Cold smoked smoking with your own hands: Drawings and options

A person is a creature, accustomed not only to comfort, but also to delicious food. Some of your favorite delicacies who have invented still cave people, smoked meat: meat, fish, fat and sausages. However, natural products are now impossible in the store. This process is long, and to achieve the perfect taste requires compliance with technology and a certain type of wood. Manufacturers such troubles are not beneficial, so only surrogates treated with "liquid smoke" can be found on the shelves. They look and smell wonderful, but they will not bring anything but harm. Therefore, many are interested in smoking smokehouse with their own hands: drawings and ways to achieve the desired taste and fragrance.

Why exactly cold smoking?

Both types of smoking have features, advantages, disadvantages, but more often the choice is stopped on cold. The reason is a more optimal temperature mode.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

  1. Hot smoking does not require a lot of time to prepare products, no difficult construction. The electrical device or open fire is located right under the smokehouse. The temperature from 70 to 120 ° allows you to roast the fragrant dish after 1-3 hours. Products undergoing such treatment remain soft and rather fat, however, it is why only a few days are stored.
  2. Cold smoking - the way to make the product is especially tasty. In this case, it works warm smoke, which gets to the "victim" on a rather long chimney. The temperature of this smoking is 20-35 °, however, the best digit is 30 °, so the product retains almost all the beneficial substances. Due to this temperature "lowness", the future delicacy should prepare long: the process can delay for 3 days. The product after processing loses part of the moisture, so it becomes dry, however, the fat retains. But the shelf life of it is a few weeks, or even months.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

The unique fragrance and the opportunity to stretch the pleasure, while enjoying smoked smoked smoking, - the reasons for the popularity of the smokehouse of cold smoking, and there are many ways to equip it with their own hands.

Cold smoked smokehouse with your own hands: Drawings

The construction is a demanding, since smoke, before you reach the products, should reach the minimum temperature, get rid of harmful impurities, soot. Therefore, any drawing implies the following elements:

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

  1. Machine chamber (smoke generator), built from metal or brick. Due to the duration of the process, it is obliged to have a comfortable ash tank and the door to adjust the flow of smoke.
  2. Smoke chamber. Low temperature allows you to choose various materials, including wood. In this role there can be a common barrel, an old refrigerator.
  3. Chimney. Its minimum length - 2000 mm, maximum - 7000. Larger distance is a guarantee of problems with a burden. The best material metal pipes, the diameter of them is more than 100 mm.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Assortment of original simple smokers

Such designs are good because it is suitable for all sorts of materials and items that served, but throwing out that the hand does not rise.

"Bocke" smoke

This is the most unpretentious option. To build smoking, you need to have inviolable stocks:

  • Metal barrel and the same grid;
  • Sheet tin, durable lattices;
  • fasteners;
  • Slate, burlap.

The first thing digs a pit for a fuel chamber, a sheet of tin is laid onto it. It is not too deep trench for chimney, its width is 250 mm, length - 2000-2500 mm. Tightness is provided by covering the furnace with slate. In addition, it is sprinkled with soil.

Equip a smoking chamber. The barrel is deprived of the bottom, and a metal mesh is attached in its place, to collect soot it is covered with burlap. The grill is mounted below. Having departed from the upper edge of the container 200 mm, equip a place for products. It can be a metal lattice or rods on which hooks are hung. Instead of a lid for the barrel chamber, a dense burlap is used. It is able to retain smoke, but at the same time remove excess amount of it.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

A smokehouse built from a wooden barrel will be somewhat more expensive, but it will look more presentable. Working with it is also simple, since it will not be difficult to remove the top cover, cut out the holes for the pipe and install the holders for the gratings inside. There is only one exception for such semi-finished smoked products - plastic products.

Ex-refrigerator who changed his position

Better to find an old refrigerator that has a minimum of plastic. This method also allows you to quickly get the desired smoker, it is simple and economical. The list of things you need to work is small:

  • refrigerator body;
  • fan;
  • hearth bricks;
  • pipe, average section length 2500 mm, diameter - 100 mm;
  • insulation for the pipe, if it remains on the surface.

The old refrigerator is removed from all plastic elements, the compressor and relay are left intact. All holes are sealed with tape, adhesive tape or electrical tape. To provide traction, a fan is installed at the bottom. A small hole is made on top for smoke. It is cut from the side for the chimney pipe (the other, preferable, option is from the bottom), on both sides - for the grates on which the products will be located. Do not forget about the drip tray: it should not block the path of smoke into the refrigerator. They are looking for a place for a refrigerator-smokehouse, choosing the highest possible area.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

At a distance of 2500 mm from it, they dig a hole for the firebox. Bricks are laid at the bottom, and walls are erected from them. If the site has a natural slope, the chimney is slightly instilled. When the relief is even, it is created by digging a trench. The further it is from the refrigerator, the deeper it is made. One end of the pipe is connected to the refrigerator, the other is brought to the pit. When a trench is not needed, the chimney is wrapped in insulation. The improvised firebox is tightly covered with a metal sheet, the optimal thickness is 3-4 mm.

In the role of a cold-smoked smokehouse, an old washing machine, whose casing will also be ideal for the chamber, can become a "backup" of the refrigerator. Alternatives are metal or wooden cabinets.

Solid buildings

There are owners of summer cottages and suburban areas who, with their own hands, try to do absolutely everything conscientiously. The following options are good for large suburban areas, where another small building will not be a hindrance, but a decoration.

Smokehouse made of bricks or foam blocks

The first stage is the search for a convenient site, preferably on a hill. After choosing a suitable drawing, they begin to calculate the material, then purchase:

  • red brick or foam concrete blocks (better - hollow);
  • silicate brick for the combustion chamber (an alternative is a purchased product built into the fireplace);
  • the door for the firebox - made of steel or cast iron;
  • window frame with frosted glass, door frame and leaf;
  • sheet plywood, board (20x100 mm) or timber (60x60);
  • grooved board (replacement - lining, its thickness - 10-12 mm);
  • roofing material - profiled sheet, metal tiles;
  • pipes: plastic for the roof and metal for the chimney (diameter - 80 and 120 mm, respectively);
  • cement, sand, crushed stone.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Smokehouse foundation

After clearing the construction site, markings are made, the fertile layer is removed, its thickness is from 150 to 200 mm. Using the diagonals, they find the middle intended for the chimney pipe. Its role is played by a metal bucket with a round hole cut on the side for a metal chimney pipe. Starting from the center, dig a trench. If the section is horizontal, then an inclination of 20 ° is provided, it goes towards the combustion chamber.

At the same stage, a pipe is laid, one end of which is immediately inserted into the bucket. The trench is buried and proceeds to the construction of the formwork. It protrudes 250 mm above the surface. Then a pillow of sand and crushed stone is poured, each layer has a thickness of 70-90 mm, both are spilled, rammed. Half the mortar is poured, the distance from the upper edge of the formwork is 50 mm. Reinforcing mesh is laid on the set concrete, its cells are 50x50 mm. A screed is poured from above, into which liquid glass is added. It is leveled, focusing on the edges of the formwork, covered with foil and left to gain strength.


The base for the firebox is made in the same way. The walls are erected in two layers. The outer wall is made of red brick, the inner one is made of heat-resistant silicate material. If a purchased combustion chamber is selected, it is buried in the ground. This method saves fuel, since the walls will cool more slowly.

Smokehouse construction

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

The walls are erected from slotted foam concrete blocks, characterized by low thermal conductivity. The laying starts from the corner, using a regular mortar or assembly glue intended for blocks. The verticality of the rows and the horizontalness are checked by the level, special attention is paid to the window and door openings.

Floor beams are laid on the structure, then the rafter system is mounted. If a soft roof acts as a roof, then the crate is made of solid plywood. When another material is purchased, the lathing step is calculated based on its dimensions.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

The gables are sewn up with the same clapboard or board, a chimney is mounted in one of them to remove excess smoke. A window frame and a door frame are inserted into the openings, sealed with felt. The hole in the floor is covered with a removable fine mesh, which is designed to trap the remaining particles of soot. The inside of the smokehouse is equipped with mesh racks for cooking products.

