22 ways to unlock your Android pattern • Android +1

If you blocked your Android graphic wrench and forgot it, do not despair, unlock the key is very simple, thanks to 22 ways to unlock the graphics key! How can you learn from this article!

WARNING These actions are not entirely legal. This material is provided only for familiarization, but not for hacker attacks.

For a minute of your attention!

At this village collected Absolutely all methods How to unlock a graphic key! Unfortunately, it is very easy to block Android, but unlock hard, but if you take time (1-2 hours, and maybe the day, unfortunately you will not work with the blocking in 5 minutes), you will carefully read this article, do not be lazy to open links, You all get ! The main thing when performing this article Read carefully, do not panic! Take the strength, patience and try, each of the ways, or their combination, one of these 20 methods Unlock the Android graphic key in any case will work!

If you have entered the password multiple times, and it seems to be remembered by the password, let Android rebel to 15 minutes. After that, try entering the code.

At the end of the article, methods for solving visitors android +1

Method №1Real on random blocking or easy to reset!

This method is needed absolutely to all who have a risk of random blocking (small children) or reinsurance!

The method is based on the fact: SMS is sent to a locked smartphone with a special text, after which Android is unlocked!

If you want to prevent (still not blocked Androd):

  1. You need root rights! What is root, how to get and why, you can find out in a special section of our site - how to get root rights;
  2. Install the SMS BYPASS application;
  3. Allow the use of ROOT rights to this application;

Default to the application special text 1234! If suddenly Android has been blocked by a graphic key Send SMS from any phone to a locked device with text:

1234 Reset.

After that, Android reboot, enter any graphic password after download! Android unlocked!

If blocked:

On Android is the ability to remotely install applications to the device!

  1. If the device is connected now to the Internet ( Method 4 - 4.75 );
  2. There is a Google account entered in the Android device;
  3. There is root rights;
  4. With PC install SMS BYPASS;

Default to the application special text 1234! Send SMS from any phone to a locked device with text:

1234 Reset.

After that, Android reboot, enter any graphic password after download! Android unlocked! Below is video as it happens to live.

Method number 2. Unlock android graphic key - Call on smartphone

This method should work on smartphones with Android OS 2.2 and under:

To unlock the Android graphical key on the smartphone, call it another phone, after you answer (take the tube), quickly go to the Settings menu - Security, disable the graphic key.

Method number 2.5 dial phone number

This method is something similar to the previous one, but the difference is that you need to have time to go to the icon of the application before a set of numbers, after which the ability to pull the top information line, go to the tincture and turn off the graphical lock. An example of work can be seen on the video.

Way Unlock android graphic key - Low battery

Wait for the Android battery to run out. During the notification (warning) that the battery is low, enter the battery status menu, return to the settings menu and turn off the pattern.

Way Unlock android graphic key - Enter your account

After numerous attempts to enter the pattern, Android OS will prompt you to enter your Google account, which is specified in your settings (with which you enter Google Play). To make this window appear, enter the pattern, after 5 - 6 attempts you will be prompted to wait 30 seconds, after which a special window will appear or select the button “forgot the graph. key?" enter your Google account and the smartphone will be unlocked. add

Attention! If you forgot your password, and then changed it, but Android still does not unlock, then wait 72 hours and try again to enter your Google account data.

Way 4.25. Turning on the Internet

If you enter the correct username and password, and Android answers you with a refusal (due to the lack of Internet). Then we proceed as follows:

  1. Turn off Android and then Turn on Android (this is called reboot);
  2. When the top bar (information center or notification center) appears only on Android, pull it down and turn on mobile data or WI-FI;
  3. Enter the correct Google login and password - Android Unlocked.

Method number 4.5. Turning on the Internet via a service code

If you do not remember your Google account password, then you need to recover the access password and enter it into the locked Android. Attention for this method you need to connect the device to the Internet (Wi-Fi or Packet data).

How to turn on WI-FI:

  1. On a locked Android go to the "emergency call"
  2. Dial a combination * # * # 7378423 # * # *
  3. Select menu Service tests - WLAN
  4. Connect to WI-FI

Method number 4.75. If there is no wi-fi nearby

Insert another Sim card (another operator, with money on the account and activated Internet service) after which it is possible to connect to the Internet.

Method number 4.85. Connection to Intrernet via Lan adapter

This method is necessary for those who could not activate WI-FI or packet data were not connected. This method requires LAN adapter and a router (router) with an Internet connection. We purchase, connect the blocked device, wait a couple of seconds while the Internet is activated and enter the username and password. Then Android is unlocked! It is also worth noting that absolutely not all Androids support Lan adapters, that is, they will not work, so try to open the package carefully in order to return the goods back in case of anything.

In the video below you can see what the Lan adapter looks like and how to connect it to Android (in your only case, unlike the video, you will not be able to navigate through the settings, since it is blocked).

Method number 5. Deleting the gesture.key file manually

For this method, you need to have on Android established special Recovery menu :

  1. Download file Aroma File manager;
  2. Move to Android memory card;
  3. Install it from the Recovery menu;
  4. Follow the path: / data / system / and delete the file:
  • gesture.key
  • locksettings.db
  • locksettings.db-wal
  • locksettings.db-shm

Restart your smartphone, then enter any graphic unlock gesture and android is unlocked.

Method number 5.5. Deleting the gesture.key file via TWRP

  1. If there is TWRP recovery installed (or install), then go to it;
  2. Next Go to the "Advanced" -> "File Manger" menu;
  3. Follow the path: / data / system
  4. Remove files:
  • gesture.key
  • locksettings.db
  • locksettings.db-wal
  • locksettings.db-shm

Restart Android and no blocking!

Method number 6

Removing gesture.key using an update

Corporate website way Android +1 ... For this method, it is necessary that the CWM or TWRP Recovery menu be installed on Android.

  1. Download the file GEST.zip
  2. Install it from the Recovery menu:

Restart your smartphone, then enter any unlock graphic gesture and Android will unlock.

Method number 7 - Installing Recovery and removing gesture.key using an update

Install the Recovery CWM or TWRP menu from Fastboot mode (except SAMSUNG), or flash Recovery using Odin (only for Samsung).

Next, use the instruction from the method given above - Method # 5 or Method # 6.

Method number 8 Unlock Android pattern - Uninstall via add. User

This method will work if:

  1. Installed multiple users on an Android device;
  2. You have Root rights;
  3. Installed SuperSU for both users;
  4. SuperSu has multiplayer mode enabled; ./
  5. Go to another Account
  6. Install Root Broswer from Google Play;
  7. Open the installed application and go to the path / data / system
  8. Remove files:
  • gesture.key
  • locksettings.db
  • locksettings.db-wal
  • locksettings.db-shm

Android is unlocked!

Method number 9 Unlock pattern with firmware on Sony devices

  1. Download and install Flashtool program for Sony firmware
  2. Install Sony Drivers
  3. Download and create a Sony firmware suitable for flashing in FlashTool
  4. Launch Flashtool
  5. Go to the tab "Tools-> Bundles-> Create"
  6. Fill in the fields:
    • В Select source folder - specify the location of the firmware
    • В Device - choose your model
    • В Branding prescribe locked remove
    • В Version specify the firmware number
  7. C " folder list " in " firmware content »Drag files userdata.sin и loader.sin . \
  8. Click Create to create an unlock file
  9. Flash the finished file for the firmware with the same Flashtool

Method number 10 Unlock Android Pattern - Reset Settings and Data Data

[spoiler title = "information for those who are afraid to reset data"] When you reset your data, your melodies, pictures, videos and other files will remain intact, you will only lose SMS, phone book, notes (if you do not have a Google account). Therefore, it is strongly recommended that all owners create a Google account and add their contacts there so as not to lose them and keep them up to date! After the data has been reset, you can easily restore it by synchronizing it with your smartphone or tablet [/ spoiler]

For this method, you need to have on Android Recovery menu (CWM, TWRP or Standard).

It is necessary to reset user data, after which all programs and their data (but not melodies, pictures, etc.) will be erased.

From the Recovery menu, select factory reset item or wipe data / factory reset. ):

Reset Data on Samsung

[spoiler title = ’How to reset to Samsung’ style = ’default’ collapse_link = ’true’]

1. Turn off your smartphone or tablet:

(models from 2012 and up)

Pinch Center button + key Volume Up + button On off

(models up to 2012)

Press and hold Center key and the button On off

2. In the Recovery menu, select factory reset or wipe data / factory reset.

[/ spoiler]

Resetting data on HTC

[spoiler title = ’How to reset on HTC’ style = ’default’ collapse_link = ’true’]

  1. Turn off your smartphone;
  2. Pull out the battery and insert (if possible);
  3. Press and hold the button Volume Down and the button On off ;Now restart your smartphone and check if the pattern remains. If so, try any pattern. If that didn't work, run the following command:
  4. Wait for the image from Android and release the buttons;
  5. Select item Clear storage or Factory reset (depending on the model):

Now restart your smartphone and check if the pattern remains. If so, try any pattern. If that didn't work, run the following command:

[/ spoiler]

Factory data reset on Huawei

[spoiler title = ’How to reset to Huawei’ style = ’default’ collapse_link = ’true’]

  1. Turn off your smartphone;
  2. Pull out the battery and insert (if possible);
  3. Press and hold the Volume Up button and the On / Off button;
  4. Wait for the image from Android and release the buttons;
  5. In the menu that appears, select the item " Wipe data / factory reset »(Volume keys - up, down, power key, selection);
  6. Restart your Android smartphone, after which there will be no lock pattern.

Factory data reset on Huawei (NEW)

This method works on a limited number of smartphones. This method offers unlocking the bootloader.

Huawei, as a result of which absolutely all personal data is deleted!

