How to watch Smart TV on a simple TV

The capabilities of an ordinary TV are hardly suitable for a modern user - a TV unit that does not have a Smart TV function is not functional and is only able to pick up a signal from a supplier.

Therefore, it is extremely important to know how to modify the old device, which is quite possible. How to make Smart TV out of ordinary TV further in the article.

Is it possible to turn an old TV into a "smart" one?

Often, users want to change their old TV, even if they really liked it, since it does not support Smart TV. But it is not at all necessary to spend a lot of money on the purchase of new modern technology.

How to watch Smart TV on a simple TV

Even out of an ordinary outdated TV receiver, you can make a smart device if you connect certain equipment to it. There are a few simple ways you can do it yourself at home.

The operation is quite simple, since the TV will not have to be disassembled into parts and new microcircuits will not have to be soldered, all that is needed is to connect it with a wire or via a Wi-Fi set-top box.

How to make Smart TV from regular TV - a list of suitable set-top boxes:

  • Console for games.
  • Media player.
  • Special Smart prefix.
  • Blu-ray player.
  • Tablet or smartphone.

You can synchronize the equipment yourself on your own, as a result of which the TV will have all the capabilities of the most expensive TV models. Each device from the list can fully run various operating systems, such as Android or IOS.

After connecting new equipment through the TV, it will be possible to access the Internet, view online content, and use useful applications.

Important! An external Smart TV is sometimes a better option than a built-in one. The fact is that the internal, standard "smart" functionality cannot be improved comprehensively. For example, a user will not be able to download a new operating system to purchase additional features. An external Smart TV is quite easy to improve if you connect a different type of device to a TV set.

Using the Android prefix

Experts recommend paying attention to the Apple TV 4 set-top boxes, as well as the Xiaomi MI Box (there are other suitable devices on sale that the user can choose by reading the specifications).

How to watch Smart TV on a simple TV

They cost differently and it is obvious that a well-known brand will cost much more than Xiaomi. The main advantage of using a set-top box on Android is the ease of setup.

To turn a Smart TV into a device, you must follow the instructions below:

  • Connect the power cable from the set-top box to the outlet.
  • Using an HDMI wire, connect the TV and the Android set-top box through an adapter, placing the plugs in the necessary connectors (it is difficult to make a mistake here, since they are immediately noticeable on the panel).
  • Using the remote control, select the list of signals on the TV (Input tab) and click on HDMI.

The operation is complete. All commands can now be transmitted to the TV via the remote control that came with the set-top box.

By connecting the equipment, you can use various media content to watch movies and TV series. For example, the user will now have access to the Netflix service (to view, you need to pay a monthly fee)

To download the necessary applications to the TV, you need to download the Apple Store or Google Play equipment to the equipment, depending on the brand of the selected device.

Important! If your equipment does not have an HDMI output, you will have to purchase an HDMI-USB adapter.

Phone or tablet

If you do not want to spend money on buying a set-top box, you can use your phone or tablet to turn your old TV into a “smart” device.

How to watch Smart TV on a simple TV

Let's take an iPhone or iPad as an example for connection, since these models are very popular now.

Several methods can be used to connect the technique:

  • USB port and corresponding cable with adapter.
  • If the user chooses the HDMI interface, then he will have to additionally purchase an adapter, and then connect it to a simple USB. In order for the TV to recognize the phone or tablet, on the remote control, press the Input key, and select HDMI from the list that opens on the monitor.
  • If your phone and TV have built-in Wi-Fi, you can connect two equipment wirelessly.
It is important to note that any Apple technology (if this model is chosen) usually syncs only with devices from the same company. Therefore, in order to transfer the image to other devices, it is necessary to download certain software.

It is advisable to use the utility Samsung Smart TV Now ... Alternative - Samsung Smart View for iPad ... Using the first application, you can transfer video files from your phone, the second is aimed at turning the tablet into a remote control.

A similar connection method can be used for ordinary smartphones and tablets (Smart TV device will be ready in just a few minutes). The operation will be much easier if the equipments support the Miracast system.

In this case, the signal transmission will go directly to the TV from the portable device, and you do not have to connect the wires. But there is a serious drawback - if the phone is discharged, the broadcast will stop.

Game console and Blu-ray player

The functionality of the old TV will help to expand the game console. You can use Xbox or the latest versions of PlayStation - this equipment will have all the necessary options that are needed to create a "smart" TV.

Take as an example Sony PlayStation 4 PRO as it supports modern streaming services. The apps you need can be downloaded from the PlayStation Store. If the user needs Internet access, he just needs to download the browser. It's simple - we connect the TV and the set-top box, and then download the desired application.

How to watch Smart TV on a simple TV

The main disadvantage of this method is the price for the device, which can cost 30,000 rubles. Therefore, this option is usually used by people who have already bought a game console for themselves.

Another effective and popular way to convert an old TV into a smart device is by connecting a modern Blu-ray player. There are several basic connection methods that can be used, but it is preferable to choose an HDMI cable as it transmits the best picture and sound quality.

The corresponding plugs simply need to be connected to the correct connectors on the TV. Then select HDMI as the source. Using the player, you can watch various movies or TV shows online.

These are the main ways to transform an old TV into a modern and “smart” device with all the capabilities of a modern TV set.

If you do not want to buy additional expensive set-top boxes, you will need a new TV that already supports the Smart TV function. All applications require an internet connection.

But it will cost much more than external devices, and therefore it is worth thinking about buying a set-top box if there is no way to spend more than 3000 rubles on TV.

How to make Smart TV out of a regular TV?

You don't have to buy an expensive new device to take full advantage of smart TV. In this article we will tell you how to make a Smart TV out of a regular old TV, what you need for this, how to connect and configure the device.

Choosing a set-top box for Android OS

These devices allow you to make a "smart" TV out of an ordinary TV. The advantages of this solution are the low price of the device and ease of connection. If necessary, it is possible to replace the attachment with a more powerful one. Which, by the way, cannot be done on a ready-made Smart TV. There are 2 types of such set-top boxes - Smart TV Stick and Smart TV Box. Their main difference is processor power. If the TV Stick can only play video and access the Internet, then the TV Box is equipped with more productive hardware, you can not only watch streaming video on it, but also run simple games. As a result, the price of such consoles is higher, and the size of the case is larger. These devices have all the functionality of Android and iOS. With their help you can:

  • play streaming video;
  • watch email;
  • surf the internet;
  • chat with friends on social networks;
  • download games and applications through the Play Market or App Store;
  • play simple games;
  • listen to music and more.

When choosing, be guided by the principle of reasonable sufficiency, namely, choose the necessary functionality at the lowest cost.

  • Smart TV Stick worth buying if you only plan to watch movies and use a browser. This device will not run most applications, especially resource-intensive ones. The TV Stick is the perfect choice to find out if you need a smart TV at all. On average, these devices cost no more than $ 50 - $ 70.
  • Smart TV Box can replace a personal computer (within reasonable limits). Its capabilities are enough to work with applications and play high-quality video in 4K resolution. The TV Box is a good choice if you need a multi-functional device for working with media content.