Traditional smokehouse made of wood

Bricks and blocks are not the only suitable materials. A small building made of environmentally friendly wood is the best "haven" for food. For this temporary storage, deciduous species are considered optimal - cherry, pear, oak, alder. You will need to collect the following materials:

  • timber (50x50), board (10x100 mm);
  • bricks: red for the base of the smokehouse, silicate - for the furnace walls;
  • 2 pipes - refractory ceramic or metal (80 and 100 mm);
  • sheet metal for flooring (3-4 mm);
  • cement, sand, crushed stone;
  • waterproofing material (tow).

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Pits, trench, foundation

After marking, two small pits are dug, the distance between them is equal to the same recommended 2000-2500 mm. The first one, intended for a smokehouse, should be located on a hill. Its depth is 400 mm. The second, used for the foundation of the firebox, is deepened by 250 mm.

At the next stage, the grooves are connected by digging a trench. Further, in the pit under the smokehouse, they arrange a traditional pillow of sand and crushed stone, the layers are made the same thickness as in the case of a block structure. Pour half of the solution, lay the reinforcing mesh, but this time its cells are 30x30 mm. The remaining solution is distributed from above, the thickness of the screed is 40 mm. The foundation for the firebox is made in the same way.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

A pipe of a smaller diameter is laid in the trench. From the side of the firebox, it should be 200 mm shorter than the trench. A solution is applied to the edge of it and a half-meter section of a pipe of a larger diameter is put on, it should go 150 mm onto the thin part of the chimney. This expansion in front of the smokehouse will allow the smoke to reach its optimum temperature.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Along the edges of this wide branch pipe that goes into the firebox, 2 bricks are installed. Then they move on to laying the walls in half a brick. The pipe is poured with a solution, a furnace door is mounted, which is additionally fastened with a wire laid in the seams of the masonry. A metal sheet is placed on top of the firebox.


Checking the horizontality of the brick rows, they begin to build a base for the smokehouse. The total number of rows is 10, half of them rise above the ground. During work, the chimney is embedded. After the completion of the arrangement of the basement "floor", the trench is poured with a solution in such a layer that 80 mm remain free for backfilling with soil. After the mortar has set, the trench is filled up, tamped.


Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

It is assembled from a bar, self-tapping screws are used as fasteners. After assembling the front and rear frames, they are connected with bars. Elements protruding beyond the perimeter by 50 mm are attached to the sides of the upper "strapping". The rafter system will be attached to them. For the construction of the roof ridge, vertical posts are fixed in the middle of the front and rear beams, they are also connected together with a long element extending 50 mm beyond the perimeter. In the middle of it, two boards are stuffed with such a length that the overhang is at least 150 mm.


Three sides of the semi-finished frame are tightly sheathed with boards in 2 layers: first, the elements are fastened vertically, then horizontally. Forming the doorway, it is made 5 mm larger than the door, ensuring its free entry even in the event of thermal expansion. Before sheathing the last side, crossbeams with cutouts for metal rods are attached to the inside on the sides. They will have hooks for food.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

A hole for the chimney is drilled in the roof, its diameter is 5 mm. To ensure complete insulation of the gap, the cracks between the boards, glue and tow are used. The door is also made from 2 layers of boards. To control the temperature, a hole is made in it for a pin thermometer. The bottom is left open. The finished house, treated with a hydrophobic impregnation, is attached to the base with metal brackets. To ensure greater reliability, the roof of the smokehouse is covered with a light roofing material.

Also, you can see the prices for ready-made smokehouses:

The subtleties of choosing firewood and sawdust for a smokehouse

In order to be able to evaluate the result of efforts, it is necessary to select the correct firewood, sawdust in advance, otherwise the first pancake will be lumpy. Not every material is suitable for cold smoking food. The most suitable are recognized:

  • Birch tree;
  • beech;
  • cherry;
  • elm;
  • pear;
  • oak;
  • maple;
  • Linden;
  • juniper in moderation;
  • alder, rid of bitter bark;
  • nut;
  • aspen;
  • plum;
  • poplar;
  • bird cherry;
  • Apple tree.

Any wood for a cold smoked smokehouse must be dry. The presence of a fungus is a contraindication for its use. Conifers for home smoking are taboo, as their wood contains a lot of resins. Products become dark, bitter, and odors appear. However, European and North American enterprises often use such wood to give products an original look and unusual taste.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings, materials and suitable containers - a topic that offers many options for resolving the issue. Such a simple device is easy to build with your own hands, but it also requires thoroughness, accuracy, patience.

Better to see a few times than read 100 times, so you can watch the following video:

Good day! One of the good options for spending time in the country is smoking meat. Personally, I like it. The process itself is delightful. I think you too. The main thing would be where. Of course, you can try to smoke in an old bucket, but ... Not aesthetically pleasing, or something, and it's a shame to show neighbors. I’m a master anywhere (I’ll have to remember to tell my wife about this). A cold-smoked brick smokehouse - sounds, eh? And the view is decent, especially at the Eurodacha.

What I was talking about. Neat and beautiful.

Cold smoked brick smoker

And what, a small and simple smokehouse.

Cold smoked brick smoker

Styling process. But even on it you can imagine what and how to do.

Cold smoked brick smoker

That's why I love our craftsmen, it's their ingenuity. Well, I don’t believe that I didn’t make the drawings myself.

Cold smoked brick smoker

If in the article I gave examples of the relatively small size of the smokehouse, then this is average, it is not necessary to rebuild the house, especially for smoking.

Cold smoked brick smoker

The camera, which is most interesting, for the very lazy, can be bought at the construction market. Seven thousand was worth. Although it's cheaper to do it yourself. Think about it.

Cold smoked brick smoker

Not a bad business idea. Capital smokehouse. You can live.

Cold smoked brick smoker

Mini smokehouse with tandoor.

Cold smoked brick smoker

Mixed smokehouse for hot and cold smoking.

Cold smoked brick smoker

In conclusion, I hope that you, guys, have helped at least a little. At least have an idea to have something, and maybe added information to thoughts. Expensive, of course, but the result will last for a long time, and this is not one year of delicious meat and fish. It's worth it. All the best!

Read completely (link)

Hello! Today I want to give for consideration, cold-smoked smokehouses from gas cylinders. Yes Yes. I myself was surprised when guys from different forums started discussing this topic. Good idea, downright fire! Well, okay, I won't throw explosive jokes anymore, but it still doesn't hurt to be neat. Before starting work, release the remaining gas! Otherwise, it will not be pigs with chickens that will smoke, but you. You guys are serious, no doubt about it. But it was worth warning. Begin.

One comrade from St. Petersburg, they say, wrote easily and simply ...

Cold smoked smokehouse from gas

Found a similar idea, only implemented.

Cold smoked smokehouse from gas

Several gas cylinders, the hands of the master and prepare the marinade.

Cold smoked smokehouse from gas

Mixed smokehouse for hot and cold smoking.

Cold smoked smokehouse from gas

A small scheme will not be superfluous.

Cold smoked smokehouse from gas

Actually, a smoke generator for cold smoking.

Cold smoked smokehouse from gas

Brazier smokehouse.

Cold smoked smokehouse from gas

In Sumy, they sell for 8 thousand hryvnias. Himself in shock. The legs are similar from a loom.

Cold smoked smokehouse from gas

The process is of course time consuming, but we work for the result! Such a smokehouse, with normal care, will last 3-5 years. If it doesn't rot or fall apart. The option itself is good, I like it, I had a couple of cylinders myself. If I knew, I would not throw it away, I would do it for my son-in-law. He's a city guy. But nothing. I really do not mind. The main thing is, guys! Be careful when making such a smokehouse. I hope you learned something new for yourself. Good luck!