[/ spoiler]

Resetting data on Sony

[spoiler title = ’How to reset to Sony’ style = ’default’ collapse_link = ’true’]

  1. Download and install the program on your PC Sony Ericsson PC Suite;
  2. Connect Sony to PC;
  3. Launch Sony Ericsson PC Suite:

Select the item: Tools -> Data Recovery

4. Follow the prompts in the menu and follow them.

Now restart your smartphone and check if the pattern remains. If so, try any pattern. If that didn't work, run the following command:

[/ spoiler]

Resetting data on ZTE

[spoiler title = ’How to reset to ZTE’ style = ’default’ collapse_link = ’true’]

Method number 1

  1. In the blocking field, click on Emergency call ";
  2. Dial a combination * 983 * 987 # ;
  3. Select data reset.

Method number 2

1. Turn off Android;

Press and hold the button for a certain time Increase Volume + press and hold ON / OFF button ... You should get into Recovery ;

2. Select an item in the menu wipe data / factory reset .

[/ spoiler]

Reset Prestigio data

[spoiler title = ’How to reset to Prestigio’ style = ’default’ collapse_link = ’true’]

  1. Turn off your Prestigio tablet or smartphone;
  2. Press and hold the buttons Volume up +On off and the button Home ;
  3. In the Recovery menu, select the item " wipe data / factory reset ";
  4. Confirm selection by pressing the menu button;
  5. Select the item " delete all user data ";
  6. Confirm selection by pressing the menu button;
  7. Select " reboot system now ";
  8. Confirm selection by pressing the menu button.

Reset completed!

[/ spoiler]

Reset data on Asus

[spoiler title = ’How to reset to Asus’ style = ’default’ collapse_link = ’true’]

  1. Turn off your Android device;
  2. Clamp the buttons Volume down и On off and hold them until the moment;
  3. Wait for the 2-item menu to appear;
  4. Use the volume key to select " WIPE DATA «
  5. Confirm your choice by quickly pressing the Volume Up key.

[/ spoiler]

Reset Archos Data

[spoiler title = ’How to reset to Archos’ style = ’default’ collapse_link = ’true’]

  1. Turn off the Archos tablet;
  2. Press and hold the buttons Volume down (or up) + On off и Home
  3. In the Recovery menu, select the "wipe data / factory reset" item with the volume keys
  4. Confirm selection by pressing the menu button;
  5. Select" reboot system now ";
  6. Confirm selection by pressing the menu button;

Reset completed!

[/ spoiler]

Resetting data on Motorola

[spoiler title = ’How to reset to Motorola’ style = ’default’ collapse_link = ’true’]

  1. Turn off your Motorola smartphone;
  2. Press and hold the buttons Volume down and up + On off ;
  3. In the menu, select "wipe data / factory reset" with the volume key down;
  4. Confirm selection by pressing the Volume up button;

Reset completed!

[/ spoiler]

Method number 10.5 to unlock Android pattern key - Clearing a partition via Fastboot

If for some reason you cannot get into the Recovery menu to reset the settings, then you should use the Fastbtoot mode.

  1. Install the Adb Run program;
  2. Install Android drivers (anyway);
  3. Put your device into Fastboot mode;
  4. Run the ADB RUN program;
  5. Go to the Manual Command -> ADB menu;
  6. Enter the command: fastboot erase data or fastboot -w
  7. Restart Android.

Method # 11 to unlock Android pattern - Service center

The “easiest way” is to take it to the manufacturer's service center, where you will be provided with non-warranty Android repair.

Method number 12 to unlock HTC pattern

  1. Install HTC Sync;
  2. Connect smartphone to PC;
  3. Install the Screen Lock Bypass application using HTC Sync;
  4. Reboot your smartphone;
  5. Remove the lock (if the lock is not removed, repeat the procedure).

Method number 13 to unlock Samsung pattern

You must have an account Samsung account which was entered earlier in locked Samsung.

  1. Go to the Samsung account website;
  2. Go to Content and services -> Find device;
  3. Find the Unlock Screen button.

Method number 14 to unlock Huawei pattern

  1. Download the program and install HiSuite;
  2. Connect Huawei to your computer;
  3. Open HiSuite -> Contacts -> My e-mail;
  4. Switch to Method number 3 and reset your password.

adb shell rm /data/system/gesture.key

Method number 15 to unlock the pattern

Anroid firmware

If you haven't managed to unlock Android yet, try to find the firmware on the manufacturer's website for your device and flash it. If you have a Samsung smartphone, then you should use the "service firmware" with the pit file and flash it into Odin. If you have a different smartphone or tablet, then you may need instructions for the firmware:

For the methods presented below (16-17) must be enabled Debugging with ADB

If it was not turned on before locking Android, you can't turn it on

Method # 16 and # 17 to unlock the pattern

  1. Download and install the Adb Run program (the author of the program is Vitaly Shipilov, the author of this site);
  2. Connect an Android smartphone or tablet to a PC, for this you must have previously installed drivers;

Now restart your smartphone and check if the pattern remains. If so, try any pattern. If that didn't work, run the following command:

Go to the Adb Run program and go to the menu « Unlock Gesture Key »(Control is carried out by pressing numbers and the Enter button);

Try the first method, if it doesn't help, then the second.

Now restart your smartphone and check if the pattern remains. If so, try any pattern. If that didn't work, run the following command:

How do methods work in Adb Run?

1. Method - file is deleted gesture.key from folder / data / system

If something does not work out with the Adb Run program, you can try manually doing the same operation.

Press the CTRL + R buttons on the PC and enter the cmd and Enter command in this field:

Try again:
enter the given field cmd command

Enter the following commands in sequence (the ADB RUN program must be installed):

cd /

cd adb / progbin

adb shell

rm /data/system/gesture.key

Then restart Android and enter any pattern.

2. Method - the data in system.db from the folder is reset / data / system

If your unlocking did not go through using the Adb Run program, you can try to manually perform the same operation itself

press the CTRL + R buttons on the PC, enter this field command cmd and Enter

Try again:

Enter the following commands in sequence:

cd /

cd adb / progbin

adb shell cd /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases sqlite3 settings.db update system set value = 0 where name = 'lock_pattern_autolock'; update system set value = 0 where name = 'lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently'; .quit

Then restart your Android and your smartphone or tablet will be unlocked!

Method number 18. ADB and command line

  1. Go to the menu of the Adb Run program;
  2. Select Item Manual -> Shell;
  3. Dial commands:

su rm /data/system/locksettings.db

rm /data/system/gesture.key rm /data/system/locksettings.db-wal rm /data/system/locksettings.db-shm reboot

4. After rebooting, enter any gesture (if a lock is displayed).

Method number 19 - Method "Kill Bill"

[spoiler title = "spy the way"]

adb shell rm /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases/settings.db

[/ spoiler]

Corporate method number 20 from the site Android +1

So far, this method is intended only for smartphones and tablets from Samsung. After applying this method, all downloaded programs and their data are deleted. Photos, videos, documents and other files will remain. After downloading, unzip from ZIP archive!

What do you need to reset graphical lock?

Download the file and flash it in the ODIN program (PDA field).

Do not rename the file in any way - can not flash!

List of Supported Devices:

Do not flash from other devices under any circumstances!

Method number 21 - data recovery

If the device cannot be unlocked, then you can resort to more radical actions. Namely, data recovery without unlocking the key.

Read about how to recover data on Android on the page « How to Recover All Data from Broken Android? “Maybe some options will suit you too.

Method number 22 - Connecting to memory

This method is cardinal, but there is a great chance to get all the data back from Android if it is impossible to remove the graphic lock!

How Android users unlocked

Alexander Borodulin - “Thank you very much for your help, and for the program too)) It helped a lot)) I pre-uploaded the firmware to the micro SDK, connected the tablet via USB, installed all the firewood, launched adb run, chose the reboot device, then reboot recovery, after a few seconds the tablet reboots, we immediately reconnect the mouse instead of the USB cable through the release, the menu recovery appears, the mouse selected wipe data / factory reset, erased everything, then the wipe cache also erased, chose the firmware from the flash drive, everything was sewn up and voila. "

Eduard Sobukurenko - "And so to unlock the graphic key, you need a Google account and there is no Internet. I found a chip (here about a minute ago: D) when you enter the" Emergency call "menu, you can activate the top panel (well, where to activate the Internet Wi-Fi bluetooth, change brightness, etc.) where you can already turn on the Internet and activate your Google account! I have now unlocked my phone in this way: D "

Solution from Nikita Bulashev:

In general, the solution to the problem with screen locking is as follows: one. We go through the following link: / 8-sposobov-razblokirovat-graficheskiy-klyuch-android / Here, we find way

We follow the instructions of the respected author of the article. First I had to install a new Recovery, tk the original one did not see the sdcard, which is very important in this method. To install this menu, I used this article:

/ firmware-android-samsung-odin / and

/ skachat-cwm-i-ustanovit /

2. Downloading the file GEST.zip provided by the author. 3. We drop the file onto the map. As the author advised - if there is no adapter for sd card, then just insert it into another device ... In my case, it was an e-book, to which, moreover, a USB cable from a blocked Android fits.

four. Install from the Recovery menu. But here I will say just in case - I did not see this archive in all folders, so I had to copy it to different ones (to the root of the map, to photos, etc.) just copy the archive to multiple locations , but not deep, so as not to search for a long time. five. After installation, restart the phone. This should fix the problem. BUT If after restarting your phone, you are shown a screen again asking you to enter your Google account data - do not despair! You just need to get a call on your phone. Make a call to your included phone and answer from it. After answering, hang up the handset. You find yourself .. in the phone menu! 6. Then I learned with disappointment that if you turn off the screen, then the lock window with a request to enter a Google account is returned ... So when you follow the point (five.) - remember this. 7. Then I did the following: went into the settings and enabled USB debugging. Just in case. Here is the material from your favorite site - / otladka-po-usb / Then I decided to sync my phone with my Gmail to satisfy the phone's request to enter an account. For this you need to find the google mail icon on your phone (Water as it should be the standard now). When you enter there find the add account button in the application ... Because initially, you could not enter it at the request of the phone, which means you do not have it or you do not remember your username and password, in which case we create a Google account. And we enter from the application. I had a hitch at this stage - the phone did not want to sync. If you write the following phrase - it is not possible to establish a reliable connection to the server for data transfer - when you try to synchronize, then come here - https://www.google.com/settings/security There click in the window "Account Access" - Settings .Inside, click the "Enable" button. Go to Google mail from your phone. 8.   Finally we come in!