The most popular TV Box models are Xiaomi Mi Box, Nvidia Shield TV and Apple TV 4. The gadget from Apple is more expensive, but also has the highest performance. Its remote control has a built-in gyroscope, which allows it to be used as a controller for casual games. These consoles are connected in about the same way. Smart TV Stick is very similar in size to a USB flash drive.

To enable it, do the following.

  1. Connect the device to the HDMI port of your TV.
  2. Connect the device to the power supply using the USB cable. To do this, use the jack on the TV or, if you want to leave it free, use the long cable with the power adapter from the smartphone, which must be connected to the outlet.
  3. On the TV, switch the input signal type to HDMI. This is done by pressing the Input button several times.
  4. Using the supplied remote control, configure the necessary parameters on the set-top box.
  5. When connecting for the first time, select a Wi-Fi network and enter the password for it.
  6. Sign in to your account.
  7. Download the required programs from the app store.
  8. Subscribe (for select devices). The device is now ready for use.

Smart TV Box connects in the same way. The device is installed next to the TV; you need an HDMI cable to connect it. Otherwise, there are no differences in the connection method. Just position the Smart TV Box correctly so that the surrounding objects do not interfere with normal cooling. And it should look harmonious in the room.

If you don't like the remote control, you can connect a standard keyboard to the set-top box. But it is not a fact that some applications with it will be able to work correctly, because they are designed for touch control, which the TV does not have. If your TV does not have an HDMI connector, use special adapters. However, the quality of the transmitted image may deteriorate.

To avoid this, buy quality cables and keep them tight.

How to do it using a phone or tablet?

If there is no desire to spend money on the purchase of a set-top box, a smartphone or tablet will help turn an ordinary TV into a "smart" one. But they must be powerful enough not to "freeze" when playing content and have a capacious battery. There are several ways to connect your smartphone to the TV.

  • Using the USB connector.
  • Using the HDMI port. To do this, you need to buy a special HDMI - USB adapter. Then you need to select the HDMI signal type on the TV.
  • Using VGA input. This also requires an adapter. The advantage of this solution is that you can connect your smartphone to any TVs and monitors. The downside is the inability to play sound through the TV, and you will have to connect speakers to the smartphone.
  • Using Wi-Fi. Suitable only for those TVs that are equipped with such a module.

IOS smartphones and tablets are not designed to broadcast video to other devices, so you have to download 2 applications from the App Store, namely Samsung Smart TV Now and Samsung SmartView for iPad. The first is needed to transmit video, and the second is to use the gadget as a control panel. Although you can use only one application, the functionality will be lower.

You can also use a cheaper Android device to "upgrade" your old TV. It connects similarly to iOS smartphones. The synchronization procedure can be simplified if your gadget supports Miracast technology. In this case, the smartphone connects wirelessly. The peculiarity of using this method is the live broadcast of the image from the gadget to the TV.

This means that if the smartphone or tablet runs out of power, the image will disappear.

Features of connecting a game console or Blu-ray

Game consoles can be connected to almost any TV. But they have a serious drawback - a high cost, which can be $ 500 or more. So that it is better to use specialized TV-boxes instead. However, if you already own a console, it is not advisable to buy an additional device. Modern consoles support streaming services, allow you to go online, install the necessary applications and communicate on social networks.

Connecting the device is easy. To do this, you need to do the following.

  1. Connect your console to your TV using a USB or HDMI cable.
  2. Connect power to the device.
  3. Select HDMI input source on the TV.
  4. Adjust the clarity and quality of the image (if necessary). Usually the adjustment is done automatically, but sometimes the picture is stretched. To fix this, set the required image resolution.
  5. Log in to your account and download the required applications (if required). The device is now ready for use.

Here are the most famous models of such devices.

  • Sony Playstation. A popular game console that allows you to save videos in HDD format to an internal drive. The newer the generation, the wider the capabilities of these devices, but the more expensive they are.
  • Microsoft Xbox. A less popular model, since it requires registration in the system and payment for an account. Sometimes it needs updates. This console does not have the ability to copy information to memory.

The set-top boxes are controlled using controllers or joysticks. But for some models, you can connect a mouse and keyboard, thus significantly increasing the ease of operation. In addition to smart TV, you will be able to play heavy modern games. This is another plus of this decision. Blu-ray players are connected in the same way. They have a number of advantages:

  • the ability to connect external storage devices;
  • support for all video and audio formats;
  • the ability to play streaming video over Wi-Fi.

Before purchasing any device, make sure that it can be connected to your TV.

You can find out how to make a Smart TV out of any TV with your own hands below.

How to turn a regular TV into a Smart TV: 3 ways to turn a simple TV into a Smart TV

instructions on how to turn an ordinary TV into a smart TVDespite the owner's desire to get a TV with a full range of options from a regular TV, it will not work to make Smart TV without using additional devices. Old devices are simply not adapted for full-fledged work on the Internet - and neither long settings, nor all kinds of programs for smartphones will help here. Ideally, you need a TV that fully supports Smart TV functionality - but in practice, you can use "workarounds" that allow you to at least partially realize the capabilities of Smart TV.

Unfortunately, even new models that demonstrate excellent picture and sound quality and have an arbitrarily wide screen sometimes do not support Smart TV mode. The easiest way to solve this problem without resorting to radical means like another TV is to use connected equipment:

  1. Smart set-top box.
  2. A stick-attachment, outwardly very similar to a flash drive.
  3. Video game console.

Note that other options, often offered to novice users, either do not differ in efficiency, or do not give a result at all. These methods include, for example, connecting multimedia players or connecting a TV to a smartphone or tablet. In the latter case, for the full use of the TV, the latter needs support for the Miracast option or similar - but just for its implementation, the Smart TV functionality is required. We will not consider such options - we will focus on the simplest ones, which give one hundred percent result.

What is the convenience of Smart TV

What is the difference between an ordinary TV and a smart TV

But first, let's figure out how Smart TV differs from a regular TV. TVs that support the above functionality are actually equipped with their own operating system, with the help of which the processing and playback of multimedia content becomes available. In particular, you can receive data directly from the Internet, through the built-in browser, through pre-installed or downloaded applications - or from playlists provided by the provider. You will have free channels, including several federal ones, and available by subscription; in addition, it is possible to subscribe to entire media libraries containing hundreds of thousands of pieces of content for every taste.

The advantage of connecting to the Internet is obvious: you no longer have to switch between standard TV channels, wait for advertisements so as not to miss what is happening on the screen, and choose what to write on the USB flash drive. With the Smart TV functionality, you can pause the broadcast at any time, choose from hundreds of TV channels, and also record several programs simultaneously on a connected media or in the TV memory. Finally, you can use web browsers, instant messengers on the big screen, arrange video calls - and just play mobile games.

A prerequisite for connecting Smart TV is a connection with a router. The latter can be carried out both wired and wirelessly; using a cable allows you to achieve more stable data transmission.