Read completely (link)

Aloha! As in Greece, we have everything. The oldest and relatively simple version of the cold smoked smokehouse is made of wood. There would be materials, but hands, as they say, will get there. To spend a little time, effort, money and get the desired result ... I will explain why the smokehouses caught fire so much. I love to eat, especially delicious. Of course, I've never really been an aesthetic, but if I choose between smoked meat and vegetables, I will ask what I will eat meat with.

Already tomorrow this one can stand in the country. I'm exaggerating, of course, but the intent is clear.

Cold smoked wood smokehouse

Simple and tasteful. Do not look that it is small. It can hold as much as you can show.

Cold smoked wood smokehouse

Smokehouse from the inside. First, we lay the foundation, perhaps this is of course understandable, but it was worth clarifying.

Cold smoked wood smokehouse

And such a "fashionable" model is sold in Moscow, and for 28 thousand rubles.

Cold smoked wood smokehouse

Pipes can be laid underground.

Cold smoked wood smokehouse

Having built a smokehouse, I think it's worth mentioning that you shouldn't put it close to the living quarters.

Cold smoked wood smokehouse

Lightweight design allows you to move your smokehouse anytime, anywhere. Suddenly, the neighbors will be covered.

Cold smoked wood smokehouse

It was once an old wardrobe.

Cold smoked wood smokehouse

Indeed, a smoking cabinet.

Cold smoked wood smokehouse

Basically, such models prevail among the owners. You can understand why: convenient, inexpensive, beautiful.

Cold smoked wood smokehouse

On this, for now, we will finish a small excursion into the world of wooden smokehouses. Pursued the goal when writing this article, to show what can be done if there is a desire, so to speak, internal motivation. I'm not ready to pay for what knows 28 thousand, especially without "guts". I can do it myself. Hands from the right places have always grown, I think yours too. Thanks and all the best!

Read completely (link)

Good day! Continuing the topic of smokers, I will tell you a little of what, so to speak, I learned myself. Firstly, there are many options from which to make your smokehouse. In principle, I looked at something from wood, but this is a bit long. A cold smoked smokehouse can be made from the refrigerator. It was my Soviet Donbass that broke down. Secondly, it is healthy and tasty. The temperature at which food is cooked is somewhere around 25-40 degrees, keeping all the most useful. Yes, you need to give a little more time for cooking, but that's okay, the result is worth it.

This is what the guys from Odessa offer.

Cold smoked smokehouse from the refrigerator

Here's something I can and will look after, budget, simple and practical.

Cold smoked smokehouse from the refrigerator

Very neat and aesthetically pleasing, even I would say in a majorist way.

Cold smoked smokehouse from the refrigerator

As stated in the drawings, this is a versatile smokehouse. Suitable for hot and cold smoking.

Cold smoked smokehouse from the refrigerator

We are not afraid of winters, especially if we want to eat tasty food.

Cold smoked smokehouse from the refrigerator

Such "Coptis" will cost at least 24 thousand. Ready at 32.

Cold smoked smokehouse from the refrigerator

Smokehouse installation diagram.

Cold smoked smokehouse from the refrigerator

The principle of operation and the scheme of an energy-consuming smokehouse.

Cold smoked smokehouse from the refrigerator

The author used to smoke in a 200-liter barrel, but switched to a refrigerator. I think because of the practicality of the application.

Cold smoked smokehouse from the refrigerator

Well, how about the result? There is no specific reference to refrigerator models. If you want to do it, do it from what you have. I still have Donbass, I'll take off the engine, freon with salt and maybe I'll think of something. Not to myself, so I'll give my relatives a gift. The godfather will die of happiness. God forbid, of course. By the way, as practice shows, it is better to use sawdust for smoking from apple and pear. Will give color and pleasant aroma. If there are spruce and the like, do not even think about it. They have a lot of essential oils. Spoil the meat, as well as the mood. And that's all, I hope you enjoyed the article. Until next time!

Read completely (link)

Cold smoked smokehouse from a barrel. What could be easier. The process itself is easy, you don't need to invest any funds, only strength and enthusiasm. First, we dig out a trench with an exit to the barrel, cover it with bricks, cover it with slate and cover it with earth. The chimney is ready. With the barrel, everything is also extremely simple. We cut a hole to the exit to the "chimney". Inside we install grates or sticks, pipes for hooks. Close the lid and voila.

This is how it looks in practice. A metal sheet at the place where we will put the chips is needed to prevent the flame from flaring up.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

What I was talking about. Tray for small pieces, hooks for large pieces.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

You can do without a trench, replacing it with an iron pipe.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

A universal option for cold and hot smoking. Beautiful, the author's hands are gold.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

If anything, it means assembled ready-made components.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

Working view. Again, nothing complicated.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

On wheels ... That the cottage is neat, that the smokehouse. Of course I'm not jealous. Not. Probably…

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

Bars or rods can be installed as you like.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

Mini option. True, the distance is not enough. With this option, it is unlikely that it will be possible to maintain 25-40 degrees.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

A small instruction on what and how to do with the prepared parts.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

Less aesthetically pleasing, but practical. I respect that. No frills.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

A selection from the forum of amateur gardeners. Whatever the child does not amuse himself as they say.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

Again, a versatile option. Suitable for all types of smoking.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

Majority - so on all the money.

Cold smoked smokehouse FROM BARREL

The last option is certainly the most prominent, but I don't need one. I need a practical one. As I showed earlier. Why did you leave it in the article? It's simple. For acquaintance. Suddenly someone wants to make them to order. As you can see, there is nothing difficult or scary. Make a smokehouse yourself and all your friends will lick their mouths, and their wives will drink blood, because they don't have that. Good luck and good rest!

Read completely (link)

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

A person is a creature, accustomed not only to comfort, but also to delicious food. Some of your favorite delicacies who have invented still cave people, smoked meat: meat, fish, fat and sausages. However, natural products are now impossible in the store. This process is long, and to achieve the perfect taste requires compliance with technology and a certain type of wood. Manufacturers such troubles are not beneficial, so only surrogates treated with "liquid smoke" can be found on the shelves. They look and smell wonderful, but they will not bring anything but harm. Therefore, many are interested in smoking smokehouse with their own hands: drawings and ways to achieve the desired taste and fragrance.

Why exactly cold smoking?

Both types of smoking have features, advantages, disadvantages, but more often the choice is stopped on cold. The reason is a more optimal temperature mode.

Homemade cold smoked smokehouse
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Cold smoking process: features

The preservative properties of smoke have been known for a long time, but today it is not the most important thing that attracts a person to smoked products. Appetizing smell and unique taste - this is what is achieved when smoking meat, fish products, cheese and even fruits. In the process of cold smoking, the semi-finished product is saturated with aromatic substances that are released when burning wood raw materials. The best are sawdust of fruit trees - apple, pear, plum, apricot. From wild-growing alder, oak gives an excellent smell.

The principle of operation of a cold smoked smokehouse
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Cold smoking involves prolonged exposure to smoke with a temperature of 30-50 ° C for several days. With this mode, the products are uniformly saturated with aromatic substances and finally ripen.

Stationary smokehouse: how to make, device

If the area and topography of the site permit, you can build a stationary cold-smoked smokehouse. The design is a smoking chamber connected to the firebox through a chimney. The area should have a slight slope to allow for natural smoke draft.

Stationary smokehouse
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options


The chamber is made of wood or metal, equipped with a tight-fitting door and a pipe for exhausting smoke. You can lay out a clay brick smokehouse, setting the structure on a solid foundation.

Smokehouse chamber
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

The camera is placed in such a way that a height difference forms between it and the firebox. The pressure difference creates a natural draft that makes the smoke move upward.


The firebox is made of heat-resistant masonry materials or metal. For periodic cleaning, it is equipped with an ash pan with a door. The smoke supply is regulated by a damper. As a rule, during ignition it is kept closed so as not to spoil the product with the first caustic combustion products.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Chimney design

The task of this important structural element is the deposition of tar and other carcinogenic substances contained in the smoke, as well as the reduction of the smoking temperature. The longer the chimney, the more efficiently the flue gases are burned and cleaned of combustion products.

