Giant soap bubbles - how to make a solution and how to inflate?

Perhaps more fascinating and more fun more classes than the influx of soap bubbles, have not yet invented. This fun will have to taste not only to children, but also adults. It is pleasant that this game is available at any time of the year (hot summer and cold winter), both in any room (room, class, corridor) and outdoors.

For this fun, it is enough just to acquire a special set and a jar with a solution, but if there is no such possibility, you can easily make soap bubbles and at home.

How to prepare the composition for inflation giant bubbles

It is not difficult to prepare a soap solution. Required components are available and no way to purchase. We will need water, soapy component, glycerin and some sugar. An important condition is only compliance with some rules for the preparation of the solution:

  1. In order for the bubble film, it was more durable and did not burst, did not have time to bloat, it is best to take cold boiled water to prepare a solution (and even better distilled). In tap water, contains a large number of salts and impurities that adversely affect the quality of bubbles.
  2. In order for bubbles to be strong enough, the solution should be greater density. To do this, use glycerin or sugar.
  3. It is necessary to ensure that the glycerol additive does not exceed the permissible norm. Otherwise, the solution will turn out too dense, and the balls will not be blown out.
  4. When preparing a soap fluid, foam often appears. To do this, before inflating bubbles, the solution should be withstanding for about a day in a dark place (well, if you can put it in the refrigerator).
  5. Do not even try to inflate bubbles with strong wind. Most likely, they will burst, not having time to inflate. There is also such a chance that the drops of the solution can get into the eyes, which, in turn, will cause irritation and even a chemical burn.

We offer to use multiple recipes for the preparation of soap bubbles.

Recipe 1. From the bars (economic) soap

A full glass of grated on a large grater of soaps to float into the water (2 liters) room temperature. Add 2 teaspoons of glycerin (freely sold on any pharmacy) and stir until the soap is completely dissolved.

Recipe 2. Using liquid soap

To make a solution, 100 ml of liquid soap should be mixed, 20 ml of cold water (distilled) and 10 - 12 drops of glycerol. It is possible to use soap fluid to be destined only after foam completely complains.

Recipe 3. From Shampoo

A mixture of shampoo (200 ml) and boiled cold water (400 ml) insist during the day (it is best to take children, as it contains the smallest number of flavored and other additives). After that, add 6 teaspoons of sugar to the solution and slowly stir (avoiding the formation of foam) to the complete dissolution of sugar crystals.

Recipe 4. Soap mortar for festive bubbles

From the household composition prepared independently, you can easily blow giant soap bubbles. To prepare the fluid, you will need the following:

  • glycerin - 50 ml;
  • dishwashing detergent - 100 ml;
  • Sugar sand - 4 teaspoons;
  • Water - 300 ml.

It should also be prepared in advance the necessary props, which will be needed for this venture: a basin or a baking sheet with sufficiently high sides, a gymnastic hoop or a special round frame, twisted from thick wire. Immediately it is necessary to warn that you don't have to blow such bubbles - you can inflate the giant ball swinging the hoop to the solution.

Recipe 5. from washing powder

It is from the washing powder that unusual bubbles are obtained, such as we used to see in professional shows. It is necessary to mix 3 glasses of hot (not boiling) water with two tablespoons (without a roller) washing powder and add 20 drops of ammonia alcohol.

After mixing, leave the solution for several days to insist. After it is necessary to strain through several layers of gauze. The process of preparing such a liquid, though long, but the result will not disappoint you. Balls mixed from a solution prepared using washing powder are quite large and beautiful.

Recipe 6. From dishwashing

This recipe is suitable for those who want to feel a little wizard, surprisingly surrounding with huge and non-flourishing bubbles. At first glance, this is unrealistic. But, having prepared a special solution according to the proposed recipe, there is nothing impossible.

Need to take:

  • 1 cup dishwashing products:
  • 4 glasses of water;
  • 100 ml of glycerol;
  • 50 g of sugar;
  • 50 g gelatin.


  1. Worked gelatin to mix sugar, melt, not bringing to a boil.
  2. Add water and glycerin.
  3. Mix slowly to completely dissolve all ingredients. Try to not formed foam.

The advantage of this solution is that he is non-toxic! Even if by negligence, a small amount of fluid falls into the mouth or on the mucous membranes, then flushing with running water and rinsing the oral cavity, feared for unpleasant consequences.

Giant soap bubbles for bright impressions

So that soap balls had a pleasant fragrance (citrus, coniferous, floral) or a delicious smell (strawberry, chocolate, vanilla), as a soap base, take a bath foam with the appropriate smell.

Surprise guests at the festival and add pleasant impressions using multicolored soap bubbles. Make such unusual balls is easier than simple. It is necessary only in jars with a soap solution to add a small amount of food dyes of different colors.

Fitting devices

If almost everything is clear with the preparation of soap fluid, then with the tools for blowing bubbles it is worth understanding.

Cocktail tubes are suitable for these purposes. It is only worth made on one of the ends of such a tube a few shallow cuts and embark on the result of the resulting edges. You can use other devices. The plastic case is suitable from the handle or a marker, the hollow straw twisted into the funnel sheet of paper.

For large bubbles that do not blow, and get by wrapping, molds for cutting cookies, cut from two sides plastic bottle, knocker for carpet made from wire frames of various diameters.

In children's stores and sales departments for holidays, you can find special pistols for soap bubbles. With their help, both a huge number of small bubbles are obtained. Having several such pistols, you can arrange whole soapy battles. Delight and joy you and your guests are provided!

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How to make a solution for soap bubbles? Soap bubbles - a cheerful game for kids of all ages that do not require physical effort or material costs. With soap bubbles, the usual walk turns into a fascinating adventure: children jump, catch bubbles - they are no longer bored.

ATTENTION: For safety reasons, it should be closely monitored that the solutions of soap bubbles do not fall on the mucous surfaces and in the mouth of the child. Solutions can be dangerous to the child's body.

Solutions for soap bubbles do it yourself

Purchased solutions for soap bubbles have a property quickly end. Who did not try to prepare liquid for soap bubbles? Everyone is about it, from which the solution is for soap bubbles, but not always the result is satisfactory - bubbles are quickly burst or they do not want to inflate. Therefore, we have collected the most common and effective recipes for soap bubbles for you.

Soap bubbles Photo

The usual recipe for soap bubbles with glycerin and economic soap

To prepare a solution for soap bubbles you will need:

  • half-liter of water;
  • 50 g of household soap;
  • Two tablespoons of glycerin.

How to make a solution:

  • grate a waste soap;
  • pour hot water and stir until the soap is completely dissolved, do not bring to boil;
  • cool and add glycerin slightly;
  • Stir well.

Solution for soap bubbles from liquid for washing dishes with sugar

What is needed for cooking soap bubbles:

  • 200 ml of water;
  • 50 ml of detergent for dishes:
  • One teaspoon sugar.

The dishware is better to take without flavors, nevertheless, children will play with soap bubbles.

First, dissolve sugar in warm water, then add liquid for washing dishes. Solution for soap bubbles is ready. This is perhaps the easiest, but not the most eco-friendly recipe, since the dishes can contain harmful substances. The solution may be dangerous to the health of children.

Solution for soap bubbles from washing powder

To prepare this solution for soap bubbles, you will need two days, so prepare a larger mixture immediately. Or divide everything for two.

Take the following components of the soap bubbles:

  • 600 ml of water;
  • 200 ml of glycerin;
  • 20 drops of ammonia alcohol;
  • 100 g of washing powder.

To the mixture for soap bubbles turned out to be harmless to children, use natural washing powder. It contains fragrances and artificial ingredients.

