may be obtained in free mode on the Internet. To unpack this firmware, use Win RAR software.

How to flash PSP E1008

Firmware process

We make a flash drive in the PSP, go in the settings, and format the flash drive features of the PSP. We make a PSP connection to your computer, we look forward to detecting the device and install certain drivers.

After detection of the device, you load the installer by reading the sector, specify the section of the flash drives and install.

Next, we turn off the PSP and re-include. Go to the game section, looking for Pro Update. , We run. After the firmware process, an automatic reboot of the system will manifest.

Since there is only a firmware on our technology, it is necessary to regularly run software to restore it - 660 Pro B Fast Recovery . Thus, you do not lose the warranty with a possible breakdown, since the firmware is formed in RAM.

With a similar program, the firmware process passes in a light way without unnecessary difficulties. Just to make the launch of the program and that's it.

How to flash PSP

Any electronic device operates including thanks to the firmware - a software set, which is responsible for the interaction of all components of the device. There is such a software and a PSP console, and today we will tell you how it can be changed.

How to flash PSP

To begin with, it is worth noting that the firmware there are two types: the official distributed by the manufacturer (are known under the Abbreviation of OFW) and third-party written enthusiasts to expand the capabilities of the console (CFW). Consider the installation procedure of each option.

Installation ofw

Installation of the official firmware is a fairly simple operation, which includes loading the file with the firmware, move it to the console and actual installation.

Pages download firmware

  1. First of all, you will need to get updates. Initially, it was implied to obtain an update "by air", via Wi-Fi, but after the end of the release of the servers, the server was disabled and the procedure should be carried out manually. To do this, open the link above, then click on the button "Agree and download now" .
  2. Load the latest firmware for its installation on PSP

  3. Download the firmware file to any convenient place on your computer, and then connect PSP to it. After starting a memory card, open the folders "PSP" "Game" and create inside the last directory named "Update" in which and move the firmware.
  4. Move the official firmware file on PSP

  5. Next, disconnect the console from the PC or the laptop and check the level of its charge - before updating the battery it is desirable to charge to a maximum.

    See also: Charging PSP

  6. To start the procedure in the XMB interface consoles, open the items "Games" "Memory Stick" . A new entry with the name must appear in the software list. "PSP UPDATE" or "Update PSP" (Depends on the system language), run it.
  7. Open the Official Firmware Installer on PSP

  8. In the first installer window, select "Start" .
  9. Start installing the official firmware on PSP

  10. It will be necessary to adopt the terms of the license agreement.
  11. Take a license agreement to install the official firmware on PSP

  12. The process of installing updates will begin. Wait until it is over. After the successful installation message, click the button marked on the screen to restart the device.
  13. Finish the installation of the official firmware on PSP

    Ready - the latest official firmware is now installed on your PSP.

Installing CFW.

The installation of third-party systemic is somewhat more complicated than the official one. The fact is that there are two types of CFW - constant and so-called virtual. The first type involves recording the data into the system partition, while the second uses the loophole in RAM, which makes it necessary to restart after each shutdown of the console. Permanent firmware can be installed on a limited number of models, and virtual - to all available options. Therefore, the installation procedure consists of several steps: the preparatory on which all the required information is collected, download the necessary files and the installation itself.

Stage 1: Preparation

At this stage, the first thing should be found out which model is your prefix and what type of motherboard is installed in it. The algorithm is the following:

  1. The first thing to pay attention to is the form factor of the prefix package. Models of the series 1000, 2000, 3000 and E1000 are made in the form of a monoblock.

    PSP form factor to determine the firmware option

    PSP GO prefix is ​​made in the form of a slider, the top half of which is the display, and the bottom - the panel with the keyboard.

  2. PSP GO version to determine the firmware option

  3. If you have a monoblock option, pay attention to its thickness - the prefix of the first released series, 1000, thicker noticeably.

    Comparison PSP 1000 and 2000 to determine the firmware option

    The consoles of models 2000, 3000 and E1000 do not differ in thickness.

  4. Next, you should find out how the console belongs to what series. This can be defined by the front panel - the model SLIM (2000) and Brite (3000) have the following form:

    PSP Slim and Brite models panel to determine the firmware option

    Street models (E1000) look like this:

Appearance PSP Street panel to determine the firmware option

After determining the series, we specify which options for firmware to which you can install:

  • 1000 FAT - supported both constant and virtual CFW;
  • 2000 SLIM - similar to the previous one, but depends on the version of the installed motherboard;
  • 3000 BRITE (including option for the Russian Federation PSP 3008), Go, Street - only virtual options are supported.