The structure is a pipe 2 or more meters long. It is made of metal, and more often a tunnel is simply torn off in the ground. Soot and condensation settle on soil particles, and soil bacteria do an excellent job with carcinogenic waste.

Important. Unlike a metal surface, earth does not need to be cleaned. The smoke, passing through the channel, maintains the optimum temperature for smoking.

A natural slope is chosen on the site, a camera is installed at the top, a firebox is organized at the bottom. A groove is dug for the chimney, covered with sheets of metal and covered with earth. Do-it-yourself cold-smoked smokehouse is ready, you can carry out tests.

Chimney in the ground
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Homemade smoke generator for a smokehouse

If it is not possible to place a full-fledged firebox and a long smoke channel on the site, a smoke generator will come in handy to generate smoke. This compact device does not require much space, and the structure can be made from improvised means - an old fire extinguisher, a tin can, a large-diameter pipe section. You will also need thinner tubes for the chimney, a compressor (you can use an aquarium), a fitting, a container for collecting condensate.

The simplest smoke generator consists of the elements:

  • the body where the chips smolder without air access;
  • chimney;
  • cooling system.
Super apparatus
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

In the lower part of the container, there is a grate for chips, the space under it is used for the accumulation of ash. The air required for combustion is accessible through the lower opening with a damper.

Smoke generator device
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Important. If you make the grate removable and equip the bottom of the smoke generator with a lid, it will be easier to clean the surfaces of ash and carbon deposits.

The device is connected to the chimney through the branch pipe. To regulate the supply of smoke, an ejector is provided in the form of a movable tube inserted into the branch pipe.

Types of smoke generator
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

The sawdust is placed in a container and ignited through the bottom valve. The smoke, passing through the pipe, is partially cleared and fed into the smoking chamber. Gas movement is activated by a compressor.

The whole process
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Video - DIY cold smoked smoke generator

Smokehouse from the refrigerator: step by step instructions

An old household cooler, from which you have long wanted to get rid of, can get a "second life" and benefit the owner. This is an almost finished smoking chamber, which already has shelves for products and a tightly closing door.

Smokehouse from the refrigerator
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

It will not be difficult for a home craftsman to arrange a cold smoked smokehouse from the refrigerator. You will need:

  • 2 steel pipes - one for the chimney, the other for the removal of smoke;
  • firebox or smoke generator;
  • bricks or blocks for the foundation;
  • refrigerator, better than the Soviet model with a metal inner lining.
The refrigerator itself
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Newer generation refrigerators can also be used. It is recommended to remove the plastic insides, leaving only the metal. You will need hooks and grates to hang or lay out food. Old accessories will come in handy in Soviet coolers.

The fish is ready for smoking
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Stages of making a smokehouse from the refrigerator:

  1. Prepare the unit - drain the freon, remove the plastic sheathing, fix the devices for hanging the hooks, installing the gratings.
  2. To collect dripping fat, make a metal tray with legs.
  3. Cut a hole for the chimney in the bottom of the refrigerator. It should fit as tightly as possible.
  4. Make an outlet for the chimney in the upper part of the chamber.
  5. Lay out a foundation made of bricks or blocks on a flat area, or fix a solid support.
  6. Place the refrigerator on a plinth to create the required height difference.
  7. Connect the smokehouse with a pipe to a firebox or smoke generator.
  8. Carry out a test run.
Getting ready for lighting
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

To regulate the supply of smoke and the intensity of the draft, the chimney is equipped with dampers or valves. In a similar way, you can arrange a cold-smoked smokehouse from a barrel, steel box or large-diameter pipe.

Smokehouse from a gas cylinder: step by step instructions

Surely the thrifty owner will find in the bins an old gas cylinder made of oxygen, carbon dioxide or propane. Possessing the skills of working with metal, you can build an economical version of a cold smoked smokehouse from a gas cylinder.

Versatile gas cylinder design
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

You will need 2 gas cylinders - one larger, the other smaller, steel pipes with a diameter of 80-100 mm, handles for lids, grates, you can from a barbecue. To work you need a tool: a welding machine, a device for cutting metal. Pre-equip a place for a smokehouse and weld the supporting frame.

Oxygen or carbon dioxide containers are not hazardous. It is enough to bleed off the remaining gas. The propane cylinder must be prepared: after freeing from the explosive substance, unscrew the valve and fill it with water. If the metal flask is old, the valve can be carefully cut off with a hacksaw. To avoid sparks, water the cut with water.

The procedure for carrying out work on the manufacture of a smokehouse:

  1. Fill containers with water, let stand for 1-2 days. Drain the solution
  2. Cut out holes for the chimney at the ends of 2 cylinders. Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options
  3. In a container intended for burning sawdust, cut a hole for the shutter (of any shape). Cut a hole in the smoking cylinder for the exhaust pipe. Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options
  4. Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options
  5. Make several cuts in the body under the cover, weld the hinges and then cut it off to the end. Install the handles. Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options
  6. Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options
  7. Make the cap of the second bottle in the same way. Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options
  8. Weld on the connecting and exhaust pipes. Install the flaps. Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options
  9. Fasten the grate supports inside the smoking chamber.
  10. Equip the smokehouse with a thermometer, paint the structure in any color you wish.
Making a smokehouse from gas cylinders
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

This smokehouse is versatile. With some modifications, it can be used as a barbecue or brazier.

Smokehouse made of bricks

A cold smoked brick smokehouse is a solid, reliable construction, the construction of which requires the skills of a bricklayer. You can create a versatile option for hot smoking or grilling food.

Before starting construction, they choose a place on the site and prepare the foundation. The peculiarity of a brick smokehouse is an internal chimney. Smoke from smoldering wood chips enters channels and shafts, cools and fills the smoking chamber. Only refractory materials are used for masonry.

A drawing of a cold-smoked smokehouse made of bricks gives a visual representation of how you can use fire for 2 types of product processing at once - a smoking chamber below, a brazier on top.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Materials and tools will be needed:

  • refractory bricks, clay, water;
  • doors, flaps, grates and hooks for food, grate, lid;
  • shovel, bucket, trowel, building level, lace.

The laying is carried out orderly. Seams are tightly filled with mortar and trowelled to ensure airtightness. A chimney is formed inside the structure so that natural draft stimulates the movement of heated gases in a certain direction.

Brick smoker
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

In the upper part of the firebox there is a metal tray for heating sawdust. The smoke velocity and temperature are regulated by dampers fixed in the channel lumens. Around the ash pan in the masonry, a thermal insulation zone is arranged, where small river pebbles are poured.

Important. You can decorate the structure with various materials - facing tiles, bricks, plaster. Such a smokehouse will become a decoration and "highlight" of the site.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Video - do it yourself cold smoked barrel smokehouse

Operating tips

A cold smoked smokehouse at home is convenient and practical. But when using the device, you must follow the safety rules:

  • avoid contact with flammable materials;
  • do not touch hot surfaces with an unprotected hand;
  • do not install the structure on an unstable base;
  • do not allow water to enter the wiring and the compressor of the smoke generator;
  • do not use sawdust with traces of paint, varnish, impregnation;
  • do not leave small children unattended;
  • do not install a smokehouse near a residential building to prevent smoke;
  • control the temperature to prevent overheating;
  • do not handle expired products.
Smokehouse at a safe distance from home
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

The chimney and the chamber must be periodically cleaned of carbon deposits, the grates and hooks must be washed with detergents. It is advisable to leave a non-working smokehouse slightly ajar for ventilation.

Important. Ready smoked meats are kept in a draft for 1-2 days before use to remove the remaining smoke.