Enter your username and password and your phone is unlocked!

Many thanks to Vitaly Shipilov for his article and invaluable help!

Working way from our user

Finally, restart the device.Happy unlocks!

Users of the Android operating system have the ability to prevent unauthorized access to their devices by setting passwords. It is rather difficult to remember a long combination of letters and numbers, some models are not equipped with a fingerprint scanner, therefore, installing a graphic key is the best solution in case you lose your smartphone or tablet. The main role in using the method is played by implicit memory, which makes it easy to memorize movements.

Google's security tips tell you about the need to remember to protect your gadget - a similar warning also appears in your account security settings. Applications of some banks and crypto wallets, although they ask for separate passwords, cannot work without a graphic key or a PIN code that applies to the device.

By taking care of this issue in time, the user will be able to avoid losing access to pages on social networks; profiles in services where authorization was made through a browser. Despite the presence of the function of transferring the smartphone to the lost mode through the Google account control panel, it is not always possible to use it instantly.

Passwords are useful, but their downside lies in the risk of creating an incorrect key, which will take weeks to remember. This article contains methods for restoring access to the device that are relevant for 2020 in case such unpleasant situations arise. And if you are reading this material, then you are looking for a way to unlock a graphic password on Android. Well, we present to you all the options.

Ways to unlock picture password

The methods described below are intended solely for unlocking your own device and cannot be applied to stolen devices. An important note is that the names of the menu items may look different depending on the manufacturer.

Combination selection

Everyone knows that numerical combinations like "123456" are unreliable and can be easily chosen by ordinary people. A similar problem is observed with passwords in graphical representations - the letters of the Latin alphabet are often used. Considering that about 75% of the world's population is right-handed, keys like "M" or "I" should be entered from left to right. It makes sense to try symbols: "C", "G", "L", "S", "Z", "7" ... Geometric shapes are popular: sharp, right triangles; large square; two small rectangles connected in the center; stars .

In mathematics, brute force enumeration is called the brute force method, in the circle of IT specialists it is called brute force. The difficulty in using the method is caused by the presence of a protection system against it, which works in a simple way: 5 incorrect combinations will block the device for 30 seconds, all subsequent unsuccessful attempts will force the user to wait for the timer to expire again.

Call to smartphone (for Android 2.2 and below)

The method involves the use of the Android bug up to 2.2 inclusive, and looks like this:

  1. Call the locked gadget from another smartphone, accept the call;
  2. Minimize the call window by clicking on the "Home" or "Back" button;
  3. You will get full access to the system, but in order not to repeat the steps taken again, remove or assign a new password;
  4. Open the settings program, select " Security ", In the window that opens, go to the tab" Screen lock ". Models running on older Android do not ask for the previous key. Reset password or graphic pattern via TWRP

Despite the fact that this error was corrected by experts, the "side effect" of it remained - on modern versions of the OS, through it, you can reset the timer that protects against selection. The bug has a temporary effect: the next 5 wrong attempts will lead to the requirement to wait or use the trick again.

Opening Low Battery Alert

When the battery charge level drops to 15%, a window appears on the screen with advice to connect the gadget to a power source. Together with the "OK" button next to the "Battery status" is located, after clicking on which the statistics of charge usage will be displayed. From this tab, you can go to the parameters, and then do the fourth step from the previous method. The penultimate method was found on the 4idroid website. As the author writes, it can be used to remove both the password and the pattern, and the data on the phone will remain intact. The bottom line is that TWRP (custom Recovery) is installed on the device, and then the files responsible for locking the screen are deleted through the built-in file manager.

It will take a long time to "catch" the window. The situation is complicated by its automatic closing within 15-20 seconds from the moment of occurrence, so you need to keep the device close at hand all the time. As a tip, lithium-ion batteries drain quickly in the cold: when the temperature changes from room to zero, 7-11% of the charge is instantly lost.

Emergency phone calls

Even with a complete blocking of access to the device, you can call from it to contacts from the "White List" by pressing the "Emergency Call" button at the bottom of the screen. By default, it contains numbers of rescue services: 101, 112 and the like. After an instant reset call for a couple of seconds, the device's desktop will open, from which you can go to the options menu with a good reaction. Further steps are the same as in the second method.

Of course, the solution is not suitable for all smartphones, because on most devices, to install TWRP, you first need to unlock the bootloader, and this procedure will erase data from the internal memory. In addition, on Android 7.0 and higher, you will first need to enable the "OEM Unlock" option, which is located in the settings under the "For Developers" section.

Making false calls can lead to negative consequences such as overflowing the communication channel with operators, which is why this method is the least recommended of all those described in the text.

Recovery via Google account

The convenience of this method lies in the fact that it can be used immediately after an unsuccessful brute force - several incorrect attempts will lead to a window asking you to try again later. After closing it, the button "Forgot your key?" In it you need to specify your username and password. If they are forgotten too, they can be restored using a PC or another smartphone using e-mail recovery. In the case when you can get access to the profile by confirming the mobile number, it is worth moving the SIM card to another gadget.

Install TWRP when there is no access to the device settings, it will be possible to:

If you have a smartphone on Android 2.1 or lower in your hands, you should try to enter "null" or "NULL" in the password entry field. In the "Login" line, you should indicate the email address without the dog and the symbols after it (for example, the user [email protected] just needs to enter ivan_123). It is important to note that data requests from Google do not work on all devices.

Connecting to the Network

Some models do not allow opening the "shutter" from where you can perform basic operations with the device - turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS. This makes it difficult to complete the previous step if the smartphone has not previously connected to wireless networks that are in range. To go to the connection parameters, follow these steps:

  • Open the tab for making emergency calls by the corresponding button at the bottom of the lock screen;
  • Without quotes, type the combination of opening the engineering menu (depends on the manufacturer, but you can try - * # * # 7378423 # * # * ), and click "Call". The call will not be made - the command is needed to open the settings;
  • In the application, go to the " Service Tests ", From where click on the button" WLAN »To select the network to connect to.

After a successful connection to the Internet, new ways to recover your password will open. If you cannot find out the menu display command, an adapter from LAN to Micro-USB will help to establish a connection, however, some devices are not compatible with it. Everything is extremely simple - a cable coming out of the router is inserted into one connector; the other end is installed in the smartphone.

Using the ADB Run Utility

The method is suitable for devices with allowed debugging by USB ... By default, it is inaccessible for security reasons, but if you have previously enabled it, pay attention to this method. Granting Root rights is not required - you just need to connect the gadget to a Windows computer where the ADB Run program is installed. The application has a console format and is available in English. It is controlled by pressing numbers, therefore, in the absence of a free USB port, you can insert a smartphone instead of a mouse.

If the program closes automatically after starting, you need to:

  1. On the computer, use a keyboard shortcut Win +R;
  2. Introduce cmd , press Enter ;Chinese smartphones with MediaTek processors - they are stitched through the SP Flash Tool.
  3. In the terminal, specify cd c: / adb ... After that, you can start executing the commands described below.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Insert the device, install the driver for it from the manufacturer's official website. If the software is incompatible or it is impossible to download it, you should use universal drivers for devices based on chips from one company. Download files for Mediatek;
  2. Translate the gadget to Fastboot mode , for 10-20 seconds holding down the volume down and power supply button when it is turned off. Open ADB Run application, go to Manual Command section;
  3. Go to directory /data /data /com .android .providers .settings /databases , through the command sqlite 3 go to file settings .db; Samsung devices that are "sewn" through the Odin program.
  4. Enter the command update system set value = 0 where name = ’ lock _pattern _autolock .
  5. Wait until the end of the process, restart your smartphone in normal mode.

Automatic way through ADB Run

You can also download ADB Run from the link, and use the automatic method to reset the picture password:

  • Open the ADB Run program and press the number 6 on your keyboard to complete the step Unlock Gesture Key ;Other phones with an unlocked bootloader that are flashed using the Fastboot utility.
  • You will have 2 ways in a new window: first press the number 1 to start Method 1 ;
  • If it does not work, then press the number 2 to start Method 2 ;To flash Recovery on devices running Android 7.0 and higher, you will also have to activate the "Factory Unlock" function, but you will not be able to get into the settings on a locked phone. Therefore, if you are using a Samsung smartphone running Android 7.0 or newer, or a device with an MTK chip running the same Android version, this method will not work for you either.
  • After these steps, you need to restart the smartphone and check the functionality.

Using the Windows Console

Using the Windows built-in command line, you can remove the Android password when USB debugging is enabled. In a terminal using the command cd , you need to open the folder mentioned in the previous instruction, and then delete the files locksettings.db, locksettings.db-wal , locksettings.db- shm , gesture .key ... By rebooting the smartphone, the user will be able to use its functions without radical actions that lead to the loss of saved files.

Smart Lock function

Each time the smartphone is locked by pressing the power button, you will need to enter a password. In the case of automatic transition to sleep mode, a certain amount of time is given, during which it is possible not to specify the key. The size of this gap can be specified in the settings.