Therefore, it is now necessary to determine the specific model of the device. It's just done:

  1. Turn off the console, then open its battery compartment and remove the battery.
  2. Remove the model check battery and PSP dates before the CFW firmware

  3. Pay attention to the sticker on the rear wall of the compartment - the exact series and the device model are indicated there.

    Sticker indicating the model and dates PSP before the CFW firmware

    Bully below is a string "DATE ​​CODE" that users need PSP 2000 SLIM users. The values ​​are as follows:

    • "8A" и "8b" - It will be possible to install a permanent firmware;
    • "8c" и "8D" - Exceptionally virtual firmware is available, the installation of the constant will lead to the "oxidizing" of the console, since the TA-088V3 motherboard is installed in this variant, which is protected from the CFW installation.

    If this element is missing on the sticker, open the UMD drive cover and take a look at the top segment of its inner part - there must be a plastic element with an indication of the code. If it is absent there, it is better not to risk and install a Virtual CFW version.

  4. Also, you will also need to find out the version of the installed system software - the third-party version of the firmware and the ITW present must coincide. To do this, open items "Settings" "System settings" .

    Run the settings for checking the PSP version before the CFW firmware

    Next, use the option "System Information" .

    System Information for PSP Version Before Firmware CFW

    A window will appear with the version of the installed software, a network pseudonym and the MAC address of the console.

    The version of the installed official PSP before the CFW firmware

    Attention! Do not attempt to install a third-party firmware of the version below installed official, otherwise you risk getting "brick"!

  5. After clarifying all the necessary data, go to the next step.

Stage 2: Download the desired files

At this stage, you should decide what kind of third-party firmware you want to get for your console, download it and move it to the memory card.

  1. To date, there are such CFW:
    • L (ME) - The oldest of existing options from the Japanese developer Neur0N. Supports both the launch of ISO versions of games and third-party homebrew applications and a variety of plugins;
    • Pro. - Alternative version of the previous one, focused on a larger functionality (includes all possible virtual UMD drive drivers and a kind of emulator for a Wi-Fi multiplayer, downloaded and installed separately), but less stable, rather than version L (Me).

    There were also older versions of firmware from other developers, but now they are irrelevant. Thus, you can choose one of the CFW proposed above and download the links further.

    Attention! Versions below are designed to version OFW 6.60!

    Download Satisfied Firmware L (ME) Download Fatient Firmware Pro

    After downloading, unpack the archives at any convenient place.

  2. Connect the PSP to the computer, then copy to its memory card, at PSP / Game. The following folders:
    • 6.60 LME installation - catalogs Installer и Launcher. from the relevant directory;
    • Move L (ME) CFW files for PSP firmware

    • For installation 6.60 Pro - FastRecovery. и ProUpdate. , and catalog Seplugins. Place the memory card in the root. Also, if there was already a custom firmware on the console, the folder with such a name could remain - in this case, you can simply transfer only files.

      Attention! The CIPL_FLASHER folder needs to be copied only by the owners of PSP 1000 and PSP 2000 with the possibility of installing a constant firmware!

  3. Copying additional Pro CFW plugins for PSP firmware on third party

  4. Disconnect the console from the computer
  5. After all the necessary files are loaded and copied to the memory of the console, you can move directly to the installation of CFW.

Stage 3: CFW installation

The installation of a third-party system software for PSP itself is simple. The procedure for both topical options is largely similar, so we give a general algorithm, noting only the differences.

Important! All further action you make risks at your own!

  1. First of all, make sure the battery is charged by more than 78% or connect the power supply to the console.
  2. Next in the XMB interface, go to the address "Games" "Memory Stick" and run the files:
    • "LME Installer for 660" - for option 6.60 LME;
    • "PRO UPDATE" - For option 6.60 Pro.
  3. Starting CFW installation for PSP firmware on third-party

  4. Start the text interface of the installer. To start the installation, you will need to press the X button.
  5. The beginning of the CFW installation for the PSP firmware on the third party

  6. Wait for the procedure to complete, after which the prefix will reboot already in the custom firmware. To check this, open items "Settings" "System settings" "System Information" where in the column "Version by" An established third-party option should be specified.
  7. Checking the CFW installation for PSP firmware on the third party

  8. Since we installed the virtual firmware, after a complete shutdown of the console (for example, due to the discharge of the battery), it flies, that is, it will be unloaded from RAM. You can re-run it via the second file in the points "Games" "Memory Stick" :
    • "6.60 LME Launcher" for the same version;
    • "Fast Recovery" For 6.60 Pro CFW.
  9. Re-launching virtual firmware after installing CFW on PSP

  10. There is a way to make a firmware 6.60 Pro CFW constant, but only for supported models mentioned in step 1.

    Attention! An attempt to make a virtual firmware constant on unsupported models will lead to the exit of the console's console!