Procedure in the process of preparing the solution:

  • stir the washing powder in moderately hot water;
  • cool and add glycerin with ammonia alcohol;
  • give to stand two days.

The finished solution for soap bubbles is stored in the refrigerator.

If an excess solution remains, it can be used for manual washing of severely contaminated things.

Silence for soap bubbles from shampoo

If children want to make a solution for soap bubbles independently, a recipe from safe ingredients is suitable:

  • half-liter of water;
  • 250 ml shampoo for children;
  • Three tablespoons of sugar.

It is recommended to make shampoo in water and leave for a day. Add sugar and stir. This solution for bubbles can still be used as a bath foam. It is better to use children's shampoos.

Solution recipe for especially durable soap bubbles

To run soap bubbles that do not burst for a long time, try making a mixture for bubbles by the following recipe:

  • 400 ml of water;
  • 200 ml of glycerin;
  • 100 g of grated household soap;
  • 50 g sugar.

Dissolve soap in hot water, cool, add the remaining ingredients.

From this solution, strong soap bubbles are obtained and complex figures made up of soap bubbles of different sizes.

Recipe for soap bubbles

For giant soap bubbles Try a proven recipe:

  • 3 l 200 ml of water;
  • 800 ml of dishwashing liquid;
  • 600 ml of glycerol;
  • 200 g of sugar;
  • 160 g dry gelatin.

The order of preparation of the solution:

  • Soak gelatin in a small amount of water.
  • Leave for 40 minutes.
  • Add sugar and heat in a water bath. Do not boil.
  • Heat the water and add to the mixture.
  • Add the remaining components and mix.

Ready solutions for soap bubbles

General recommendations for the preparation of solutions for soap bubbles

Special Solution Cooking Tips for Bubbles:

  1. Such components of the mixture as sugar and glycerin are added to increase the strength of soap bubbles. Bubbles with a high content of these components are inflated to large sizes and do not burst longer. However, if sugar or glycerin is too much, the mixture becomes too thick and bubbles are hard to inflate.
  2. From the solution without sugar and glycerin bubbles easily blow out, but quickly burst.
  3. More fun children will receive from blowing soap bubbles from a solution that stood in the refrigerator for two days.
  4. On the preparedness of the solution can be judged by the formation of a film on the surface and in the absence of foam and bubbles in solution.
  5. If children are directly with a solution for bubbles, you will contact the children, use the safest ingredients: children's shampoos, children's washing powder cleaning, glycerin, sugar.

How to run soap bubbles

Bubbles should be blown smoothly and slowly, otherwise they will often burst without having time to fly.

In windy weather or in drafts may arise difficulties with blowing soap bubbles. Also, bubbles in hot weather are not very successful. Too dry air - the enemy of soap bubbles. But the increased humidity of the air will help you.

If it recently passed the rain, urgently take the solution and run to let bubbles.

Often, without playing in the yard, children require continuing the game at home. Unfortunately, traces from soap bubbles can stay on the floor, on the furniture and on things. You can try to let bubbles in the open window or on the balcony, if there is no wind.

If the child is small, do not leave it alone with a solution for soap bubbles. He can taste him to taste or pour over. Therefore, even if the solution is made up of safe components, play together, and then put the solution into the refrigerator.

If the solution for bubbles or the soap bubbles themselves got into the eyes, rinse them with water.

Wash your hands after classes with soap bubbles.

Do not allow the solution to soap bubbles into the child's body. This may be dangerous.

Beautiful soap bubbles

Beautiful soap bubbles

Fixtures for blowing soap bubbles

If you bought a finished set for soap bubbles, do not throw out the container and loop, they can be used in the future. You can buy a separate device for blowing bubbles or make it yourself.

The easiest option is to bend the wire in the form of a loop. Moreover, the loop can be not only a round shape, but also any other. Especially bubbles blow out of a wide tubule for a cocktail, slightly having cut it on the end.

Experiment with recipes for soap bubbles and fixtures for blowing and find the best option of this fun entertainment.

Prepare the right solutions and launch beautiful soap bubbles.

Get joy! Give the joy to children!

Soap bubbles attract any child's attention. Therefore, almost all adults had to look for how to make soap bubbles at home, to get out of the situation and invent the recipe for bubbles. Some are not taken for cooking, because everything you need is on sale at any children's store, but the best option to prepare everything yourself. This process will not take much time and money.

Soap bubbles at home: Affordable recipes

Common recipes bubbles

On the Internet there are many recipes that do not require a large number of components and time. In order not to make mistakes, follow the preparation instructions.

Laundry soap

To find out how to make a solution for soap bubbles, use a simple manual soap. In addition to soap, additional components are needed:

· Water (250 ml);

· Glycerin or economic was without chemical additives (25 g);

· Glycerin (1 tablespoons).

Glycerin can be purchased in any pharmacy. Sold without a recipe.

Cooking method:

1. First of all, it is necessary to grind soap. To do this, use the board and knife or chock.

2. Sleep crumbs into pre-warmed water and mix until the fluid becomes homogeneous.

3. If there are still soap pieces in the tanks, put it on the stove and stir until dissolution (no need to boil).

4. To improve the quality of the final means, skip through the colander. After that, add a tablespoon of glycerol.

Soap bubbles at home: Affordable recipes

It is desirable to wait for the cooling of the resulting mixture and you can decorate any children's holiday.

With glycerin

The composition consists in a higher content of glycerin. Also an important component is to detergent Fairi. To get soap bubbles, take the following components:

· Water (150 ml);

· Means for washing dishes Fairi (50 ml);

· Glycerin (25 ml).

For cooking take a big bowl. To get a solution, follow the instructions:

1. Preheated water pour into the container.

2. Add Fairi and Glycerin, and mix smoothly so that the composition does not foam.

3. Stir everything for a couple of minutes. Put the bowl to estimate for 3-4 hours in the cold.

If the water fell more than indicated in the recipe, then the remaining ingredients increase in the same proportion as water.

Before use, check the check. Flip some balls and make sure of their sufficient strength.

Soap bubbles at home: Affordable recipes

Dishwashing liquid

More often is preparing for the inflation of large bubbles on the street, but having reduced the number of components several times, you can blow small balls in the house.

To get a solution, you will need:

· Pure or boiled water (200 ml);

· Dishes wash (60 g);

· Glycerin (60 g).


1. Take the purified water, if there is no one at home, then the usual boiled water will fit. Before cooking, give water to stand up so that there are no precipitation.

2. Use a high-quality detergent. Otherwise, the balls will be small and they will burst very quickly.

3. Add the desired amount of dishware for washing dishes and thoroughly mix the fluid to uniformity.

4. Then gradually add glycerin, also stirring.

5. If the bubbles obtained are not durable enough, add more glycerin.

Try the quality of the balls, if necessary, add the desired component.

Huge bubbles

The secret of huge soap bubbles prepared at home is gelatin.

You will need:

· Water (800 ml);

· Dishes or shampoo liquid (200 ml);

· Glycerin (150 ml);

· Sugar (50 g);

· 1 Packaging gelatin.

Method of preparation:

1. Initially, fill the gelatin slightly warm water. How much water should be pouring, indicated in the instructions on the package. Gelatin remains up to swelling for 10-15 minutes.

2. Next, in the swelling gelatin, pour sugar sand pre-dissolved in water.

3. If lumps are floating, it makes sense to strain through the sieve (when using expensive gelatin, lumps does not remain).

4. At the end, add everything that remains in the list, and stir.

Soap bubbles at home: Affordable recipes

As dishes for large balls, take a basin. It is convenient to prepare in it and further gain fluid to the device for blowing. An excellent place to inflate huge bubbles will be the courtyard or street.