The Smart Lock feature, available since Android 5.0, prevents the lock screen from appearing when paired with another device. A good solution is to link the gadget to a smart refrigerator, since it is always at home: if you lose your phone in your own apartment, no one else will use it. In this abstract example, roughly speaking, you will need to move the device closer to the refrigerator - but instead of household appliances, any other devices that support Bluetooth technology can be used.

After installing TWRP, go to it and select the "Advanced" section in the main menu.

However, Smart Lock is not limited to this: it can rely on the user's GPS data, allowing the use of the device in a specific geolocation zone. The function is called "Safe Place", and if it was assigned, you need to be at the given point to be able to change the settings of the gadget. The Smart Lock also uses face recognition technology, so if you or someone else has added a photo to the database, you just need to use the front camera.

In Recovery mode via GEST, Aroma

Recovery - a special smartphone mode designed for advanced users. It is built into many mobile devices, and user installs are rare. You can go to it while turning on the gadget by holding down the power button and increasing the volume. The keys should not be released until the corresponding message about the transition appears.

The GEST utility will help you to remove the graphical code, but it needs to be embedded as a firmware. At this stage, a problem arises: it can be done “painlessly” with standard Recovery only if the phone is running Android 2.3 and earlier versions. Modern models perceive it as an unofficial firmware and do not allow installing it without performing additional operations. To do this, you need to download ClockworkMod Recovery that supports most devices. The sole purpose of the GEST program is to automatically remove the said gesture.key without root rights.

[appbox googleplay com.koushikdutta.rommanager]

The Aroma file manager is designed to change system settings, differs from applications downloaded on Google Play by the fact that it is downloaded to Android, which makes it useful for critical errors in the operation of the OS. Like GEST, on modern gadgets, this program works with custom Recovery. The procedure is as follows:

  1. Download Aroma, place it on a memory card (preferably in the root directory). Please note that Aroma is not on Google Play, and you need to download it from third-party sites, for example, from here;
  2. Go to Recovery, flash the unpacked utility. To do this, install the downloaded archive in Recovery mode through the menu Install zip ;
  3. Restart the device, wait for the program to start and, with its help, go to the folder data ;
  4. From there, open the directory system , where the password configuration files are located, the list of which is given in the removal method via the Windows console. In the "Advanced" menu, click on the "File Manager" button.

List of possible password files to be deleted :

  • gesture.key
  • cm_gesture.key
  • password.key
  • personalbackuppin.key
  • personalpattern.key
  • locksettings.db
  • locksettings.db-shm
  • locksettings.db-wal

Full factory reset

Factory reset will not touch information on external media, and files can be restored using Google backup. You can perform the operation according to the following instructions:

  1. Put the gadget in "Recovery Mode", aka Recovery;
  2. In the menu, select the item " Wipe data "(May have different names, pay attention to the name - it usually contains the words" factory reset "," hard reset "and the like); Using the file manager, go to the "data / system" directory and delete the following files (not all may be present):
  3. Read the system warning, confirm your intentions, wait for the end of the operation;
  4. When the progress bar reaches 100%, restart your device. This can be done by clicking on the "Reboot system now" button or similar in meaning.

Reset picture password via TWRP

TWRP is an unofficial recovery tool mainly used as a means of installing custom firmware - modern smartphone manufacturers prohibit this with built-in functions. Among the features of the utility is its own file manager, which is loaded, like Aroma, before Android.

The key data must be deleted as follows:

  1. Once loaded into TWRP, go to the section " Advanced ", Then open" File manager "; To delete a file, click on it, press "Delete" and swipe to confirm.
  2. Go to the directory data , from there open the folder system ;Then select "Reboot System" and click "Do Not Install" if you don
  3. Delete the file key ;Deleting data via Find My Device
  4. Exit the list of documents, open " Reboot ", From there click on the button" System ";
  5. The device will reboot and possibly ask for a password. You can use any graphic combination - the system will let you through anyway.

Wipe data with Find My device in Google

The gadgets search function was created for remote control of smartphones in case of loss. In addition to the ability to lock the device, the user is given access to delete all data on it with one click of the mouse. The instruction works for operating systems of all versions and is published on the official website of the developer company. Follow these steps:

  1. Open your browser, go from it to the Google profile management menu. When using someone else's device, you should enable the "Private Browsing" mode by Ctrl +Shift +Pin Firefox, Ctrl +Shift +Nin Chrome, Edge;
  2. In the "Security" tab, open the "Your devices" page, select "Device management". Select the missing device from the list, click on it to see the last location; Google has created a Find My Device service, through which you can remotely control your phone if it is lost or stolen. One of the available functions is factory reset. To perform it, the Internet must be working on the device.Open the page in a browser on a computer or on another smartphone, log in, and then a search will be performed for devices linked to the account.
  3. On the left panel, click on the "Clear device" button, confirm your intentions after reading the information about the irreversibility of the actions taken. The deletion will take place as soon as the smartphone connects to the Internet; Double-click "Clean Device" and confirm the deletion by selecting "Clean".
  4. Continue using the device - the code will be removed along with other settings. You can restore data from backup save points.

Cleaning via Fastboot

The correct use of the method is possible when unlocked bootloader - otherwise, access to system files via Fastboot is not provided. A similar method is described above, which, like this one, involves switching to this mode and further issuing commands through the ADB Run terminal. Using the same utility, you can try the following:

  1. Run the ADB Run program after connecting your smartphone to your computer;
  2. Using the numbers, switch to the mode Manual Command , then select ADB ;If the smartphone is connected to a network, it will reset the settings immediately. If the internet is not working, the reset will happen after connecting to the network.
  3. Enter the command fastboot -w to clean up the data;
  4. Reboot your smartphone to normal mode.

Flashing models with MTK processors

Above in the article, there is a link to install the MediaTek driver. Together with it, you will need to download the SP Flash Tool, firmware. The problem with models of little-known brands is the limited choice of firmware, so it is recommended to choose the official or the most compatible ones. You can download the archives from the official websites of manufacturers, or from reliable forums like w3bsit3-dns.com. Once you have the files you need, do the following:

  1. Charge your gadget to at least 25-30%. At the time of the firmware, turning off the device can lead to consequences in the form of inability to boot the system, therefore, it is not recommended to perform the operation with a low battery level; The author is grateful to Egor Plotnitsky for his help in writing this article.
  2. In line " Scatter-loading File "Specify the path to the txt document that has the word" scatter " in the name; accGoogle
  3. Without clicking anything, install the drivers by opening the control panel by entering the command control in the window that opens by Win +R... Go to the "System and Security" section, open the "System" tab, in the left menu select "Device Manager" (you will need administrator rights). androidp1.ru_13.56
  4. Remove the battery from the device, connect the smartphone to the computer. In the "Other devices" section, "Unknown device" will appear, which may also be called "MTK Preloader". Select it, specify the path to the folder with the drivers. At this stage, an error may occur related to the inability to accept the digital signature of the publisher. In this case, you need to do the following:
    1. Using the combination Win +R, open the program launcher, enter gpedit .msc , click Enter ;2016-05-17_10-12-44
    2. On the left side of the program, click "User Configuration", from there go to "Administrative Templates", open the "System" section and the item "Driver Installation"; sbros_wipe
    3. Select the "Device driver digital signature" setting, set its value to "Enabled". In the "Options" window, select the "Skip" option; unlock android pattern
    4. Restart your PC, repeat the driver installation steps.
  5. Return to the firmware program. After selecting the file, a list of components available for installation will appear in it. If some of them are not needed, uncheck the checkboxes in the left column. Above the table there is a drop-down list with a list of operation modes. Change the setting to "Format All + Download" if the smartphone does not turn on;
  6. Click on the "Download" button, wait for the window to appear with the checkbox, turn on the device. huay

Note : The path to the files and firmware files should contain only the symbols of the Latin alphabet and the numbers.

Features of resetting a graphic password on different models

There is no uniform agreement between manufacturers in the plan for creating access to access methods, which is why there are certain features in products. The main difference is the name of the files containing information about graphic blocking. In addition to the described gesture .key and documents S. Locksettings. In the title, the security of the device may be responsible: Gatekeeper. .Password. .key , Gatekeeper. .pattern .key , Password. .key .

Sometimes the recovery navigation is made by changing the sound settings keys - depends on the manufacturer installations.

Google Pixel.

On some devices, such as Pixel and Nexus, the Recovery panel becomes available after starting the FastBoot. You can go to it by clamping the power buttons and reduce the volume on the devices off.


"Recovery Mode" opens to clamp the "Volume" and "On / Off" buttons. To shoot down the user who has not previously used the company's models, can the fact that Recovery opens after the Android boot screen appears. Further reset settings are the same: in the menu it is required to select "Clear Storage" or other similar item.


Reset to factory settings in Huawei is carried out exactly in the same way as in the products of other companies. Above it was already mentioned that to select points and move between them in Recovery, you need to use the volume swing, the screen lock button.


The manufacturer took care of customers by creating a Xperia ™ Companion program for Windows and MacOS. The functionality in relation to models from 2019 is inclusive, the application cannot restore lost data from them, but it provides the ability to reset the data. As a means of backup, the firm recommends using Google Drive. For owners of Sony devices, the following instruction is relevant:

  1. Connect the device to the computer, after charging your mobile phone before, at least 50%;
  2. Load the utility using the link above. Opening it, select "Restore software" in the menu, after which you confirm the operation in the next window; ctrl-r
  3. The application will search for connected devices, after which the list of detected gadgets will appear. Among the functions there is a "repair" that reset to the built-in settings. Select the desired gadget (must be turned off), clamp the loudness button on it. As soon as the reset process is completed, the appropriate notification will appear on the screen. 332x200ss

Go to the network parameters management mode on Sony smartphones, you can via the emergency call panel by entering the request "* # * # 7378423 # * # *" without quotes. The same code applies to the gadgets of some other brands.