Preparation of food

Lard, game, fish or meat are prepared in a certain way before smoking, since the products are processed with smoke at low temperature. Smoking has preservative properties and prolongs the shelf life, but this does not happen immediately, but gradually. So that during a long process the delicacy does not deteriorate, preliminary salting is required.

Salting fish before smoking
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

Cut the bacon into 7-15 cm pieces, soak in a marinade of water, salt and spices. The brine must be concentrated for a raw egg to float. Keep in the refrigerator. After 3-5 days, take out the bacon, dry it and put it in a smokehouse for further processing for 1-2 days at a temperature of 30 ° C.

So tasty...
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

The fish must first be gutted and washed. Place in a bowl, sprinkle with plenty of salt. After 2-3 days, remove, rinse thoroughly in running water and soak for 1-2 days. Then the fish should be allowed to weather well in a draft to a semi-moist state. Time depends on the size and structure of the pulp. Smoke for 2 days at a temperature of 30-40 ° C.

There is not enough beer ...
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

The meat is salted dry, wet or in a combination. Keep in the refrigerator under pressure from 5-7 days, up to 2-3 weeks. Then the semi-finished product is dried for about 5 days in a draft and sent to smoke for 2-3 days.

Firewood preparation

The taste and smell of the final product largely depends on the composition of the chips. A variety of ready-made raw materials for smoking are sold in stores, but you can prepare firewood yourself.

If work is being carried out in the garden on the formation of crowns and pruning of fruit trees, there is no need to rush to throw away the branches and twigs. After good drying, they are crushed and used for their intended purpose. Smoked meats from apple-tree shavings acquire a particularly appetizing aroma.

Chips must be dry and clean
Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

The grapevine for smoking and making barbecue is often used in the Caucasus. The smoke from the smoldering vine gives the delicacy a delicate fruity flavor and golden color. In summer cottages and household plots of the more northern zone, this thermophilic culture is also quite common. Pruning annually leaves a lot of unnecessary branches that can be dried, shredded and mixed with sawdust.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: drawings and options

To add spicy notes, twigs of juniper, mountain ash, acacia are added to the chips. They not only enrich the product with a bright aroma, but also have an additional bactericidal effect.

Important. Do not use coniferous wood chips. It imparts bitterness to the smoke due to its high resin content.


A cold-smoked smokehouse with a smoke generator or with a wood-burning stove on your site is a great opportunity to always have fresh, tasty and affordable delicacies. With your own hands, you can build a solid stationary structure with additional cooking functions, or a light compact structure from old gas cylinders, barrels, obsolete refrigerators. Excellent natural smoked meats that do not contain unnecessary "chemistry" can be obtained only if the rules of operation, the order of preparation of products and the correct processing regime are observed. The best raw materials for smoking are fruit or deciduous trees. On the firewood prepared with your own hands, the dishes turn out to be especially tasty and aromatic.

Smoked products have surprisingly mouth-watering aromas and breathtaking flavors, but their store prices are often equally impressive. Cold or hot smoked products will definitely not work to be consumed every day, because this pleasure is not cheap. There is only one way out - to build a smokehouse yourself. Such a unit will be appropriate in the backyard of a private house or summer cottage. If you do not have the slightest idea how to make a smokehouse with your own hands, then this article will definitely help you turn your idea into reality. Smokehouse meat

Smoking principle

Smoking is a type of heat treatment of food that has been known since ancient times. Its distinctive feature is that the products are processed with smoke. During the smoking process, it is necessary to carefully monitor the temperature, the amount of smoke, the uniformity of heating and fumigation of the product.

This method of cooking has a number of advantages, thanks to which it has not lost its relevance since time immemorial:

● smoke effectively fights various bacteria and parasites that are in products and can cause significant harm to human health;

● smoked products retain a large amount of useful microelements and vitamins if they are not exposed to very high temperatures;

● edible stocks prepared in this way can be stored for a long time, since the smoke has a preservative effect on them.

The taste of the finished dish depends on properly selected firewood. This is due to the fact that each wood burns in its own way and has an individual taste. Manufacturers of special sawdust recommend choosing their type depending on the product that will be processed:

● alder - it is suitable for cooking any meat and vegetable products;

● oak - intended for pork, beef and other red meat;

● willow - suitable for a specific type of meat and game, such as bear, elk or deer. You can also smoke fish, which mostly live in swamps;

● cherry - I use it to smoke vegetables, nuts and berries.

Smoked fish in a smokehouse

Cold and hot smoking

The smoking process can take place at different temperatures. The temperature regime directly depends on the distance at which the products are from the source of smoke. There are such types of smoking:

● cold - the most delicious smoked meats are obtained precisely when cooking in this way, however, the product must be prepared in advance. The temperature for cold smoking is 25-45 degrees, and the process itself can take several days. Such food reserves can be stored for a very long time without losing their taste, however, drying out a little;

● hot - the fastest and most convenient way to cook meat or fish at home, because the finished dish can be served immediately. The process takes about 4 hours at a temperature of 50-100 degrees. However, it is worth noting that such processing quickly spoils food.

Do-it-yourself smokehouse

Types of smokers

A do-it-yourself smokehouse can be of different types and have its own design features, which directly depend on the needs of the user and his construction capabilities. The most popular are 3 types of smokers:

● mine (vertical); ● tunnel (horizontal); ● chamber.

Shaft smokehouse is the easiest to install and does not require a specific place for installation. Its structure resembles a canonical hut with food hanging at the top. However, this type of smokehouse has a number of significant disadvantages, among which one of the most significant are the inaccessibility of smoking by the fumigation method, as well as small possibilities for adjusting smoke production.

A tunnel smokehouse requires a fairly large amount of work, most of which is land-based. It is also necessary to find a suitable site for its installation - it is necessary that it is on a slope. The hearth-smoke generator in such a horizontal device is located in a special semi-closed chamber. Thanks to this, the smoking process can be carried out under any weather conditions. Depending on the length of the channel, both hot and cold smoking can be performed.

The chamber smokehouse is rather primitive in its structure, but at the same time it is overall: the height is 1.5 meters, and the diameter is 1 meter. During construction, it is important to ensure the required angle of inclination, which varies from 10 to 30 degrees.

Smokehouse schemes and designs

For each type of smoking, certain types of smokehouses are also provided, the design features of which are fundamentally important.

A do-it-yourself hot-smoked smokehouse is a container that has a lid that must be tightly closed. You can design this device from a metal box, barrel, bucket. The main components of a smokehouse are:

● firebox - it is located directly under the chamber and performs the heating function; ● sealed smoking chamber - is responsible for uniform heating of the air and the achievement of high temperatures. Since most of the hot smoking process takes place at a temperature of 100 degrees, there can be several chambers; ● a water seal - its installation will help to reduce the amount of carcinogens in the smoke, as well as create a barrier to air flows inside and outside; ● grates - products that lend themselves to ● pallet - fat and juice are released from the products, which, getting to the bottom of the chamber, begin to burn, negatively affecting the taste of meat, fish and vegetable products. The removable pallet must be easily removable.

The main schemes of hot smoked smokers are shown below in the figure:

Hot smoked smokehouse

A cold-smoked smokehouse with your own hands is built on the principle that the smoke that reaches the product must have time to cool down. It can be of arbitrary sizes and, as a rule, consists of the following main parts:

● firebox - it can be made of bricks or made of metal plates. Since the process of processing products takes a long time, the firebox should be equipped with a convenient ash pan, as well as a smoke door that regulates the main flow; ● smoking chamber - the temperature during cold smoking is low, therefore, various materials can be used for the manufacture of the chamber, including wood ... The most convenient would be to use a barrel; ● chimney - it connects the firebox and the chamber. Metal is suitable for its construction. You can also dig a chimney in the ground. It is not recommended to use bricks that are porous materials.

The smokehouse scheme is shown in the figure below:

Cold smoked smokehouse

How to make a smokehouse with your own hands. Step-by-step instruction

In order to independently build a smokehouse, it is not necessary to have the professional skills of a builder and to have expensive equipment in stock. For quite primitive designs, ordinary tools and materials are suitable, which can be bought in a store for little money or even found in the country.