Each child, and sometimes an adult, wants to enjoy with soap bubbles. The game process is long and bright. Therefore, to prepare bubbles at home, do not spare time and strength.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home

October 27, 2016.

Averyanova Light

Main picture

Soap bubbles cause delight in children of all ages. With their help, you can turn into a holiday any, even the most boring day. Water balls are very small and huge. Strength, durability to touch, volatility and the number of received transparent toys depend on the material for blowing. It is not necessary to buy a solution for a soap show in the store, it is easy to prepare yourself at home from simple ingredients.

From this article you will learn

Useful advice

Preparing a surprise, parents need to comply with some recommendations, in this case the holiday will be successful:

Important! Remember that the soap solution has a shipple of the eyes. If the unpleasant situation happened, do not frighten the baby. Rinse eyelids by a child and calm the child. But it is best to tell that it happens in advance.

See more 15 Lyfhakov for the inflation of soap bubbles:

Economic Soap Solution (Classic)

This is the simplest recipe for soap bubbles at home. You will need:

  • grated or chopped with small pieces soap - 10-20 g
  • Glycerin alcohol - 2 h.
  • Female hot water.

Act as follows:

  1. Sutitate a piece of soap, fold into a wide container.
  2. Fill with boiling water, mix well.
  3. Wait for complete dissolution.
  4. Perfect.
  5. Pour glycerin or sodium tetraborate. First 2 h.
  6. Check the strength of the balls. If the bubble is bursting quickly, then add another 1-2 hours l. Glycerin.
  7. If there is no glycerin, use sugar gelatin.

    Add them in equal proportions: 10 g, then, if necessary.

Important! Carefully approach the selection of soap. It is impossible to use a flavored detergent. Take the economic, glycerin. They do not have extra additives.

Glycerol Solution Recipe

Glycerin alcohol is in shopping bubbles. For a homemade home version it is optional. It is replaced by other components:

  • Liquid remedy for dishes - 70 ml
  • Sugar - 50 g
  • Water - 70 ml
  • Soul gel (without flavor) - 70 ml.

The manufacture of the solution takes a couple of minutes. Overvail sugar, then push AOS, Fairy, "Biolan". Let it breed a couple of hours. If a lot of foam remains on the surface, remove it.

It is interesting! To add a rainbow to the game, use natural dyes. Push the color kel for the painting of Easter eggs in a soap bantle. For the highest possible effect, bulk the mixture on a small bottle and color in different shades.

Dishwashing fluid solution

This is the perfect option for blowing bubbles-giants. Prepare the solution like this:

  1. Boil water, 400 ml. Cool it up to 30-35 ° C.
  2. Pour Fairy, not less than 100 ml. Practice shows it foams and bubbles best.
  3. Fill into the solution of sugar sand - 2 h.
  4. Stir the finished mixture.

Important! Only the usual dishwashing detergent is considered safe for kids. Liquid for dishwashers do not use. It does not fance and contains active chemical components.

Shampoo solution

In step-by-step instructions there is a secret. If you use a children's shampoo without tears, then the eyes will not pinch the eyes when entering the solution. Make such bubbles for games in the kindergarten group when the kids are a lot. They pushed, soap liquid splashes into the eyes. But an adult shampoo is suitable.

Purge the mixture:

  1. Divide 200 ml of shampoo in 400-500 ml of water.
  2. Fill, let's break the day.
  3. Add glycerin - 6 tbsp. l. or sugar-sand - 6 h. l.
  4. Hold in the cold for a couple of hours.
  5. Put a soap experiment with kids of any age without fear for eyes.

It is interesting! Jean-Batist Charden first among famous artists depicted soap bubbles on canvas. Work dates back to 1734. It depicts a man blowing a transparent ball from the tube, and a child who watches with admiration for what is happening.

Bath Foam Solution

Make soap balls in the bath while swimming. These are often engaged in kids. We use their experience.

A solution for soap bubbles with their own hands from the foam for the bath is preparing easily, and the balls do not bury for a long time. The mixture will consist of simple ingredients:

  • Boiled water - 100-120 ml;
  • Swimming foam - 250-300 ml.

If you want the bubbles to be resistant to touch, add 30-40 g of glycerol. It is not necessary to insist the mixture.

Important! After boiling in the water there is a precipitate (scale). Try not to add it to soap fluid. It is better to accurately merge water or strain, not breaking down. Clakes of scale interfere with bubbles to form.

The ball is simply not inflated due to the severity of the solution.

Liquid Soap Solution

A simple way to create a soap show at home. They replace a classic recipe with the household soap. Use a liquid option tools so as not to wait for dissolving pieces in water. Teaching soap-based balls will easily inflate, have a pleasant fragrance. For experience, a children's agent is suitable or any other without color and strong smell.

It is necessary to breed the mixture:

  1. Take water - 20 ml.
  2. Add 100 ml of soap in the liquid version to the container.
  3. Mix, put in the refrigerator to the bottom shelf for 2-4 hours.
  4. Drip some glycerin - no more than 10 drops.
  5. Let the transparent balls at home, while walking.

It is interesting! In Samara, annually on May 10 is a feast of soap bubbles. Participants in the children's show compete in blowing the largest, durable and beautiful bubble. The holiday is fun, and local kids come to indescribable delight.

Solution of washing powder

Powder bubbles for manual washing are obtained by large and strong. They manage to hold on the palm of a couple of seconds. The production of the solution is long, but the final result is worth it.

Prepare the following ingredients:

  • Hot water (from 45 ° C) - 500-600 ml;
  • 20 g of washing powder (without additives Lenor, antistatic);
  • Naming alcohol - 2 h. l., or 20 drops.

Mix the powder, water, shake. Then drip the ammonia alcohol and remove the container in the cold for four days. After settling, strain the mixture through fine sieve.

The solution is ready for experiments.

Important! Such a mixture can not be given to kids up to 3-5 years for independent experience of inflation balls. Powder and ammonia alcohol can get into the mouth of the crumb, if the professionalism of using the tube for bubbles is not at high level.

Sugar solution

Before making a magic mixture will have to make sugar syrup with their own hands. It's not hard:

  1. Take sugar - 5 pieces and warm water - 1 part.
  2. Mix.
  3. It turns out the dragging mixture.

Now you can return to bubbles. Mix the following components:

  • sugar syrup - 100 ml;
  • grated soap - 200 ml;
  • glycerin alcohol - 200 ml;
  • Water (35-45 ° C) - 800 ml.

Connect the components, shake, leave for insteading for 12 hours. Before use, remove the extra foam from above.

It is interesting! Sugar is needed in bubbles for the fortress and durability in flight. It plays the role of strengthening lubrication on the surface.

How to make huge bubbles

Biggle bubbles with a diameter of 1 meter. For their manufacture, different ways are used.

Recipe with gel lubricant

You will need:

  • water - 1 liter;
  • Fairy - 230 ml;
  • Gel lubricant (technical lubricant) - 120-150 ml;
  • Glycerin - 120-130 ml.

Mix everything except water. Then warm the water and pour into the mixture. You do not need to beat the foam.

Now the miracle begins. Children experience indescribable delight from all huge. And soap bubbles giants simply affect their imagination.

It is interesting! The american company Beeboo Big Bubble Mix in 2005 was recorded for blowing a bubble of a colossal size in 2005.

The volume of the ball from the soap amounted to 3,000 cubic meters. It was a master class on a global scale, as the company sells equipment for soaps throughout the planet.

