Salted dough for modeling: recipe with photos and useful tips

как сделать соленое тесто для лепки
Greetings to you, dear parents, readers of our blog! Recently, an old technique has been reborn for the development of a baby's shallow motility - modeling of the dough. And today I want to tell more about the salt dough for modeling. Recipes with photos can be found at the end of the article. 1. What can be made of salted dough The modeling is a great opportunity to express or relax for adults, as well as to develop a shallow motorcy and fantasy for children. Engaged with children - it's fun and interesting. The big advantage of salty dough modeling is that it will cost you much cheaper than other materials for children's creativity.

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The aka is distinguished by a creamy glaze, which covers the finished baking (most often cupcakes). And there is a sweet - sweet, sometimes enough pulling mass, sometimes quite fragile, reminiscent of candy or milk sugar. In both cases, it is important to comply with the recipe so that none of the ingredients is in excess, and the finished product was delicious, but not coating. And do not forget about the sample on the ball and samples on the thread, when you cook sugar or milk-creamy syrup.