Below we will show you how to make a Smart TV from a simple TV. You can turn a device into a Smart TV only after you connect it to the Internet - which means that before starting any manipulations, you need to make sure that the router is in working order. Note that in extreme cases, you can create a mobile hotspot on your smartphone - but you will not be able to get a stable signal in this way.

What to look for when choosing a Smart TV set-top box

The ability to watch movies and TV shows in high resolution on the big screen, as well as listen to multichannel music, directly depends on how well the set-top box is made. Fortunately, modern Android devices allow you to play multimedia content without overpaying for "premium" equipment. The requirements for the set-top box are approximately the same as the basic parameters of smartphones and tablets. When choosing equipment, you will need to pay attention to the following components:

  • CPU. A simple rule is fully valid here: the more cores you can use, the higher the processing speed of the digital stream will be. This is the key (but not the only) condition for the performance of a Smart TV set-top box.
  • RAM. Are you planning to watch programs, cartoons and movies in 720-1080p quality? Then you will have more than enough RAM with a capacity of up to 2 GB. Looking to transform your regular TV into a Smart TV for 4K and higher video viewing? This means that you cannot do without an expensive device equipped with at least 4 GB of RAM.
  • Built-in memory. Even if you record all broadcasts to a flash drive, the set-top box will process video through its internal memory; cache files will also be stored there, which must be deleted from time to time. Thus, you cannot do without built-in memory; we recommend opting for models with a hard drive with a capacity of at least 8, or better - from 16 GB.
  • Slots for connected devices. These can be flash drives, SD media, and so on. Normally, there should be at least one slot on the case - this will allow you to view multimedia content without cluttering the built-in memory.
  • Graphics adapter. It should, like the processor, have several cores, through which the processing of the digital stream will be performed. The more cores there are, the higher the speed will be. We advise you to choose Smart TV set-top boxes that work with resolutions of 2K / 4K and higher.
  • Connectors for cables. The set-top box must support modern interfaces by default: HDMI and USB. In addition, it will not hurt to support old devices connected by means of "tulips" (AV-connectors). Even more pleasant options are possible: for example, the SP-DYF port for connecting a stereo system.
  • Port for connecting to the Internet using an Ethernet cable. To use a set-top box to make a Smart TV out of a TV, you need a connection to the global network - and it is better to use a wired method that provides a data transfer rate of about 10 Mbit / s.
  • Module for receiving wireless internet signal. We recommend choosing models with a 5 GHz Wi-Fi transmitter and a 4th generation Bluetooth adapter or higher. The latter, in particular, makes it possible to connect wireless speakers and other output devices to Smart TV.
  • Slot for receiving signals from the control panel. Agree, it is much more convenient to switch channels and choose what content to watch from a distance, without running to the TV for each new action.

In addition, take a look at the version of the operating system: the newer the OS you have to work with, the more interesting and useful options will be available to you without any additional manipulations.

What else should be considered when choosing

Above, we have listed the main factors for choosing a set-top box for Smart TV. There are also additional characteristics that directly affect the quality of the picture displayed on the TV screen. These parameters are hardware, not software, so untrained users usually don't know about them.

In order to avoid mistakes when purchasing a set-top box that allows you to run Smart TV on a simple TV, take a close look at the following characteristics:

  • Auto Frame Rate, or An important difference between Smart TV and a conventional TV is the ability to convert the original frame rate, synchronizing them with the optimal screen frequency. As a result, you get a stable video stream with minimal eye strain.
  • Support for H.264 and H.265 video codecs. These standards are used to compress a multimedia stream with almost one hundred percent preservation of the original quality. The latter protocol, otherwise called HVC, significantly saves on-board memory.
  • Supports Smart TV Google Widevine / L.1, as well as Play Ready 3.0 standard. Software protocols are required to view video programs with a resolution higher than 1080p. In the absence of these options, it will not be possible to play movies and other multimedia content from some sources.
  • Support for VP8 / VP9 video codecs. These algorithms are widely used by the most popular video hosting service, YouTube, as well as other platforms owned by Google.
  • Support for audio processing technologies. There can be many such protocols on one Smart TV set-top box: from standard DTS and Dolby Digital, which are responsible for multichannel audio, to mixers, which change the number of channels (from stereo to mono and vice versa). It will not be superfluous to support Passthrough - a technology that allows you to output an audio track to the receiver without preliminary processing and thereby ensure maximum playback quality.

Decide on the size and price of the set-top box

Our instructions on how to make a Smart TV from a regular TV, we will continue with advice in advance to decide which options for a set-top box are best for you. There are many options currently available - we list them below.

The first, the so-called stick, is a small device for receiving a Smart TV signal. It connects directly to the TV, does not require additional power and is practically invisible from the outside, since it does not exceed a USB flash drive in size.

The second option for Smart TV is a TV box, similar in size to a tablet. Of course, no screen is provided - the device is only responsible for receiving the Internet signal.

Finally, the third option is a full-fledged Smart TV set-top box. It weighs more, takes up a lot of space, but gives you access to full functionality, including allowing you to connect external devices: a flash card, keyboard, mouse, and so on.

Note that when choosing a set-top box for a TV, it makes little sense to focus on the country of origin. The vast majority of models are made in China - and the more expensive such equipment is, the higher the chances that you will be able to enjoy all the delights of Smart TV. In general, you can choose a model with 3-4 GB of RAM, an 8-core processor and Android OS starting from the 6th generation. And if you plan more global tasks, the listed "average" indicators need to be revised upward.

How a Smart TV box connects to a TV

Now let's see how to get Smart TV on a regular TV. In fact, the process is much easier than it seems to a beginner. Unpack the newly purchased equipment, find the TV remote control - and carefully follow the instructions:

  1. According to the user manual provided by the manufacturer, connect the Smart TV set-top box with the supplied cable to the HDMI or USB port. In addition, it may be necessary to power the device from the mains - this is definitely the case if the standard plug leaves the case.

how to connect a set-top box to a TV

  1. Switch on the TV and select, with the remote control, a new media source. Click on Sources (or, depending on the model, Input ).

press the desired button on the TV remote

  1. Specify from which port the signal will be received.

select the signal source on your TV

When the selection is made, the data download will begin. Soon a splash screen will appear on the TV screen - feel free to pick up the console's remote control and start using all the features of Smart TV!

Method # 1: Buy a Box TV Box with Smart TV Function

smart tv box set-top box

As we have already noted above, such equipment is rather large; it usually also weighs a lot. On the other hand, it is this option that allows you to get the best picture quality - as well as connect all kinds of additional equipment, from a flash card to a keyboard. Of course, there is also a connector for an Internet cable on the case.

The main advantages of the equipment include:

  1. Maximum productivity. Such a Smart TV set-top box for an ordinary TV is equipped with a powerful processor and video adapter, which means that you can play movies and TV shows of any quality on it.
  2. Roomy body. If necessary, you can replace some of the components yourself - or equip the device with a highly efficient cooling system.