Recipe with gelatin

Preparation of soap balls with gelatin takes place in several stages:

  1. Dissolve 25 g gelatin in warm water (500 ml). Take the iron cup, the dishes will have to warm a little later on the stove.
  2. Remove excess water - drain it, leaving a thick mass of gelatin in the container.
  3. Add sugar-sand - 25 g.
  4. Put the saucepan to warm.
  5. Melt, but do not boil.
  6. Pour 400 ml of water.
  7. Add glycerin - 50 ml, Fairy - 100 ml.
  8. Quickly stir. Do not take up to foam.
  9. Solution for bubbles-giants as in the store is ready.
  10. Starting soap balls immediately after cooling the mixture to room temperature.

It is interesting! From a scientific point of view, a soap ball is a multi-layered structure with cavity inside. Water in different layers is attracted by molecules at the expense of all known physical laws (attraction and others.). If the layers are too thick, then the atoms 2About collapsed, forming a single whole - a drop. Glycerin pulls out this moment, not allowing water molecules to attract.

See tips in this video:

How to make durable bubbles

Tight bubbles are not made on a soap-based basis. For jumping and durability, other ingredients will be required:

  1. heated to 50-60 ° C water - 300 ml;
  2. Powder for washing - 25 g;
  3. Summer alcohol - 1 tsp;
  4. Glycerin - 150 ml.

So that the water balls do not burst, put a mixture of components in the cold for 2-3 days.

Skip through the sieve and cool 10 hours. Balls from a mixture of glycerin and alcohol can be kept on palm, play like a jumper.

It is interesting! Valery Koval - a Russian schoolboy - came up with a new technology of blowing strong bubbles of a huge size. It added rubber glue into the solution. The result was a soap ball with a diameter of more than two meters.

Another interesting recipe for durable bubbles you can stay in this video:

Than you can inflate

A classic adaptation for creating a holiday from soap balls is a tube and straw. Today, showmen, and just resourceful children and parents use more modern options for such a classes:

  • purchased bottles with a stick;
  • tube from ballpoint handles;
  • Pistol with inflation mechanism of bubbles;
  • Plastic bottles (from soda) without the bottom;
  • tennis racquet;
  • Flap for knocking carpets;
  • homemade wand from wire;
  • Plastic funnel.

If you wish, you can find many devices and ways to blow the largest, most durable figure and classic bubble.

Turn on fantasy and play!

Entertainment with bubbles

There is a lot of group and individual games with soap balls. They can be used on children's holidays, houses to raise mood with sad winter evenings.

Soapy matryoshka

You will need straws for cocktails, soap solution, saucer. Play with children like this:

  1. Pour the liquid for soap bubbles in the saucer.
  2. Insert the straw in the puddle. Inflate a big bubble. It stays on a plate.
  3. Remove the straw, then insert the ball again inside, make another bubble of smaller size.
  4. Repeat several times. Bubbles must blow inside the previous ones, hiding like in a matrypse.
  5. Arrange competition for the number of components inside the main ball of soap.

Soap war

Buy a soap bubble generator. This is a special mechanism for blowing water balls of different sizes. For the company, a mechanical option is suitable, which is convenient to keep in hand. Inside the gun has a container for refilling with a solution. The crumbs are pressed on the key, and the gun releases a series of soap balls.

The task of children: hit the enemy with bubbles. Fill the container with a large number of playing children will often have often. But the game exactly everyone will like.


This is scientific experience at home. In winter, go out with children on the balcony or play on the street. Blind the ball carefully, do not make it big. If the temperature around is less than -7ºС, it will freeze and collapse. Children like to observe the process of freezing the ball.

Figures with soap bubbles

It is necessary to prepare colored solutions for inflation with natural dyes. Boil them into small bottles. Distribute straws, white sheets A4. You need to inflate multicolored balls and burst on paper to have drawn circle. Create a picture can be infinitely long, combining colors, pursuing silhouettes with soap lines. Adults can also be part of the team.

Boat balls

The launch of water rounds in the bath will deliver to children a lot of pleasure.

Make bubbles sailing on the water, blew down the direction. Arrange the competition "Whose ball will get up to the edge first and not burst."

Soap jumper

This is a game set: gloves and a solution for bubbles. The child inflates the elastic soap ball, with the help of gloves playing with a jumper for a long time. It is impossible to beat a lot, otherwise the bubble quickly bursts. The task of the child: learn how to calculate the strength of the blow, it is intuitive to guess where the ball will land, and to put the palm to meet him.

Interesting children of different ages, soap bubbles are difficult to explain. Lightweight water balls fascinate, fond of boys and girls. Learn to make bubbles at home from simple ingredients and make a home surprise.

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Recipes of soap bubbles do it yourself

For many adults, the overflowing rainbow ball floating through the air is an opportunity to return to childhood for a moment. Soap bubbles adore children of different ages and during the time interest in them does not disappear: they continue to enter the list of beloved fun. Cheap contents of a bottle fascinates with its beauty and uniqueness. Persisted kids, as a rule, quickly empty the bottle or by negligence shed its contents. Therefore, many children ask their parents, it would seem, a simple question: "How to make soap bubbles with your own hands!?"

There are many ways to make solutions for soap bubbles. However, for all of them there are some recommendations, comply with which:

  • It is not recommended to use water from the tap: such water contains a large number of salts and impurities (sodium, magnesium and calcium), which have an adverse effect on the elasticity of the film. Boost water and cool it. Also in the pharmacy you can purchase distilled water.
  • Glycerin affects the strength of bubbles. So that they were more elastic and did not burst under the action of atmospheric pressure as long as possible, it is added to the solution. Glycerin is sold in a pharmacy for a symbolic price. It can be replaced with sugar (gelatin). However, there are recipes that do not require it.
  • Note that the solutions in which glycerin is replaced with sugar are not subject to long-term storage. They are designed for disposable use, so count the volume in advance.
  • Adding a small amount of food dye to the liquid diversifies the process and will surprise its result. The fiery bubbles are most attractive and unusually look.

Consider each of the recipes separately.

With glycerin

Using the household soap

Shopping soap for soap bubbles

To make soap bubbles at home, take advantage of the following components:

  1. Water (10 glasses)
  2. Economic soap (1 cup, crushing with a grater.) Do not replace cosmetic soap. It contains additives that prevent the formation of a dense film.
  3. Glycerin (2 teaspoons, it is possible to replace sugar or gelatin)

Dissolve soap in hot water (pre-boiled). If soap does not dissolve completely or dissolves badly, heat the mixture, but do not boil it. Add glycerin and leave the soap solution to appease.

Using liquid soap

Liquid soap for soap bubbles

You will need:

  1. Liquid soap (100 ml)
  2. Distilled water (20 ml)
  3. Glycerin (10 drops)

Mix soap with water and mix well. Leave the solution for a couple of hours, until the foam is asced. After adding glycerol, leave the solution for several hours, mainly in a cool place.

Using dishwashing fluid

Solution for bubbles with dishwashing liquid

Take the following components:

  1. Water (2 glasses)
  2. Dishwashing liquid (120 ml, do not use liquid for dishwashers!)
  3. Sugar (2 teaspoons, can be replaced with glycerin)

Mixing all the ingredients, place the mixture into the fridge per day. It is best formed by such a means like Fairy or myth.

Using a children's shampoo

Recipe bubbles with baby shampoo

You will need:

  1. Children's shampoo (200 ml)
  2. Distilled water (400 ml)
  3. Glycerin (3 tablespoons, or 6 tablespoons of sugar)

Children's shampoo mixed with water. The solution insists at least a day. After the glycerol or sugar is added.