    To do this, launch the application "CIPL FLASHER" , click Cross After opening it and wait for the end of the procedure.

  11. Start of installation of a permanent CFW for firmware PSP on a third party

    Ready - Now all the possibilities of third-party system software are available.


This end our instructions for the PlayStation Portable firmware for official and third-party options. As we see, the procedure itself is very simple, whereas the main role is played by the preparatory stage.

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Many have heard of portable gaming consoles. One of the most popular portable console representatives is PSP or Sony PlayStation Portable. Wheels on it have already ceased to be sold in stores, and they have been very expensive to buy them, so people are increasingly flashing their PSP console so that any games can be installed. How to flash PSP

Why flash PSP and what it gives

There are two types of firmware - factory and custom. WITH factory Everything is clear - this official software installed at the factory and updated legally and officially.

Castomny or CFW. It serves to start games and other content downloaded from the Internet. Custom can be divided into two groups, constant and virtual. Constant It will work regardless of whether the console turned off, but this species does not work on all versions of the console.

Virtual Will fly after turning off the console, and when you start it, it must be installed again. To do this, a special emulator is saved on the memory card, running which everything will be re-installed. Plus this type is that He is universal And it is suitable for each model. Types of firmware

Possible consequences

During or after installing custom, the PSPs may occur, and sometimes the prefix can turn into "brick" at all. This can happen as a result Incorrect execution of instructions When installing the firmware. Still frequent problem of transformation into "brick" is Battery discharge During installation. To avoid this problem, it is recommended to charge a minimum battery at least 50%. You can harm the console and when Incorrect selection of firmware . Let's consider different versions of PSP and appropriately to them Software:

  1. Models 1000 and 2000 - You can update the firmware both on the constant and virtual.
  2. Models 3000 and PSP GO - You can flash only virtually, but it is so that when you turn off nothing flies. This is possible if version 6.20 or 6.60 is installed on the console. To do this, you will need to first install the virtual firmware, and after install Permanent Patch. .
  3. On model E 1008 You can put the virtual firmware. The factory on this model is always 6.60 and the virtual needs to be set 6.60 Pro or another.

Signatures after the figure version may mean Sequence of exit, type of firmware or just the name that the developer gave her.


Before starting the installation of the firmware you need to prepare everything you need, namely:

  • Reset Console to factory settings;
  • format memory card;
  • Download and Move On the memory card installation files.

In order to reset the console to factory settings, it will be necessary:

  1. Go to the menu " Settings "
  2. Select item " System settings " System settings
  3. Then you need to choose subparagraph " Restore standard configuration " Configuration recovery
  4. Press Input ", After which everything on the console will be reset to factory settings, and everything in the internal memory of the console will be removed. Confirm changes

To format the memory card, you need:

  1. Go to the menu " Settings "
  2. Find and select item " System settings "
  3. After choosing subparagraph " Formatting Memory Stick. " Map formatting

At the moment there are a lot of different firmware on the Internet. We will look at the universal firmware for all models. 6.60 / 6.61 Promod version . You can download PSP firmware on or other techno forums. Need to download installation files to a computer, and after moving them to Root memory card (if the GO model is in the internal storage).

Firmware process

After preparing for the PSP firmware you need Check battery charge It must be at least 50%. Also before starting the installation is better Connect the charger And do not remove it to the end. Now let's turn to the process of installing the firmware on PSP:

  1. Go to the menu " a game "And launch" 6x Promod-C2P VCFW "
  2. To start the installation process, you need to hold the buttons " L"And" X"
  3. Next, click " X"To return to the menu.
  4. After performing these actions on the console will appear Virtual firmware which will fly with each shutdown of the console.
  5. Schedule file Promod. You can delete .

In order for the virtualization program does not fly when it is necessary:

  1. Go to the menu " Games "
  2. After open 6x Promod-C2P SmartLoader "
  3. The CIPL installer will start, and after the end it will be Restore automatically .
  4. Next file "6.6x Promod-C2P SmartLoader" You can delete .

After all the actions made, the prefix will be ready for the launch of games downloaded from the Internet.