Some MEIZU devices work on the Flymeos based on Android. Its users are offered an additional key unlock method - input to the Flyme account by entering the login and password. The button required to use the method appears with incorrect code instructions 5 times in a row. As in the case of the profiles in Google, register a new account in this system, if it has not previously been associated with the device, it is useless - the security policy will still consider it for trying to hack.

Android 2.2 security

The code required to access the connection settings: "* # * # 423 # * # *" ... As with Sony, you need to enter it in the "Emergency Call" window without quotes.

Recovery opens with the lock and volume up buttons, in the off state.


Using the fifth method from the article is possible on MIUI7 and below. Modern versions of the graphical shell do not provide the user with the ability to specify data from a Google account, so you will have to rely on other ways to solve the problem.


The transition to Recovery on old models of the brand (released in 2012 and earlier) is carried out when the device is turned off, by pressing the "Home", power and volume up keys. New products are equipped with three side buttons, which must be used before turning on.

The Find My Mobile service was developed by the company with the aim of expanding the usual functionality for remote blocking and deleting of Google files described in the text. The user is invited to log into his account through a third-party device, select "More" on the right side of the control page, go to the item "Unblock my device". Service link .

Battery alert

The backup recovery password is available on gadgets running Android 4.4 and below. It's simple: deliberately enter the wrong key (or try to use brute force) until the bottom prompts you to sign in to your Google account. By clicking on it, the user will be able to specify an additional backup PIN. After entering it, the password will be automatically deleted.

There are quite a few ways to remove a key - among the large selection of methods, at least one will certainly do. The instructions presented on the page are suitable for users of different levels, the main condition in such a situation is patience. In the comments, we ask you to share the self-identified methods - by the way, there is a possibility that below are solutions to your problems that are faced by users like you. Share link:

A password is a reliable way to protect the contents of your smartphone from strangers. A graphic combination instead of numbers is also convenient, because remembering a shape is easier than a 4-digit pin. But how to unlock your phone if you forgot your password? If you cannot remember the given combination, or another person accidentally changed it, you can still remove the block. In this article, we have collected working methods on how to disable a pattern or digital password.

Emergency call

Our instructions are intended to restore access to personal gadgets only. We will not tell you how to hack a password on a phone so as not to violate the right of every person to privacy of personal data.

Setting the pattern

In order not to remember the digital password, create its graphical version in the settings of your mobile device. To unlock the pattern on Android, you need to connect the dots on the display in a certain sequence. To set a key:

  • open the "Security" section;
  • go to the sub-item "Screen lock";
  • click on "Keypad" and draw a shape.

Google pattern recovery

Do not use the simplest signs, numbers and the first letter of your first or last name. For reliability, draw a fictional figure on paper and save so that you can always remember its appearance. If you don’t do this and cannot remember the picture in any way, read below what to do if you forgot your phone password.

Easy ways

Let's start with easy options, how to unlock your phone if you forgot your picture password. Execution does not require special skills and is available even for a child, however, these methods are not effective in all cases.

Password reset

If you have 2 authorization methods set - by digital and graphic codes, it is not difficult to remove the Android screen lock. Enter a pattern by going through the points connection sequence options until the number of attempts has been exhausted. The message "Unblock in another way" will appear, click on it and enter the digital pin code.

Through Google account

This method requires a Google account linked to mobile and internet. How to reset the pattern: after 5 attempts to enter the desired sequence, you will be prompted to postpone the search for 30 seconds. Below on the display there will be a link “Forgot the graph. key?" - click on it. A form for issuing a username and password from a Google profile will open.

After authorizing a personal record, the device will be unlocked, and a new password will be available in the settings. If you have lost your Google login parameters, first set new ones using the link through your computer.

Windows console

If the gadget is not connected to the network, try to fix it in one of the following ways:

  1. Restart it, after turning it on, unfold the upper curtain, turn on Wi-Fi in the "Mobile data" item.
  2. If you can't go to the notification center, click "Emergency call" and enter the command * # * # 7378423 # * # *. In the menu, click on Service tests-WLAN, connect Wi-Fi.
  3. Insert the second SIM card with activated network access.
  4. Connect the phone directly to the router, you will need a special cable - LAN adapter.

Call to device

If the device has an old version of Android (under 2.3), it is very easy to bypass the password. Dial his number from the second phone, when the call is answered, the display is activated - go to the menu and change the pin code.

Low battery

The method is suitable for any OS version, but requires care and patience. How to unlock your pattern: leave the battery to discharge, wait for a message about a low charge. Click on the button with information about the battery status, go to general settings and turn off the password. Be careful - the required system window appears for 15 seconds.

Entering a Command in the ADB Run Console

Service center

If all else fails, they know how to reset the password at the manufacturer's service center. If you forgot your pattern, you will have to pay for non-warranty repairs, even for a recently purchased device. But there are also warranty cases - when you remember the access code, but the display sensor does not correctly recognize the touches and does not allow you to open the phone. This is a hardware malfunction; the service will also help to restore access.

Difficult ways

If you want to get a little deeper into how the OS works, try more sophisticated ways to unlock. We will give the most detailed instructions so that there are no difficulties.

Pre-installed utility

Preventing a problem is often easier than fixing it. You can bypass the pattern in a pre-installed program - SMS Bypass or Pattern Unlock. Download it to your phone, the utility will need Root rights.

If you have forgotten the password on your phone, but have previously set SMS Bypass - send the message "1234 reset" to your number. The device will reboot, after connecting, enter any sequence and reset the lock.

Factory reset

A universal method, suitable for any model - from popular Samsung and Sony Xperia to models of little-known Chinese manufacturers with any version of Android. A reset will return the device to its original state, erasing all user settings. This will destroy all information from the internal memory - installed programs, SMS texts, notes, phone book.

If you have created a profile on Google, regularly sync the contents of your smartphone with it, then you can restore contacts. Music, photos and videos saved to the SD card will not be affected in any way.

How to remove the password from the phone:

  1. Check the device's charge - it should be at least 60%.
  2. Turn off the device and hold down the keys to launch the system menu.
  3. Click on wipe data / factory reset. If touch input is not available, navigate through the sub-items using the volume buttons.
  4. All settings will fold, the phone will boot.
  5. Enter a new PIN-code, do not forget to write it down.

ADB Run item 6

The key combination that must be pressed to load the system menu differs depending on the gadget model. Usually these are various variations of physical buttons - power on, volume control, "Home". From the following list, you can find out the values ​​for popular manufacturers:

  • Samsung: enable, center and sound increase; for the Galaxy Fit and Mini, the first two buttons are enough, for the S Plus and Nexus the last two.
  • Sony Xperia: Shutdown and Home.
  • HTC and Asus: volume down and off.
  • Huawei: sound up and mute.
  • LG: Nexus - two sound and mute buttons; L3 - Down Sound, Off and Home.
  • Lenovo phone: mute and rocker sound.

Deleting key files

If you forgot your pattern, you can erase certain files from the system where the pin code is stored for access. The method works if root rights and custom firmware with Recovery type TWRP or CMW are configured. How to bypass a picture password:

  1. Download Aroma File Manager.
  2. Copy it to your smartphone without unpacking.
  3. Turn off the phone, go to the system menu with a combination of buttons, as described in the previous section.
  4. Click on install zip, point to the path to Aroma.
  5. The program will open. Change to the data / system directory.
  6. Erase the files:
  7. Reboot the device, enter arbitrary numbers to unlock.

ADB Run ways to unlock a key

Do not forget to create a new PIN after resetting your picture code.

If the gadget has several users, you can delete the pattern on the phone in a different way. Each account must have root rights and have the SuperSu utility with multi-user mode enabled. How to remove the Android unlock pattern:

  • switch to the second account;
  • install a manager application;
  • erase the files that contain the key.

Manufacturer-specific methods

Certain manufacturers of digital technology create branded services for remote unlocking of a mobile phone. It is quite easy to remove a forgotten password with their help.


To quickly unblock Samsung, you need to register with a Samsung account. Her data must be entered into the phone in advance.

Smart Lock Android function

If it suddenly gets blocked:

  • go to the profile on the Samsung account resource;
  • find your gadget in the "Content" section;
  • hold down "Unlock Screen".


How to remove a forgotten access code on Sony Xperia:

  1. Download the branded Sony Ericsson PC Suite to your PC.
  2. Connect your Xperia to your computer.
  3. In the program, click "Data Recovery" in the "Tools" menu.
  4. Follow the prompts on your monitor to access your Xperia.


On a Xiaomi phone with a firmware version up to MIUI 7, you can cancel the lock through Google or Mi accounts, by following the "Forgot password" link on the login screen. On more recent models, only a reset through the system menu will help to unravel the access code. On some devices, it is available immediately - via power + sound up, on others you will have to figure out how to unlock the Xiaomi bootloader.

To do this, you need to request permission from the manufacturer through a special utility on the company's website. After receiving it, install the Mi Flash Unlock application, register in it and unlock Bootloader.

Aroma FileManager Android

After we managed to unlock the bootloader, in Xiaomi Redmi 3 or another model, select Wipe all data in the system menu.


There are many ways to bypass a forgotten passcode. The most universal is to log in with a Google account and reset all settings. Therefore, be sure to link your Google account to your device, or be prepared to lose some of your data in a factory reset.

Five emergency methods to unlock your Android smartphone if you forget your password or pattern.

Wipe data Android

Stop panicking and read five instructions on how to unlock Android if you forgot your password or pattern. Chances are, one of them will help you. The methods are described for smartphones, but for tablets everything is done in the same way.