Using sugar syrup: experimental bubbles

Syrup solution

This mixture must be prepared in proportions, for this we use the following components:

  1. Concentrated sugar syrup (1 part). To cook it, use the ratio: 1 part of the water: 5 parts sugar
  2. Economic soap (2 parts). It is necessary to chop it on the grater.
  3. Glycerin (4 parts).
  4. Distilled water (8 parts).

Mix water and soap to homogeneity. Add sugar syrup and glycerin, leave for a couple of hours in a cool place. These bubbles are not like ordinary: on the contrary, with their help it is possible to even build various shapes, blowing them on the surface of a plate or table! Your child will be delighted with it!

Without glycerin

Recipe number 1.

Recipe Fairi's Solution, Shampoo and Water

You will need:

  1. Children's shampoo (50 ml)
  2. Tool for washing dishes (50 ml)
  3. Water (50 ml)

Mix all the components, leave the solution in a cool place for a couple of hours.

Recipe number 2.

Solution for soap bubbles do it yourself

You will need:

  1. Gel or shaving cream (50 ml)
  2. Washing powder (50 ml)
  3. Dishwashing liquid (50 ml)
  4. Water (50 ml)
  5. Sugar (1 teaspoon)

The mixture consisting of a cream, powder and dishwashing agents, mix with water, pre-soluble sugar in it. Stir until the suspension in the form of powder particles is completely dissolved.

Recipe number 3.

Solution for soap bubbles №3

You will need:

  1. Thick or liquid cream soap (50 ml)
  2. Children's shampoo (50 ml)
  3. Water (50 ml)
  4. Sugar (1 teaspoon)

Mix the cream - soap and children's shampoo with water, pre-soluble sugar in it. Bubbles will turn out strong due to a viscous consistency of ingredients. If they are difficult to inflate, dilute the solution with a small amount of cold boiled water.

Using washing powder

Composition of a solution of soap bubbles with a washing powder

You will need:

  1. Washing powder (2 tablespoons)
  2. Summer alcohol (20 drops)
  3. Hot water (3 glasses)

All components must be mixed. Let the solution breed several days (3-4), after which it is perfect. Waiting will not pass for nothing, and the result will pleasantly surprise you: bubbles will get big and very beautiful.

Using corn syrup

Fluid for soap bubbles with corn syrup

You will need:

  1. Corn syrup (200 ml)
  2. Dishwashing fluid (2 cups)
  3. Water (6 cups)

All components must be mixed, after which leave the solution in the refrigerator for several hours.

Recipes of large soap bubbles

Recipe number 1.

The composition of the recipe of large bubbles

For the preparation of large soap bubbles, use the following components:

  1. Glycerin (50 ml)
  2. Sugar (4 teaspoons)
  3. Water (300 ml)
  4. Tool for washing dishes (100 ml)

We mix sugar, water and dishwashing agents. We give the solution to breed and add the final component. Such bubbles are obtained dense. It is possible to prepare a solution in the basin and "pull" soap bubbles with Hula-Hup (gymnastic hoop). Huge bubbles will not only surprise your child, but will leave pleasant memories.

Recipe number 2.

The composition of giant soap bubbles

To make a giant (with a diameter of 1 m!) And durable bubbles you will need:

  1. Sugar (50 g)
  2. Glycerin (100 ml)
  3. Gelatin (50 g)
  4. Dishwashing detergent (200 ml)
  5. Distilled water (800 ml)

Place the gelatin in the water before swelling. After draining excess water, mix it with sugar and melt, but do not let the liquid boil. Add it into the water and pour the remaining ingredients. Stir the mixture without foaming it. This solution is ideal for a children's holiday and entertained the kids perfectly. These bubbles are not blowing up with a tube, but with special chopsticks or wrap of a large diameter under the power of the wind. The solution is completely non-toxic, and, therefore, it does not carry any danger of child health even when contacting the skin.

Recipe number 3.

The composition of large soap bubbles

In order to make the most durable and "long-lived" soap bubbles, you will need:

  1. Detergent (200 ml)
  2. Gel - lubricant without additives (100 ml)
  3. Glycerin (100 ml)
  4. Distilled water (800 ml)

The mixture consisting of gel, glycerin and detergent, pour hot water. Gently mix, without whipping the foam. If the foam is still appeared, leave the liquid until it is asced. From this solution, bubbles will turn out the most elastic, durable and persistent, they do not burst even when in contact with water.

Unusual soap bubbles

Glowing in the dark bubbles

At the moment, the show of soap bubbles acquire greater fame. Parents not only invite their work professionals for children's celebrations, but also lead children to ideas. Many programs include bubbles that are glowing in ultraviolet.

For a show, a certain amount of powder concentrate forcing bubbles is added to the solution. For this, they got the name "neon" or "glowing". On the presentation, they can be of various shapes and sizes, do not burst and move, like living beings, obeying the skillful hand of the artist.

Show neon soap bubbles

But is it possible to prepare such bubbles yourself? Of course!

For a homemade solution you will need:

  1. Soap bubble solution
  2. Marker (Highilder)
  3. UV lamp

It is necessary to put on gloves, remove the rod from the highlight and squeeze the dye into the solution. Dark the room and turn on the ultraviolet lamp. It is not recommended to blow these bubbles in rooms with carpets: Traces may remain.

Gel soap bubbles

Many children dreamed of building figures from soap bubbles, and now their dream come true! A new, special formula has been developed that allows you to embody the dreams of babies into reality. The ball must "swim" through the air for about 12-15 seconds and it will not burst with hand or other objects.

Gel bubbles

Unfortunately, this solution is independently impossible, but a large variety of bottles from various manufacturers (from Russian to Chinese) pays for this flaw. After the bubble is burst, the film remains on hand or other, it is easily flushed with water.

How to understand that the solution is ready?

To make sure that the solution is ready to use, it is necessary to inflate the bubble and to dip the finger into the liquid. Touch the bubble with your finger. If he burst, then the solution is not ready, it is necessary to add glycerin, sugar or gelatin, if not, then it's time to enjoy the busy pastime!

Probably, your children will need help in the preparation of solutions. Do not forget to give them gloves and special pallets.

Pallets for solution

Also provide your children with a step-by-step instruction that will help them correctly and safely prepare a solution. It is necessary to store it in the refrigerator, in a hermetic vessel and periodically dilute. It is best to breed a mixture with water.

How and how to blow soap bubbles?

Cocktail tube

A typical method is the straw or ordinary cocktail tube. With it, you can blow up bubbles - Matryoshka. To do this, you will need a saucer or plate. Pour into it the solution and inflate the bubble so that it floats on the surface of the liquid. Next, inflate another smaller size, gently introducing the tube inside the bubble.

Tube inside bubble

Knitting needles

But to blow the large bubbles, the straw is not suitable: it is necessary to get a gymnastic hoop or another device, for example, a wool thread tied to two sticks (knitting knitting knitting knitting knives). The resulting "mechanism" must be omitted into the soap solution and allow stridness to soak. Now, spreading and shifting the needles, try creating a huge bubble.

blowing a large bubble knitting

Special devices

In special stores focused on selling products for representations, you can purchase a wide variety of frames for blowing with cells of various sizes (from huge to the smallest) and not only. There are even special pistols for them.

Soap bubble gun with an internal
Blowing bubbles with a pistol

Ordinary bottle

Another unusual way of blowing bubbles is a plastic bottle. Cut the bottom and its most, picking up the bottle so that the child is convenient to blow out a kind of "soap foam" from it. To stretch a piece of thin felt and secure it with a rubber band or rope. Saving fabric into the soap solution, we start blowing in the neck. For a variety, you can change the color of the foam, pin to the felt a little food dye.

