If you are playing Minecraft in survival mode, potions may come in handy. You can drink a brew that boosts your melee attacks, your speed, or allows you to breathe underwater. This guide will show you how to make potions in Minecraft - even those that you can throw at enemies.

However, gamers playing in Creative mode do not need potions. They are fun to craft, though, although the journey to get each ingredient can be quite long.

Collect ingredients

How to make potions in Minecraft. o_0

The list of materials you need is quite long, five of them are in Hell. This means you need to build a portal, enter the underworld, defeat monsters, and find the Fortress of Hell without getting lost.

You might want to leave markers, such as torches, that will take you to the portal.

How to make potions in Minecraft. o_0

Ingredients from Hell

Fire Rods - dropped from efreet in the Fortress of Hell, they are used to make fire powder.

Ghast Tears - Dropped by ghasts that float above lava.

Lava Cream - Emitted by blocks of magma or created from one (1) Fire Powder and one (1) Ball of Slime.

Infernal growth (wart) - located in the fortress, growing in the sands of souls.

Soul Sand - used to grow Hell's Wart in the normal world (optional).

Other ingredients

Dragon Breath - Dropped by Ender Dragon.

Sparkling Watermelon - Crafted using one watermelon and eight gold nuggets.

Golden Carrot - Crafted using one carrot and eight gold nuggets.

Phantom Membranes - Remains after killing phantoms.

Blowfish - Use a bucket of water or a fishing rod to catch this fish.

Rabbit's Foot - Dropped by slain rabbits.

Spider Eye - drops from slain Spiders and Witches.

Sugar - Made using one sugar cane.

Turtle Shell - Crafted using five shields that drop from turtles.

Potion modifiers

Pickled Spider Eye - Crafted with one Spider Eye, one Brown Mushroom, and one Sugar.

Glowing Dust - obtained from glowing stones.

Gunpowder - dropped from ghosts and witches - can also be found in chests.

Redstone - mined underground.

Making a cooking rack

How to make potions in Minecraft. o_0

You cannot make a potion without this tool.

Step 1: Open the workbench.

Step 2: Place the cobblestones on the bottom three squares in the crafting grid.

Step 3: Place one fire rod in the middle square.

Step 4: Drag the cooking rack to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Step 5: Select it and install.

Create a boiler (optional)

How to make potions in Minecraft. o_0

You will need water - why not make a small pool next to your cooking counter?

Step 1: Open the workbench.

Step 2: Add seven iron ingots in the U-shaped crafting grid: three in the left column, one in the bottom square of the middle column, and three in the right column.

Step 3: Drag the resulting Cauldron to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Step 4: Select the Boiler and install it.

Creation and filling of glass flasks

How to make potions in Minecraft. o_0

You need flasks to store your potions.

Step 1: Open the workbench.

Step 2: Place the glass blocks as shown in the image above.

Step 3: Drag the three flasks down to the Quick Access Toolbar.

Step 4: Take a flask and fill them with water.

Create Fire Powder.

How to make potions in Minecraft. o_0

Your cooking rack needs fuel!

Step 1: Open the workbench.

Step 2: Place the fire rod on any square of the crafting grid.

Step 3: Drag the resulting Fire Powder down to your inventory.

Brew a basic potion

How to make potions in Minecraft. o_0

First, you need to prepare the “base”.

Step 1: Open the cooking rack.

Step 2: Place one flask of water in the bottom three squares.

Step 3: Place the Infernal Growth in the top cage.

Step 4: Place the fire powder in the square in the upper left corner indicated by the fire icon.

This process turns all three water bottles into base potions. Now you need to add other ingredients to use these ready-made potions. After that, you can add modifiers to make the effects last longer and more powerful.

Potion types

Now with basic potions, you have the opportunity to create useful potions.

Below I am a hello scheme according to which you can create certain potions.

How to make potions in Minecraft. o_0

Remember, you can create a fire resistance potion by combining a base potion with magma cream on the cooking rack. After that, you can put the Fire Resistance Potion back on the rack and add Redstone Dust, increasing the duration of the potion from three to eight minutes.

Potions Is one of the ways to get various effects. There are several varieties of potions. They can be created using a cooking rack that has a specialized interface.

Helpful information

  • To start the process, you must have an empty flask.
  • Infernal Growth is the main item for creating a potion.
  • Better to get ready and get the main ingredients to start production.
  • To remove the effect of using an item, you must drink milk.


Crafting a cooking rack

Cooking rack

Fire powder

Fire powder

Cauldron crafting


Craft flasks


What do you need?

Picture Name Description
Cooking rackCooking rack The main functional block with which you can produce potions. You can see 3 cells in it, each of which is responsible for crafting ingredients. Using the craft below, you can easily create the desired item.
BoilerBoiler It is worth building a cauldron. It will serve as a source of water for glass flasks. The boiler is filled with one bucket of water. It is enough for three flasks.
Fire powderFire powder The main unit of fuel for each craft inside the brew stand. Obtained by killing Efreet. It is worth getting more fire powder to create various potions.
WaterFlask The basis for crafting. A flask of water can be transformed into various types of potions.

Main ingredients

With their help, you can create basic versions of potions. They will not yet give negative or positive effects, but they are the basis for further development.

Picture Name Description
Cooked spider eyeCooked spider eye With the help of the item, a potion of weakness is created, as well as other types of potions with negative effects.
Light dustLight dust Allows you to create a Thick Potion. In addition, it will help enhance the effect of any potion and reduce its duration.
Hellish growthHellish growth Infernal Growth creates a Crude Potion. On its basis, the main amount of potions is created later.
Red dustRedstone Will increase the duration of any effect, and can also weaken a level 2 potion.
PowderPowder Makes any item explosive.
Breath potionDragon breath Allows you to get a settling effect. It allows you to get various properties while in the place where the potion is used.
Watermelon sliceSparkling watermelon Item for making an unremarkable potion.
Fire powderIfrit powder Item for making an unremarkable potion.
Spider EyeSpider eye Item for making an unremarkable potion.

Items with effects

These components will already help to obtain effective positive or negative effects.

Picture Name Description
Fire powderIfrit powder Force
Ghast tearGhast's tears Health recovery
Watermelon sliceSparkling watermelon Treatment
Magma cubeLava cream Fire protection
Spider EyeSpider eye Poisoning
SugarSugar Fast speed
Golden carrotGold carrot Night vision
PufferPuffer Breathing underwater
Rabbit pawRabbit paw Double jump
Phantom membranePhantom membrane Slow fall

Please note that we have detailed description of each effect in Game.


Combining items

First item Second item Description
Spider EyeSpider eye Cooked spider eyeCooked spider eye Fast damage
Watermelon sliceSparkling watermelon Cooked spider eyeCooked spider eye Fast damage
SugarSugar Cooked spider eyeCooked spider eye Slowness
Magma cubeLava cream Cooked spider eyeCooked spider eye Slowness
Golden carrotGolden carrot Cooked spider eyeCooked spider eye Invisibility

Convenient table

Using this table, you can quickly find out the craft of the required potion, as well as all the necessary components.

Recipe for all potions


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