Depending on your capabilities and desires, you can build such smokehouses:

Camping smokehouse.

Our own smokehouse, located on the slope near the dacha, is very convenient and practical to use, because it is suitable for cold smoking of a wide variety of products. The main material for its manufacture is wood.

The instructions for building a camp smokehouse are as follows:

● dig a shaft for a chimney, the width of which is 0.3 meters, length - 6 meters; ● lay a pipe, the diameter of which is 0.2 meters, into the resulting ditch and lead it from the location of the fire to the entrance to the smokehouse; ● lay the firebox out of bricks or weld from metal. Its shape should be made in the form of a cube with sides of 4 meters; ● attach the firebox to the pipe; ● install the valve on the firebox on the other side to create draft; ● knock down the sealed smoking chamber from the boards; ● install the grates, valve, panel inside the chamber for the collection of products.

Camping smokehouse

Stationary smokehouse.

In order to equip such a unit at a summer cottage, you will have to spend not only time and effort, but also money. However, the result will be worth all the effort, because the structure will not only look aesthetically pleasing, but also work effectively.

To install it, follow the step-by-step instructions:

● fill the foundation, 0.4 meters deep with reinforced wire, metal rods and pieces of reinforcement; ● in advance in the foundation pit, make a channel for the chimney at a distance of 1.5 meters from the smoking chamber; ● lay the pipe along the trench to the firebox; ● build a sealed a brick firebox or use a metal box; ● attach the firebox to the pipe; ● after the foundation has hardened, start laying the walls; ● make metal rods during the laying process; ● equip the building with a lid.

Stationary smokehouse

The simplest hot smoked smokehouse.

A similar design can be purchased at any specialized store, but in order to save money, you can also build it yourself:

● choose a suitable place for the smokehouse on a hill; ● equip the area with a metal sheet on which the fire will burn; ● lay a brick base on both sides of the sheet; ● place a metal box on top of the brick posts. You can use a pan or a bucket; ● equip the box with shelves on which the food will be smoked; ● install a pallet that will be needed for sawdust; ● equip the box with a lid through which the food is placed; ● install a latch.

The simplest hot smoked smokehouse from a bucket

Smokehouse on the grill.

When on vacation you sharply want smoked meats, but there is no special unit at hand, and is not expected in the near future, you can build a smokehouse from the barbecue. The erection of such a cunning and simple structure will take at most an hour, or even less, and ready-made and delicious-smelling food will appear on the table in the near future.

To make a smokehouse on the grill, follow the step-by-step instructions:

● find a piece of pipe or a small barrel made of metal; ● put the find on the brazier; ● equip the pipe with a grate; ● pour sawdust; ● seal the pipe; ● light a fire.

Smokehouse on the grill

Simple barrel smokehouse.

A very basic smokehouse can be made from a metal barrel and an electric heater. To do this, follow the instructions:

● make a hole in the bottom of the barrel;

● install the heater on the bottom by pulling the cord through the hole;

● put a container with sawdust on the stove and cover it with a cap;

● hang food on rods or put it on a wire rack;

● cover the barrel with a lid.

Smokehouse from a barrelSmokehouse from a barrelSmokehouse from a barrelSmokehouse from a barrelSmokehouse from a barrel

Smokehouse in the attic.

Another interesting option for a smokehouse is a smokehouse built in the attic. It is connected to the chimney from a home fireplace or stove. So you can not only heat your home, but also cook delicious smoked meats. The photo shows a diagram of such a smokehouse.

Smokehouse in the atticSmokehouse in the atticSmokehouse in the attic

Advantages of your own smokehouse.

To build a smokehouse with your own hands is quite a feasible task for every man who knows how to hold ordinary tools in his hands, wants to acquire a similar unit and loves smoked meats. It is worth making a smokehouse yourself for several reasons:

● price - in specialized stores there is a wide selection of smokehouses, which can be either a primitive device or equipped with additional functions and capabilities. However, the cost of such devices is always high and not everyone can afford it. A do-it-yourself smokehouse does not require practically any financial costs. Improvised materials and means can be used;

● time - it will take very little time to make a smokehouse. Depending on the type of construction, the unit can be built both in a day and in an hour;

● ease of use - primitive smokehouses are quite functional and easy to use and maintain. They will allow you to cook tasty and aromatic meat, fish, cheese and other food products without much effort;

● service life - devices built according to the instructions and using recommended materials will serve their owner for several years;

● ease of installation - the construction of the smokehouse is elementary, therefore easy to install. It easily adapts to the materials and capabilities available.

In the process of constructing a smokehouse, in fact, as with any other construction work, safety rules must be observed. So, you should get work gloves, make sure that the tools are in good working order and the reliability of the materials at hand. You should also not neglect the elementary precautions directly during the operation of the unit.

How to make a smokehouse. Video reviews


Smoked meat or fish is a very tasty thing, especially cooked in a smokehouse, and not with the help of flavors that mimic the taste of smoked meat. The most reliable way to get tasty and high-quality smoked products is to smoke them yourself. To do this, you need a cold or hot smoked smokehouse. The difference between them is in the processing technology of the products.

This article will talk about a cold smoked smokehouse, with photos and illustrations, advice on how to smoke products in field conditions, as well as the construction of stationary smokehouses.

Brief content of the article:

The essence of technology

As a result of wood smoldering in conditions of a lack of oxygen, a large amount of smoke is released, which has a bacteriostatic effect on the products, that is, it simply preserves them.

There are two types of such processing:

  • Hot smoking - the smoke in this case is heated to a temperature of 70 to 150 degrees, and the processing time of products does not exceed 3 hours. The shelf life of hot smoked meat and fish is up to three days at room temperature.
  • Cold smoking is a longer process, and the smoke temperature does not exceed 30 degrees. Processing time ranges from 6 hours to two days. At the same time, fish and meat are impregnated with the smell of smoke, and they have a characteristic smoked flavor. The shelf life of food at room temperature is two to three weeks.

Smoking scheme

Regardless of whether the smokehouse is a masterpiece of architectural art, or something hastily assembled from scrap materials, the principle of operation and the scheme are similar.

The smoking chamber is located away from the firebox, and is connected to it through a smoke channel. Passing through the channel, the smoke has time to cool down and thus enters the smoking chamber already cooled. Cold smoking requires more chips and sawdust than wood. The specific gravity of firewood should not exceed 20% of the total fuel.

Thus, in a cold smoked smokehouse, there are three main units:

  • smoke source (smoke generator), or firebox;
  • smoke channel;
  • a smoking chamber in which products are placed.

Hiking option

To make a camping smokehouse, you will need wooden rods, plastic wrap and ropes or wire for attaching meat or fish. First, a fire is made in a small pit and allowed to burn out so that coals are formed.

A wigwam is erected around the burnt fire, with a frame made of twigs, over which polyethylene is thrown. Smoke is generated by damp branches and foliage, which are placed on hot coals.

The advantages of this design are the simplicity and speed of its construction, the absence of the need for any building materials, as well as the ability to observe the progress of the process. Cons - the need to control the hearth in order to prevent branches from burning, as well as the constant need for hot coals and green branches throughout the smoking process.

Stationary option

Compared to the above-described scheme, a significantly greater investment of materials and efforts will be required for the equipment of a stationary smokehouse. The smoking chamber, as a rule, is used by old refrigerators, barrels, or tool boxes.

Smokehouses are often laid out of bricks. A pipe with a diameter of at least 10 cm and a length of 2 meters or more is used as a smoke channel. In the role of a smoke generator in the smokehouse, there is a pit with a fire, which is closed on top with a lid to restrict oxygen access.

During installation, you should adhere to the following rules:

  • place the smokehouse away from flammable materials - trees, buildings, haystacks, etc.;
  • to put the structure away from residential buildings, poultry houses, sheds, cowsheds;
  • during installation, it is necessary to position the smoke channel at an angle to provide traction;
  • protect the firebox and chimney with a small fence so that overly curious children and adults do not accidentally get hurt.