Instructions in photos:

Also, from the subwoofers, you can use the macarona, take the body of an ordinary ball or gel handle, or a mold for cutting the test. You can make a wire frame yourself, decoring her taste on her. The possibilities of child fantasy are endless! Give the will imagination and do not be afraid to experiment.

Interesting fact: At a temperature of -15 ° C, the bubble is frozen, contacting the surface, and at -25 ° C - in the air.

Many parents personally prepare solutions, no longer thinking how to make soap bubbles in the house. Their manufacture does not take you a lot of time, and as a soap base, what is in your apartment is suitable. How much joy and pleasure will bring the mixture to your children! In addition, after such a game in the apartment, it is not even necessary to restore the order and again fill the bed. It is only necessary to interfere with several ingredients, and a liter of homemade "magic" is ready!

If you like the article or you have interesting recipes, we will be very happy to see your comments!

One of the most exciting, simple, fun and romantic lessons at leisure is to create soap bubbles at home. Such events can be carried out both in the summer and in winter in a large and noisy company. You can also purchase a finished solution in the nearest store, but much more fascinating it to make it yourself. If you wish, you can make a solution from the remedies at home.

How to make soap bubbles at home: 16 best solution recipes

However, just to purchase the desired bottles with a solution is not interesting, because much more fun to make liquid with children yourself, attracting small helpers with an interesting occupation. In addition, on nature, the finished bottle is enough for half an hour, in the time the home solution is much longer. Such an occupation does not take a lot of time, and all the necessary components are always at hand (sugar, glycerin, soap and ordinary water). However, to achieve an unsurpassed result should be pre-familiar with the intricacies of the conceived. After all, the balls should easily inflate and be tight enough to soar in the air for a while.

How to make soap bubbles

The main factors that will depend on the quality of the blown bubbles are properly made soap solution and auxiliary devices (frames and tubes) that are used to blow soap bubbles. Before you begin to do all the necessary manipulations, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with several basic recipes for their preparation.

Fixtures for soap bubbles

How to make soap bubbles | How to make soap bubbles at home

Different pistols, frames, empty handles, cocktail sticks, field rates and plastic tubules of different shapes should be attributed to fixtures of the standard type. But the original plastic bottles, photo frames and even pasta should be attributed to the original!

How to make soap bubbles | How to make soap bubbles at home

The device for blowing soap bubbles made of chopped cocktail tubes

If all these elements did not work out, then the fingers will be enough. If a grandiose representation is planned for children or a large-scale holiday, then it is worth it to blank a few large frames will not be superfluous. For this, you will need wire and beautiful beads.

Making soap bubbles without glycerin

Many adults are delighted, watching happy baby faces that are fun playing with soap bubbles. Yes, and not every adult is able to pass by such beauty, because the desire to burst a multi-colored soap ball is pursued from deep childhood.

Unfortunately, even a small bottle with liquid will cost expensive, and it will be spent extremely quickly. Each person is capable of independently, with the help of remedies, make a solution for soap bubbles at home. All the necessary ingredients will have any housewife.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home

Below we imagine a large number of different soap bubbles recipes, from the most simple, consisting of two components, to unusual, containing, for example, corn syrup or ammonia.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

Classic recipe

For the preparation of the solution will be needed:

  • laundry soap;
  • drinking water.

Soap rubs on a fine grater, and the resulting chips are shifted into a boiling water container. Everything is pretty stirred until the homogeneous mass is obtained. To speed up the process, you can put the container on a small fire. The cooled fluid overflows into a more comfortable container with the lid.

Simple soap bubbles recipe

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

From the components will need:

  • Sugar - 2h.l;
  • Drinking water - 0,5l;
  • Dishwashing fluid - 1.5 cups.

All ingredients are thoroughly mixed, after which the resulting mass is placed in a cool place for a day. If desired, bubbles can be made colored by adding a few drops of the dye into the container.

Soap bubbles from sugar

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

For the preparation of the solution, you will need:

  • Sugar - 100 g;
  • Children's shampoo;
  • boiled water - 0,5l.

All ingredients used are thoroughly mixed, after which the container is placed in a cool place for a day. Lastly, sugar is added, which will help make bubbles as dense and strong.

Soap bubbles with smell

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

For the preparation of the solution, you will need:

  • essential oil;
  • Drinking water - 100 ml;
  • Gel, shampoo or detergent that can cause foam.

Liquids are mixed with each other, after oil is added. Bubbles are obtained very fragrant and bright. Children will love.

Cheap soap bubbles recipe

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

In this case, you will need:

  • a few drops of essential oil;
  • Sugar (can be replaced by gelatin) - 3h.l;
  • a little soap;
  • Cutting water - 8st.l.

The water is boiled, after which the soap is in advance on a fine grater goes into the container with water. After careful mixing, gelatin or sugar is added. The resulting mixture languishes on a small fire for a few minutes. After the formation of a homogeneous mass, the container from the fire is removed, essential oil is added and it is cooled during the day in a cool place.

Soap bubbles from children's shampoo

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

To prepare the composition you will need:

  • Warm water - 2 glasses;
  • Sugar - 2 ppm;
  • Shampoo without tears - 100 ml.

Everything is neatly mixed. If after the infrections of bubbles are obtained too thin or quickly burst, you will need a few more glycerol drops.

Unusual soap bubbles

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

From the components should be prepared:

  • Amoymer - 20 droplets;
  • Powder detergent - 2 tbsp;
  • Boiling water - 3 glasses.

The mixed mass is defended over the next four days. After the liquid is filtered and used for fun.

Soap bubbles from detergent

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

For the preparation of the solution, you will need:

  • glycerin - 0.5 glasses;
  • The detergent for dishes is 1 cup;
  • Warm water - 3 glasses.

This recipe is relevant in cases where we are talking about a cheerful time in a large company or an unforgettable children's holiday is planned. The resulting fluid will disappear within an hour, so it is recommended to store it in a convenient capacity, since the kids will often run for the "additive".

Soap bubbles from the household soap

This method refers to the category of labor costs, as it takes a lot of time. However, if you want to please yourself and loved ones, then there is nothing impossible.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

To prepare the composition you will need:

  • Sugar or glycerin - 2 ppm;
  • boiling water - 10 tbsp;
  • Economic soap is a whole bar.

Soap rubs on a large grater, and the chips obtained moves into a saucepan with boiling water. It follows to completely dissolve soap and the formation of a turbid liquid. If the water begins to cool, then the container should be put on a small fire. Boiled mass should not! It insists the resulting soap mixture over the week and only after 7 days, glycerin and sugar are added there. Then the solution is insisted for another one more hours, after which they should begin to merry, although slightly tightened.

Snake from soap bubbles

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

To prepare the composition you will need:

  • detergent liquid for dishes;
  • plastic container (preferable bottle);
  • Scotch;
  • food coloring;
  • sock.

The bottom in the bottle is removed, and the old sock is stretched on the hole. It should be well clicked with a tape or tighten the tight gum. Sock fabric is impregnated with different dyes. All ingredients of the soap solution are mixed with each other. After which the sock is impregnated with the resulting composition and multicolored bubbles are blowing through the neck.

Soap bubbles from glycerin

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

Main components:

  • Glycerin - 2 ppm;
  • Sugar - 1 ppm;
  • dishwashing detergent - 1 cup;
  • Warm water is 1 cup.

All ingredients are mixed with each other. The solution is defended within a few hours.