There are also disadvantages:

  1. You run the risk of running into a set-top box from an unknown manufacturer - and no one will be able to predict which of the Smart TV options it will support and which will not.
  2. It is possible that one day the support for the embedded OS, developed by the manufacturer itself, will end - and you will be left with equipment that is no longer suitable for anything.

We suggest you familiarize yourself with three trustworthy prefixes.

Apple TV box

apple tv box

With all its drawbacks, Apple's set-top box has two significant advantages. First, you are guaranteed long-term support - at least for several years. Secondly, you can always subscribe to a relatively inexpensive subscription and watch hundreds of channels, thousands of films and cartoons on your TV, not to mention musical compositions.

The device is equipped with a full-fledged gyroscope that responds to movements in all three axes. The remote control can be used, among other things, as an interactive pointer or mouse. I am glad that the remote control battery can be recharged directly from the USB connector. On the back panel there are only three ports: HDMI, for connecting power supply and an Internet cable.

Following the instructions on how to make a Smart TV out of a regular TV, you can also use a wireless connection - including the "advanced" 5 GHz frequency. Of course, the set-top box fully supports the proprietary AirPlay protocol.

We recommend using this Smart TV box in the following cases:

  • At your disposal is a completely high-quality TV that does not support Smart TV functionality.
  • You want to sync with your iTunes storage, connect your TV to your iPhone or iPad.
  • You are going to not only watch programs and movies, but also play mobile games on the big screen.

If possible, we recommend buying the most modern set-top box model. It costs, to put it mildly, not cheap, but it opens up access to almost limitless possibilities. Let's briefly describe the technical capabilities of the latest versions of the equipment.

So, the set-top box can work with a maximum resolution of 4K at 60 frames per second. To get this quality picture, use an HDMI cable with specification 1.4 or higher.

apple tv set-top box playback formats

Once connected, you can configure in the settings menu, section "Video and Audio" , parameters such as chroma.

adjust picture settings on apple tv

In addition, it is possible to synchronize mobile devices (over the air, after entering the generated access code) and computers with the set-top box. In the latter case, it is necessary that the PC be connected to the same Wi-Fi network. Next, you need to select in the submenu Xcode parameter Devices and Simulators and, having found your prefix, click Pair .

connect apple tv to tv

When the transformation of a simple TV into a Smart TV is completed, you can, for example, take screenshots (key Take Screenshot ) - or get full information about the STB.

connected apple tv box

Xiaomi Mi TV Box

prefix xiaomi mi

The second manufacturer, certainly worth mentioning, is the famous Chinese company Xiaomi. For obvious reasons, the price of a Smart TV set-top box in this case will be 3-4 times lower than in the previous case; the playback quality remains at the same level. There are many pre-installed applications - in addition, you can download new ones from the official store at any time.

ports on xiaomi mi set top box

As you can see in the image above, the Smart TV box has a standard HDMI port, a USB connector, and a jack for connecting an AV plug. The pride of the manufacturer is a Wi-Fi receiver that supports multiple frequencies and also works using MIMO technology. The powerful graphics adapter allows you to safely play mobile games, as well as use special programs. The assessment of the equipment in the Antutu service is about 23,000 points. There is full support for the AirPlay and Miracast protocols. The current operating system is Android TV of the 8th generation; when a new version is released, it can be updated.

Let's take a quick look at the connection process. First, insert the appropriate batteries into the remote control supplied by the manufacturer, then - synchronize them with the Smart TV set-top box. Synchronization is carried out remotely, at a distance of no more than 15–20 centimeters.

synchronization of the set-top box with the remote control

Before continuing to follow the guide on how to turn a regular TV into a Smart TV, make sure the remote is successfully connected.

the remote is connected to the set-top box

On the page that appears immediately after the synchronization is completed, you can select the language for interacting with the system; Russian is also among the options offered.

choice of language on the console

Determine which of the available Wi-Fi networks the equipment should connect to.

choosing the type of network connection

Most likely your network is password protected; therefore, on the new page, you will need to enter the access code using the virtual keyboard. To simplify manipulations, we recommend activating the display of characters that are entered in the field.

enter the password from the network

In the next step, you can, if you wish, immediately log into your Google account. You can perform this operation later, at any convenient time.

login to google account

As a result of the described actions, you will see the built-in set-top box menu on the TV screen. You can replace the built-in conductor with any third-party one - however, there is no special need for this. It is possible that after the first connection, you will need to download the update package - tune in for a few minutes of waiting.

All the main options, from voice search to the choice of TV channels and Internet services, are presented on the main screen.

apps on xiaomi mi box

As indicated by the Chromecast icon that appears on the lock screen, you can use the Smart TV set-top box to broadcast the signal from your smartphone or tablet to the TV.

Now, having figured out how to make a Smart TV out of a regular TV, you can go to the settings menu - in particular, choose how the Internet signal will be transmitted: via Wi-Fi or via a wired connection.

xiaomi mi prefix settings menu

In the tab "Applications" you can manage the current programs - as well as install any new applets compatible with the Android OS. It is possible to swap shortcuts and add applications to the favorites list.

xiaomi mi box app list

Of course, you can customize the lists of TV channels received via IPTV technology, as well as create your own playlists.

setting channels on xiaomi mi set-top box

It is possible to install third-party players to play multimedia content. In particular, the Smart TV set-top box is fully compatible with MX Player, which we talked about in our top of the best useful applications for Android.

you can install mx player

Note that changing the connection method is instantly displayed in the main settings menu.

network setup on xiaomi mi set-top box

In addition, you can install the equally popular VLC product. It allows you to play both Internet channels and files already in the memory of the set-top box or paired device.

movie files can be played

The video plays very smoothly on the TV without freezing. You can easily switch to any timestamp.

As additional options, we can note a fairly simple organized display of subtitles on the screen.

you can set subtitles

And the choice of audio tracks embedded in a file or stream.

you can select an audio track

It is possible to connect a variety of Russian and foreign online services: from Netflix to NTV + and TNT.

catalog of films on the xiaomi mi set-top box

Videos posted on the most popular video hosting site, YouTube, are also perfectly reproduced. Clips and movies, even in the highest resolution, are played back as smoothly as possible - just follow the instructions on how to make a Smart TV out of a simple TV and ensure yourself a high-quality Internet connection. For example, in case of problems with the router, it makes sense to switch to a wired connection by connecting the cable to the appropriate connector.

Google Chromecast TV Box

google chromecast box

The hardware from Google works with VP8 / VP9 and H.264 codecs, by default it is equipped with 512 MB of RAM, as well as 16 GB of internal memory. The set-top box allows you to connect to a TV both via a wired connection (HDMI cable) and via Wi-Fi: there is an AzureWave 802.11n adapter for this.

You can install any applications compatible with the Android OS on the Smart TV set-top box. Video playback in 720p and higher resolution is possible (you need to purchase a more expensive model or use a special firmware). In addition, it is possible to synchronize the device not only with a TV, but also with a computer or laptop.