Method 1. Use a Google account

This method is suitable for unlocking an old smartphone manufactured before 2014 inclusive. If so, you most likely have Android version below 5.0. In this case, you can bypass the protection using your Google Account. Another condition is that the phone must be able to connect to the Internet (for example, it automatically connects to your home Wi-Fi hotspot).

1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet.

2. On the password or pattern entry screen, enter any combination of symbols / gestures five times.

3. After the fifth attempt to enter the wrong password, the message "Forgot your password?" Should appear on the smartphone screen. or something similar.

4. Click on this inscription and in the window that appears, enter the login and password from the Google account to which your smartphone is linked.

Unlock Android via Google Account
Unlock Android via Google Account

5. If you do not remember the password for your Google account, log in from another device (for example, from a computer) to Google account recovery page .

6. Try to recover the password from your account using one of the five suggested methods (except telephone). If you succeed, enter your username and new password on your smartphone.

7. Android will be unlocked. After that, you can set a new Android screen lock password or choose a different screen protection method.

If you have a newer device, read on.

Method 2. Use Smart Lock

This method, on the contrary, is suitable if you have a new smartphone - from 2015 and newer. In this case, you most likely have Android 5.0 or older. Starting with this version, the Smart Lock function is available in Android, with which you can try to unlock Android if you forgot your password.

How to Recover Deleted Files on Android Smartphone

Smart Lock allows you to unlock your phone in three different ways:

  • Reliable devices - unlocking without entering a password occurs if a familiar device is connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth.
  • Safe places - unlocking without entering a password occurs if you are within a given area - for example, at home.
  • Face recognition - unlocking without entering a password occurs if Android determines that you are currently holding it in your hands.
Unlock Android with Smart Lock
Unlock Android with Smart Lock

1. Remember if you set up Smart Lock when you set a password or pattern on your phone? What unlocking method did you choose?

2. If you have selected a reliable device and Bluetooth is turned on on your phone, find the device, turn on Bluetooth on it and try to connect with it to your smartphone.

3. If you have chosen a safe location and your phone has GPS enabled, go to the designated location. Android will unlock as soon as it detects by GPS that your location matches the given one.

4. If you have selected face recognition, the smartphone will unlock if the camera sees your face and compares it with what is stored in its memory.

If you haven't set up Smart Lock to unlock Android if you've forgotten your password, read on.

3. Use the smartphone search service

If you have a Samsung smartphone, then there is a website for you Find my mobile , which allows you to find yours and your device and remotely control it, including unlocking. Perhaps you set up a Samsung account, and then you can unlock Android if you forgot your password from your computer.

1. Make sure your smartphone is connected to the Internet.

2. Go to the page https://findmymobile.samsung.com/ .

3. Sign in to your account.

4. Select your locked phone.

5. In the upper right corner, select Unblock .

Unlock via Samsung account
Unlock via Samsung account

If you have a third-party smartphone or haven't set up a Samsung account, read on.

4. Use Aroma File Manager

This method is suitable if your phone has an SD memory card and Recovery Mode is supported. In order to unlock Android in this way, download the file manager to your computer Aroma from one of the links below:

After that, you need to enter recovery mode on your phone. This is done for each smartphone individually, and in order to find out how to do it on yours, enter in the search “ smartphone_model recovery mode »And find out how to do it.

After that:

1. Connect your Android smartphone via USB to your computer.

2. In most cases, the SD card should be identified as a USB stick. Open it in Windows Explorer or any file manager and copy the archive with Aroma File Manager to the root of the map.

Adding functions to your smartphone: the most useful apps for Android and iOS

3. If the card is not detected, you can use the card reader. Nowadays, many SD memory cards are sold with it. In addition, you can ask for a file to be dumped onto your card at most cell phone stores for a small fee.

4. When the archive is on the card, enter the recovery mode on the smartphone.

Recovery Mode
Recovery Mode

5. Select Install update from zip file → Choose zip from / sdcard and specify the path to the archive with Aroma File Manager. The program will install and run directly in recovery mode.

6. Go to the program settings and set the item Automount all devices on start .

7. Exit and re-enter recovery mode. Repeat from step number five.

6. Now, using the program, go to the folder: Data Folder  → System Folder and find the file in it gesture.key or password.key .

Aroma File Manager
Aroma File Manager

7. Delete the found file and reboot the device. The smartphone will be unlocked.

If all this seems too complicated for you, read on.

5. Do a hard reset

If you are not particularly concerned about the safety of data on your smartphone, you can simply perform a factory reset. This is done differently for each phone model, so to be sure, enter in the search “ smartphone_model hard reset ”And specify how to do it.

1. Turn off your smartphone and remove the memory card from it.

2. Try to hold down and hold the following buttons in turn for about 10-15 seconds:

  • volume up button + power button;
  • volume down button + power button + home button;
  • volume down button + volume up button + power button.

3. If one of the combinations is correct, the service menu will appear on the screen. In it, using the volume buttons as "up-down" buttons, select the item Recovery and then the command Wipe data / factory reset .

Hard reset
Hard reset

4. Confirm the reset.

Within a few minutes, the phone will be completely returned to the state in which you bought it. All your data and installed applications will be destroyed! However, this way you will definitely unlock Android if you forgot your password.

When turned on, the phone will ask for a username and password from your Google account. Enter them. If you have a relatively new smartphone, then, most likely, it was unnoticed by you synchronizing with your Google and Google Play account. So that deleted applications can be returned back.

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In their work, computer forensic experts regularly come across cases when it is necessary to quickly unlock a smartphone. For example, the data from the phone are needed by the investigation to understand the reasons for the suicide of a teenager. In another case, they will help to get on the trail of a criminal group attacking truck drivers. There are, of course, cute stories - parents forgot the password for the gadget, and there is a video on it with the first steps of their baby, but, unfortunately, there are only a few of them. But they also require a professional approach to the issue. In this article

Igor Mikhailov, specialist of the Computer Forensics Laboratory, Group-IB

, talks about ways that forensic experts can bypass smartphone blocking.

Important: This article was written to assess the security of passwords and graphic patterns used by mobile device owners. If you decide to unlock your mobile device using the described methods, remember that all actions to unlock devices you perform at your own peril and risk. When manipulating mobile devices, you can lock the device, erase user data, or render the device malfunctioning. Also, recommendations are given to users on how to increase the level of protection of their devices.

So, the most common method of restricting access to user information contained in the device is to lock the screen of a mobile device. When such a device enters the forensic laboratory, it can be difficult to work with it, since it is impossible to activate USB debugging mode for such a device (for Android devices), it is impossible to confirm permission for the expert's computer to interact with this device (for Apple mobile devices), and as a result, it is impossible to access the data in the device's memory.

The fact that the US FBI paid a large sum for unlocking the iPhone of terrorist Syed Farouk, one of the participants in the terrorist attack in San Bernardino, California [1], shows how the usual locking of the screen of a mobile device prevents specialists from extracting data from it.

Mobile device screen unlock methods

Typically, the following is used to lock the screen of a mobile device:

  1. Symbolic password
  2. Picture password

Also, SmartBlock technology methods can be used to unlock the screen of a number of mobile devices:

  1. Fingerprint unlock
  2. Face unlock (FaceID technology)
  3. Unlocking the iris recognition device

Social methods of unlocking a mobile device

In addition to purely technical ones, there are other ways to find out or overcome the PIN-code, or the graphic code (pattern) of the screen lock. In some cases, social methods can be more effective than technical solutions and can help unlock devices that are lagged behind by existing technical developments.

This section will describe methods for unlocking the screen of a mobile device that do not require (or require only limited, partial) use of technical means.

To carry out social attacks, it is necessary to study as deeply as possible the psychology of the owner of the locked device, to understand by what principles he generates and saves passwords or graphic patterns. Also, the researcher will need a drop of luck.

When using methods related to password guessing, it should be borne in mind that:

  • Entering ten incorrect passwords on Apple mobile devices may erase user data. It depends on the security settings that the user has set;
  • on mobile devices running the Android operating system, the Root of Trust technology can be used, which will lead to the fact that after entering 30 incorrect passwords, user data will be either inaccessible or erased.

Method 1: ask for a password

It may seem strange, but you can find out the unlock password by simply asking the owner of the device. Statistics show that about 70% of mobile device owners willingly provide a password. Especially if it shortens the research time and, accordingly, the owner gets his device back faster. If it is not possible to ask the owner for the password (for example, the owner of the device has died) or he refuses to disclose it, the password can be obtained from his close relatives. As a rule, relatives know the password or can suggest possible options.

Protection recommendation:

Your phone password is a universal key for all data, including payment. Talking, transmitting, writing it in messengers is a bad idea.

Method 2: peep the password

The password can be peeped at the moment the owner uses the device. Even if you remember the password (symbolic or graphic) only partially, this will significantly reduce the number of possible options, which will allow you to find it faster.

A variation of this method is the use of CCTV recordings, on which the owner is captured, unlocking the device using a picture password [2]. The algorithm described in Cracking Android Pattern Lock in Five Attempts [2], by analyzing video recordings, makes it possible to suggest options for a picture password and unlock the device in several attempts (as a rule, this requires no more than five attempts). According to the authors, "the more complex a picture password, the easier it is to guess."

Protection recommendation:

Using a pattern is not a good idea. The alphanumeric password is very difficult to peep.

Method 3: find the password

The password can be found in the records of the device owner (files on the computer, in the diary, on pieces of paper lying in documents). If a person uses several different mobile devices and they have different passwords, then sometimes in the battery compartment of these devices or in the space between the body of the smartphone and the case, you can find scraps of paper with the passwords written down:

Protection recommendation:

no need to keep a "notepad" with passwords. This is a bad idea, unless all of these passwords are known to be false to reduce the number of unlock attempts.