Soap bubbles from washing powder

Such a basis like washing powder is used when it comes to creating soap bubbles of large sizes. Thus, you can decorate any festive event. Previously, the fluid will appear within a few days, but the result is definitely worth it.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

What will take:

  • Glycerin - 10 droplets;
  • Amoymer - 20 droplets;
  • boiling water - 3 glasses;
  • Washing powder (preferably for manual washing) - 50 g.

All items are carefully mixed and stored for three days. After the resulting composition, the composition is well filled (with the help of gauze) and insisted during the day.

Thinking soap bubbles

This type of product is often found on the shelves of expensive shops intended for conducting children's events. It is impossible to see the true composition on bubbles, as the manufacturers did not bother to specify it entirely. The rules of use describes the basic moments and precautions, and the fact that the material does not relate to the category of toxic.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

When comparing, the home composition turns out more liquid and resembles the building glue or nail polish rather. Sweet syrups are made in such a consistency. They are also very viscous and begin to stick immediately after contact with any surface.

As an example, such a list of the necessary ingredients can be given:

  • Warm water - 80 ml;
  • glycerin - 40 ml;
  • Economic soap - 20 ml;
  • Sugar syrup (1/5 water and sugar).

This is only an approximate list of substances that are used in the manufacture of frozen soap bubbles at home.

Very strong soap bubbles from gelatin

To create especially complex structures in the form of volumetric animals and the like, elastic and at the same time durable bubbles are required. Thus, a solution should be prepared, which would quickly frozen outdoors.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

The composition includes:

  • powder based on gelatin - 100 g;
  • glycerin - 100 g;
  • Sugar sand - 100 g;
  • Any shower gel (fruit is preferable due to aroma) - 250 ml;
  • Estimated water - 750 ml.

Granules gelatin are poured with water and set down to their full swelling. The resulting composition is fastened, thereby removing unnecessary moisture. After the logish, sugar and the container is heated. It is stirred to obtain a homogeneous mass. After removing from the stove, add 0.75 liters of water and glycerin. The mass is gently stirred, avoiding possible foaming.

Gel soap bubbles

This type of bubbles refers to the category of durable, so they can delight the defortion for a long time. Also, using a properly prepared solution, you can create complex structures in the form of locks, turrets and other figures. The composition includes a component that contributes to the rapid frozen of the bleached balls.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

To do this, you will need:

  • Any soap solution based on detergent or foaming substance; - 0.5 l;
  • Sugar and gelatin - 100 g;
  • Glycerin - 200 g;
  • Estimated water - 1.5 liters.

To create a solution of the necessary consistency, gelatin is added to the water and it is left alone until its full swelling. The solution is fastened, thereby removing the extra moisture. Sugar is added, after which the container moves to weak fire until the constraints are completely dissolved. Boil should be avoided. During the heating, the stirring is stirring with a wooden spoon. It is injected and only then glycerin.

The foam should not form, so it should be stirred carefully. The sample is removed by infining several balls.

Soap bubbles as in the store

In addition to the previously described classical method of preparation of the solution, you can resort to the recipe for the shopping option.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

If it is planned to achieve this result, then the ingredients will be needed:

  • Corn syrup - 75 ml;
  • detergent - 210 ml;
  • Warm water - 600 ml.

It is better not to use the usual chlorinated water, since this component will affect the quality of bubbles. The dishes of everyday dishes are suitable as it is impossible. But the corn syrup can be in the house and not to be, but it can easily be purchased in any supermarket. When cooking, warm water is poured into the prepared capacity. There is also poured detergent and gently mixed. Then the queue of corn syrup comes.

After careful mixing, the composition is considered completely ready for further use. It is possible to give him a little broken, for this just a few hours.

Soap bubbles in the cold

Technologies do not stand still, and what to talk about ordinary soap bubbles, which also have undergone some transfigurations. After blowing out the first few seconds, such a bubble remains unchanged, the same transparent and overflowing. And only then the magic will come. From the tip of the base, the bubble begins to slowly feel and freeze. After soar, it stops and falls down. But at the same time he will not be powder. Crashing on a lot of small fragments, he more resembles a crystal ball.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

However, for such magic, the ideal windless weather will need, which should not prevent the upcoming experiments. Snapshots may have time to do only specialists or people with good equipment. You can protect the space from the wind with the help of shutters, or simply using the balcony.

Recipes of soap bubbles at home | How to make soap bubbles at home

The effect is not the one, but it will be possible to enjoy the fairy tale. Such magic can be purchased in specialized stores. Make it at home, alas, it is impossible, since the composition includes a number of components that are prohibited for free sale.

The history of soap bubbles

The soap bubble is a thin film that is filled with air and something reminds the transparent version of the inflatable ball. Historically, the first mention of bubbles is dated the year of the invention of soap. The fun got his name from him.

Scientists argue that the first frescoes with soap bubbles were from Pompeii. As a solution, they began to be sold at the end of the seventeenth century in Japan. Two centuries later, children around the world played foam from washing on the streets. The kit for blowing soap bubbles was first sold in the UK at the end of the nineteenth century.

Secret additives and features of the solution

  • Glycerin is the main and unchanged components for many centuries. It helps to strengthen the bubble itself, making it the surface of multicolored, elastic and incredibly durable. Under the compliance of the recipes described above, you can make a similar solution on your own at home.
  • Also as auxiliary components are often used by the ammonia, gelatin and washing powder.
  • As a fixer, it is recommended to use sugar syrup or powder based on gelatin.

Soap bubbles manufacturing nuances

The subtleties of cooking are extremely important and these items should be attributed:

  • Dyes It will help to diversify an enchanting show by making bubbles with multi-colored. Secret additives and features of the solution
  • For greater security and the possibility of using on children's holidays, detergents should be replaced by children's fans for baths or shampoos without tears. Thus, various allergic reactions on the skin can be avoided.
  • Violating plans for bubbles can be too late air or windy weather.
  • After making a solution, it follows for a while Place in the refrigerator . Chilled material will be better to hold shape.
  • The stated proportions should be steadily followed, especially if it comes to the compositions containing glycerin. If it is added a lot, the liquid will be too viscous.
  • Based on numerous practice, the best detergent was recognized "Fairi" . In it additives was discovered the least. Secret additives and features of the solution
  • The water used must be boiled, distilled or filtered. Otherwise, the bubble structure will be broken.

A clear follow-up of the specified recipe is the key to a qualitative and practical substance that will help to make any children's holiday unforgettable, and the pastime is fascinating. You can try to make raw materials based on personal observations, but it can leave a lot of time, and the fun is better not to postpone on then.

Tips for cooking soap bubbles at home

  • The higher the humidity indicator, the better for soap bubbles and for experiments with them.
  • Dust and wind should be avoided, because even with properly prepared composition, it will not work inflate bubbles.
  • Before proceeding with active actions, it is necessary to wait for a smooth and homogeneous film on the used undergraduate tool (sticks, squares or special devices). Small bubbles that are often formed around the edges should be immediately removed. Tips for cooking soap bubbles at home
  • The chilled foam liquid will not appear.
  • Many advise the prepared solution in the refrigerator at least two days before use.
  • If the solution is not dense, then the bubbles will be less stable. However, young kids blow such bubbles will be much easier. Tips for cooking soap bubbles at home
  • If bubbles are poorly blow out, perhaps someone moved with sugar and glycerin.
  • Glycerin and sugar should be dissolved exclusively in warm and clean water. This will help make a solution slightly tight.
  • The less impurities will be at detergent, the better the result will be.
  • To prepare soap bubbles, it is recommended to use distilled water or boiled.