In general, the equipment for displaying Smart TV shows excellent stability, perfectly decodes signals from different sources at a relatively low price. This is the main reason for the popularity of Chromecast. However, there are others:

  1. You can easily connect your Smart TV device to any TV or PC.
  2. It is possible to synchronize equipment with mobile devices: phones and tablets.
  3. The set-top box is capable of handling flash movies, as well as video saved in HTML format
  4. Having figured out how to turn a regular TV into a Smart TV, you can easily perform more complex tasks - for example, duplicate your phone screen to a TV.

Note that the set-top box we are considering has a slightly different functionality than Android TV. So, the second is a stand-alone OS suitable for installation on almost any device designed to process multimedia content. Chromecast, in turn, works exclusively on branded consoles, without the possibility of porting to other equipment.

The inability to control the TV, as when using Android TV, is compensated by the installation of the Google Cast program, which significantly expands the functionality of the set-top box - in particular, it makes it possible to install applications on TV.

We advise you to choose the type of set-top box based on your preferences and capabilities. For reception of a signal in the minimum quality, the basic version is quite suitable; the next step is 720p-capable devices. There are also more expensive equipment - it works with resolutions of 1080p, 2K and even 4K.

Method # 2: Buy a stick attachment

smart tv stick set top box

In this case, you buy not a relatively large system unit for watching Smart TV, but a miniature set-top box. It is connected to one of the TV connectors, usually HDMI. you don't need to do anything else: pick up the remote control and start setting up!

The advantages of the equipment in question:

  1. First and foremost - small size and weight. To make a Smart TV from a regular TV, just put the USB stick in your pocket or travel bag.
  2. Support for modern versions of audio and video codecs.
  3. There is a built-in operating system with which you can synchronize the mini-set-top box with TV and mobile devices.
  4. Wi-Fi connection support is fully implemented.
  5. By connecting the equipment, you can not only watch TV channels and movies, but also play mobile games.

As usual, there were some drawbacks:

  1. For obvious reasons, there is no port for connecting an Internet cable on the stick body: there is simply nowhere to place it.
  2. There is no full-fledged cooling system, as a result of which the device periodically overheats and "crashes".

Let's consider the process of connecting a stick using the example of a specific good model from Xiaomi.

Example of setting up the Xiaomi Mi TV Stick

The procedure is carried out in several steps:

  1. Unpack the box and the included remote control. Insert the batteries into the latter, then hold down the two buttons marked in blue and synchronize.

synchronization with the console of the console

  1. On the first few pages, set basic system parameters. First of all, it is the interface language, then the date and local time.

select prefix language

  1. If you wish, you can try to perform the setup from your smartphone. Let us warn you right away: this method does not always work.

the set-top box can be configured using the phone

  1. In the list that appears on the next page, select the Wi-Fi network to which you want to connect the Smart TV set-top box.

select your wifi network

  1. Further, in order to turn a simple TV into a Smart TV, using the standard interface offered by the developer, configure TV channels, applications, search and other parameters important for operation. At the same stage, you can connect to your Google account. This is done very simply, you do not even have to manually enter your password: the request will come to another linked device, for example, to a mobile phone.

applications on the console

  1. After that, you can freely manage programs: install, uninstall them, change shortcuts.

list of applications on the console

  1. In some video services, for example, Netflix, you will have to enter your account information completely manually.

netflix account activation

  1. The set-top box works great with all popular media libraries and streaming platforms.

ivi app on set-top box

  1. Some domestic applications, including PremierTNT, you can also connect without unnecessary difficulties by entering the necessary data and issuing permissions on the linked mobile device. True, you still have to manually enter the password generated by the system.

sometimes you need to enter an activation code to access content

  1. The initial configuration of other Russian services, in particular, "Kinopoisk-HD", is carried out in approximately the same manner. This application, among other things, allows authorization by QR code.

or enter the qr code given on the console

  1. Of course, you can use the Android TV OS to install any third-party multimedia player, for example, VLC, which allows you to play both online TV channels and files saved in the gadget's memory. Using the example of the mentioned player, the interface of the set-top box with connected servers looks like this.

local network folders on the set-top box

  1. Having managed to make a Smart TV from a simple TV, you will be able to use the built-in services, in particular, Chromecast.

the prefix needs to be given a name

  1. The following screenshots provide a list of basic Smart TV settings.

you can see information about the prefix

check the prefix settings

check the external drive on the set-top box

  1. Here are the additional settings related to HDMI-CEC technology. By activating them, you can use the TV remote control to control the set-top box.

cec control

  1. In conclusion, we give a list of information about the equipment.

set-top box system information

set-top box processor information

display information

The set-top box we reviewed showed excellent stability of the Internet signal reception during testing. At the same time, one cannot fail to note a noticeable heating of the case - however, overheating with subsequent reboot was not noted. Even when playing back high-definition clips, the device continued to work - without any noticeable loss of quality.

The remote control supplied with the set-top box is extremely simple in design, however, it offers all the functions necessary for full control of Smart TV. It is noteworthy that there is a button for invoking voice search. The remote is synchronized with the set-top box via Bluetooth; other compatible devices can be connected in the same way.

The main advantage of such equipment is its miniature size. You can always take it with you - and connect it to any TV. True, if you are going to play video games or want to use third-party devices like a flash drive, it would be better to immediately purchase a larger console that has all the necessary connectors.

Method # 3: Playstation and Xbox game consoles have similar functionality to TV consoles

Another way to turn an ordinary TV into a Smart TV is to use consoles, which, for their intended purpose, provide you with the opportunity to play video games on the big screen. Typically, these devices support some video services by default, including YouTube. You will be able to watch all kinds of TV channels, when you subscribe - use media libraries, as well as make voice and video calls. It makes no sense to consider the advantages of one manufacturer over another and vice versa - choose the console you like and start watching!

The obvious benefits of watching Smart TV through the console:

  1. You can contact technical support for help at any time. Outstanding performance far surpassing that of mini set-top boxes.
  2. In parallel with watching the channels, you can, of course, continue to play video games.
  3. The cost of the console is less than the price of a complete PC.

As always, there are drawbacks:

  1. New games are quite expensive.
  2. You will get access to Smart TV functionality, but you will not be able to use some options. And, of course, you will not be able to install applications and mobile games compatible with Android on TV.
  3. The console is more expensive than Smart TV set-top boxes.

Final tips for choosing a device

Three of the easiest ways to connect Smart TV on TVs that do not support the corresponding functionality were presented to your attention. Choose based on your needs and financial capabilities. In some cases, a stick-attachment, compact and providing access to basic functionality, will be enough for you. On the other hand, if you love playing games from Sony or Microsoft, it makes sense to stick with the console without purchasing additional hardware.

In addition, we advise you to carefully read the user manual and the instructions we offer before starting the setup, so you can make the settings as quickly as possible, without omissions and disappointments. If you have any questions, ask them in the comments, we will try to give a clear answer.

Did this article help you?

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Smart TV technology allows you to use the Internet through your TV. Thanks to it, it becomes available to watch any films from the Web, online games and other content. New models of digital technology are already being released with the introduced technology, however, users of older TV models have a chance to get access to innovative development.