PSP_E1008.PNG.And so you become or your child has become a happy owner of this budget model PSP E-1008 Street (E-1008 2A) . Sony Playstation Portable confidently takes her niche, even in the etra android devices and tablets. By the way, the word Street is indicated only in the packaging of the product, and on the case of the device only familiar to us three letters PSP. We continue, I purchased a PSP and do not know what to do with it, how to download files there, how to flash. By the way, this model is on sale in a minimum configuration. The minimum equipment is (charger, manual, packaging and itself PSP E-1008 itself). You should not immediately run to the store for games on UMD disks, as licensed games for PSP is very expensive. We do not have extra money, so we need to reflash it. No need to be afraid of this word "perfraction". The flashing will give us a lot of advantages and only, the console will be omnivorous simply put by the universal apparatus. All actions described below are based on their own experience. Since we are the owners of a budget PSP, then we will solve the problem on the budget. That is, cheap, for free and on your own. First of all, instead of buying a licensed game, we should purchase a USB flash drive (4GB memory card Sony Magicgate Mark2 MemoryStick Pro Duo Card) preferably at least 4 gigobight. Flash drive for PSP E-1008And we also need to purchase a mini USB cord to connect to a computer. Flashka about 650 rubles. and 180 rubles. Cord - Total 830r. We can say put in the price of one UMD disk with the game. Finally, all we needed found and purchased and lies in front of you, (USB and USB cord). Our task is to reflash PSP E-1008 with official firmware 6.60 to version 6.60 Pro-B10. Firmware version 6.60 Pro-B10 can be downloaded on our website, absolutely free. Win RAR will need for unpacking if you do not have this program on the computer download here. Download Program WinRarnas: 1. Insert a USB flash drive in PSP, go in> System Settings> Formatting MEMORY STICK card. And format a flash drive with PSPs. Immediately in System Settings> System Information You can find out the version of the official firmware. Now PSP E-1008 is produced with a firmware version 6.602. We connect the PSP to the computer, waiting for the detection of the device and set some necessary drivers. Computer will do everything 3. And so the device was found as a disk drive under the section F, E, I, or under another letter, which does not matter. We start the installer downloaded from our site, reading the instructions to specify our section of the flash drive and install. That's basically it. All the necessary files are in PSP. PSP E-1008.png4. Turn off the PSP from the computer. Turn off completely PSP and turn on again. We go to the game> Memory Stick there 4 files. We find Pro Update We start pressing the cross and reflash. After flashing, an automatic reboot will occur. Since today's PSP E-1008, today there is only a secular firmware, (with a full turning off PSP firmware 6.60 Pro-B10 flies) to restore the firmware 6.60 Pro-B10 after each power off, you will need to run the program - 660 Pro-B Fast Recovery - It is not difficult, and besides there is one weighty advantage: you will not lose the guarantee during your console breakdown, since the firmware is in RAM. And after turning off the PSP, the RAM is cleaned automatically, while removing the firmware traces. With this program, PSP is stitched very easily without too much. Just plug connections to a computer and run EXE. file. Everything else will make the program itself. In the memory card, the folders will automatically create, where you need to throw games, music, pictures, books, etc. This program will help even those people who do not understand anything in the firmware. Outcome : PSP stitches and pleases the eye. You can now download games on the PSP E-1008 C of the Internet. PSP games are eBoot.pbp, ISO formats, and a CSO-more compressed image to save disk space. Games in format EBoot.pbp. You need to throw it into the Game folder, and the games in ISO or CSO format to the ISO folder. The ISO folder needs to be created in the root of the memory card. Video in PSPs throw in the foldo folder, etc.  PSP E-1008 Packaging

Green-08 @ 02/07/2011, 21:23


Installation TCFW: 1. Unpack the contents of the archive to the root of the memory card2. Run 6.35 Pro (Hen) 3. Run 6.35 Pro-A

Those. In this archive and 6.35 FastRecovery (eBoot.pbp) and 6.35 Pro-A (with PSP / GAME / 635ProupDate folder)?

PS still highly recommend to delete all text files from the seplugins folder (MS0: / Seplugins / *. TXT)

Users with FW below 6.35 must be asked for official 6.35.

Users with FW 6.36 it is necessary to use a method with a substitution of Versia, i.e. Using 6.36 Pro + Version.txt for Downgrade to 6.35.

If I understand this correctly:

USE 635PRO (Hen) INTO The "635Pro-A Updater", Press The X Button to Start The InstallationAfter SuccessFul Installation, You Can Run "635Pro-a Fast Recovery", Directly to Revert 635Pro-a.

That every time both packages are not necessary. Once set


, then, if necessary, just run

635Pro-a Fast Recovery

To obtain the desired result)

How to flash PSP E1008

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