Method 4: fingerprints (Smudge attack)

This method allows you to identify sweat marks of hands on the display of the device. You can see them by treating the screen of the device with a light fingerprint powder (instead of a special forensic powder, you can use baby powder or another chemically inactive fine powder of white or light gray color) or by looking at the screen of the device in oblique rays of light. Analyzing the position of handprints and having additional information about the owner of the device (for example, knowing his year of birth), you can try to guess a text or picture password. This is how the fat layer on a smartphone display looks like a stylized letter Z:

Protection recommendation:

As we said, a picture password is not a good idea, as are glasses with a poor oleophobic coating.

Method 5: artificial finger

If the device can be unlocked by a fingerprint, and the researcher has samples of the owner's handprints, then a three-dimensional copy of the owner's fingerprint can be made on a 3D printer and used to unlock the device [3]:

For a more complete imitation of the finger of a living person - for example, when the smartphone's fingerprint sensor still detects heat - the 3D model is put on (leaning against) the finger of a living person.

The owner of the device, even having forgotten the screen lock password, can unlock the device himself using his fingerprint. This can be used in certain cases where the owner cannot provide a password, but is nevertheless willing to help the researcher unlock his device.

The researcher should be aware of the generations of sensors used in various models of mobile devices. Older models of sensors can be triggered by almost any finger, not necessarily belonging to the owner of the device. On the other hand, modern ultrasonic sensors scan very deeply and clearly. In addition, a number of modern sub-screen sensors are simply CMOS cameras that cannot scan image depth, which makes them much easier to deceive.

Protection recommendation:

If a finger, then only an ultrasonic sensor. But do not forget that it is much easier to put your finger against your will than your face.

Method 6: "dash" (Mug attack)

This method is described by the British police [4]. It consists in covert surveillance of the suspect. At the moment when the suspect unlocks his phone, the agent in civilian clothes pulls it out of the hands of the owner and does not allow the device to lock again until it is handed over to the experts.

Protection recommendation:

I think if they are going to use such measures against you, then it’s bad. But here you need to understand that accidental blocking devalues ​​this method. And, for example, repeatedly pressing the lock button on the iPhone launches SOS mode, which in addition turns off FaceID and turns on the requirement for a passcode.

Method 7: errors in device control algorithms

In the news feeds of profile resources, you can often find messages that when certain actions are performed with the device, its screen is unlocked. For example, the lock screen of some devices can be unlocked on an incoming call. The disadvantage of this method is that the identified vulnerabilities, as a rule, are promptly eliminated by manufacturers.

An example of an approach to unlocking mobile devices released earlier than 2016 is battery drain. When the battery is low, the device will unlock and prompt you to change your power settings. In this case, you need to quickly go to the page with security settings and disable the screen lock [5].

Protection recommendation:

do not forget to update the OS of your device in a timely manner, and if it is no longer supported, change your smartphone.

Method 8: vulnerabilities in third-party programs

Vulnerabilities identified in third-party applications installed on the device can also provide access to the data of the locked device in whole or in part.

An example of such a vulnerability is iPhone data theft by Jeff Bezos, the main owner of Amazon. A vulnerability in the WhatsApp messenger, exploited by unknown persons, led to the theft of confidential data from the device's memory [6].

Researchers can use such vulnerabilities to achieve their goals - to extract data from locked devices or to unlock them.

Protection recommendation:

You need to update not only the OS, but also the application programs that you use.

Method 9: corporate phone

Corporate mobile devices can be unlocked by company sysadmins. For example, corporate Windows Phone devices are linked to a company's Microsoft Exchange account and can be unlocked by its administrators. For corporate Apple devices, there is a Mobile Device Management service similar to Microsoft Exchange. Its administrators can also unlock the corporate iOS device. In addition, corporate mobile devices can only be connected to specific computers specified by the administrator in the mobile device settings. Therefore, without interacting with the company's system administrators, such a device cannot be connected to the investigator's computer (or software and hardware complex for forensic data extraction).

Protection recommendation:

MDM is both good and bad in terms of security. The MDM administrator can always reset the device remotely. In any case, you shouldn't store sensitive personal data on a corporate device.

Method 10: information from sensors

By analyzing the information received from the sensors of the device, you can guess the password for the device using a special algorithm. Adam J. Aviv demonstrated the possibility of such attacks using data obtained from a smartphone accelerometer. In the course of research, the scientist was able to correctly determine the symbolic password in 43% of cases, and the graphic password in 73% [7].

Protection recommendation:

Pay close attention to which apps you grant permission to track different sensors.

Method 11: face unlock

As in the case of a fingerprint, the success of unlocking a device using FaceID technology depends on which sensors and which mathematical apparatus are used in a particular mobile device. Thus, in the work "Gezichtsherkenning op smartphone niet altijd veilig" [8], the researchers showed that some of the smartphones under study were unlocked by simply showing the owner's photo to the smartphone's camera. This is possible when only one front camera is used for unlocking, which does not have the ability to scan the image depth data. After a series of high-profile publications and videos on YouTube, Samsung was forced to add a warning to the firmware of its smartphones. Face Unlock Samsung:

More advanced smartphone models can be unlocked using a mask or self-learning device. For example, the iPhone X uses a special TrueDepth technology [9]: the device's projector, using two cameras and an infrared emitter, projects a grid of more than 30,000 points onto the wearer's face. Such a device can be unlocked using a mask whose contours mimic the contours of the wearer's face. IPhone Unlock Mask [10]:

Since such a system is very complex and does not work under ideal conditions (natural aging of the owner occurs, a change in the configuration of the face due to the expression of emotions, fatigue, health, etc.), it is forced to constantly self-learn. Therefore, if another person holds the unlocked device in front of him, his face will be remembered as the face of the owner of the device and in the future he will be able to unlock the smartphone using the FaceID technology.

Protection recommendation:

do not use unlocking by "photo" - only systems with full-fledged face scanners (Apple's FaceID and analogues on Android devices).

The main recommendation is not to look at the camera, just look away. Even if you close one eye, the chance to unlock drops dramatically, as with hands on your face. In addition, only 5 attempts are given to unlock by face (FaceID), after which you will need to enter your password.

Method 12: using leaks

Databases of leaked passwords are a great way to understand the psychology of the owner of the device (provided that the researcher has information about the email addresses of the owner of the device). In the above example, a search for an email address returned two similar passwords used by the owner. It can be assumed that the password 21454162 or its derivatives (for example, 2145 or 4162) could be used as a mobile device lock code. (A search by the owner's email address in the leak databases shows what passwords the owner could have used, including to block his mobile device).

Protection recommendation:

act proactively, track data on leaks and change passwords noticed in leaks in a timely manner!

Method 13: typical passwords to lock devices

As a rule, not one mobile device is confiscated from the owner, but several. Often there are about a dozen such devices. In this case, you can guess the password for the vulnerable device and try to apply it to other smartphones and tablets seized from the same owner.

When analyzing data extracted from mobile devices, such data is displayed in forensic programs (often - even when extracting data from blocked devices using various types of vulnerabilities).

As you can see in the screenshot of a part of the working window of the UFED Physical Analyzer program, the device is locked with a rather unusual PIN code fgkl.

Do not neglect other user devices. For example, by analyzing the passwords stored in the cache of the web browser of the computer of the owner of the mobile device, one can understand the principles of password generation that the owner adhered to. You can view the saved passwords on your computer using a utility from NirSoft [11].

Also, the computer (laptop) of the owner of the mobile device may have Lockdown files that can help to gain access to the locked Apple mobile device. This method will be discussed later.

Protection recommendation:

use different, unique passwords everywhere.

Method 14: typical PIN codes

As noted earlier, users often use typical passwords: phone numbers, bank cards, PIN codes. This information can be used to unlock the provided device.

If all else fails, you can use the following information: researchers conducted an analysis and found the most popular PIN codes (the given PIN codes cover 26.83% of all passwords) [12]:

Application of this list of PIN-codes to a blocked device will allow it to be unblocked with a probability of ~ 26%.

Protection recommendation:

check your PIN according to the table above and, even if it does not match, change it anyway, because 4 digits is too small by the standards of 2020.

Method 15: typical graphic passwords

As described above, having data from CCTV cameras on which the owner of the device tries to unlock it, you can choose an unlock pattern from five attempts. In addition, just as there are typical PIN-codes, there are also typical patterns that can be used to unlock blocked mobile devices [13, 14].

Simple patterns [14]:

Patterns of medium difficulty [14]:

Complex patterns [14]:

List of the most popular charting patterns according to researcher Jeremy Kirby [15].

3> 2> 5> 8> 7

1> 4> 5> 6> 9

1> 4> 7> 8> 9

3> 2> 1> 4> 5> 6> 9> 8> 7

Protection recommendation:

1> 4> 7> 8> 9> 6> 3

1> 2> 3> 5> 7> 8> 9

3> 5> 6> 8

  • 1> 5> 4> 2
  • Password.
  • 2> 6> 5> 3
  • 4> 8> 7> 5
  • 5> 9> 8> 6
  • 7> 4> 1> 2> 3> 5> 9
  • 1> 4> 7> 5> 3> 6> 9
  • 1> 2> 3> 5> 7
  • 3> 2> 1> 4> 7> 8> 9
  • 3> 2> 1> 4> 7> 8> 9> 6> 5
  • 3> 2> 1> 5> 9> 8> 7
  • 1> 4> 7> 5> 9> 6> 3
  • 7> 4> 1> 5> 9> 6> 3
  • 3> 6> 9> 5> 1> 4> 7
  • 7> 4> 1> 5> 3> 6> 9
  • 5> 6> 3> 2> 1> 4> 7> 8> 9
  • 5> 8> 9> 6> 3> 2> 1> 4> 7
  • 7> 4> 1> 2> 3> 6> 9
  • 1> 4> 8> 6> 3
  • 1> 5> 4> 6
  • 2> 4> 1> 5
  • 7> 4> 1> 2> 3> 6> 5
  • On some mobile devices, in addition to the picture code, an additional PIN code may be set. In this case, if it is not possible to find the graphic code, the researcher can click on the button
  • Additional PIN-code
  • (optional PIN) after entering the wrong picture code and try to guess the optional PIN.
Protection recommendation:

better not to use graphic keys at all.