How to make a “smart” Smart TV out of an ordinary TV

From the most ordinary TV you can make "TV Smart". To do this, you do not need to spend a lot of money on buying new equipment, installing antennas, setting up unnecessary TV channels by service providers. You can carry out this procedure on your own thanks to simple devices available in most modern families.

Making a smart Smart TV out of a simple TV will help:

  • game console;
  • Blue-ray player;
  • media player;
  • smartphones and tablets.

Going to the Smart level from a tablet

Each of the options discussed below has its own pros and cons. We will provide all the necessary information for the most comfortable use of the available resources.

We create a Smart TV based on an Android set-top box

The maximum functionality at an affordable price is offered by Android set-top boxes. These devices can impress with their unique abilities. There are two options for such attachments:

  1. A full-fledged set-top box with Android firmware ... There are a lot of manufacturers and models of such an accessory. You can find and purchase them at any electrical store. The device guarantees a stable signal and quality, maximum functionality at an affordable cost, there are all the necessary elements for connection and operation.
  2. Compact set-top box, popularly referred to as "whistle" ... It is more compact and looks like a flash card. Offers the familiar Android software across the entire TV diagonal. To work, you need a mouse or keyboard, often included in the kit.

Smart TV based on Android smartphone

The most affordable and least expensive way to use Smart TV technology on your TV is to connect it to your Android smartphone. The mobile device in this case will not act as a prefix, but it can offer a number of manipulations with the expansion of working areas.

There are several possible connection methods:

  1. The easiest way to connect is Miracast standard not supported by all mobile devices. If such a function is available, this will allow communication between the mobile device and the TV without additional devices and wires. This method has one drawback: the broadcast on the big screen will stop if the smartphone is interrupted.
  2. Wi-fi connection if the TV is equipped with a special module.
  3. USB wire through the corresponding connector will carry out the communication of the two devices.
  4. HDMI adapter - mates the HDMI connector on the receiver to the USB cable of the mobile device. It is necessary to switch the signal source using the "Input" button on the remote control.
  5. VGA video interface - commutes phones, tablets and even LCD computer monitors. It is necessary to use additional speakers to amplify the sound, since only the transmission of the image is carried out.

The selection of a suitable method depends on the functional features of the devices. Before purchasing components, make sure that the connectors are present and that the devices are ready to communicate with each other.

iPad or iPhone to create a Smart TV from a simple TV

Apple branded mobile devices also have features that can transform the TV into a high-tech device with the ability to watch movies, play games and listen to music.

The methods for transferring images to the TV screen are the same as described in the previous paragraph. It should be borne in mind that the software is limited by the manufacturer. You must purchase enhancement apps from the Apple Store. For example, the request for "Samsung Smart" will bring up a range of image transfer and remote control applications. This is a prerequisite for syncing your TV with Apple devices. The image quality will be slightly lower - this is another drawback.

How to make Smart TV on TV using a game console

The game console can be used not only for its intended purpose, but also for a home theater device or listening to your favorite music. Today there are a number of game consoles (both the latest and the previous generation) capable of creating a Smart TV effect:

  1. Xbox requires registration in the system, payment for accounts with increased potential and updating the databases. There is no ability to copy information to the device memory.
  2. Sony playstation - a more popular video game console that allows you to save video on the internal drive in HDD format, to use the resource to the maximum. The newer the SonyPS, the more versatile the user has. The required apps are downloaded from the PlayStation Store.

Sony Playstation for Smart TV

Naturally, purchasing such a device just for the purpose of getting Smart functions on your TV is impractical due to the high cost of the set-top box and its limited functionality. However, the use of an existing gaming device to expand the capabilities of the TV is very important.

Blue-ray player for Smart TV connection

The Blue-ray player is a great device with a whole host of advanced features. This player outperforms the previous Smart TV connection methods in terms of functionality.

Advantages of the method:

  • support for all kinds of audio and video file formats;
  • module for Wi-Fi;
  • the ability to connect drives to save information on external media.

The player has only one drawback - the high cost. Already having one of the devices listed above providing at least some of the functions, it makes no sense to buy a Blue-ray player for Smart TV.

Connecting your device to your TV is easy. The player comes with everything you need. If there are no connecting cables, it will not be difficult to acquire them, because the connection is always made via the HDMI jack.

We create Smart TV on a simple TV through a media player

The Network Media Player is the best value for money device that unleashes the potential of Smart TV even on the oldest TV. The most important thing is to select the necessary connectors and connect the system.

Don't buy the most expensive media player option in the hope that it will fit any TV. Before choosing, make sure that you have the necessary connectors and device compatibility, and if in doubt, consult a specialist.

The main advantages of the method are:

  • acceptable cost;
  • extended capabilities;
  • support for various file formats;
  • communication with a wide range of TV devices;
  • the ability to connect external drives;
  • WLAN module;
  • easy control;
  • compact dimensions.

Smart TV on a regular TV via a media player

It is worth noting the ease of connection as for TV models with HDMI connectors. For earlier samples, it is worth choosing the plugs individually.

Which method of connecting Smart TV on a regular TV to choose

Summing up, it is worth comparing all the methods of organizing Smart TV for a more comfortable and functional use of the TV.

If you have a tablet, turntable or set-top box, buying an analog device looks completely pointless. Of course, these devices will not be able to provide the image quality that a specialized set-top box or media player is capable of, but they allow you to save money. If the financial aspect does not matter, then it is better to immediately spend money on a new TV with a built-in Smart function.

When choosing a method for connecting smart TV, it is necessary to proceed from desires and capabilities. If you want to get maximum opportunities and excellent quality, then you will have to pay anymore. If your requirements are low, it can be saved using already available tools for more widely available.

To connect Smart TV on the usual TV, you can use digital devices already existing in the house, without overpaying for expensive development of engineers. To enjoy the features of Smart TV, use a smartphone or tablet, game console, media player or blue-ray player.

Despite the entire excitement around the Smart TV function, most of the worlds used in the world are still able to be very small - they do not reproduce NetFlix, do not serf by the Internet and do not run applications. The television market in terms of functionality does not change so quickly as the same smartphone market. Users are not used to changing TV times a year, as it is often with inexpensive phones.

If you have a relatively old TV without smart functions, do not be discouraged - go to the store for the expensive 4K panel does not have to. "Smart" television can be fit on a small flash drive or even the console. Today we will tell you how to make smart TV from the usual TV in several ways.


The most common solution is a small module that connects to the HDMI port of the TV. Such a stick, in essence, serves as a mini computer, the image from which is displayed on the TV screen. The advantage of small HDMI consoles lies in portability (in size, they are not more than ordinary flash drive), simplicity and low cost. Almost all devices of this category are not more expensive than $ 50- $ 70.

Most consoles work running Android OS, variations of their performance mass, from cheap Chinese analogues with Aliexpress to more expensive Amazon's Fire TV Stick or H96 Pro TV Dongle. To get started, it is enough to insert stycles in the HDMI port of the TV and make several basic simple settings (setting time, dates, Wi-Fi compound, etc.).