The chimney trench is 2-5 meters long. In the autumn-winter period, there should be no problems with traction, since the smoke is warmer than the surrounding air.

But in summer, when the ambient temperature is above 30 degrees and above, it becomes problematic to smoke products due to weak draft, and also due to the fact that the smoke is too warm.

To cool the flue duct, water cooling can be used - the pipe is immersed in a bath filled with well water, and to improve traction - forced ventilation, for example, using a fan from the bathrooms. But these are already more complex and costly options for industrial rather than household smokehouses.

Photo of a cold smoked smokehouse

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Do-it-yourself cold smokehouse: delicious dishes at home

Cold smoking is a type of cooking that allows you to get delicious dishes with a long shelf life. There are several ways to assemble a structure of this type. The simplest options involve the use of improvised means. Cold smokehouse requires drawing up a preliminary drawing and studying the stages of manufacturing with your own hands.

Arranging your own cold-smoked smokehouse will allow you to cook delicious meals at home.

Features and benefits of a cold smoked smokehouse

In hot smokehouses, meat and fish products are heat-treated. The average temperature is around 100 ˚C. Food that has undergone such processing has a short shelf life, which most often does not exceed a week.

In a cold smoked smokehouse, products are cooked at a low temperature under the influence of smoke.

On a note! In cold appliances, products are processed with smoke. The temperature in this case does not exceed 50 ˚C. And the lower indicator at which such smoking can be carried out is only 30 ˚C.

It takes quite a long time for meat and fish to be completely saturated with smoke. Therefore, the duration of cooking products in cold-type smokehouses can reach several days.

It is important to remember that cold smoking at home requires compliance with some rules. First of all, the pre-marinating of the food plays an important role. And also it is worth monitoring the temperature and intensity of the smoke emitted during the smoldering of wood chips.

Smoke on food must be free of carbon monoxide. In order to obtain such smoke, a special chimney is present in the design of the cold smoker. It must be of sufficient length. Passing through such a tube, the harmful substances contained in the smoke settle on its walls. As a result, purified smoke enters the chamber, which penetrates into meat and fish products and contributes to their preparation.

The smokehouse consists of a firebox, a chimney and a food storage chamber.

The principle of operation of the cold smoker for meat and fish

The smoking of the food is due to the smoldering of wood chips. The design features of cold smoking devices facilitate this process. The principle of operation of such units is that inside them, various products are processed with smoke. The average temperature is 40 ˚C. If necessary, you can buy a cold smoked smokehouse. To save money, you can assemble it yourself at home.

The harmful substances contained in the smoke precipitate, therefore the finished products have a delicate, refined taste and aroma. Elimination of carcinogens occurs due to the appearance of condensate on the walls of the chimney connecting them. It occurs due to a decrease in air temperature when smoke moves through the pipe.

In the case of using a stationary smokehouse for cold smoking, it becomes possible to regulate the smoke. All that is needed for this is to release harmful smoke from the combustion chamber. Such an operation must necessarily take place before the provisions are located in the smoking tank. The smoke is released until it acquires the properties necessary for smoking products.

The smoking process should take place in a tightly closed chamber.

It should be noted that the chamber in which cold processing of meat and fish takes place must have a lid. This element is required to trap smoke. The device of this part must be thought out at the preliminary stage and its features should be indicated in the scheme of a cold smoked smokehouse.

On a note! Instead of classic lids, you can use improvised means. For example, moistened sacking, which is thrown over the top of the smoking chamber, is very popular with home craftsmen. When using it, do not forget that it dries out over time. Therefore, every two hours it is necessary to moisten the burlap.

Do-it-yourself cold smokehouse: structural elements

All cold-type devices have a similar structure. Accordingly, the set of structural elements of these aggregates is also the same.

Smokers consist of the following parts:

  • metal chamber;
  • covers;
  • reflective partition;
  • firebox;
  • chimney;
  • roofs;
  • chimney;
  • knee.
Cold smoked smokehouse device.

The main element of a home cold smoked smokehouse is a chamber. In it, products are processed with light smoke. And also an important component is the firebox, in which the fuel (chips) is burned. In cold-type devices, these elements are interconnected by means of a chimney. It should be long enough for the smoke to cool down before entering the smoking chamber.

The tube that joins the firebox must have a fairly large diameter. The best option is an element with a cross section of 30 cm. This part goes to the product tank. It is also worth noting that the firebox of a cold smokehouse with your own hands should have another tube, which is located vertically. Its main function is to remove excess smoke outside the combustion chamber. Thanks to this design, uniform processing of meat and fish products is achieved.

When assembling a homemade cold smoked smokehouse, special attention should be paid to the draft inside the structure. It is due to it that the smoke moves from the firebox to the food chamber. If it was decided to equip such a structure in the ground, then a slope is needed to achieve the required thrust indicator. However, this method is now used quite rarely. This is due to the fact that on the market you can easily purchase a smoke exhauster - a device that will artificially pump up draft inside the smokehouse.

Providing internal draft is a very important stage in setting up a smokehouse.

What are cold-type smokehouses: varieties

Devices in which long-term processing of products with smoke takes place are divided into several groups depending on the source of heating. This indicator is very important, as it determines the purpose of the unit.

On this basis, constructions are distinguished:

Smoldering chips in conventional devices occurs due to an open source of fire. In turn, cold-smoked electric smokehouses have special heating elements and operate from the mains.

On a note! It is important to remember that electrical units can be small in size, which greatly increases their mobility. Therefore, if desired, they can be used in apartments.

The advantage of the electric smokehouse is that it can be installed in any accessible place where it is possible to connect to the network.

Another indicator by which all cold devices are differentiated is versatility. Self-made units, made by hand, are used to smoke any products.

In turn, purchased smokehouses can be:

  • universal;
  • specialized.

The latter are used for smoking a certain type of product. Purchased universal devices are more common. In their chambers, you can smoke not only meat and fish products, but also vegetables, as well as mushrooms and cheese.

It is much more difficult to assemble a cold mini-smokehouse with your own hands than a hot one. This is due to the processing characteristics of products requiring a long pipe. The length of the chimney in such devices must be at least 10 m.

If you wish, you can make a travel-type smokehouse. This design is disposable and is used by hunters, fishermen, as well as people who went on a hike. To perform such a device, it is recommended to study the corresponding videos. Do-it-yourself cold-smoked smokehouse in soil is a simple and reliable way to get delicious dishes in field conditions.

If you don't want to make a smokehouse yourself, you can buy a ready-made design.

The best place for such a smokehouse is a gentle bank. In its upper part, it is necessary to equip a smoking chamber, and at the bottom to dig a furnace. They must be connected to each other by a trench, which serves as a chimney.

Smokehouse for meat and fish - what you need to know when choosing a fuel?

The process of cooking food, which involves the use of smoke, has its own subtleties. A very important point is the temperature inside the smokehouse. If it is not controlled, then meat, fish and other dishes can simply deteriorate.

An equally important factor is the selection of fuel. Chips used for cold smoking with your own hands can be made from different types of trees and, accordingly, differ in their characteristics. Depending on what fuel is used for a given operation, the taste of the finished products differs.

Despite the fact that wood can be different, the same requirements are put forward for it. The main one is that the chips must be dry. The presence of moisture will prevent it from smoldering properly. Chips are located at the bottom of the firebox. Experts do not recommend scattering it all over the bottom. The best option is to build a slide.

Each type of wood has its own special aroma.

The most common woods used for cold smoked wood chips are:

In some cases, other types of trees can be used for cold smoking at home of fish and meat. For example, many people note the exquisite taste of dishes that were cooked in the smoke of apple and pear chips.

On a note! Experienced chefs recommend smoking food in cold appliances during winter. During this period, the ambient temperature prevents the growth of pathogenic bacteria inside the food.