Method 16: alphanumeric passwords

If the device can use an alphanumeric password, then the owner could use the following popular passwords as the lock code [16]:






Protection recommendation:



I love you





  • abc123
  • football
  • 123123
  • monkey
Protection recommendation:


! @ # $% ^ & *



Protection recommendation:




use only complex, unique passwords with service characters and different case. Check if you are using one of the passwords above. If you are using it, change it to a more reliable one.

Method 17: cloud or local storage

Protection recommendation:

If it is not technically possible to extract data from a locked device, forensic scientists can search for its backups on the computers of the device owner or in the appropriate cloud storage.

Often, owners of Apple smartphones, connecting them to their computers, do not realize that at this time a local or cloud backup of the device can be created.

Google and Apple cloud storage can store not only data from devices, but also passwords saved by the device. Extracting these passwords can help in guessing the mobile device lock code.

From the Keychain stored in iCloud, you can extract the owner-set password for the device backup, which is highly likely to match the screen lock PIN.

If law enforcement agencies contact Google and Apple, companies can transfer the available data, which will likely greatly reduce the need to unlock the device, since the data will already be in the hands of law enforcement officers.

For example, after the terrorist attack in Pensocon, copies of the data stored in iCloud were transferred to the FBI. From Apple's statement:

“Within hours, following the first FBI request on December 6, 2019, we provided a wide range of information related to the investigation. From December 7-14, we received six additional legal inquiries and provided information in response, including iCloud backups, account information, and transactions for multiple accounts.

We responded to every request immediately, often within hours, exchanging information with the FBI offices in Jacksonville, Pensacola and New York. At the request of the investigation, many gigabytes of information were obtained, which we passed on to the investigators. " [17, 18, 19]

anything that you give to the cloud in unencrypted form can and will be used against you.

Method 18: Google account
  1. This method is suitable for removing the picture password that locks the screen of a mobile device running the Android operating system. To use this method, you need to know the username and password from the Google account of the device owner. Second condition: the device must be connected to the Internet.
  2. If you enter the wrong picture password several times in a row, the device will prompt you to recover the password. After that, you need to log into the user account, which will unlock the device screen [5].
  3. Due to the variety of hardware solutions, Android operating systems and additional security settings, this method is only applicable to a number of devices.
  4. If the researcher does not have a password to the device owner's Google account, he can try to recover it using standard methods for recovering passwords from such accounts.
  5. If the device is not connected to the Internet at the time of the study (for example, the SIM card is blocked or there is not enough money on it), then such a device can be connected to Wi-Fi using the following instructions:
  6. press the "Emergency Call" icon
  7. dial * # * # 7378423 # * # *
  8. select Service Test - Wlan
  9. connect to an available Wi-Fi network [5]
  10. do not forget to use two-factor authentication wherever possible, and in this case, it is better to be bound to the application, and not by SMS code.
  11. Method 19: guest account
  12. On mobile devices running Android 5 or higher, there can be multiple accounts. To access the data of the additional account, there may not be a lock with a PIN code or a graphic code. To switch, you need to click on the account icon in the upper right corner and select another account:
  13. For an additional account, access to some data or applications may be restricted.
  14. it is important to update the OS here. On modern versions of Android (9 and up with the July 2020 security patches), the guest account usually does not provide any options.
  15. Method 20: specialized services
  16. Companies that develop specialized forensic programs, among other things, offer services for unlocking mobile devices and extracting data from them [20, 21]. The capabilities of these services are fantastic. Using them, you can unlock top models of Android and iOS devices, as well as devices that are in recovery mode (which the device switches to after exceeding the number of incorrect password attempts). The disadvantage of this method is its high cost.
  17. A snippet of Cellebrite's website describing what devices they can retrieve data from. The device can be unlocked in the development laboratory (Cellebrite Advanced Service (CAS)) [20]:
  18. For such a service, the device must be provided to the regional (or head) office of the company. Departure of a specialist to the customer is possible. As a rule, it takes one day to crack the screen lock code.
  19. it is almost impossible to protect yourself, except for using a strong alphanumeric password and changing devices annually.
  20. Continued here: part


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This material was written by a site visitor, and was credited with



Have you recently changed your pattern and forgot it, or have a child been given a smartphone to use, and he accidentally locked the device? Both situations are unpleasant, but not critical: after reading this manual, you will be able to unlock your phone, and in many cases you will be able to save files, photos, downloaded music and videos.

Forgot your password?

The first method is suitable for older devices running Android 4.4 and below. Enter any wrong password or graphic pattern until the message “Please try again in 30 seconds” appears on the screen. Also in the corner there will be a “Forgot your password?” Button. Click on it, enter the Gmail email address (which is associated with the device) and the password from it. The phone will then be unlocked.

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This feature is rarely found in firmware based on Android 5.0 and newer. But some manufacturers still add it to the system, so give it a try - this may be your case.

If you do not remember your Google account password, follow the link and go through the account recovery procedure.

Reset settings via Recovery

The second method is to do a factory reset from the Recovery menu. Recovery is a recovery mode, a kind of BIOS for Android smartphones and tablets. With it, you can reset your phone to factory settings, install a new official firmware, clear the cache, make a backup and restore data.

After resetting the settings, the internal memory of the smartphone will be cleared: installed applications, added accounts, photos will be deleted (if they were saved in the device's memory, and not on SD). This will not erase the files loaded on the memory card. That is, the phone will become as "clean" as it was after the purchase. This means that the set password (or pattern) will also be reset.

To enter Recovery, turn off the device, and then press and hold a certain combination of buttons until the splash screen appears. Depending on the manufacturer of the device, the keyboard shortcuts for entering Recovery are different.

Chinese phones with MTK chips

Hold down the volume up key and the power button.

When the "Select Boot Mode" menu appears, use the volume up key to move the arrow to the "Recovery Mode" item and select it by pressing the volume down button. adb Huawei and Honor On Huawei and Honor smartphones, 2 key combinations can be used to enter the Recovery menu, try: or On newer Samsung phones, press and hold 3 buttons: Bixby, Power & Volume + or Home, Power & Volume +. Older smartphones use the Home and Power key combination. On older tablets, turn on and turn up the volume. Google Pixel and Nexus

adb shell

cd /data/data/com.android.providers.settings/databases

sqlite3 settings.db

update system set value = 0 where name = 'lock_pattern_autolock';

update system set value = 0 where name = 'lockscreen.lockedoutpermanently';


On Nexus and Pixel smartphones, you first have to put the device into Fastboot mode, and from the Fastboot menu - into recovery mode. To do this, on the switched off smartphone, simultaneously hold down the power button and the "Down" volume key.

Use the volume buttons to set the arrow to "Recocery mode" and press the power button to confirm the selection.


Keep "ON" and Volume "-" buttons.

When the LG logo appears, release the buttons and immediately re-press.

Keep downloading until Recovery.

Press and hold the volume up key and the power button.

When the menu appears, click on the penultimate item on the right. The language will change to English.

Now, to put the device into recovery mode, select the "recovery" section from the menu.

  • Meizu phones are deprived of "classic recovery". There are only two items in the menu: "System upgrade" (through which updates are installed) and "Clear data" (clearing memory).

  • To enter this menu, hold down the power and volume up button.

  • Lenovo

On Lenovo smartphones, press and hold 3 buttons at the same time: ON and both volume keys.

Lying robot upon entering Recovery

If, instead of the Recovery menu, a recumbent Android appears on the screen and the inscription "No command", press the volume up key and the power button. After that, Recovery will be loaded.

Recovery is controlled using hardware keys. To move through the items, use the volume buttons: moving up is the Volume "Plus", and down, respectively, is the Volume "Minus". The selection is made with the power button.

In the Recovery menu, select the item responsible for resetting the settings - "Wipe data / factory reset".

Next, to confirm the deletion of data, select "Yes - delete all user data".

After completing the cleaning process, in the main menu of Recovery, click on the first item "Reboot system now" to reboot the device.

The Android download will start, which will take longer than usual, as it happens after the first launch of the smartphone. The data from the internal memory will be deleted, but the files from the SD card will remain.

Unlocking a pattern with ADB

The following solution is borrowed from the topic on the w3bsit3-dns.com forum. Using this method, you will be able to unlock your pattern without deleting the data from your phone. But to implement it, USB debugging must be enabled, and the ADB utility is needed. The method is suitable for devices running older versions of Android up to 5.0. The vulnerability has been fixed in new firmware.

If USB debugging is not enabled on the device, or if the Android version is 5.0 or higher, this solution is not for you, skip to the next one. And if debugging is enabled and the firmware is suitable, download the ADB archive to your computer, the Java installer and download the USB drivers from the manufacturer's website. Extract the contents of the archive to the root of the "C:" drive, install Java and drivers, then open the "platform-tools" folder and, pressing the "Shift" key, right-click on an empty area. From the list of options, select Open Command Window (Open PowerShell Window in Windows 10).

Copy and paste one line at a time. Press Enter each time to execute the command (in PowerShell, before


P.S. Experts of the Group-IB Laboratory talk about these cases, tools and many other useful tricks in the work of a computer forensic scientist as part of the training course


22 ways to unlock your Android pattern • Android +1

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