Smart TV Prefix

Traditionally, the consoles differ from TV-sticks in their functionality and dimensions. They know how to be somewhat more, as they are equipped with more productive processors and a large reserve of RAM. The console is very easy to turn into a mini-console with Casual Android Games or Media Player with 4K Content.

Favorites in this category - Xiaomi Mi Box and Apple TV 4. Both devices are analogues in their price framework, Apple TV 4 will naturally cost more. As with TV sticks, there are no wisdom here - it is enough to stick the prefix in the HDMI connector and start using. The remote control from Apple TV also has a built-in gyroscope, which allows you to use it as a smart controller for casual games.

The media spectrum here is almost unlimited, the user is available to NetFlix, Hulu and the mass of other services to play content. Preset services from third-party manufacturers were cut out of the latest generation of Apple TV, but they can be installed from the App Store.

Separately, it is also worth mentioning NVIDIA Shield TV - this prefix is ​​perhaps the most universal on the market. The list of its key features includes 4K and HDR support, a powerful graphics subsystem, voice control, the GEFORCE NOW cloud service and much more. NVIDIA SHIELD TV supports all the cutting video services (including the broadcast of games from a computer via Gamestream) and can replace the full console with relative success.

Game console

Game consoles can be a great addition to any TV, Smart TV features have been present in Playstation and Xbox since the last generation. The modern PS4 Pro supports streaming services, allows you to install applications from the PS Store and can access the Internet. Yes, buying a game console is not the most expedient decision if you only need Smart TV functions. However, you should not buy a regular TV box if you already have a console.

To expand the ecosystem of its own gaming devices, Sony also released the Playstation TV. Its main advantage is support for portable games from the PS Vita, as well as playback of content from the Internet. You can connect a PS4 controller to the Playstation TV. The only drawback of the gadget lies in its relatively high cost at the start of sales - as much as $ 100.

Smartphone or tablet

How to make Smart TV from a regular TV with your own hands? A smartphone, tablet, or even an unused laptop can easily be used as a set-top box. The principle of operation here is the same as with traditional TV set-top boxes - displaying images from the gadget to the TV screen. First, let's look at an action plan for iOS devices.

So, you can connect an iPad or iPhone to a TV in several ways:

  • Via USB - this will work if the TV has a corresponding connector. There are no difficulties here, just connect the two devices with a USB cable;
  • Via HDMI - you will have to use a special HDMI adapter that allows you to connect a USB cable to an HDMI port. Please note that after connecting, you need to select the HDMI source (Input) in the TV menu;
  • Via VGA - in this way, using an adapter, you can connect an iOS device not only to a TV, but also to a monitor. However, only the image is transmitted via VGA, so you still have to use additional speakers to amplify the sound;
  • Via Wi-Fi - works if your TV has a wireless module.

Using standard iOS tools, you cannot broadcast a picture to other devices, so for the latter method you will have to use third-party software. Download two apps from the App Store: Samsung Smart TV Now and Samsung SmartView for iPad. The first allows you to transfer and view files from the gadget, and the second allows you to use the iPad as a control panel.

The principle of connecting Android devices is practically the same as the iPhone or iPad. However, if you have a TV with Miracast support, then you can transfer the image directly from your phone to the screen without any intermediate gadgets. The only drawback of Miracast is that in this mode the TV completely depends on the smartphone, that is, if the phone runs out of power, the image on the TV screen will also disappear.

How to make Smart TV from a regular TV?

This article will be useful to anyone who has a regular TV without Smart TV functions, and who wants to turn it into a smart Smart TV TV with Internet connectivity. To be able to install different applications, watch YouTube, movies, series, TV shows and other video through online cinemas. Also, many people need a function that allows you to broadcast the screen from your phone or other devices to a regular TV. In addition, it will be possible to watch a large number of TV channels via the Internet, without connecting an antenna and cable TV. This article is relevant for TVs of absolutely all manufacturers: LG, Samsung, Sony, Sharp, Philips, Panasonic, TCL, Hyundai, etc.

Also, the tips from this article can be useful for owners of TVs with old Smart TVs. There are many good TVs with Smart functions, but which are already very outdated and practically useless from them. Very often, applications and the Smart TV system itself on such TVs are not updated (due to the fact that the new software does not support the hardware of the TV) ... Applications stop working or become very buggy. And somehow it is impossible to fix or fix it. But the solution, which I will discuss in this article, will give a second life to an outdated TV.

I give a short and specific answer to the question posed in the title of the article and move on to a more detailed analysis and answers to various questions on this topic. You can make Smart TV out of a regular TV using a Smart TV set-top box (media player). It is a separate device that connects to the TV (the TV just works like a screen) ... And this is the only normal and working option. Other options such as using an Android phone, laptop, PC, using an adapter, etc. either do not work at all, or they will not make a full-fledged Smart TV out of your TV. But we will consider them anyway at the end of the article.

Concerning very old TVs which are still CRT and have no HDMI input (through which the set-top box is connected) , then with the help of special adapters and adapters, you can also try to connect the Smart TV box to them.

Perhaps your TV still has a Smart TV. And it might even work. You can check. Here are the instructions: Smart TV function on TV: yes or no, how to check. Also note that for Smart TV to work (it doesn't matter if it's built-in, or via a prefix) need a fast and stable internet connection ... Ideally, when you have a cable internet connection and have a router installed. Sharing from a phone or mobile router is fine too.

We make Smart TV from a regular TV using a set-top box

We have already found out that it is possible to make an ordinary TV "smart" with the help of a Smart TV set-top box. Now I will try to explain as simply and clearly as possible what these devices are. Smart TV boxes (media players or TV boxes, they are also called so) most often they come in the form of a separate small box, or in the form of a stick (like a big flash drive) ... For example, I have two different set-top boxes from Xiaomi: Mi Box S and Mi TV Stick. These are some of the most popular set-top boxes on the market. They look like this:

Smart TV set-top boxes for regular TV

Probably about 95% of these consoles run on Android. In fact, the iron from the tablet is sewn into this box, but your TV acts as a screen. But it is important to understand that there are set-top boxes on Android TV (a system that has been optimized specifically for Smart Set-Top Boxes and Smart TVs) and on regular Android (which is installed in phones, tablets) ... I would recommend buying a set-top box on Android TV, since it was originally developed specifically for these devices. The most popular are Xiaomi (which are in the photo above) , as well as X96 Mini / Max Plus, Rombica and others. In fact, the choice of these devices is very large.

If not on Android, I recommend watching Apple TV 4K. Especially if you have a lot of Apple devices. This is a very cool prefix. (but not cheap either) that will work perfectly with other Apple appliances in your home. For example, you can stream the screen from your iPhone or iPad to your TV without any problems. There are Smart TV boxes on Linux and Windows (mini PC type) ... I would not recommend these devices. Especially for ordinary users who are not very well versed in this technique.