It is very important to remember that wood containing resin is categorically unsuitable for smoking. Coniferous trees (spruce, pine, etc.) have this characteristic. If you neglect this rule, then the food cooked in the smokehouse will be very bitter. To improve the taste, you can use one trick - add aromatic herbs used in cooking on top of smoldering sawdust.

A stationary smokehouse is a very simple device that allows you to cook very tasty dishes.

Do-it-yourself cold smoked smokehouse: camera options

Devices that function according to the cold principle must have a camera. In this tank, provisions are laid out or hung. The camera can be made both according to the drawing, using metal sheets, or from improvised means. In the second case, people's imagination is not limited by anything.

Such improvised means are most often transformed into smoking chambers:

Barrel. The capacity of such a container should not be less than 100 liters. The best option for smoking at home is to use containers with a volume of 200 liters. There are two options for the location of such a barrel: vertical and horizontal. In the first case, it is imperative to mount the legs at the bottom of the tank.

Fridge. The transformation of this household appliance into a smokehouse has some advantages. The refrigerator compartment itself is sealed, so no additional measures are required to prevent the penetration of air from the outside. In addition, this option is very easy to use.

A large barrel is often used to build a homemade smokehouse.

Do-it-yourself cold smoking smokehouse can be assembled from metal. Due to the fact that the temperature inside such a smokehouse does not rise above 50 ° C, it becomes possible to install a tank made of wood. However, in this case, it is necessary to sheathe the places located in the immediate vicinity of the chimney with metal strips. This will maximize the safety of the structure from fire.

The most time-consuming version of the smoking chamber involves its assembly from brick material. However, such designs are the most effective and have a long service life, which can reach several tens of years. And also such smokehouses look the most attractive, organically fit into the landscape of the site.

To save money and time, experts recommend performing cold-smoked smokehouses from a barrel. This is a classic version of transforming unnecessary containers into a device that allows you to get gourmet dishes.

In some cases, a smokehouse can be built from improvised means.

How to make a cold smoked smokehouse: making a firebox

The most budgetary way to organize a firebox is to dig a pit in the ground. It is necessary to place the fuel for smoking in it. When burning wood or wood chips, it is recommended to regulate the amount of smoke.

A homemade stove is made from brick material, stainless or galvanized steel, or pipes. When using bricks, you must be sure of their fire resistance, otherwise they can burst from the heat.

On a note! Educational videos will help you answer the question of how to make a cold smoked smokehouse with your own hands.

A metal firebox assembled from stainless steel is the simplest option. It is not so difficult to make it, it is enough just to purchase the necessary material and follow the instructions. The chimney can be made of either metal or brick. In the second case, it is better to place it underground. This will allow you to achieve the required tightness.

A brick smokehouse is a reliable structure that will last a long time.

The chimney should go directly under the smoking chamber. The speed with which the smoke will move depends on its cross section. And also its length and shape play an important role. The fuel combustion chamber can be purchased at the store. As a rule, you can find there compact models designed for hiking trips. Cold-type portable smokehouses are less common than their hot counterparts.

The benefits of cold smoking are obvious. The product in this design is processed at a low temperature, so it retains its fat layer. Cold aggregates are easier to care for as they are not as prone to contamination as their hot counterparts.

Cold smoker at home: chimney design

The quality of smoking depends on the correct calculation of the chimney. Therefore, it is recommended to approach the assembly of this structure with all seriousness. The tube must be not only long enough but also airtight. Otherwise, smoke leaks await you.

If the length of the tube is long, it will be necessary to ensure its stability. For this, props are used, which are located in the central part of the chimney. It is best to make such holders from brick material. In order to understand the principles of how to make a smokehouse at home, it is recommended to study the photos that clearly illustrate the stages of assembling this structure.

The smoke pipe must go directly into the chamber.

When using wooden supports, you will need to insulate them in those places that have direct contact with the pipe. If necessary, you can shorten the pipe, which will allow you to raise the smoking temperature to 60 ° C. As a result, the type of smoking will be semi-hot.

For a better understanding of the process, it is recommended to pay attention to the installation photos. Do-it-yourself cold-smoked smokehouse has a simple and understandable design, but you still need to be careful when assembling it. Sealing a chimney in a stationary structure is quite simple. To do this, you need to prepare a flange, which in the future should be welded to the bottom.

On a note! To enhance the sealing, special sealing gaskets are used, which are made of paronite.

How to make a cold smokehouse: a do-it-yourself smoke generator

The use of this device allows you to provide the necessary traction inside the smoking unit. In this case, the thrust is artificially injected (as opposed to marching structures). The smoke generator ensures uninterrupted flow of smoke necessary for the cold smoking process into the chamber.

Scheme of operation of the main types of smoke generators for a smokehouse.

Experts recommend thinking over its design at the stage of drawing up a drawing. A do-it-yourself cold-smoked smokehouse equipped with a smoke generator does not require constant monitoring. The device provides the necessary traction and maintains it at the required level.

The device of such a device is not very complicated. Therefore, you can make it yourself at home. To assemble the smoke generator, you will need to prepare a metal can. The working reservoir of the device is made from available tools (for example, a cardboard box). Thus, making a smokehouse with a smoke generator is not difficult. Consider the sequence of steps in the manufacture of this device.

How to build a smokehouse with a smoke generator? First of all, you need to take a can and cut a hole in it. It is required to attach the required element - a fitting with a double-sided thread. A compressor is attached to it on one side. In this case, the device used in aquariums will do. It can be easily purchased on the market or online. A smoke outlet is connected to the second side of the fitting.

For kindling the smokehouse, they pour wood chips into the smoke generator and leave it to smolder inside.

The next step is to cut a window in the can (on the side). It is necessary to access the sawdust, which will be located at the bottom of the container. The outlet pipe is fixed to the smoking chamber, after which it remains only to set fire to the sawdust and turn on the compressor.

Cold smoking fish, meat and other products: preparation

Before starting cold smoking, it is necessary to prepare products for this process. Not only the taste depends on it, but also the quality of the food that will be smoked.

Preparation includes two stages:

In order to properly prepare a salt solution, you must follow the instructions. It is not difficult to make the marinade correctly. First of all, you need to take salt and pour it into a container filled with water. Then the mineral is stirred until it is completely dissolved in the liquid. This marinade is suitable for cold smoking chicken, beef, pork and fish.

Before smoking, products must be marinated in a spicy brine.

On a note! When preparing such a solution, it is very important to observe the following proportions: 40 g of salt per 1 liter of water.

Spices such as bay leaves, black pepper (peas), etc. can be added to this marinade. After its preparation, you can start marinating the product. It is important to remember that the salting time depends on the volume of the product and its variety. For example, a small fish should sit in this solution for about 3 days.

Large fish and pork are left in a salted marinade for 4 days before being sent to the smokehouse. Cold smoking of fish also requires temperature control. And beef, which has denser fibers, must be marinated for at least 5 days.

After marinating the product, soak it in water. The duration of this process ranges from 6 to 24 hours. Then excess moisture is removed from the product. To do this, wipe it with paper towels and wither. At the next stage, you can start smoking the food.

Our own cold-smoked smokehouse allows you to cook dishes amazing in their taste.

Cold smoking lard has some peculiarities. This product does not need to be marinated. The preliminary stage in the preparation of lard is salting it. In this case, the procedure does not differ from the usual salting. The bacon is covered with salt and sent to the refrigerator or cellar for about 2 weeks. Subsequently, it will be necessary to rinse it under running water and place it in the smokehouse. The duration of smoking lard is about 8 hours. It is very important that the temperature inside the chamber does not exceed 40 ° C.

Cold smoking allows you to get delicious, delicious meat and fish products. The device that allows you to do this has a fairly simple design. When self-assembling a cold smokehouse, you need to be guided by the drawings, study photo and video materials on this topic.

Video: DIY cold smokehouse


Cold smoked smoking with your own hands: Drawings and options

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