Video how to make soap bubbles + show soap bubbles


In order to arrange a stunning children's holiday, you will not need a lot of money and efforts at all, because what can you like more than a huge number of diverse soap bubbles? After the first joyful smile, the efforts spent will be forgotten, and only pleasant and warm memories will come instead.

Even the most unusual soap bubbles can be made independently from the remedies. Do not cease to please our loved ones even after testing all possible options for creating soap bubbles. Good luck in your endeavors!

How to make soap bubbles at home: 16 best solution recipes





Soap bubbles Excellent entertainment for any child and adult. In this article, you will learn several options how to make soap bubbles with your own hands and from what. If you do this with a child, the creation process will be even more exciting.

Few people know that soap balls have existed for over a thousand years. When excavations were carried out ancient pomp, on the walls of the city, archaeologists discovered images of children, inflating bubbles. And in China, they found an ancient manuscripts with similar images. And in the 19th century, produce a special fluid. For the first time they did in London. The soap bubble is even fixed in the Guinness Book of Records, its length was 32 m. Performed this record Alan McCay in 1996.

Soap bubbles at home

how to make soap bubbles

There are several conditions how to make good soap bubbles:

  • It is necessary to use pure water, or at least boiled. Salts contained in home tap water will give fragility.
  • For small, it is better to make a density less, otherwise they will not be able to inflate them.
  • The liquid is best not to use immediately, but to give them broken within 24 hours and well, if at this time it will be in the refrigerator.
  • If you add a dye, bubbles will turn out multicolored.
  • From the finished liquid, try to inflate the soap ball, then touch it in a finger in a foam. If he could not stand and burst, it means you need to add the ingredient adding elasticity and density. What exactly depends on what you use in this composition. If he stood, then the composition turned out correctly.

Playing with bubbles, take into account security measures:

  • Try to exclude fluid getting into the body through the eyes, mouth or nose.
  • Do not forget to wash your hands after using bubbles
  • Floors should wipe, they can be slippery from soap
  • Always look after the child in the game
  • How to make soap bubbles you can see the appropriate video. This will help to deal with preparation easier.

You can independently make the design of any sizes in order to let the balls. Take two sticks and rope. To the sticks need to consolidate the rope. Best of all from the end side to drill holes and screw the dowel there with a hook in each. After that, through the resulting metal loops, we produce a rope. Either the rope can be simply tied, especially if the device you make a small size. The rope should form a triangle, in which two angles are crowned with sticks, and the third angle of any weight. You can get a bigger nut or anything else. With such a "bubbling" you will hang out of the soul. It is not necessary to blow from it, enough crashes.

Recipe for soap bubbles from shampoo and glycerin

how to make soap bubbles at home as shop

If you wash the shampoo, it foams well. It is logical to assume that an excellent fluid ingredient will be released from it. And if you use not a simple shampoo, but a children, then you can not be afraid of a random hit of balls or fluids into the eyes.

Let us give an example how strong soap bubbles are made using shampoo.


  • Shampoo - 100 ml.
  • Water - 200 ml.
  • Glycerin - 1.5 tbsp.
  • Sugar - 3 ppm

Shampoo and water should be diluted, the rest of the ingredients in the day, after which let it stand a couple of hours.

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After everything is ready to play with them. This is a prerequisite for cooking. For this, people become in a circle, and one takes and produces many bubbles up. All the participants in the circle are chosen one by one and begin to blow it. Wins the one whose bubble lasted more than others.

Recipe Bubbles with Glycerin and Fairi

Soap mortar

How to make a solution for soap bubbles from Fairi easy to figure out. This is an excellent ingredient.


  • Fairi - quarter cup
  • Water - 1 cup
  • Glycerin 1 tsp.

All ingredients connect together and leave it. The refrigerator is best suited. Such a recipe is the easiest.

For this recipe, the relay will be the relay. Players are divided into teams. The first player catches the air ball, to whom he released it and runs to the mark as soon as possible. Mileage is counted if it remained in place. Next, the ball is transferred to the second participant.

How to make bubbles with baking powder

What is in a soap bubble answer

Incredibly, but the bundle can also become an ingredient. This is how to make water for soap bubbles, using this powder.


  • Water - floor liters
  • The detergent for dishes is 50 ml.
  • Glycerin - 75 ml.
  • Dough dough - 1.25 g.

Means for washing dishes mix with warm water. Try to stir so that there is no foam. After that, add glycerin, and continue stirring. And the last barcode breakdler, slowly sprinkles it and stir the liquid at the same time. Leave an hour in an open container.

The composition contains a powder disintegrator, on this, falls into the sediment if they keep a long solution. Before the next application, shake well, and again use when the foam leaves.

Another great way to play the spots. Only instead of touching each other hands we use balls from soap.

Recipe with Economic Soap

What do soap bubbles make

Soap choose clean, without additives. Economic soap optimal option. Here's how to make soap bubbles at home from the household soap.


  • Water - 5 glasses
  • Economic soap - 1 piece
  • Glycerin 1 tsp.

Soap chop with a grater, you will need 1 teaspoon. Pour soap and glycerin into water and stirring until everything is dissolved within a few minutes. You can warm, for that, but not much, it will speed up the process. The solution should be liquid, according to this, the amount of water may be greater. It all depends on what soap.

And to check this composition, play in catching balls. The presenter will make part of the body, which you need to catch, and the purpose of the participants will touch this place as much as possible.

Colored bubbles

how to make soap bubbles at home

Recipe number 1


  • Water - 250 ml.
  • The dishwashing detergent is 75 ml.
  • Sugar - 10 g
  • Paint gouache

First of all, mix the gouache and water, the paint needs to be added to the eye, evaluating the saturation of the color. Then all other components.

Recipe number 2.


  • Water - 250 ml.
  • Liquid soap - 75 ml.
  • Sugar powder - 10 g.
  • Gelatin - 10 g.
  • Food coloring

We mix all the ingredients to a homogeneous consistency and insist at least seven hours.

There is a multicolored game here. You need to make compositions of different colors. Players are divided into pairs, each couple has their own color. One member of the team starts the ball, and the second catches it with a sheet of paper. The paper will remain color trail. That team will win, whose leaved will be decorated stronger.

Soap bubbles without glycerin

But recipes how to make soap bubbles without glycerol. It turns out that it does not have to be present in the composition.

Recipe number 1


  • Liquid soap - 50 ml.
  • Water - 10 ml.
  • Sugar dissolved in sugar - 5 drops

You need to mix soap and water and leave for 2 hours until there is no trace of foam. After that, add sugar and leave to stand.

Recipe number 2.


  • Water - 1.5 glasses
  • Powder - 1 tbsp.
  • Amoymer 10 drops

Water warmer not boiling. Powder and ammonia pour into the water and shake well. There should be a mixture from 3 days. Of the resulting mixture there will be good balls.

You can check the strength, having fun playing. To do this, wet your hands well and release the ball, through the ring formed with fingers. So the ball will lie on the wet palm and do not burst.

Soap bubbles in winter

Here's how at home make soap bubbles without excessive spending and easy. This entertainment will create a cheerful and festive atmosphere on a weekly gray day. The house will be lit by laughter and joyful mood. A great way to make your day better. No wonder the children love to have fun with these rainbow balls.

Online a lot of video about the creation and use of such liquids. How to make liquid for soap bubbles you learned after reading the article. The mixture is obtained as in the store, or even better. The composition in some cases is safe. In addition to the prescriptions, there is still a recipe for large non-buzzing bubbles. But you can read them in another article dedicated completely to them, according to the link ....

If you have chosen some of the recipes that have been realized, then your good mood and joy is the best gratitude for the authors of the article.

Giant soap bubbles - how to make a solution and how to inflate?

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