  • When choosing, pay attention to the maximum screen resolution that the TV box supports. If you have a 4k TV, then you need a 4k box.
  • The more RAM and internal memory, the better.
  • Almost all modern Smart TV set-top boxes are connected to TVs via HDMI (directly to the port, or with a cable) ... Even ordinary, old TVs usually have at least one HDMI input. If you have a very old CRT TV, then you will have to use a video signal converter to connect.
  • The set-top box can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or LAN (with cable) ... Depending on the model, there may be only Wi-Fi (like on Xiaomi Mi TV Stick) ... Can be Wi-Fi and LAN input. Or just Wi-Fi and the ability to connect an external network card via USB (as on Xiaomi: Mi Box S) .
  • The media player can be controlled with the remote control (sometimes an airplane is included) ... On many set-top boxes, it connects via Bluetooth. You can connect a mouse or keyboard (via USB or Bluetooth) ... Also, if the model supports Bluetooth, then you can connect wireless headphones, speakers and other devices.
  • Apps can be installed either from the Google Play app store or via APK files. It's on Android consoles.
  • If desired (by installing special applications) you can set up free viewing of movies, series, TV channels, etc. YouTube can be watched for free (with advertising) ... Netflix, MEGOGO, ivi, Amediateka, START - it's all by subscription (some content is free to watch, but not much) .

In general, these are simple and inexpensive devices that in most cases can be hidden behind a TV and get all the functions of a Smart TV.

How it works?

We connect the set-top box to the TV using an HDMI cable or directly to the HDM port, and connect the power (from the wall outlet, or from the USB port of the TV on some models) ... I show with the example of Xiaomi Mi Box S.

Smart TV on a regular TV through a set-top box

Turn on the prefix (from the remote control, or it will start itself after turning on the power) , we are waiting for it to load and see the main screen. If the image does not appear on the TV, select the HDMI input to which the set-top box is connected in the signal sources.

Important! If the Smart TV box is new, then the first time you turn it on, you will need to perform a simple setup.

In the case of a media player on Android TV, the main screen looks like this:

Smart TV media player for any TV

If desired, the set-top box itself can be hidden behind the TV (for example, stick on double-sided tape) ... Only on condition that the remote control is connected via Bluetooth and there is no need for direct visibility of the set-top box.

Smart TV with a set-top box

Remote control.

Connecting an old TV to the Internet using a Smart TV set-top box

I also recommend that you read the following articles:

In them, I showed in detail how to connect, configure and use Smart TV set-top boxes on ordinary TVs. Look for even more useful and interesting articles in the "Smart TV set-top boxes" section.

If the TV is very old and there is no HDMI input

If desired, such a set-top box can be connected even to a very old TV. Perhaps even a picture tube. The main problem is that older TVs usually have no HDMI input. In this case, a video signal converter is needed. This is something like an adapter from HDMI to RCA (tulip) ... Just type in the search "hdmi to av video signal converter" and you will understand which device we are talking about.

Smart TV on a very old TV without HDMI via a set-top box

Another option is to buy a Smart set-top box with AV output. But there are very few of them on the market now.

Other ways to make Smart TV and connect your old TV to the Internet

Judging by what they are looking for on the Internet, many want to make Smart TV using an Android phone, tablet, laptop, PC, adapter (as I understand it, using MiraScreen or AnyCast adapter) .

At the beginning of the article, I already wrote that the best way is with a prefix. I talked about this in detail above in the article. But to completely close this issue, let's look at other solutions.

Using an Android phone (smartphone) or tablet

To be honest, I don't even know how you can turn a regular TV into a Smart TV using an Android smartphone. I can only suggest a few options:

  1. Cast an image from your phone or tablet to your TV screen. Ok, let's say. But for this, the TV must support this technology. (Chromecast, Miracast or AirPlay) ... And if the TV is not smart, it does not have Wi-Fi, then it does not support these technologies (you can see the characteristics) ... To do this, you need to connect to the TV or all the same Smart set-top box (why then a phone?) or Chromecast / Miracast adapter (more details further in the article) ... But does it make sense? I think not. Moreover, a full-fledged Smart cannot do this.
  2. Connect the same tablet or phone via HDMI to a TV (most often you need a special adapter or cable) .Smart TV on TV using your Android phone or tabletMaybe. But the solution is also so-so, to be honest. Just the image from the same tablet will be duplicated on the TV.

I would be glad to see your options in the comments. Perhaps I am missing something.

Smart TV using laptop or PC

Also as an option. But it will no longer be a Smart TV from a laptop, but a TV as a monitor. Usually, there is some old laptop that you want to use somewhere.

Smart TV using laptop or PC

You can connect your TV to a laptop or PC using an HDMI or VGA cable. Here are the instructions:

The TV will display the image from the computer. It's hard to call it Smart TV, you must agree. But on the other hand, this combination will perform almost the same functions. Through the browser, you can turn on any movie, TV channels, watch the same YouTube. You can even play games. You can control it with the mouse and keyboard (it is desirable to connect wireless) ... Not as convenient as in the case of the console, but quite a working way.

Using a Chromecast or Miracast adapter

There are special adapters that, when connected to the HDMI input on a regular TV, make it possible to display images from phones (both Android and iOS) , tablets, or computers. No wires required. These adapters look like this:

Smart TV with adapter

Depending on the adapter, you can either stream content from certain applications (e.g. video from YouTube app via Chromecast adapter) , or completely duplicate the screen of the device on the TV. But you need to be prepared for the fact that there may be delays in image output and other glitches.

In order not to talk about these adapters for a long time, I'll just leave links to individual articles. If you're interested, read it.

Such an adapter can be connected to any TV, even one without Smart TV. Well, please note that this is not a Smart set-top box, these adapters do not have an installed operating system, applications, etc. They can be used exclusively for wireless transmission of images from a mobile device or laptop to a TV screen.

With PlayStation or Xbox game consoles

You can watch the same YouTube or Netflix on game consoles. Almost any console from Sony or Microsoft will do. The newest ones for today: PlayStation 5, Microsoft Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S. Everything works great on PS 4 too. I even found MEGOGO in the PlayStation Store for games and applications. Perhaps there are applications and other online cinemas. YouTube on PS 4 works seamlessly. It was installed immediately.

PlayStation or Xbox as a Smart TV box

For PS 5, you can even buy a remote control.

The Microsoft Store for games and applications also has a lot of applications for viewing various video content and listening to music. For example: Apple TV, Netflix, Twitch, Plex, Spotify.


You can make a Smart TV with the ability to connect to the Internet from almost any TV, but you can't do without additional devices. The best option is a Smart TV box on Android, or Apple TV. If you have a game console, then to some extent it can replace such a console.

If you have no desire, or the opportunity to buy a set-top box, you can try to turn your TV into Smart using a smartphone, tablet, old laptop, or PC.

I will be happy to answer your questions in the comments. If you have interesting information, or some life hacks on the topic of this article - share it! I will be grateful. Good luck!

How to watch Smart TV on a simple TV

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